The Goal, Meaning and Place
of the Book in nowadays social context


" The Physical study of the living process
from man's perspective is called Science.


The Rational study of the living process

from man's perspective is called Philosophy.


The Metaphysical study of the living process
from the Cosmic perspective is called Tradition.


The most Subliminal and subtle study of Being

from All possible perspectives is called Yoga.


Beyond the living IT HAS IT! ".








The Goal



The book you are about to read is my deepest self revealed to you as a gift of knowledge from beyond. Accepting IT or not is a matter of personal Cosmic Attunement/Vibration between You and Me, because............."I am the book". Don't expect the book to turn your life into an instant success or to turn you into a Superbeing. A book, any book, is just an "Ariadnic thread" and not the work to be accomplished. The work is entirely yours, as well as it was, and still is, entirely mine. The semantic truth is always just a half of the equation, the other half resides in the wonderland of your heart, where the living decisions are made.

This book is trying to share with you some of the Esoteric Mystic Traditions as they have been revealed to me by the Mercy of what stays beyond them all. It is the result of the Monadic Truth transpiring through books, personal Experiences, and the actual Life ITSelf. It is also an act of Unconditional Love and Humble Respect for all those Unknown Spiritual Masters of all times -- the Beyonders -- who are inspiring us in an invisible manner to turn like them.

Though all the roads lead to the same Unknown IT who is hiding from us for the sake of the "Adventurous Game of Living", the only beam of light we have on the road is from them, some known, some unknown yet. My Respect and Love is equally given to all people and all creatures -- big or small -- mushrooming in all corners of Earth in search of small drops of Happiness.




The present book is not a "Semantic Jewel", a " Dusty-Dust" type of book, in the contrary, it is a "Try IT first, and trust IT later" book giving you the opportunity of feeling and experiencing new Multidimensional Realities from your own perspective. But before that happens you must be aware first of who you really are and in what kind of environment your living deploys.


The name I have chosen for the book is the expression of the esoteric meaning, goal, and technique suitable for nowadays time. Tachy Yoga (TY) is an accelerating and new type of Yoga suitable for people who are not afraid of being something different than just a physical human being. I am using the name "tachy" from Greek, which means "fast", and so is the science with its "tachyion", a strange subparticle traveling with a speed higher than the speed of Sunlight -- making Einstein's theory obsolete and showing to man life is present everywhere as a play of senso-densities in various T/S velocities. The ancients knew the light coming from the sun is not the highest among the hierarchy of lights, changing their life velocity at will. They were miraculous indeed!

IT is a Transcendental Technique enabling you to travel beyond your regular life boundaries in search of the Never Ending Truth. And because the truth never ends, so is your journey. Not symbolically or metaphorically, as a dream, but as a new and real way of living. And the amazing thing is: such journey has no itinerary and no destination, therefore is free of destiny! But to understand what I say here you need to be out of your man cocoon, therefore to be man no more. This will be possible only as you go along with the practice and enter the state of Ecstasy (Samadhi), which is totally free of man and his daily misery. All this without a need to use drugs for IT!


You must always remember that in order to be something else you have first not to be what you already are by changing your T/S velocity to be. In other words, you cannot be a human being and an angel in the same Time/Space (T/S) velocity. You must give up one for the other! I will explain this in later chapters, but for now I would like you to realize the difference between the fundamental concept of Science and that of Yoga.

Science is always trying to level everything down to man's physical existence based on man's sensorial capacity, considering this as the only way of measuring the truth and the only valid reality. To prove its point Science is using the only method it knows: Cloning!, by imitating the only reality science approves: the Sensorial/Physical World. Going with science you don't have any freedom of action because you are dealing with the very strict laws of chance and relativity inside an artificial and fabricated reality called Society (our second space beside the one circumscribed by our skin).

Yoga, by contrast, is always saying that the only way of knowing the truth -- and by extension any reality -- is to become that truth, to become that reality. In short, in order to know the truth about a bee, the sun or anything else, you have to become a bee, the sun, to identify yourself with that reality. That's the only way of knowing the truth indeed! You accomplish this by acquiring the sensorial package (senso-skills) of another. To prove its point Yoga is using the most suitable tool that you have, Your Self, and an infinite number of realities to choose from, because the Self is everywhere you look, only the scenery changes due the unique perspective each sensorial package (being cluster) has. 

Having infinite respect for all being(s) -- not just man -- and giving you the best methods and techniques to work with (validated by millennia of trials and sublime results), Yoga is the highest expression of the truth as IT can be comprehended by man and farther on beyond man. High end Yoga knows very well, and so is the High End Science lately: Life is not a man oriented event!


This is why Real Yoga is light years apart from low end science in many respects, in spite of some new approach high end science has lately. What is really amazing today is that Yoga -- by some "coloring" of new age "Gurus" -- has a tendency of becoming more and more a cold pseudo-religious-scientific dogma, and the High End Science in exchange tends to be more and more alien to its early materialistic views, borrowing plenty  from Yoga’s millennia old concepts. It will be more on this later on!

I would like also to make you aware of the fact that this book is not suitable for those who are trying to make money out of Yoga. Turning Yoga practicing (sadhana) into a "non-profitable" business is equivalent with turning IT into ashes. Starting with that instance you are not doing Yoga anymore, deceiving yourself and others instead. A real yogi knows that God provides and nobody else. A real yogi is not in need of anything! So whoever is preaching yoga for money is a crook! That is why this book is a living body only for people with light hearts and pure feelings, being a lifeless corps for all others. Let the Bliss flow freely in you and all around you!



The Meaning



Words, like all living things, are exposed to the same karmic law of change. Do not ever overestimate them or take them as an Absolute Panacea, as a Dogma -- the Dead Body of all religions. Remember: language is the Babel Tower of nowadays paranoia!

The most difficult task everybody has in using words as a tool of expression is not to contradict himself in the elaborated process of writing. This is because words' meaning (life) changes, becomes old, and dies in the same way we do. That is why some of the consensus words I have used throughout the book will be replaced gradually by new ones, just to keep the book alive. This is done also for the sake of the progress you have accomplished up to that particular point -- the only way to keep the book alive through the end.


TY book is conceived in three main parts, each one of them having seven chapters, which comes up to a total of twenty one. I did  not choose this partition randomly but rather in tone with the Esoteric Tradition. Each chapter is also conceptually reiterated in all others, so that each one could be considered as a standing alone book in ITSelf. That is why the book doesn't have in fact any beginning, you can start IT at any point you want and have the same overall view. The last chapter (twenty one) is dedicated to the Unknown, the Blissful Quietness of IT, and as such cannot be ever expressed in words but indirectly, as an echo.

In order to check your progress and to see if you are attuned with the real meaning of the key concepts of the book, please take your time and meditate upon the meanings. It is very important when you read a book like this one to use the same symbolic images in order to get attuned to the same mental, emotional, and physical frequency. Otherwise, instead of merging together on the same road, we will emerge apart in very different directions.


To benefit in full, or at least partially from this book -- as well as from any other book -- you have also to identify (sympathize), partially or totally, with the view of its author. Only then the book, its author, and the reader will become "one single body" of thoughts, feelings, experiences, etc. As I said previously: "I am the book", therefore you are the only missing link of the Trinity -- the Book, I, and You. And as any trinity, IT is just ONE in many. If this is not happening, just put the book away and forget about IT!

A book about Yoga can be written forever and IT would be never finished still. This is because with Yoga you keep unfolding a continuous becoming/living reality with an infinite number of Layers and Dimensions. You unfold and you become; you unfold farther and you become more........and so you keep on going. You must look at this book then as an active process of your own becoming. The more you will unfold IT, the more you and the book will become. IT will be then Your Book! But IT will be still a moment when the forever process of becoming will stop and the never ending story vanishes. IT will be then just the Void of All Plenitude (Sunyata)..........which is, though IT isn't!




All Esoteric (Secret) Traditions are called as such because of their several meanings to refer to when you try to unfold their content. This book is not an exception to this. There are usually four meanings to consider, starting with the most evident, and ending with the most "hidden" one.


The First meaning is a life taken from story, which is giving you some guiding messages to think about. It is mostly shaped like a fairy tale, like a myth. The Indian, Chinese and Greek mythology are the most relevant for this meaning. Usually it has a moral message in the end for you to keep in mind and to put it into practice eventually. Nowadays books are very brief on this due to the maturity of today's readers, which are getting to the point a lot faster with just couple of relevant examples.


The Second meaning is a symbolic one, similar to mathematics formulas, which is giving you some directions of how to proceed and how to succeed in your work. It is the one to measure your progress by and to check your strength and your "compass" upon. It is like a blueprint which enables you to figure out and check on a reality you are not ready to be in yet.

Nowadays metaphysical books are very rich in this respect, and you can get easily entangled in their loops forever if you don't know how to look at IT properly. It is usually made out of mantras (huans), rituals (mudras), and visual symbols to meditate upon (mandalas), all part of yogi's work (sadhana). I will cover them all in the chapter called "PATH".


The Third meaning is dealing with "Direct Vision", where you start Penetrating the W/Hole from all directions like a "Mirroring Witness". You get into the transcendental state called "Turiya" (Corpus Mortis),  having the upper view of the world (Epiphany) and the Direct Perception of all things (Antopsia) -- mirroring them as I've mentioned. It is nothing else than the Light in action. You become one with the Light, penetrating everything as the Light does. You noticed I just said "you become" in several places; this is because, as I was saying before: when you understand this meaning you become in the same time. You unfold the meaning and your be-coming unfolds as well. They go together (Samyama)! Please keep this in mind when you read this book!

When this third meaning/state is achieved you are for the first time a direct co-participant in the W/Hole Living Game: from a "Know-er" you become a "Know-in-ger", reuniting the old and deceiving Subject/Object (S/O) Separation and free yourself of objectivity. Your status is now "The Wisdom of Equality", the Bliss becomes your home, and you are drawn in IT -- like a genie free from his bottle. Yoga calls this state Samadhi/Ecstasy ("out of body" in greek)!

Starting with this moment you are barely able to articulate words. This explains why the advanced yogis are sitting motionless in their position (asana) and never talk about their experience. IT is nothing to talk about! The Greatness of the Reality you just experience is having an effect so powerful on you that you are speechless and stony. Your human condition is enhanced at a level you can't even imagine as a human being. What you realize in that moment is that you are part of the Divine also, and you start crying like a little baby when you withdraw from IT. You can't help IT not to!

Talking from my own experience it can be hours of bliss, of complete beatitude after the Turiya state is gone. The experience is so blissful that you cannot withdraw from IT. The Turiya state is beyond any human experience and nobody can describe IT for you. You must have IT on your own! Nowadays books are very limited in exposing above meaning, by reasons very easy to understand, as I've mentioned.


The Fourth meaning is the Last Revelation of All, IT is the Supreme Witness, the ITSelf. Whoever is able to penetrate this meaning is one with the God of all gods, experiencing "Theophania"  (the Direct Presence and Identification of/with God). The "Being Power" is revealed as the "Void of All Plenitude". You become the God!  


IT is also a "Totally unknown" meaning, which, as the Esoteric Tradition knows.……...."IT must stay as such!"


If you intend to stay with this book for a while, or for a little longer, please be aware about the above consensus and try to understand the "meaningful package" of the book.




We are all basically the same, therefore we should react basically in the same manner. Unfortunately for us, we belong to a certain circle of desirous influences/interests which are very insidiously guiding our life from quite an eternity. A lawyer, a doctor, a housewife, a farmer, a minister, a politician, etc., are all using different symbols and meanings according with the distinctive cast they belong to. None of them do realize their life has been modeled by his/her distinctive life actions (Karma), but the truth is, it did.

In order to speak the same language we must use the same symbols, and to attune the 3 elements of any symbol to the same consensus/meaning:


~  the Form (the mental image of an object)

~  the Action (the object in T/S)

~  the Name (the lettered expression of the object) 


Any language is a package containing all of the above 3 elements, and normally should be "error free" -- at least for the same language speaking people. Why it is not so then? The answer is to be found in the beginning of this semantic block. But in order to better understand this paradox allow me to give you an example. Let's take the word "Mother" and see the meaning of this word for different people.

For a lawyer she could mean a nice young and clean lady who is singing and playing with him in a well designed garden.

For a minister she could mean an animist church lady talking kindly and looking like an angel.

For a doctor -- having twenty deliveries a day -- it could be just a "baby making machine", and for a scientist -- proud of his cloning discoveries -- she could be nothing more than a "reality to be cloned soon" (look at surrogate babies today).

For a farmer she might be a strong and milky smelling lady cooking delicious apple pies.

For an abused child she may be a "witch" who left scars in his soul for life.

For a real mother the meaning could be a powerful feeling of love and sacrifice for her baby, or the feeling of quilt for an accidental passion.

For mystics like Krishna and many others she is "the Mother Celeste", the Power of Love in action and in control of the Universe.


As you can easily see, the three elements of the above symbol are very different from one person to another.  

~  the Form varies from a mean and ugly "witch" to the Cosmic and Eternal “Mother Celeste” (Cybela Maya)

~  the Action varies also from remembering of a painful slap on the face to the Pranava Sound (OM) of Creation.

~  the Name should be different then according with the above descriptions. But it is not! It is the same “mother” word which is used in all cases.

She is the same Mother for Krishna, Buddha and all the Great Ones, but is she the same for all others? She is definitely not!

In spite this, for the social formal consensus, she has to be the same. But deep inside the mind of these people she is quite different. Our social body is filling us with all kind of ghostly symbols which are carried out from generations. It is like our second daily poisonous food -- beside the one polluted by chemicals -- driving our mind toward a slowly and painful alienation. All languages have the same sin: thousands of symbols/words in total disagreement with our will, our desires, our feelings, our deep inside meanings, with our own reality and our own life. That's why the vast majority of people today are pretenders! The worst of them all are the heartbreakers, the ones sold to money and corruption like religious leaders, politicians, bankers, stock market speculators, lawyers, etc. They all suffer of a total obscuration in regard with what life really is!


The frustration caused by this sad condition is pushing people to invent new symbols/words, compiled in slang, dialects, graffiti, etc., or other groups' languages (technical, medical, scientific, legal, etc.). In France, for instance, the parents do not understand the slang used by their own teens. Little by little the language is becoming a releasing tool of frustration, hate, and selfish discontent. And the mind, which is the mirror of the language, becomes at its turn a "House of Horror", a mixed pot of fighting thoughts and feelings. And the way your mind is, so will be your deeds! Does anybody wonder why more than two hundred wars (as of 2007) are fighting in the world at any given time?

Associating a Form (rupa), with a Sound (sabda), and a Name (nama), has to be a delicate act of wisdom and not an act of randomly chosen convenience. We are playing our life today attuned at a very weak and very chaotic range of symbols. The first impact is felt in the everyday human relationships, which are slowly losing their core deep cosmic significance, turning into a continuous frustration, irritation, and a chronic alienation from one another. We all suffer of a chronic eclipse of heart today, deceiving ourselves that we don't!

The scientists are the first to feel the pinch, and the domino effect is rolling down to all of us. We have lost the control of our mind, pushing ourselves in the most pitiful position of all: enslaving our soul to the erratic desires and instincts -- the animalistic and primitive part of our being -- which separates us from one another, and, by extension, from the Real Truth and our True Nature (Svarupa). This is the living Hell we are living in today! 

Fortunately for us, we have the Art of Union (Yoga) to help us all regain our collective archetypal condition of "Wisdom and Bliss".



The Place



The people who can comprehend the Esoteric Tradition and live up to IT -- like myself and few others -- are at the very end of their terrestrial journey. Their own merit is to be able to spread the word about the Glory and the Bliss they felt in their journeys in New Worlds by the mercy of the Ones already there. The work (sadhana) ahead of these people is a continuous challange, with many risings and fallings. To rise to the heights of the Great Ones you have to descend also to the roots of the darkness and death. You must go from blissful Heavens to dark Hells everyday in order to get tougher, purer, closer to the Light and beyond, the only way to defeat the dualistic/sinful universe we live in, an entropic universe based on the oscillation between the two poles of duality. Only by harmonizing duality you can survive in such universe!

This is not easy, that's why sometimes the weakness is taking over and they make mistakes, as you can see on front page of some magazines talking about their misbehavior and their greediness. Basically they are trying to make business with Yoga or other Mystic  Practices, ending up selling "magic beans" made out of their own sorrow. Instead of surrender themselves to an upper, divine condition, they ask you to surrender to their greedy cupidity.

They are all part of the same game, in spite of their bad fame, because when the tough gets tougher you need all the help you can get. Some are choosing the Great Ones for help, some are preferring the smaller ones like you and your bank bills. So please be aware: whoever is asking for money to show you Yoga or God, regardless of the way he is doing this, is a crook, because the Union (Yoga) and God are always freely present in your heart as You New.

The place of this book in this context is to give to everybody in need the necessary guidance in choosing his own path of self-enlightenment. For me this book is the perfect way because I have perfected it throughout very many years of hard work with myself. IT could be the same for you, or IT could be different. IT is up to you to find out!

But if you ever think seriously about getting into Yoga practice, this book will help you more than anything else. The voice of the Great Ones is speaking through IT, giving Their Support and the necessary bravery to all those in pursuit of Total Freedom.

Being my deepest beliefs (My Credo), my Life, and my only Testament, the book is, as I said, my Self. IT took me more than forty years of studies, confusions, in and out journeys and more to come up with the life answers inserted in this book, which is a gift of life given back to life.


In nowadays society -- the Babel Tower of frustration and hysterical impotency -- I found myself like in an oasis of peace and harmony by practicing Tachy Yoga. I found that all possible answers I need to cope with my terrestrial life and its ingrained suffering are dwelling deep inside myself, and finding them all is a matter of concentration and Self-Trust. I found out also that finding my True Nature is not an easy task! IT needs a strenuous practice!

They apply very nicely to me, and I do not see why they should not give you at least an orientation of how to do IT for yourself. When this will happen IT will be you to pass the baton to other people attuned to your Life "frequency". The sectarians would probably decline this book as a work of darkness -- which is certainly true for the ones living in ignorance -- but I am very convinced that some of you would take time and give the effort of trying IT. I salute their effort to discover their inner light and make it shine over nowadays paranoia.

The Entropic distortions of the Old Tradition was covering from centuries the NegEntropic truth of the Behind Depth, but there are people still, like you and me, who can "See IT"! It is up to you then to say Yes or No to IT! To be aware of the Cosmic Love and Compassion which is surrounding us everywhere and to live accordingly, or not to be aware and live randomly like a puppet of the Karmic Law of  T/S (time/space), are the two choices of man. Pick your choice wisely! Let the Bodhisattva of Compassion guide your life!

Sarva Mangalam (Happiness to everyone)!




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