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First Edition: 2005

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This book is not intended to give any medical advise or to be a substitute for any medical recommendations of physicians or other health care providers. It is intended to be just an informative guidance for people who are already familiar with Yoga practice in general and want to go a step farther in their quest to a higher being status beyond human condition.


The Art of RetroGenesis presented here has nothing to do with the RetroGenesis Theory used in Alzheimer's Disease management.


The experiences and other accomplishments described in the book are either personal or personally explained according with my own vision about Life and the T/S living in general.


The content of this book is not meant to become a religion, a cult, or any of a kind, being just a guiding tool for the few in their path to Real Freedom. Please treat IT and read IT as such! 



This book is dedicated to the very few, the very brave, the ones who dare to be above human, above any T/S and any Being!

Their Sublime Light has lit the light of this book, and IT
will surely do the same with some other Yoga books to come!


Without them our living will be just an Eclipse of the Heart, an Obscuration!


I thank them all from the bottom of my heart!



The book you are about to read is meant for the English speaking people. Yoga doesn’t have any language or country boundaries, and Sanskrit is a dead language for too long now. 


I've found the English language to be the best there is in expressing Yoga concepts, practice, and the transcendental states of Samadhi, due to its amazing flexibility and extreme simplicity, the two main qualities to achieve the Union (Yoga). That's why Tachy Yoga is designed for westerners!


Yoga needs a new expression, a new face lift in nowadays environment, otherwise people will certainly find new words to express the meanings behind IT. Science already does this -- in a very ignorant manner!


Tachy Yoga is trying to make a sublimate of all mankind Spiritual Traditions -- which are actually ONE in essence -- making the English language the very core of IT! That's why IT can’t be translated in any other language without losing ITs core conceptual meaning.


I am addressing this book to all English speaking Yoga practitioners existent in the world today! Whatever Yoga you practice is good -- for you and you only! Identify with IT!  







" Going with my human living
is the only choice I have! "

                         a man


" Transcending man and all living is
the only way of being free indeed! "

                        a tachy yogi

Free to choose your own life pattern



Life is made out of myriad of lives, all playing the Game of  Being. The Seers call this endless Game the Karmic Wheel of the Eternal Becoming – as a product of the Cosmic Consciousness (CC). Today it is called the Thermo-Dynamic-Scandal – as a product of Dummy Matter -- by the ones practicing science. 

If you believe -- as very many do -- that your life is just one, ending in death and nothing else after that, please don't waste your time with this book. IT is not for you yet!

If you believe -- as some few do -- life is unending, and want to be involved directly in this unending process, please be aware about the Real Risk you are taking by doing this: 

~  IT can practically change your actual human condition;

~  IT can take your various living suits into the upper realms of splendors;

~  IT can lead you to the Final Bliss of Liberation and Total Freedom


The living journeys are not TV tricks or show biz F/X, they are more real than what science calls life today, therefore they should be very seriously considered. What we call life today is very far from what Life really is. To be a direct participant in such Majestic Living is asking for a total trust in metaphysics, in what stays beyond the physics.

Nobody can be responsible for you but yourself, this being after all the very meaning of the Total Freedom. If you live chained in rules, laws, routines, formalities, etc., and you are happy doing so, this book is not for you yet. Every living entity lives in its own reality, having the living right of accepting or rejecting whatever is considered good or bad for its wellbeing -- the wheel of Attractions/Repulsions (A/R). Taking the risk of Be-Coming is not an easy task, and the decision is freely live in density and eternally suffer, or to get free of suffering and not be!


This book is aimed strictly to people who would like to become a yogi/yogini or who feel a powerful attraction toward the beyond reality of man. This book doesn't have any intention to become a top selling one, to make tantalic waves in metaphysic circles, or to change everybody's life around. The present book is free, because we are all coming in the world naked, as a gift from Trinogen and all the divine sky walkers inspiring me to write about IT!

But as you should know, there is no semantic truth to replace a factual experience, therefore my beyond experience will remain mine, in the same way yours will remain yours alone. You can use this book as a guide, but asking for a book to change your life and become a yogi overnight is not an appropriate approach. The adventure will be a private one, and if you have enough courage, patience, a decent living, and a decent practice, you will make it to the highest.

The freedom of decision is always a personal matter, regardless of what people say. Baby-sitting and pushing from behind by a guru is not for the brave ones, the ones who really want to go all the way to the end. Yoga is a way of living, therefore the only way to succeed is to live up to IT. You must really understand this Truth: Yoga doesn't make you a do!

If you just read a Yoga book and keep on going with an ordinary everyday living, nothing out of ordinary will happen. Talking Yoga (Union) in manlike circles is not Yoga, is just a useless dogma. But if you willingly put IT in your every day practice………..the miracle will happen.



The present book is not a religious one, in spite of its mystic flavor and the use of word God in several places. It is not a scientific book either, but rather a book about the  "Art of Living and Dying", which I call:




And because the Yoga I am using is of an accelerating nature, I call it:




Being inspired by all Mystic Traditions and all Sciences, the present book transcends them all as a sublimate of mankind's experiences throughout millennia of living. Being a sublimate and not a synthesis, the book deals with realities which are beyond human nature, therefore impossible to comprehend without Tachy Yoga's skill of Knowing-Becoming described in the book.

Please be aware of this and of the fact one life span might not be enough for the overall accomplishment. Even so, your life will be enhanced tremendously by doing as little as one single practice per day. Don't you ever get discouraged by lack of visible progress or by the lack of extraordinary happenings. Remember always how "ordinary" our Father Sun is giving us his living light. When you will reach the point of getting noticed, you will get IT alright. Everybody has his own Time/Space (T/S) of noticeable happenings, when the practice bear fruits and a glimpse from beyond is overwhelming you with ITs speechless splendor. You will be then finally able  to realize that the Real Power doesn't need to be noticeable at all, being the very source of all -- small or tall -- and witnessed by none! How blissful you will turn then is hard even to imagine!





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