The book you are about to read is a very unusual one. IT is meant to be Unique! Not because is my book or because I am full of myself but because……..IT is! Only the English speaking people can make sense out of IT, if they do……..if they don’t, nobody else can. The Yoga inserted here is not Yoga “per se” but a sublimate of all Spiritual Traditions and Sciences as One Unified essence of Being, because............

IT is only One!


     Tachy Yoga (TY) is not to be commented or argued upon because is not a “Yoga Dogma”, therefore, only the practice will tell the truth about IT. This book is giving you the basics of doing IT. But you should always remember: Yoga doesn't make you a yogi, your practice does! For advanced practice is no need because IT will take over. You just let IT be and IT will come! The undoing of Surrender brings IT!


     Practicing TY is practicing your being, therefore your be-coming will change. People reluctant to change are not fit for IT! The TY practice is a Singular event, but IT be-comes many by sympathetic view. The View, the Practice, and the Validation of both is the accomplishment!


     Don’t you expect the reading of the book to turn you into a high end yogi, but do expect the practice to get you there. We are all the same from the Same, therefore we are all entitle to be.

And the Being is All That IT Is..……a Mindscape!


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