Genesis - How Being comes
Being Primordial comes second
Time/Space (T/S) Trinity of Being


A Trinity of Being dwelling in all Life". 



Genesis - How Being comes



In infinite rest Sunyata IT -- a Potential Void filled with everything. But IT did not reveal ITSelf yet, so a Being Power came out of IT as a Witness to tell All the Truth IT is. Happy about the discovery Sunyata made a rule out of IT:


And so was the Bliss born as an Expansive Distinction from IT returning back to IT. We are all having IT in our heart as the expansive feeling of Being Happy! But in his way back to IT the Bliss turned into Abyss, Contracting the Distinction back in Origin. That's why we get sad when our heart contracts, reminding us of the Abysmal Origin. But in truth, the Bliss and Abyss are from the same One, therefore the same!

But IT wasn't a stage and actors to play the game of Life yet. So the Bliss thought:


And so was the Time/Space (T/S) born as a mindful vortex between Bliss and Abyss -- the mindful play of One ready to turn many.........the One-many!

But there were no actors to play the Life Game yet.

The Bliss separates then ITSelf in infinite holographic pieces of selves mindfully uttering the Script to be:



And so were born infinite numbers of universes and a multitude of actors to play the adventurous game of Life/Death, of Expansion/Resorption. Yoga describe them as the fourteen spheres of Creation: seven Lokas, and seven Talas (seven inner-worlds, and seven outer-worlds), giving hints about them through Samadhi. Science called them micro and macro cosmos, thinking of knowing more than Yoga in this regard. IT remains as such infinitely, but a emanation potentially withdrew as ITSelf pouring Bliss all around. In spite of the Primordial Detachment, and the sequential ones, the contact with IT is permanent, and so is the similarity.


This is the Trinitarian Law of Existence:

The Contiguity and Similarity with IT.





IT is a permanent Knower in us, a witness of all living process. Called either I or Self, He stays "alive" even after physical death, and even farther on..........for an eternity. This Immortal Witness is traveling as a guest dressed in different suits of T/S scenarios (worlds) as projections of His. If wouldn't be for this permanent witness IT won't be any Being, any Living, because IT would be nobody to assess IT. Please take time and meditate on this!

IT is this real Self which makes the illusory Subject/Object (S/O) game of living possible. Projecting a certain T/S movement, the witnessing Self turns forgetful to his source, enjoying a sequential gnosis instead. He cannot comprehend the previous W/Hole anymore, and, therefore, He starts living in a split field of known reality and unknown potentiality, in T/S. Any manifestation of this Potentiality is in fact a déjà vu, a script to be. The being was declared ahead of T/ T/S (a mindful motion)!

The prove of the above truth came to me in Samadhi as an extra-body experience (EBE), when a new and totally unknown since then Self rose up from my physical body and I could see for the first time the latter as an inert corpse laying down bellow. It was still me who was witnessing the scene, but a nonphysical me without any bodymass and nothing "heavy" in it. I was fleshless, weightless, and expanding. With a twist of the mind the witnessing Self switched the focus from physical to astral body (our "body" after death), looking down one more time to the inert body left behind. The dense physical body was "dead", but I was still alive! I was like a genie out of the bottle!

Until this happened my astral body was totally unknown, just potentially existent, waiting for the immortal Self to focus on him. The physical body was inert, in a cataleptic state (Turiya), in no position obviously of knowing about the experience. I've realized then for the first time who I really am:



IT was  the greatest moment in my life at the time, and surely an experience to remember. Just before the switch I've heard a short cracking sound, and I felt my physical body squeezed like a lemon. As I found out later, during my other similar experiences, the feeling was due to my fear in respect with what was happening, and it did not happen or scare me ever again. The more expert you become with this experience, the easier the separation, and the faster, like changing a jacket. Snapping out from an old known existence into a new and ready to unfold one is man's destiny in T/S, and the only way to expand toward the Total Freedom of IT. They are then many other stages of Samadhi to discover and to enjoy, expanding your being accordingly -- all as a play of living densities in different T/S velocities.

The Self-Witnessing-You realizes slowly how T/S changes from rigid to flexible, and to a continuous flowing, unveiling steadily new worlds and new becomings according with His own will of focusing or unfocusing on them. The forgetfulness of the Self/Witness is obviously due to an entropic ignorance of T/S nature. IT was divinely accepted as the only way to start the living process, the eternal and ever changing symbolic Obstacle of  IT. There is no other way to make up the "fun" of the T/S world but this:



The Perfection has to be there as an Infinite Potency to sustain the Imperfection. The Entropy can afford to waste as much as IT wants as long as the Infinite Negentropy is flowing in all T/S directions as the Real Interstice of Life! IT flows endlessly through the quantic hole of T/S, reuniting what was never separated but as an illusory game of IT, a Maya (illusion). To make the distinction you must go through the Gate of Bliss in Samadhi! This is an Axiomatic Truth!
      And the Great Yoga Masters are telling you to very carefully discriminate about what you experience there because whatever happens there is still in the land of Maya (of illusion), and only the Total Surrender leads you to the Total Freedom of the Unknown IT. In short, you can never have the Unknown Perfection into the known realm of Imperfection but as broken pieces of T/S movement. The Perfection is Unbreakable, therefore nothing "Real" detaches from IT.
Whatever IS must be then an Illusion!

IT sounds like a Paradox! But you know what: IT is a Paradox! Nobody can ever prove IT, or disapprove  IT! That is a Paradox, isn't IT? The Classic Yoga is trying to find a way to surrender the sequential imperfection of T/S living to the Omnipresent and Eternal Perfection of Witnessing.

What is beyond Witnessing? Just IT! Nobody can put an end to this dilemma but the Enlightened One, the one who Surrenders to the Unknown and Undetached/Monadic Perfection of IT! The Final accomplishment of TY is then to Be NO MORE!, which goes a step farther than the Classic Yoga, and way farther than yoga dogma (religious yoga based on devas and asuras)! 


As physical living beings with a hu(man) status condition we have a certain range of dharmic skills based on our sensorial package enabling us to grasp a certain reality, which is our universe/world. This particular reality is called as such because of its 'knowness' in rapport with man. Whatever is beyond our receptive/perceptive screen is considered as unknown, unreal, inexistent, and it is a valid assumption to say that any being in the world has the same "status quo" of known and unknown "realities". 

But IT is that so?

From several hundred years now man has discovered by the means of several ingenious tools like microscope, radio, satellites, radar, sonar, telescope, etc., etc. that he can go beyond his perceptive senses and find realities as valid as the ones he already knew through his natural senses. Man has enlarged his own perceptive field -- though in a very artificial manner -- discovering new T/S realities, which were till then just potentially there due to our limited senso-status. They are not valid realities, as most of scientists think -- nothing in T/S is -- just new symbols replacing the ones from before.

Yoga doesn't make this childish mistake, and for that reason IT will stay as a valid truth forever. Don't let yourself fooled by the multitude of realities you will discover, Yoga teaches you, they are all illusions. Regardless how wonderful or uplifting they seem to be, they are all in the land of Cybela Maya -- in the realm of transient desirous senso-mind tricks!


 Nowadays Science has its fundamentals into Yoga's concepts -- from which with no doubt it has been inspired -- and its pragmatism into man's physical limitations. The within contradiction of Science is so evident today that it has no other alternative but to surrender to Yoga or turn into ashes.

WHY? Because Yoga doesn't perceive a reality revealed by the means of man made tools, which will always underscore the man, making him weak and inefficient. Yoga always says that the S/O has to go hand in hand, because in origin they are One. Unfolding an unknown T/S symbolic reality (Buddhi), which becomes a known/lived symbolic reality (Manas), for a free Witness/Self (Chitta) to enjoy IT is Yoga's approach toward any reality as a Trinity to be. Through this approach Yoga is empowering you from within and outside in, making you discover the Union of All that IT is. When this Union is discovered you don't need an external feed like science does, because you know of that One and only Reality forever free to not be. Science today very much realizes this is true when talking lately about an Infinite Energy undiminishingly free without which nothing can be!

For Yoga knowing-becoming is one single action, separated artificially in Subject (knower), and Object (known) by the treachery of T/S. In fact, Yoga says, the witness stays always the same, blissfully undisturbed, the T/S comes forward to Know (as a Subject/Knower), and to Be-come (as an Object/Known). Yoga knew from millennia that man himself is not a valid reality, just a reflection of  IT!


The unfolding of the "unknown" is in fact a discovery of a potential reality which reveals ITSelf as a new S/O mutual relationship. To discover new S/O realities is the main goal of man until the final revelation of the Void of All Plenitude (Sunyata), when ITSelf resorbs back into IT! Yoga calls this Mahapralaya (the Big Resorption). TY's final goal is to willingly surrender all that you've become to the Monadic IT. And is doing this by showing you how to transcend your human condition bond first, how to surpass any being condition next, and finally how to surrender your being status and reach the Final and Total Freedom of  IT (which can be or not be at will).

Science is not even able to help you to get by with your human condition, viewed as a central and unique apogees of all existence (a pragmatic human centered approach). The sterility of Science will be strongly felt by the weak generation of the next century (author's note: this book was finished in 1999). What is invisible and totally unknown for Scientists is an everyday reality for real yogis, being the very effect of their vision/approach toward reality.

The amazing thing today, as I said before, is that the fundamental science is borrowing more and more from Yoga, turning away from its old materialistic concepts. We are hearing words like Singularity, Final Theory, Void, Black Hole, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, etc., which are undoubtedly terms and concepts borrowed from Yoga. But as I said, Science doesn't go farther than the second meaning on all these concepts. The day is not too far when Science will turn into a Yoga of everyday living and vice versa. The movement started in both directions, and has already overlapped in many respects. The only obstacle in front of this trend is the old religious dogma still persisting in our life!


 Looking at nowadays upside down living you have the tendency of thinking everything is going out of control in total disarray. But beneath the frantic surface is a brighter light, which will change even the good for the better. The change will come as a T/S movement (as always), which is affecting a certain level of existence the most, having an overall echo throughout the yet unknown reality. The power dislocated by the change does usually reveal a new reality, which was potentially there into a present yet to come in fruition. The only thing is: this time round man won't be part of this new reality!

This is the game of the Unknown coming into T/S movement to become Known (a Living) for a while. Whoever understands this is a wise living being! Beyond T/S movement is nothing to be known, and nothing left unknown. This is what Yoga is saying from aeonic times in visible and invisible worlds. Being part of this, as a real yogi, is the most elevated goal of anyone knowing of the Union (Yoga)! We are in IT anyhow, but at different levels of awareness of IT. The hierarchy is the same as here on Earth, but only for the ones who did not reunite the S/O separation. For the few others who did stop the vision of duality, the illusory T/S movement veiling the Truth vanishes, making the beyond splendor of IT a Revealed Reality of an Infinite Permanence. This is the story to tell about the Unknown becoming Known as you, me, and the Universe ITSelf.


IT is Shakespeare's old genius who asked the metaphysic question of  Being or NotBeing, but are the much older sages who have discovered long before him there is indeed such a strange state of "Being/NotBeing" sustaining us all and all the living around. They were talking about Sunyata (the Void of All Plenitude), where everything is, though IT isn't! Science knows of IT as "the uncertainty law". Nowadays scientists are introducing us to many concepts which are having the same Being/NotBeing power at their core, like on/off computer switch, photon vs. wave, Singularity vs. Duality, Void vs. Plenitude, Dark Matter, etc. We are using IT also when we go to bed every night and "shut off" our beloved "being" into a sleeping dimension of "not being slumber". They are all part of an infinite range of opposite and apparently contradictory phenomena which lay down from a very familiar hot/cold, light/dark, life/death, etc., and goes up to the most unknown Being/NotBeing, the last bastion before the Big Switch of Mahapralaya resorbs all being back in Origin..........That Everlasting Interstice compressed into the point of Abyss.


Q.  "What is next?", you may ask.

A.  "The Emptiness from which all sprang", would answer the sage.

Q.  "How IT looks like?", you may ask again.

A.  "IT doesn't", would be sage's answer.

Q.  "What can I do to get there?", may I ask.

A.  "Practicing the Yoga method of inquiry", said the sage.

Q.  "Where can I start from and end with?", you may ask also.

A.  "You start with "Who am I ?" and end up with "I am not!", or how the sages will say: "NETI! NETI!".

Q.  "What is all the work then?", you eagerly ask.

A.  "All the work is in between the two and it contains all the other opposites like light/darkness, love/hate, life/death, good/evil, and so on, up to Being-NotBeing. In order to accomplish this you need strong knowledge about all that IT is, help from gods, and the Infinite grace of IT", the sage answered.

Q.  "Where can I get this knowledge from?", you keep asking.

A.  "From free observation (in and out), from the Old Tradition of mankind, and from gods". Vanishing instantly the old sage left Trinogen behind to spread the word around as Tachy Yoga. 


"Nice story!", you may say. But this is not a story at all. IT is the most pertinent development of the human "being" toward the God condition of "Witnessing". The first question you ask yourself: "Who am I?", is stirring up a tremendous amount of energetic thoughts, feelings, and deeds able to make you travel through the entire universal process of existence (throughout all T/S circles of life). And this is not a figure of speech or a gimmick, this is a fact!

If you consider the work to be accomplished ahead you will see a pin-pointed beginning (first question), an endless interconnected middle content (in and out), and a glorious all embracing end which cannot be seen in the worldly way because of the transcendental state of IT. Little by little your work bear fruits, and the circle of knowing/becoming is growing considerably. Each new crossing point of knowledge would stir up an equal amount of energy, which will "spark around", interconnecting with the other ones, as you can see in the both circles bellow (by the arrows crossing each other). 






At a certain point of your TY practice you make a jump into higher realms like astral, spiritual, etc. worlds, unfolding gradually the cosmic web of Cybela Maya (as the circle on the right shows). When the circle is complete you go through one of the most amazing experience of your journey. At this crucial point a very strange thing will occur: if you wait for something to happen, IT won't! If you don't expect anything to happen, IT will!

IT is a pertinent reason for this! After so much work you become your work and vice versa. But remember, you are not aiming for any condition of Being (regardless of ITs sublimeness), and because of this you should void yourself of all the being status and transcend into the inaccessibleness of NotBeing -- viewed as such from your "outside" perspective.

The God you have become has to be sacrificed, giving HimSelf up like Osiris did for the mankind to be. Breaking yourself up in holographic pieces of being is the must condition of being and not-being in the same instance. Otherwise you will be trapped in your own being (illusory living), looping around in the Being-T/S-Living forever: a never ending story powered by "being", and craving for "not being". In short, not being anything in particular makes you infinitely stable, and as such, indistinctive, undetached, unseparated, monadic.......MonoI-IT-hic! That is why all the Great Ones are teaching man to surrender in the end if he wants to be Free indeed. This state is called in Yoga terms, "the VOID", and should be considered the last state before Total Liberation!


 Don't struggle in the end, just "Give your life/work away and be not", surrender your godlike living softly to the Instantly Recovered Condition of Unity: the Temple of Silence and Bliss!  "And don't ask what IT is there because IT isn't anywhere", would the sage also say. If you have a name for IT, like God, Brahman, the Heavens, the Supreme Witness, the Great Perfection, Nirvana, etc., you are still here, in the land of Being, of T/S living. Being and NotBeing doesn't apply to the Real Origin, which transcends them both. They apply to Existence only, which detaches from IT as a living process going by the rule of T/S. Remember: the Wholesomeness of IT makes IT attributeless!

In this respect even God is nothing more than a player of the Life Process, like you and  me. Due to the T/S treachery life inherits the tension of any dualistic process, and so does man. To get rid of the tension man has to transcend back into the Real Origin, into IT. And because such practice goes against genesis, Tachy Yoga calls its practice.........."RetroGenesis" (RG)! 

Even Science agrees upon this when Einstein said: any mass going toward the speed of light turns infinite, releasing ITSelf entirely when reaches that speed! This is what the scientists call Dirac's sea of Potentiality and TYoga calls IT, the Wholesome Singularity of One-Many. From man's perspective IT looks like Emptiness, but as the old sages used to say........."the Emptiness is not Empty at all for the one having the inner-vision to see in the dark". They knew IT! 


This is the story of "Being/NotBeing", of Sunyata, of ITSelf, of the Supreme Witness. If you like IT or not doesn't really matter because you did like IT already and you like IT still; this is what brought you here and IT will bring again your "Be-coming" for an eternity/aeon. Remember: the being always comes your way, you just play dummy by dressing in it!

Sparkling in the night of darkness is the living light of yours, mine, and of the God HimSelf. Keeping the light lit is everybody's duty, regardless of the social rank, religion, nationality, planet, galaxy or universe he lives in, because "Being" is the only living light in "nobody's land" of "NotBeing", of "Darkness". And as the light dispels the darkness, which vanishes out slowly into light "coloring it", in the same way your life should dispel the "evil" of opposites, unveiling gradually the illusion of sorrow and happiness, of birth and death, of being and notbeing.

The final goal of man, and by extension of all Existence, is to achieve the self-efficient state of Witnessing Bliss, which already dwells in you, me, and everything else but IT is veiled by ignorance for the sake of the Life Game Adventure (Maya). Without the veil IT will be no Game, just the Voidness, the Formless Potentiality of Mahapralaya. The veil is made out of a vibratory tension spiraling around the esoteric core of Bliss, the last living vibration before the Unknown IT absorbs the Being back in ITs Pinpointed Origin. Free at last to travel the Being at will through all others!

The total defeat of man is to hold on his dualistic living of a puppet on strings on desire and never ask himself the magic question of  "Who am I?". Until you ask yourself the question you will be just a drifting soul in the gloomy waters of Samsara. You should never give up the understanding of the real game of living and dying, light and darkness, being and notbeing, until one day, with a loud "Eureka", the Satori (Enlightenment) will come to set you free of living in duality and suffering. You will vanish right after beyond the curse of T/S and its dualistic face. This is the end of your living as man in the realm of shit happens (T/S). When ITs blessing will down upon you, the T/S won't hold you in its grip, and you will dwell endlessly beyond the realm of being and be-coming!


Nowadays scientists have just discovered the possibility of a "witnessing core" from which All That IT Is can be "Seen" instantaneously. They call IT the Sphere of Schrödinger, and lately the Singularity (as part of the Final Theory). The Old Seers knew this from very long time as the last state before the Total Liberation. "From the Center the W/Hole witnesses us all!"  This Singularity (IT) has the scattered trinity of Being (strinity) reconciled into One Infinite Union.

You can call IT with many names like Nothingness, Emptiness, Voidness, Etc., as opposite to Absolute, Plenitude, Great Perfection, Etc., or a combination of all, and you will be still alien to IT because the nature of IT is Unknown, lacking any dualistic attributes, therefore Attributeless (Avyakta)!

Tachy Yoga calls IT, "Trinogen", a reunited Monad of "ITSelfBliss", the Real Trinity. IT is not a God, just a mandalic concept and the name of the last state any Tachy Yogi reaches before vanishing from Being without a memory trace. Trinogen is the "Shield and Stretcher" of a real Tachy Yogi!






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