Being Primordial comes second



A question some people ask about Being is: "IT is Being a state of conscious bliss, an eternal desire driven feeling, or a physical/material T/S dimension?". According with the answer to the above question you can consider yourself a Spiritualist, an Animist (a mystic), or a Materialist (a physicist, one who believes in visible/tangible/sensorial things only).

The first is focusing/living mostly on the primordial plane of existence, where the Being Power is felt as a state of Ecstatic Witnessing of the living script of All that IT is (all being). This is the first emanation of being, the One Life comes from as a Blissful Expansion.

The second is focusing/living mostly on the astral plane of existence, where a very flexible sequence of desires, feelings, and thoughts are shaping up like an eternal conscious dreamlike action flowing in all directions as a play of illusory shadows. The Indian mythology is full to the rim with stories describing this kind of living, which, as I said in the Introduction, is the first meaning of any human language. That's how Life manifests as a desirous and illusory movement of T/S.

The third is focusing/living mostly on the last and most dense plan of existence, where everything is sequentially limited to private densities to be, each playing by the rule of its private destiny/bio-script. This is the realm of entropic beings (dualistic bodies), and is the subject of all nowadays sciences. That's how Life clusters in transient dense beings exposed to endless samsaric happenings meant to suffer and die.

Man has all three living conditions included as sheaths of being (koshas), but the vast majority of people are unaware of them due to their ignorance (forgetfulness). Living spiritually, astrally, or physically are the three aspects of the Being/Living process for an Eternity. The Spirit, the Soul, and the Body are indeed the three sheaths of every creature in the Being Universe. They are the three P/F worlds having the transcendental and unknown reality of IT as an Omnipresent Interstice sustaining them all. This Interstice is always present, but escapes to get noticed due to ITs Wholesome Nature. All living beings are immersed into this Continuous Present Interstice and can never escape IT. You can call IT god if you want, but this doesn't change ITs all pervading nature!

This all pervading Interstice cannot be grasped except as P/F, and the scientists made even a law out of IT, which is called the Law of Uncertainty, saying that the T/S cannot be grasped together, just as separate. You lost track of one for another! Nobody can ever grasp the present because of the velocity of IT. By the time you try to grasp IT, the present turns already into the Past. Just Yoga knows how to stop the T/S (P/F) and live in Continuous Present. IT will be more on this in the chapters to come.


The living we know (the being) is then immersed into another Being Power Potentially Infinite. This is what Adam and Eve have discovered sadly when they detached from Eden at the insidious advise of the serpent desire: their "nudity", their powerless status of being. IT was no sin involved there, just an innocent will to put up a Universe of their own. And they did, but as a copy of IT! And from them we inherited the "fall"! Regardless of the above "mistake", we all have the Being Power still in the Adamic Element as a sustained T/S living action, therefore, the pertinent bellow statements:

~  Whoever "IS" has the Being Power, which is granted by a Beyond Power of a  permanent nature. The unveiled truth of this is that Being Primordial comes second!

~  All living is an expression of Being (T/S), an illusory game of Attractions/Repulsions (A/R) perceived as Time/Space/Mind (T/S/M).

~  Any T/S/M is a by product of the above Being movement as a universe in ITSelf -- like a bubble in continuous change (in and out).

~  Dying is not possible in the Being universe because of the Infinite Sustainer which acts as an Infinitely Present Interstice for all Life to be. Changing continuously as P/F is the inner-attribute of the being universe, which is a process in motion of T/S. NotBeing is just a veil over the yet to come Being called Be-Coming (the Being coming from IT as living bubbles of T/S)!

~  The Unchanged Present sustains from beyond the changing universe through the T/S symbolic mean. The T/S dwells inside the being universe as a script to be and be-come. The Real State of our changing universe cannot just "BE!", due to its dualistic state of Rising-Subsiding (Being-NotBeing)!

The Being Universe comes from IT and returns to IT!


 The decision of being something in particular and not something else is totally yours according with the symbolic seed present in your heart. Nobody can take this decision for you except the Mercy of Beyond, which expresses ITSelf through your be-coming. Not to be what you are now and be something else in T/S doesn't free you from being, as you easily can see. Dying in the being universe is still being/living! Not to be anything at all is the only way to get rid of the Eternal Be-Coming (Being Process, T/S Living).

The Void (Sunya) is the Portal where the transcendental jump can be done in both directions: Creation (Expansion, Samsara) or Cessation (Resorption, Nirvana). Here is the place where the Genesis starts and RetroGenesis ends. This is the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and Omega! This Sunyatic shield stops any mad IT did in Buddha's case.


As a yogi of Eternal Be-coming you must open the first door of Yoga:

the door of SatChittAnanda (Genesis).

As a yogi of the endless IT you must open the second door of Yoga:

the door of ChittaVrittiNirodhah (RetroGenesis).


For the first door there are gods, gurus, books, and your changing self to guide you.

For the second door you have nothing to rely on except Tachy Yoga and ITs practice helping you to be gracefully extinguished/absorbed back in IT.


Ahead of the second door is All That IT is, all creation.

Beyond is just the reversed Power of Mahapralaya, the paradox of IT!


Unless you will be able to see the same equally beautiful creation in everything that is: from a grain of sand up to an insect, a lizard, an evil criminal, a prostitute, a sun, a galaxy, and even under and beyond all these, you cannot consider yourself an Enlightened One (a Buddha). In a garbage full of stinky trash is as much beauty and happiness as IT is in an act of human love, the light of a star, or the most outstanding Bliss. This is because everything comes from the Same, therefore in the end IT is the same -- Samsara (Creation) and Nirvana (Cessation) are Padma Sambhava knew!

This is the Trinitarian law of TY, which applies to the entire universe, as I have mentioned before: the law of Contiguity and Similarity with IT, which says that everything IT is, in permanent Contact with IT is, and, for this very reason, has to be Similar in essence, therefore a Union! Please keep this in mind at all time as a Mantra! This is the key to comprehension!

When IT will be no difference deep inside yourself between any creature, at any levels of creation, being able to look upon them with the same love and compassion, then you turn enlightened..........a Buddha ahead of IT! 


The Being Power is sucked in and comes out in a pulsatory manner, giving us the sensorial illusion of the worlds. What in our plane is considered as not-being is filling in fact some other planes of existence. Being is everywhere, don't get tricked by the illusion that dying is the end of being. Your "dead" being is filling up other beings, but the new living plane you are in as an astral being is doing the same with the new Be-coming you. What dies in one plane refills other plane of existence, but gets refilled at its turn for a new Self-Be-coming. In short, nothing is dying for real in the realm of Being (of T/S living), which is a process in continuous motion -- as Lavoisier knew it!

Life is then a subtle game of attunement between what is pouring out and what is pouring in -- the amazing play of Bliss and Abyss. This living game is instantly present here-everywhere, but the illusion of T/S is making it look like discontinued from one T/S velocity to another -- similar to "nobody's land blind spot" we have between our three living states: awake, dreaming, and slumber. The "frightful" transition we go through when dying (MahaSamadhi) is of the same kind as the fourth.

None of them remembers the other because of their different T/S "twist": rigidly split in awaken state, randomly creative and flowing in dreaming state, refreshingly rejuvenating in the deep sleep state, and totally liberating in the Turiya state (the state of the dead). Only a "permanently  aware” dead man (jivanmukta) is a perfect yogi -- One in Union with them all! The 4th state (Turiya) is helping you to understand the other three and exit the physical living in an aware manner. Nothing else will do!


For a real yogi who enters the state of Samadhi everyday is just another enjoyable experience, but for a man trapped in sensorial illusion is a terrible and scary one. People today don't know how to live, and they surely don't know how to die. They are so much used with tension, with the stressful misery of the body, that when liberated of all those they don't know how to handle the elevated feeling of dying. This is why they come back as man again, to struggle back again..........eternally! Most self-proclaimed yogis, gurus, saviors and such are in this category as well, knowing of no rest!

If people will spend just a little time with Yoga, everything will be so much different. They will be little by little aware of what they really are and how free of stress and misery life can really be. And above all, they will realize that in order to be eternally happy you need just to discover yourself at the very core of you (your True  Nature). This is why I consider this book as a Book of Living and Dying! Our childhood living condition is giving us clues about the possibility of going back and forth in these three realms, but which adult is taking time in nowadays materialistic life to regain his lost childhood status? We start associating material life with happiness, and to look at the other two like unreal. The soul dies slowly, and so does the happiness! This is how we did civilize ourselves into eternal suffering!

The religio-scientific dogma is responsible for this, giving us the vision of a cheap comfort in the realm of shit happens. Under those precarious conditions the vision of the Union starts steadily to fade away, making us fearful of dying and fight for our survival by all means. Tachy Yoga is the only valid practice today telling to man the nobody's land (dying) separating the other planes of existence is just another state of the Monad giving you the chance of defeating the T/S illusion and regain the Wholesome Union:


~  by harmonizing the T/S living first -- through Universal Compassion,

~  by transcending the T/S living next -- through TYoga practice.


All the Being states, regardless how sublime they may look, are still bonding you to the Living! Beyond the Living the Witness withdraws, being replaced by a here-everywhere-aware presence wholesome in nature!

Turiya state defeats the T/S living………..and so can you!





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