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"Any belief is a sensorial deceit"


As we have seen, a very strong and fulfilled desire turns into a Belief, making you a believer. The difference is of scale, of the energy involved: a desire makes you act for its fulfillment, a belief makes you fight for it. This is why you need a desire to be fulfilled usually many times over in order to turn into a belief. The belief needs to be sure that particular desire is right for you. A belief is then a reinforced desire by many repetitions in T/S!

Many wars have been fought for beliefs which have been thought as been right. In the name of fanatic religious beliefs armies of believers spread terror and death among people. All this is happening because a belief can channel your mind in a very focused direction, making your body to act accordingly. Lots of bad feelings and emotions are the result of this, like envy, infatuation, jealousy, greed, hypocrisy, malice, fear, sadness, cruelty, among many others.

A real believer has his mind set up in a certain direction and all his actions are focused in that particular direction. Nothing can stop him, unless a new belief is put in place or his mind is put to sleep by drugs, hypnosis, or other means. With the mind cut off the belief cannot be materialized, but rest assure, the belief is still there waiting in the wings to get activated. As you may know, a strong belief can move a mountain, but can do a lot of malicious things also. Your beliefs makes you what you are indeed! 

Today sophisticated methods are used to make you believe in about everything possible, manipulating the many for the advantage of some few. The children are the best believers of all. When you see them playing their pretending games you may think they know are pretending, but you better believe IT, they don't. Just try to remember your childhood! They believe so much in what they are playing that they actually identify with their actions in everything they do. That is why is so easy to manipulate a child, and there are strict laws against child use and abuse. And still, brain-hacking the many is what mankind is practicing today at all social levels, without spearing our kids by any means! Some few among us sold their heart to money and the power money bring in, ruining the entire mankind as a whole!

A belief is then, most of all, a seal of approval on top of a desire to reassure once more that desire needs to be repeatedly fulfilled. Any man has beliefs because any man has desires, and the ones with strong beliefs are usually most anchored in the living, therefore most successful in life. Good or bad, the beliefs are helping you to go through life and avoid turning suicidal. Their influence on the mind is quite impressive, working from behind the same way the desires do. You take them with you even after you die, worshiping them again when you fall back again in the human cocoon as a new. This sinful play is eternal, and is known as Samsara (wondering without a purpose). They bond you eternally to the living as seeds of your future living events to come (through your reincarnations). 


You have to understand, when I am using words like desire, belief, and later on faith, what I am trying to say in fact is how the being works. All these words are referring to the same omnipresent power of being, which, due to the T/S velocity, is taking different levels of lifetronic charge, molding you accordingly. A desire has a lesser charged energy than a belief, for instance, and a faith is even more charged than a belief. But in all cases we are still talking about the same one and only bio-energy of being..........happy that is. As you know by now: life has to stay happy under any circumstances in order to avoid its own disbanding. 

This is not a mystic remark or a religious statement, this is a very pragmatic millennia old truth. Yoga has discovered this truth from millennia through self imposed experiments. You have the opportunity to do the same through TY practice. What TY is trying to accomplish is to find the Final Truth staying at the base of all existence. And is doing this by using the only being you are: your Self. "Who am I?" is the eternal question man has to answer through his Yoga practice! Once answered, man is be and not to be at will!

What science is trying to accomplish is the same thing, but the method science is using is totally different, experimenting on everything else but the being you are. Yoga works from inside out, science works from outside in. Going with one or with the other is a matter of belief! Choose your belief wisely then according with the sympathy your heart has for one or another! But regardless of what your belief is, Yoga is not a religion, people turn IT as such by not understanding ITs fundamentals. Science is far more of a religion than the religion itself, because is based on S/O separation and the empty assumptions coming out of this separation as objectivity and knowledge. Science doesn't have even one single valid truth in it, just labeled assumptions and lies! This is an Axiomatic Truth! 


Believing, the same as desiring, is in direct relation with our status of T/S quantic beings. We believe, and we desire, the good for ourselves, and we oppose with all our strength the evil coming in our life. The result of this is the long string of A/R setting down in our heart as the belief in good and evil, as you already know. But in a world without T/S all those terms have no meaning. Yoga is trying to transcend man in this kind of world. This is not something to believe into, you must rather turn one with IT. Please try to realize the truthfulness of this!

A belief goes then as far as IT is permitted to go and no farther. For the one who sets himself free any desire and any belief vanishes in the end. For a Tachy Yogi they are just transient tools to be used to help him transcend into better worlds to be. You will notice this metaphysical change quite often when practicing TY. Let IT be! is the best approach, allowing you to flow with the Being universe in a detached manner without developing a private memory to be giving you a private destiny -- a circumscribed itinerary and a destination to be (man in our case). 

In the stretch of our living we have many desires, therefore we build many beliefs also. They are all shaping our future for better or for worse depending upon how attuned our beliefs are to the eternal laws of our universe. The way you harmonize dualities (remember this?) is the way your beliefs will be. You have to be a real artist to accomplish this, as you know. Remembering that "everything comes from the same, therefore must be the same" is the best way to harmonize dualities and have balanced beliefs.

A balanced belief is accepting the good and the bad as part of any living occurrence, keeping you blissfully serene under any living circumstances. This has to be the right attitude of a Tachy Yogi! He never cries and never smiles, because he knows how to balance them both in serene Bliss. Having this attitude permanently present will bring about the total detachment from Samsara, setting you free from the bondage of living in heavy density and infinitely open to the Continuous and Conscious state of Bliss. This unknown to man state is TY's main achievement as Trinogen. Such a state can never be explained or tested, just identify with! 


A belief, like everything else in the living, can change during your life time, and this will make your life to change as well. We see this happening in many cases throughout mankind's history, many great men turning their life around to the best with their new belief. But is not so easy to change a belief because is asking for new adjustments of your life, and some are not quite pleasant. You may have to admit that you made mistakes, you might have to apologize for your prior actions, etc. Some of those are just mentally spoken thoughts, but some others could be physical humiliating actions to be taken. Regardless how embarrassing these adjustments may be, you must finalize them in order to be successful with your new belief. Remember: you can't trick a belief with pretend! Why? Because your Real Self knows you!


Some new beliefs are so strong that you feel like a new person, like you are reborn. That's how I've felt when I have discovered the Union (Yoga). IT wasn't easy! In the beginning IT was just a strange feeling which I could not understand. Slowly I was able to put the terms together and make some sense out of them. Little by little I was getting deeper into the meanings and better with my practice. And then Samadhi came along! This was the seal of approval that I am on the right path. Starting from that point nothing could stop me in my quest. You should go through similar transformations, more or less.

Sure, there are human beings far above the crowd, and for them IT is a lot easier, but one thing is for sure: as a human being you must work for your liberation. The Egyptian priests did it inside the cold walls of the pyramids, Buddha did in the forest, Padma Sambhava did it in cemeteries and cremation places, Sri Aurobindo did it for 24 years in his hut, etc. The T/S illusion doesn't let go of its grip on your life so easily, because the T/S illusion is the Life -- an old illusion luring you as being new. Revealing the mindful and illusory trick of desire and T/S, Samadhi is the only remedy!

 That is why for a Tachy Yogi the belief in what he is doing has to be so strong that nothing in the world of T/S could stay in ITs way. This kind of belief has still the roots in this world, but the crown is reaching the other. Your human body is here, but your spirit is not! This is how a real yogi can be so detached from this world at all levels. He doesn't feel, he doesn't hear, he doesn't suffer, etc., he is totally detached from the social living system, all human beliefs developed by the social apparatus are dead for him. The only shining belief is in his total liberation. That's why from the social perspective a real yogi is a dead man! And dead he is indeed as man, turning divine! When even this divine belief vanishes, the final goal is accomplished -- you withdraw from the T/S living, exiting the being for Nirvana/Trinogen! Sure all this is valid for real yogis, not for the very many phony ones going for man provides and living in luxury ashrams and other such establishments! 


The reason why is so hard to escape the T/S living is the deep seeded beliefs you have for the preservation of your body. Since we are born the social life is making us believe that the most important thing in life is to keep your body alive under any circumstances. You nourish this belief all your life, regardless of how your life is, how your living actions are, or how much suffering you endure. This belief is like a poisonous ointment on your skin. Your life may turn into a living hell, but you are still keep the hell going. The religious freaks did all this to us, just to spread their pretend and stay in power. Yoga dogma (religious type) worships this preserving tendency of Life against dissolution as well, aligning with the religio-scientific dogma our social apparatus disseminates among men!

This preserving belief -- nurtured by religio-scientific apparatus -- is making you weak at the very core because you try to preserve something that is by its very nature transient. In doing this you surely subscribe to suffering and misery! There are tribes in Africa and other places where old or suffering people end their life by just sitting in a hole in the ground until they die. The Eskimo people give them selves up as pray to polar bears. But the modern men can't end their life in this natural manner. They attach themselves to perishable things, making those things and their own pitiful life more important than the life ITSelf. Desire is indeed a terrible virus (sin)!

 The material things you get attached to make you cling even more to the transient process of living. And when your life span is getting toward the end, you are totally unprepared for dying, clinging to your miserable life desperately. Man cling to his desires is amazingly strong! All this is happening because of the endless memories all desires built up with their long chain of A/R. Man's desirous memory is his adversary -- in living, as well as in dying! The tragedy in all this is that man believes his memory is his real mind, when in fact is nothing of a kind! Man's true mind is not his senso-mind but rather his genome dwelling wholesomely serene in the Dharmic Cloud of being!


This faulty belief in memory as our mind will turn the natural act of dying into a sad and painful experience, amplified many times over by the powerful cling to your desires and by the ignorant ones crying beside you. You live in hell, you die in hell, you come back for more hell, and you cheat your self thinking is heavens! Preservation of life at any cost is the living man cherishes today -- a living misery all the way!

This treacherous belief has to be dropped dead if you want to succeed with your TY practice! Life is just something you dress in and nothing else! The body is trapped in life for suffering and deceptive actions, which are not ending at death but rather spurred into more of the same. This has to be the belief about Life of a Tachy Yogi! This new belief will bring a new perspective on how you should live and end your life. You use your life to uplift this belief by practicing IT everyday. By doing this a new belief will start growing steadily everyday, replacing slowly the old one left behind. IT takes time, of course, but the T/S is just a state of mind, which will vanish together with the desirous and phony mind itself -- changing your being status for a better other!

This is not a grotesque scenario but rather a truthful and accurate one. IT is a saying that in order to solve a problem you must first look the problem in the face. TY is just looking at Life in the face without prejudice, embellishment, no taking sides, just the plain truth. So IT happens that what TY has discovered looking the Life in the face is not that pretty.

~  The duality is the real Master of this world, creating the deceiving S/O separation and turning man into an oscillator!

~  Life is a transient play between Bliss and Abyss!

~  Man and anything else in existence is part of this dualistic process leading to suffering and dying!

~  To get out of this transient living process you must go backwards through RetroGenesis! There is no other way around this! Those are some of the things TY has discovered looking life in the face. To believe in them is your call!  


As we have seen, a wrong belief can turn your mind around for some nasty actions, because a belief is nothing else but a concentrated desire by the means of focusing on it. The mind can turn a belief around also, by refocusing on a new belief! This is actually the best way to change or readjust a belief. Nowadays mass media techniques are used in both directions, brain-hacking you and changing your own beliefs against you own interests. Using idols' make believe beliefs method, they can adjust your thinking to their own advantage -- usually their material advantage. You are at a loss in both scenarios, being treated like a gullible idiot. This is the most deceiving game those in power today are using to manipulate the many for their selfish benefit!


But as I said, the mind can change a belief for the best if a right desire is guiding your belief into a right direction. This is actually the role of the school in educating children. If the school is separated from social circles of interests, and the teachers are of a good character, then indeed the school becomes the best tool for building sound beliefs. Building beliefs in the heart is the best insurance those beliefs will be the right ones for the holder. The mind can help here as well to build sound thinking minds. The mind helps to build healthy feelings, and the heart validates a right thoughtful mind. But in order to develop right beliefs you must individualize those methods for each and everyone, because each person is unique. What works for me may not work for you! Nowadays schools are very far from doing this, treating children like silly puppets. This is why TY, and Yoga in general, is far better in these regards, having Mother Nature as the best teacher. Remember: the memory is nothing else but desirous "bookmarks" left in the brain by the A/R present in your impure heart. 

For westerners though, the Yoga practice cannot start earlier because of the social barriers. A westerner is usually brain-hacked in schools long before getting into Yoga foot steps. He must first undo the dogmatic knots of his western education, and then to start the Yoga practice as a new. This can be actually to his own advantage because he can better compare the two traditions and develop his own middle path. This is actually what I did with my TY book!  

Building beliefs from thoughts and vice versa is a living prove of how versatile the being power is. Emotions, feelings, thoughts, etc., are all part of the same game of being. This game is a deceptive illusion, as you already know, with some short lived happiness at times. But if we look from an overall perspective, as TY does, you will realize: IT is way better to watch the players from afar rather than to be one playing in the game. Believe IT or not is a matter of personal choice! You better believe IT!  


* Any belief is a result of our deceiving sensoriality going ashtray! You can see this today in a painful manner by just looking at what mankind has become: a madhouse! The last and most deceiving of them all is the virus pandemic scare mankind is going through just now (2020), which is nothing else but a scam to make people fearful and stop associating with each other. It is beyond my comprehension how people can turn into such gullible idiots!





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