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From Bliss to Desire


The sensorial play of the five elements


Living with A/R


There are five elements that make life to look real or to disappear! Our real mind has them all engraved as a script to be/genome. But man has developed a 2d hand mind called memory in order to preserve his dense physicality and suffer in the realm of "shit happens".

We know from TY that Being is not life yet until the Bliss shows up to bring happiness into the living. We know also that happiness is not continuous, coming down in droplets, in quantic sequences of T/S. And we know that each quantic sequence of happiness is nothing else but a fulfilled desire. Man has to work and suffer then in order to accomplish happiness. And we know this today by using the magic word of "shit happens". And because this is happening more so often, we turned happiness into a short lived play of senses called "fun". Having fun is then a degradation of happiness, downgrading our status of heart loving human beings to that of sensuous animals living through their instincts and only! This is an Axiomatic Truth!


But what is a desire for real?

We usually associate a desire with a fulfillment of sort, an accomplishment. But if we need to fulfill something that means we are missing something. What are we missing in the living? The only possible answer is the permanency, the continuous flow. The Bliss flows continuously, the happiness doesn't. Desire is then nothing else but a sensorial play, a short lived play of our senses under the curse of our impure heart full of A/R!

The duality of T/S is the villain for this lack of permanency. Through our senses we realize that we are transient, that we die. The desire is then the main vehicle to bring happiness into our life in order to postpone the sad feeling of dying. Without happiness the life as we know falls short of existence! But very deep inside we have another feeling that connects us to the real source of happiness, which is the Bliss. This feeling is the divine desire to reunite with our Blissful Origin. To nourish this feeling is TY's main goal and what ITs practice is for. In the end the Bliss fulfills all possible desires in a continuous present without any T/S limits. Samadhi is the only vehicle for this accomplishment. There is no other way to accomplish IT!

The Being/Living is then constantly missing something, and so are we! What is missing is the Real Substance, the Self-Sustainement. That's why we all "be-come" -- we are coming into the being without knowing it, and we exit it in the same way! We don't bring ourselves into the living, and we don't exit ourselves from the living on our own accord (on our own will). That means the being/living is an illusion, a copy constantly sustained from beyond. We are all inside of a Matrix who nourishes the living from beyond continuously.

Yoga calls this vital nourishment Prana, the interstice of Life. "IT has to Be as ITSelf in order for the living to be", TY says. This unknown power is continuously present, without limits or boundaries. Witnessing IT the ITSelf starts pouring Bliss all around continuously, and the life starts flourishing in T/S as quantic sequences of happiness. But because is not for real, the duality of T/S takes its toll and the dying occurs as an entropic obstacle to permanency. And the only possible way to keep the living going is by using happiness through sensorial means (desires). The living we have has to stay happy then, which is accomplished through numerous fulfilled desires. But today just some very few have the means to fulfill their desires, that's why we are at war with each other at all times! This anomaly will end in an abrupt manner pretty soon! This is an Axiomatic Truth!


Fulfilling desires is then the living ITSelf, because the T/S creates a duration for any desire to be fulfilled. This transient duration is in fact the living of any being! You live a certain duration to fulfill a desire, you fulfill that desire, you live another duration in order to fulfill another desire, and so you keep on living. And the location of all such desirous fulfillments is always our impure heart full of dualistic desires (A/R). All those are the happenings of our living, what we call LIFE. And we carry them over when we die as engraved memories (vasanas) for our future lives to come. The T/S is the one behind all this transient living as a necessary evil to keep us happy.

Some of those desires have be-come so critical for our survival that are called necessities, like breathing, eating, drinking, sleeping, etc. Those are rooted in our being for so long that we don't even know when or how they started. Only the Alaya/Eternal Consciousness (AC) knows! And all desires have one source and only: the Procreative Motion to be based on the dualistic play of Bliss and Abyss and the densities they produce! We are living in a f***ing universe indeed! This is an Axiomatic Truth!

The Heavens are not free of desire either, but because there everything is "naked" (bodiless), in divine realms the desire manifests as a naked will of energetic nature!  But if you believe in man and man only, then you start using this naked will to built a desirous man again, clothing your self in layers of obscuration as a consequence and descending in the hell of man again with its realm of shit happens. This is an Axiomatic Truth!  


Any being comes into the living with an arsenal of preset desires in order to survive. All these desires are mostly necessities, as we already know, all present inside us as imprints/seeds from our previous lives. They are inserted in our bio-script/genetic code (our real mind), and no being can live without it. A human baby knows how to express his desires from the first day of his life. Crying at first, smiling when a desire is fulfilled, etc., and any real mother knows very well her baby needs. Those encoded desires are shaping all our future desires and living actions. Most people don't realize this until they die.

In order to be aware of this you must start witnessing any living action you perform, as you probably remember from TY book (do you remember that little notebook?). Any new desire makes your list of A/R (Attractions/Repulsions) longer, discriminating the living in good and evil accordingly. The more desires you have, the more A/R you accumulate in your heart and more good and evil you will encounter. That's why a desirous heart is meant to oscillate!

But not all desires are bad! The desire of a Saint who is loving all around and does nothing but good is different. And so is the desire of a yogi who gives his life away for final freedom. Those desires are of divine nature, and are always inspired from beyond. If they come into your life please treasure them as the most precious gift of grace. Such divine desires have the power of Liberation in them! This is an Axiomatic Truth!

The power of any desire is then in the will to accomplish IT! Please take notice of the double meaning the prior sentence has! This will is divine in nature, and stays at the core of all living. Even Samadhi comes to you as a divine reward nourishing your desire to accomplish IT. This final desire is so uplifting that touches the wings of divinity. Samadhi translates as Ecstasy ("out of body" in greek), describing this divine feeling of separation from density in order to regain the Union. When Samadhi gets in ITs final stage you get out of the T/S living and turn one with IT. You are out of the Karmic Cycle of Samsara (shit happens), out of the living duality, permanently. A continuous state of Serenity (Conscious Bliss) instates as the very nature of IT!

The desire to be is a very powerful feeling the living has to stick with it and the only vehicle to accomplish happiness -- without which the living can't be, as you know. To master IT is impossible! No human can master the desire unless IT helps! And when this happens, you are man no more, dwelling here-everywhere-aware beyond being and be-coming as the One in everyone! 


Why is a Desire so hard to control and "sinful"? This is something that have puzzled the minds of some great men, and many among those blame desire for man's fall from heavens, none explaining though why desire was there in the first place except as a sin to separate from the Mighty Union. Yoga has a more pragmatic approach, saying the Spirit remembers ITs immortality and has a permanent tendency of getting back to IT. Yoga doesn't even talk about how the Spirit has got into the body, considering this bond as eternal. Knowing of this obvious limitations, TY's approach is different, seeing this as a sensorial play for the living to be -- the play of Bliss and Abyss as IT is -- having nothing to do with what we really are at the core.

A question arises: "Is the Spirit so imperfect to allow such a fettering occurrence to happen", all because of a pitiful Desire? This will put Desire above the Spirit! As I've mentioned in TY book: all gods are exposed to desire the same way we all are..........only more so. The God All Mighty is no exception. The thing is, those gods are all part of the game -- Maya's game that is -- the same way we all are, therefore they are all desirous in nature. But the Spiritual Center staying beyond them all isn't, granting them endless wishes to be. This motionless Center staying at the Core of All that IT is, actually isn't, playing with Bliss and Abyss at will. And that says IT!  

This Spiritual Center uses the Bliss and Abyss as meaningful tools to express ITSelf. But He does this in a so majestic way that He manages to stay out of the illusory game of beings and happenings, playing with them instead and keeping his privacy nevertheless. To be is then an illusion, at all levels, regardless what kind of wishes you are granted with to have fulfilled. For the living we know the play of Desire is then the only way to be happy, and who wants to be sad? To blame the living then of having desires is an aberration at all levels, from God down. Love is the most elevated desire of all, and the living has IT at all levels. I am, you are, we are together, this is love, the Being, the Living! But what stays beyond the living remains always the same as One in everyone! This is the Real Sustainer -- Infinitely free to not be and still be through all illusory others! This is an Axiomatic Truth! 


The difference between Bliss and desire resides in the fact that the first is eternal, whereas the later is transient (by the resistance the Abyss puts up in front of Bliss). This was happening when the entropic T/S came in fruition as a tendency to retreat back in Origin. This is the reason why a desire has to multiply in order to keep happiness afloat. Any living being has then myriad of desires in order to keep the happiness coming and the living going. You fulfill a desire, you are happy for an instant, you start working again for another desire to be fulfilled, and so is the long string of desires building up as memories of our life(ves) -- making the A/R present in our heart grow accordingly. That's how our True Nature got wrapped in the physical body of man, a food based entity playing the game of duality and living in S/O separation, possessiveness, transience (T/S), and suffering. Dying is then a blessing for man, as the only remedy to escape his living misery! Blessed are the ones who die young and never return!

From this perspective Yoga is perfectly right saying the desire is what bonds us to the Karmic Wheel of living (Samsara), making us be and die eternally in cycles of T/S according with our aeonic desirous seeds (vasanas). Remembering them all is impossible because of the T/S effect making us all forgetful.  We have to work hard again in order to uproot them from our ancestral mind. What a tremendous task indeed! You can't be without them, but you can't stay with them either! Yoga practice used to be a good remedy, but not as of today, when Yoga has become a cheap showbiz scam for money in return like all religions are!

What can you do? You can just keep on living, build desires, have good memories and die happy, as the vast majority of people do. Or you can practice TY, get out of T/S, and be no more............just blissfully free. As I was saying in the book, the choice is always yours. To be a slave or free are the two choices man has from aeonic times. Please try to remember this! 


This conflict between what a desire brings in (transient happiness), and what the same desire takes out (your freedom) is causing all the misery and the suffering (oscillation) of everyday living. The Old Esoteric Traditions are the only means to deal with this dilemma, if you are lucky enough to have them unaltered by nowadays materialistic paranoia. They have been practiced from millennia, but the results are totally unknown to the ones still facing the dilemma. That's because this is asking for guts and total trust in metaphysics, and the real accomplishment dwells beyond the visible physics!

In such conditions the doubt is high: how can I trust something which can't show me the results right away? Here is where the belief comes in -- if IT does! No Guru can help you with this. But IT can! Just cry for help and IT will come! But your trust in IT must be Infinite!

The irony is that in order to solve this dilemma you still need a powerful desire to do so. A desire so strong that we know as Belief. Any belief is then an obsessive desire to accomplish a task. The help comes in picking the right desire to make the belief worth IT. You can practice Yoga for years without any real accomplishment if the desire behind the practice is not the right one. That is why you see so many gurus, and just one or two achievers, if any.

If you practice Yoga to show off, to get powers or get rich, for instance, your accomplishment will be more likely nil. But if you practice IT for the real freedom, your accomplishment will be noticeable, and the help will come in abundance. The right desire -- turning into a right belief -- is then the one to cry for help! And as always...........IT is better to be the judge of this! Only "let IT and IT will come" will work as Surrender! Please try to grasp the meaning of the two prior sentences! 


What Yoga practice brings in is the silencing effect of Samadhi, the silencing of all thoughtful imprints desires are leaving behind (vasanas), which are most of the time undetectable, therefore hard to be remove. The dense/physical T/S living is always buzzing like a beehive full of bees without rest. Physical living is full of noise and movement. No wonder science calls life a thermo-dynamic-scandal having the heat as its master!

The Bliss the Samadhi brings in is silent, and still filled to the rim with the sound of creation (OM). For the living at large this surely "sounds" like a graveyard. The difference is so great that a barrier of discontinuation has been put in place to separate them. IT has to be quiet in order to listen to the living! Through TY practice you transcend beyond the above barrier into the "Temple of Silence and Bliss", where no layman is allowed. You can see now why no scientist can analyze Yoga's accomplishments unless he be-comes a real yogi himself. And when this happens, the scientist label has to "die" at the entrance. You can see also why nobody coming back into the living can explain what IT was in the "Temple of Silence and Bliss".......just Silence and Bliss! All the ones who did broke their Vow are exiting the Temple......back to shit happens!

The disbelief in Yoga's accomplishments, as well as the lack of expressing them into the living, is of divine nature, purposely put into the living for the sake of the living. The barrier is not actually a real separation but rather an ignorance of the living in rapport with the divine. When the living remembers, the barrier vanishes! 

A question still remains! Why are we so ignorant (forgetful) about what sustains us from beyond in the first place? Because of the "fall", you may answer. That sinful act that makes us all a bunch of forgetful idiots. But can you really accept this answer? It is good of course for some clericals making their easy living with this, but what about you? For me the real answer is the one I've inserted in the TY book: all the gods are just manmade constructs for the benefit of some few and nothing else. They may have different meanings for different people, but they have nothing divine in them. In short, if you are looking for divine in the being, you will never find IT. The Real Freedom resides in something that circumscribes All That IT Is, therefore IT is not yours, mine, or theirs, IT's everybody('s) as an Omnipresence here-everywhere at once. When you separate from IT, you stop remembering IT. IT is nameless and motionless, we are individualized (through our bio-script) and moving in T/S. No wonder when Buddha was asked to describe Nirvana his answer was always the same: "Doesn't apply"!


Through TY you be-come selfless and motionless like IT..............turning IT! You do this through your powerful sympathy to be like IT............if you get IT! So in order to turn free you must remember the divine in you. There is no other way! This is an Axiomatic Truth!

What Yoga practicing accomplishes then is a gradual remembering. As I said in the book, you unfold a little, and you be-come a little. The Samadhi state is like a limbo state through which you feel the divine coming into your body to make you remember. This action has to take place in stages in order to avoid the trauma of a deadly expansion. In fact you set the pace of how far you can go each time. And each time you get closer and closer until the final liberation comes as a blissful rapt. This is what TY and any real Yoga is for. You work with yourself, for yourself, until you are man no more. This is the best practice there is. IT works in you and for you without leaving any manmade disasters behind!

All new experiences you go through in Samadhi are slowly transforming you according with the stage you are at. The only remaining desire is to continue with the practice in order to accomplish the final transcend. The human cocoon starts fading out gradually, and you be-come a "dead alive". Dead as a human, and alive as a divine being -- a "jivanmukta", as Yoga says. And as you know from TY book, the stages you go through are ranging from a cosmic being, all the way to the final stage of turning IT.

Each stage brings in a certain transformation, a new you. And because all living is a mindscape, any transformation is of mental kind. You stay still in your "asana", but the entire universe is listening to you. This is the power you are invested with, and you don't even care about. All your being is flowing in one single direction: Divinity. Nothing else matters! When you get closer to the final transformation you withdraw from the living entirely, going in total seclusion. From here you go into MahaSamadhi, exiting the living you know without ever returning back except at will. For an outsider you just died, but only you know the real truth.  

As you can see, Tachy Yoga doesn't have anything of a glamour, being just a plain everyday work to accomplish a task you believe in from the depths of your heart. It is a saying that miracles are all around us, we just don't know how to look for them. Something similar is with Tachy Yoga practice. IT looks so simple and ordinary that is hard to see how IT works. That is why the desire of practicing Tachy Yoga, as I said before, is of divine nature. IT comes to you as a gift from beyond for reasons which are hard to comprehend. IT came to me in a same manner, but now I know why. IT was just a little heartfelt prayer! The help is there, just waiting for a prayer!







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