Samadhi Whispers



One Mind......... One Truth, One Universe, One Living!


From a very long time now man has used the incantation as a tool of choice for shaman healing, magic practice, tribal exaltation, religious prayers, etc. You find this primitive practice since the early stages of mankind, all the way to the present day. If you look carefully into the very core of those incantations you will see nothing else but a very crude method to influence the mind into accomplishing a certain "magic" goal by focusing on it.

Any incantation has some chanting words which are repeated continuously for a certain amount of time, a short period of meditative silence, and a final trance in which the goal suppose to be accomplished -- and usually the goal was, and still is, accomplished. You can easily discover here the 3 stages of Patanjali's Samyama (Concentration, Meditation, and Samadhi) as a practice of using your mind in order to influence your life and living.


The power of the mind has been noticed by man long before Yoga came along with its advanced mind harnessing practices. The Bible has the Babel Tower story, which says God scrambled man's single language at the time into many languages in order to puzzle man's mind and make all mankind weak. Why would God do such a thing? Only the jews have the answer to this, because the bible is their fabrication about a guy that never actually existed!

Even in the land of Science, the mind plays a major role in accomplishing tasks otherwise impossible to be accomplished. But the scientists are considering the mind as a tool at the disposal of the physical body, a very different approach from Yoga's. What they don't know is that by their mind concentration on their scientific work they are actually turning themselves into yogis. No wonder many high end scientists are starting to study and practice Yoga lately, and some few among those turned actually yogis for good. Unfortunately, those scientists are put out of commission by those having money and corruption as their dearest god.

Those two totally opposite approaches are making the work of anyone trying to go along with Yoga very difficult indeed, because after so many years of going in one direction of thinking you must change gears into a total opposite direction. That is why is so hard to believe in Yoga, particularly when you reach a certain age when your thinking is well established and your mind has stopped to be so flexible, going by routines and sensorial habits. People living in daily routine are not made for Yoga!

Only some few can make this adjustment, and they are usually the ones who are going to the end with Yoga practicing. If you are among the few just do IT; if you are not, just don't! This is my honest advise after so many years with Yoga. A struggle is good as long as IT brings some good results. A long struggle can't lead to good results because is missing the happiness. So for the few of you out there I am writing those lines along. 


When you make the switch from a scientist to a Yoga practitioner you will notice little by little a new you. IT is coming out slowly, but is getting more strength every day. People outside of you will notice this also. You will hear them telling you that you've changed. This is a very good sign of your progress. You will feel more confident by day, and a feeling of pride will start flourishing inside you. Put it aside because it will grow on you if you don't, thinking of you as special. Many Indian gurus all across the world are suffering of this self-infatuation, selling cheap yoga dogma for material rewards in return. Don't you ever fall for such cheap godlike displays! Remember: whoever is asking you money to show you god or playing god with you is a crook, regardless of what he says and what human label he is wearing: guru, pope, etc!


The more in depth you go with your practice, the more in control of the mind you will be. This is the thumb rule when you start mingling at those levels. A little fear is understandable, but don't turn paranoid. In short, you must have a perfect balance between what you have accomplished and what lays ahead. You must be a high class artist because duality is hard to harmonize.

The progress is going in two directions, down toward the Abyss, and up toward the Bliss. One makes you cry, the other whips your tears away, giving you comfort. This is due to the tension of duality! You should always stay in the middle, totally detached from the good and evil duality! When the Siddhis (miraculous powers) are coming along, you must treat them as enemies of your farther progress. If use them, do IT only for a noble purpose or for a desperate need. Never abuse them because they will turn against you with vengeance.

You have to remember also, when you have a power, you have also the obstacle in front of it, and this creates struggle if not harmonized. You better keep this in mind all the time! A Tachy Yogi must have the tachy-vision of the power and the obstacle coming from the same...........for the good of all living to be! That's why he harmonizes them both with the serene view of the Union!

The struggle will be still present then, but IT will be a different kind of struggle, a very light one! The more you advance into the higher realms of the mind, the less struggle you will have. Be aware though of the falling backs and stuck ups! As I previously said, the inside pride makes you feel like a God, and this will cause the fall. The taller you get, the harder the fall will be. You must be a real artist indeed! Always remember: the idea of god is just that, an idea, a state of mind! This should make you realize we are all gods coming from the same One as Many. This will cure you of the religious god idea, a very convenient fabrication so much used by those in power of mankind. This faulty idea is responsible for all the wars and the mess we have in the world today. You must get out of religio-scientific trance!

Another danger is when you enjoy a certain acquired status so much that you get stuck into it for the sake of your own enjoyment. All low end yogis fall into this trap. As you can see, IT is a lot harder than the social life you just left behind. But as you will see also, is not hard "per se" but rather an enjoyable adventure of a more blissful nature than that of manhood. That's because you are not dying in the world of the new discovered mind. This is the major difference, which explains why the real yogis are so "dead" for the outside world, and so much alive for the one they have just dis-covered. To believe what I am saying here you must be there first...........enjoying the view!  



The Egyptians and the Tibetans have "the Book of the Dead" to guide the dead into the world beyond the living encased in density. The Tibetans have even a word for this after life land: Bardo. The way they describe this Bardo land is quite scary, with all kind of gods ready to play nasty with your poor soul. You have no power and they have plenty. That's why the Tibetan priests are making all kind of incantations at the bed of the one close to dying in order to dispel the evil he suppose to encounter and to guide him in his new journey. You can see again the old form of incantation used here as a primitive form of mind alteration through the ripple effect applied on the Cosmic Mind.

Is this efficient, you may ask? In order to answer this question you have to remind yourself (do you see the loop?) what TY says about the human mind as being immersed into the Cosmic Mind (Citta as part of Chit). The Cosmic Mind is like an infinite ocean who feels any ripple on ITs surface. Having this perspective as a view, sure, any incantation is efficient. The drawback of this vision is that makes a hierarchy where is none, segregating the one and only mind in infinite many. This is detrimental for your farther evolution, keeping you hostage in the dense realm of illusion!

The Tibetan priests, similar to other clerics, are making a hierarchy of minds, powers, and gods out of their own beliefs. Even one of the most cultivated yogi, Sri Aurobindo, is creating a hierarchy of minds by separating the mind in conscious, unconscious, subconscious, superconscious, etc. At least he is making them all accessible to man by yoga practice. But still, such visions are all faulty! The only valid vision is that of Padma Sambhava: everything you encounter in the living -- any living -- comes out from your own mind stirred by the desire to be and live in separation!


When your mind is ripples free, it turns into a mirror of emptiness, therefore IT will be no mind of any kind. When this happens the duality disappears, and the ONE and only reigns as IT, the mind of All that IT is -- here-everywhere at once and nowhere to be found! This is the way you should always look at the mindscape world of Maya: nothing but a nice illusion in motion with good and bad together playing the living -- the T/S play of Duality and S/O separation. This is what TY is telling you to remember...........Dead or Alive: there is only One Mind in the universe, all "others" are just reflections of the same One. This is why everything in existence is in fact an offspring of the same entity eager to be, therefore the salvation is for everyone under the Being spell. You think, you are, therefore you are entitle to have the power to be redeemed. This is the approach TY is having about the Mind and the Mindscape Living. IT is very important to keep this as a banner in front of your eyes, and when another mind proclaiming to be more powerful than yours shows up, you just look at the banner and dispel the "evil" mind with your serene state of Samadhi. When the mind is still, the duality (T/S living) has no meaning, and the Union (Yoga) prevails! 



When you start practicing TY you start with the 1st stage of Samyama, which is Dharana (Concentration), which is a mental fixation on the object the mind is focusing upon. You channel the mind in one single direction, eliminating the scattering produced by multi-directional thinking based on S/O separation (objectivity). This is asking for some effort, and the old mantric incantation technique might help in the beginning. Using mental mantras is a good approach then at this stage! Not the idiotic incantation of those phony gurus, but an inside repetition of a word for example. You repeat the word inside your mind (like talking to yourself from the inside) until the word stops in front of your Ajna chakra like a banner. You can actually see the word stopped between your eyes, in spite of the fact that your eyes are closed. When this happens you are through with Dharana.

The 2d stage of Samyama is called Dhyana (Meditation). Here the object you are focusing upon starts to open up to your mind so that you are able to actually know everything about that particular object. Dhyana comes without any effort from your part, being just a reward of your prior effort. You can actually go as far as identifying with the object you focus upon.

The 3d stage of Samyama is Samadhi (Ecstasy/Out of body). Here you go from the identification with the object you focus upon to the realization of the Union behind any object in existence. Here you identify yourself with the Supreme Self witnessing the entire Existence. Samadhi has many "doors" to open, so I let you open the ones you are entitle to. Here you are at the core of Creation, and the Light can be bright or dim accordingly. According with what exactly, you may ask? According with your heart's purity! When the seed of being is no more, ITs Wholesome Luminosity instates, your real home! 



So what is the real mastering of the individual mind?
In order to answer this question you must first be in the position of a Cosmic Being. As TY is saying, this is happening when you have accomplished the first stage of RetroGenesis, which is harmonizing duality. Then, and only then, you realize the existence of the Cosmic Consciousness, expanding your ego-centric mind to the Mind of All that IT is. You will be able then to penetrate the real meaning of Being (of Living) as a blissful feeling of expansive nature.
This feeling is Omniscient!

Your human happiness turns into Bliss and you turn one with everyone. All the truth regarding the Being universe starts flowing into you like you are a God of all Existence. Everything comes to you to be considered! Be aware of the danger of self-infatuation at this level! You better stay witnessing without considering anything as yours, otherwise you get possessed by the objects of your own desires like you were as man in the realm of shit happens. Here you are not a person, and you are not God either, you are wholesomely one with everyone. The possessive self has no place here, being totally gone!

In order for this to happen you must accomplish the second stage of RetroGenesis, which is unifying the S/O separation. Only then your possessive self will vanish forever. You won't be a Self anymore, just.............All that IT is Seeing. Short of doing this is ground for a fall back into the human cocoon based on S/O separation (objectivity)!

Finally, when you are holding steady the above status, you are ready for the next stage of RetroGenesis, that of ITSelf, which is the last halt before being no more. You finally discover the secret of Being, and when you accomplish this, the "I"(ness) vanishes and you reach the Void Portal. This is the end of treachery and the beginning of Infinite Continuity. Trinogen dwells beyond the Void Portal as an Infinite Plenitude of Infinite Luminosity! Here you will realize the Infinite is in fact a state of mind as well. There is no private self, no power or obstacle, no duality, just a Wholesome Singularity in Union with ITSelf..........the Pointed Origin of Being! No name to describe IT! 



The main difficulty in TY or any Yoga practice is to sustain a "status quo" long enough in order to avoid the fall back. And the fall back is always in the old human cocoon! It is actually a self inflicted fall due to your weakness in relation with the task. This is why you see so many yogis nowadays still around in the human cocoon. All those "gurus" and such who are mushrooming all around the world are such ones. They are all working hard in their sadhana, but they are too weak for the task. This is because the human mind is very unstable, playing tricks on you in the most unexpected way and time. A little old memory, an erratic thought, an erratic feeling is enough to make you fall back. And at the core of any of these is nothing else but the old human desirous memory. Man's cling to memory (mind's selfish content) is amazingly strong! You better remember this if you want to stay afloat!

So in order to master your mind you better master first your desires because, as TY found out, the mind goes in circles of heartfelt desires in order to accomplish happiness. To be able to do this you must get out of the social circle of humanity. The desert, the forest, the mountains, are the places of preference. But the real masters don't need any of those. Be sure! they exists, all unknown (as they should be), staying outside of the human living but inside of living still, just to invisibly help some dare few. They are all the Bodhisattvas of Compassion, invisibly roaming in the Being to help all yogis to be like them. That's why as a human you will never ever see or meet such a one. Just a real yogi knows of them! As I said in TY..........the help is there in abundance, a yogi has to just ask for IT, and, more live by IT! 


In the old times the meanings of Yoga teachings were revealed in secluded places like monasteries, ashrams, etc., by Yoga teachers (gurus). Without them the esoteric meaning would have been impossible to comprehend. IT was a well kept secret! The things have changed since. We have gurus today in any inconceivable places on Earth, each one having his own personal "mindscape" how to practice Yoga. But one thing IT is still present today as IT was back then: the esoteric/encrypted meaning. This is not similar with nowadays encryption, which is done in purpose in order to hide some sensitive materials from public eyes. It is actually the opposite, they are encrypted by the ignorance of the readers in relation with their own accomplishments. In short, the readers are not at the level to dispel the cover (dis-cover) and comprehend them.

You probably remember what I said in TY book about the several meanings all Old Tradition texts, as well as TY book, have. Do you remember knowing and be-coming as One (the Knowinger)? Only when you be-come one with what you know the encryption for that particular accomplishment unlocks. A Knowinger knows by identification. You unfold and you be-come as one single event! Short of this you know just in need, not indeed! This is because in Yoga you are working with yourself, therefore..........any accomplishment is in fact your own be-coming (transformation). Don't you forget this!

The meanings exposed in all above pages are encrypted then only for those who did not accomplish the knowing-becoming allowing them to be on that particular level/stage. The encryption will automatically unlock when they are there. And as always in this case, the key of encryption is in your heartfelt mind, you should just expand your mind to the level where the key is. IT is funny how similar to a computer game this is. Have fun then trying to accomplish as much as you can! Wishing you luck to unlock would be fair enough!


The thing is, the individual mind is meant to serve well just one and only type of individual is associated with by nature. Our mind is "human", therefore is meant to serve humans like us. Trying to go above the human condition using the human mind won't do. You must use a new mind, one that is not of human nature. That is why there is no continuation between the human mind and the "Knowinger" mind, as I've mentioned in the TY book. The first "knows" by processing/objectivity (a S/O relationship), the second "identifies" with All that IT is through the Cosmic Mind. They are totally incompatible! The Mind is still just One, but most of us are ignorant of this aeonic truth.  That's why for a TYogi knowing, any knowing, has no value whatsoever!

So the only mastering of the human mind is to turn it silent (off), and that's CittaVrittiNirodhah! You do this by practicing Samyama. Only in the last stage of Samyama, which is Samadhi, you can reach the level where you be-come a Knowinger (one who identifies with all minds). A Knowinger doesn't have a human mind but a universal one. It is still a mirror, but a multi-dimensional that sees the Union inside the multitude present inside him and all around him. In such a one the scattered trinity to be vanishes, achieving the Union of TriNOgen. As the name spells IT (NO trinity and NO Genesis), such a one sees the blissful Flow of Being endlessly flowing -- the Majestic flow of Bliss through Abyss, the engine of All that IT is, all Being, all Existence! 

When you get back into the human cocoon, the S/O relationship is back in place again, so don't expect to describe or to understand the experience you went through in Samadhi. That's why such experience can never be explained to a scientist, and no scientific experiment will bring any light in this matter ever. Those are human's short comings, not Yoga's!

We all have the choice of getting beyond our human condition by practicing the works of what people before us did with their being. IT is good to know this because............." any man can do what other men already did! " After all, IT is your being, do what is best for IT!



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