Samadhi Whispers



This is a follow up to TY book coming in fruition after I’ve finished the book. Many new developments occurred since that time. Samadhi brings all this as IT unfolds here-everywhere in the T/S living. Some of these are inserted here, and some others are inserted throughout my Website. I strongly recommend to read the TY book first in order to make sense out of what follows.






Mindful Life

One Mind
From Bliss to Desire
You better Believe IT!
The Final Theory





.........." but "I am" is just an illusion to be! "







I've chosen the title of this TY Series advanced book according with TY's understanding that the only power IT is has to be, therefore "Mind" IT is, the one and only, the Mind of the Universe. This book is an addendum to TY book meant for the very few who have the courage to use their mind power to get out of the T/S living and its ingrained suffering. Their divine desire and their committed will of doing it is coming as a gift from beyond and should be always treasured.

The chapters of this book are very concise, and may look encrypted at times, but if you practice TY long enough they will open in your mind when reaching the state of Samadhi. After all, you are a Tachy Yogi by now. Keep always fresh in your mind that your T/S living (your being) is a state of mind, a mindscape movement coming out from the Eternal Script/Mind of All that IT is. Use your mind then to harmonize the living, for the living to harmonize your own as well. This is the art of living the T/S living!

When you harmonize your T/S living you be-come the master of your life, and in doing so you start little by little to bring harmony into the Universal T/S living. When this harmony is complete you turn into an Avatar, the master of all T/S living. Reaching this being status you can be and not be at will. You are the Supreme Witness watching blissfully All the living there is. You turn one with the Spirit of IT..........ITSelf/Trinogen! Coming into the living to bring harmony when is needed, and resuming back after the mission has been accomplished, is the being power of an Avatar -- the real freedom of an accomplished TYogi!    


Mindful Life


All that IT is mindfully is......a Mindscape!


"The Mind is a terrible thing to waste!", some people like to say in commercials, asking you for financial help to educate the unfortunate children. But what is the Mind and how can you analyze IT within ITSelf is a question nobody ever thought seriously about except Yoga and the ones practicing IT. The answer to this question is amazingly difficult and simple in the same time.

For Science the Mind is just a mirror of an outside reality able to store and retrieve data like a video camera or a computer does. A very simplistic and widely accepted answer.

For Tachy Yoga the Mind is the only reality, the only life and existence. A very simple answer also, but a very difficult one to prove and to be accepted by nowadays media infatuated with matter and money.

As you can see, everything depends on the perspective each individual being is looking upon his own mind. This is the Paradox of Being, an Eternal Mirroring Event. We all are, this is a sure fact, and by being we are "mindfully" so. Without the Mind the Being can't be, and vice versa, because there will be no one to assess it! The Mind and Being are ONE then -- the "I AM" -- and for this very reason for TY the entire existence is nothing else but a process of multiple minds in motion of T/S. The Being Power is, we all are, and so is everything else.............a Mindscape. This mindscape is of dualistic nature as mnemonic engraves the traveling Bliss leaves in Abyss -- the so called Alaya/Eternal Consciousness (AC)..........the On/Off switch of all Existence!

  To master the individual mind is to make it one with the Universal Mind of Being. You do this by practicing TY or any Yoga outside the social living. People entangled in daily routines of busy living are not fit for such a task. This book is meant for just some few ready to go where the T/S living can't be, just the Flow of Divinity. A TYogi knows of all existence as a Living Organism eternally flowing, and of man as a tiny wave of this flow! 



When you start wondering about things and the outside world in general you do this by using a wide range of built in sensors Mother Nature gave you at birth like the eyes, the nose, the ears, etc...........the sensorial apparatus. And so does any other being on Earth! Now, the common belief given to us by nowadays science sold to money and corruption is that all those human sensors are transmitting specific signals to our brain which translates them into something called mind. The mind is then -- according with the crooked science -- a kind of end result of some chemical reactions in the brain. Later on the brain decides upon a body action or another, giving the necessary bioelectric impulses (also chemically explained) to different parts of it. And because we have computers today, science is extrapolating the way computers work to how the human body works. In short, science makes our memory (the storage capacity of our brain) one and the same with the mind -- a preposterous vision sending us all in oblivion.

In all instances science is talking about chemical reactions similar to the ones they are performing in their demiurgic laboratories. What those scientists don't know is the fact they bring those silly ideas in fruition with their mind. They are totally unaware of the fact their real mind (which is their genome) is actually bringing all those visions in existence as private bookmarks (memory) in their brain via their desirous sensoriality full of A/R.

So for science the mind is a hormonal play, a chemical process and nothing else! What all those chemical substances really are nobody knows because as humans we are only able to combine, describe, label, and see their effects. Their real nature remains totally unknown. If you stick with the above belief this book is not for you! You are a low end scientist or a brain-hacked layman, one who believes in solid matter without realizing for a moment the simple fact that matter is actually a deceiving product of their senses (sensoriality) -- myriad of them, not just the five science thinks we have!


For TY the mind is something totally different. TY sees the mind as the only power behind the entire Universe. The mind is then what the living and all existence is all about: a BEING, a living entity! A man, a monkey, a fish, a tree, a virus, the sky, a rock, our planet, our galaxy, etc., are all beings in existence, all having the same mind at their core. For TY the entire universe is then a mindful entity, a Living Organism in ITSelf! Our mind is part of this Universal Mind/Cosmic Script full of living beings and happenings in continuous inter-exchange! This is an Axiomatic Truth!


Regardless of the mystical, spiritual, or pragmatic (materialistic) approach toward the living process, the mind (any mind) is just a being, a complex self-mirrored living show put up by a Being Power present in the entire Universe. Our mind is sustained by the Cosmic Mind as an individual mind inside an Omnipresent Mind. This Omnipresent and Mindful Interstice is the Matrix of all living, all existence we know and All that IT is to be still dis-covered! In man's case the location of his mind is in the heart. This is revealed only when the eclipse of heart caused by brainy labeling dissipates and Hridaya is dis-covered. For TY the entire Universe is then a Heartfelt Mindscape!

Being is then the only valid reality for us, a witnessing and unknown mirroring core vis a vis to an infinite number of reflections intermingling with each other in a heartfelt manner. The Mirror is the Consciousness (the True Mind), the reflection is the senso-mind (the illusion). The Consciousness never changes, being always in Union with All that IT is and assessing all senso-mind reflections as they move in eternal cycles of T/S. The senso-mind is always on the move, permanently changing as mnemonic living (memory). That's how man has dis-covered (dispel the cover) Life as a process in eternal motion of T/S.........a mindful creation!

Inheriting the dualistic nature of Being, man has then two kind of minds, as you can see: one present at the very core of his being (heart) as a data base making him able to make sense (amazing how this word helps me here) out of his own existence; the other as a scattered compilation in his brain as senso-mind or memory. This dualistic tandem of being is present across all existence, all living. TY calls this process "the play of Bliss and Abyss", a process the religious freaks are depicting as the play of good and evil. And for TY, the nature of this amazing living show is totally unknown.

The Being Power and the Infinite Obstacle opposing IT are of the same unknown nature. Our True Mind is then of unknown nature and cannot be self-analyzed, just transcendentally dis-covered! In order to master the mind you need then skills beyond the ones man has at his disposal, skills which are beyond human nature. Yoga has dis-covered those skills from millennia. They have been described in the prior book entitled "Tachy Yoga" (TY). Please be aware of the fact that any dis-covery is actually "dispelling the cover" of infinite mindful living events of a Universe which has been already declared ahead of T/S. Our universe is a déjà vu faking as new! Our universe has been designed ahead of T/ T/S! The religio-scientific vision of God and Big Bang is just a hoax! 



We all look for reality outside of our body, and we all believe to be as such. This is the way we have been thought in schools and society at large. But as TY has discovered, the reality is what we build every moment of our life(ves) with our mind. For TY our "reality" is a Mindscape of our own creation based on our private sensorial package. Everybody has then his own reality according with his particular genome giving him a senso-mind or another! The outside reality is just an illusion of our limited human condition, being imposed upon us by our limited status of human beings -- what TY calls "man's sensorial tunnel". And so is everybody's!  But only your True Consciousness can make you see this.........when the obscuration present in your desirous heart dissipates. For this to happen you must live by heart not by brain, as all real yogis live by!

Our impure heart is the culprit for this obscuration, pushing us to play the materialistic game of the good and evil and obscuring us from discovering our True Nature. When this happens, the body becomes the king and our senso-mind the queen, making you live for your instincts and only. Without realizing this anomaly and correcting it you can never surpass your human condition and discover what is beyond it. You accomplish this only by changing your belief, which is something very personal! Nobody ever can give you this belief but your heart purified through Yoga's millennia old techniques leading to Samadhi. And as everything else in life.............IT needs effort, an assiduous practice.

Don't expect then this book, or any Yoga book, to turn you into a yogi or a Superbeing, it won't do. This book is just a guiding tool, the real master is your heartfelt mind. You have to start with your desiring heart and go slowly into the depth of the mind residing there. Everything starts that way, from Alpha to Omega. The Being started as a desire to be, which in origin was a Blissful event. We have IT here on Earth as Happiness, and no being can live without IT! To BE means then to be happy and nothing else! Happiness doesn't have any meaning other than BE! When the happiness is not there the living is not there, one cannot be without the other! Man has to assimilate this truth in good faith, particularly today with so many unhappy people around!


But understanding means living up to IT and not just phrase IT in your phony mind (memory) in a pretending manner like all heartbreakers do today, and only your pure heart has such capacity. This is the difference between an enlightener, an enlightened human being, one who is working on IT, the one who is talking about IT, and the one who doesn't even care about IT. They are all beings, but at different stages of heartfelt achievement, of existence. We call the first God, the second Buddha, the third a yogi, the fourth a philosopher, and the fifth a John Doe (everybody else). But the living doesn't care about social rules and silly wordy labels, being totally free of human constrictions and prejudice. Don't you ever try to apply the social behavior to the living because you will limit your life to a very pitiful and sorrowful condition. You should rather go by heart, knowing of no other living!

For the vast majority of people, for instance, a yogi is just a poor minded person wasting his life away. A man with a social rank and wealth, on the other hand, is considered a very well minded person, using his life to the fullest, when in fact is the other way around. The poverty of the mind translates into attachment to perishable physical things, and the wealth of mind is in its enlightenment and Eternal attachment to Bliss. Those are the two different approaches man has toward life and happiness! No need to tell which is the most predominant today, when the rich and poor anomaly prevails and the survival of the villain is paramount!

But even a man of wealth and social rank can turn around his life and become "poor" again for the sake of his salvation. And some sects and religious freaks are speculating this for their own benefit, as we all know from from some scandalous media news. Others are writing books about IT, just to make sense out of something who refuses to get into the open, and just some very, very few, accomplish IT!

The thing is, the mind is a very wild and temperamental entity, as the entire Universe is. Whoever is trying to harness his real mind/genome has to be prepared for fight and struggle. It is better to realize this from the very beginning in order to avoid farther embarrassment. Living is a state of mind, and as such, is as wild as your mind is! Period! Please try to memorize this as a mantra when the tough gets tougher!