~   IT is in permanent contact with everything "IT" is, because "IT IS!" An Infinite Interstice Here-Everywhere Aware!


~ When the Self detaches from IT the illusion sets in as ITSelf, the Primordial Duality, the "Void of All Plenitude" (V/P), Being/notBeing, Bliss/Abyss, Time/Space. This Primordial Duality is in fact a Trinity when reunited in Trinogen.


~ The physical expression of Being is an Eternity of life (an Aeon), a living bubble of beings having the Primordial Trinity or Trinogen at the core.


~ When Mahapralaya (the Big Resorption) comes, the Eternal Living Bubble returns back into IT to regain ITs rest. And so is everything else up to IT.


~ TY is reuniting the Subject/Object (S/O) separation into a single creative action of Knowing and Be-Coming called "Knowinger", the only way to access what the Greeks call the "Hieros Logos" (Divine Wisdom). Identifying with the Truth you be-come the Truth.............the only way of knowing indeed!                                                                                                                Trinogen


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