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There is no Science, Religion, Art or any other human activity to surpass Yoga as a way of living, dying, and transcending. TY is the same Old Yoga with a new face -- the last face of IT! The "aeonic age" of man is at the end of his fifth generation, opening up the window for the next generation to come. The Western Mysticism is dying slowly, giving up its long lasting imbedded materialism to the millennia old leitmotif of Eastern Tradition known as the New Age -- an empty talk waiting to be filled from within.

Only the heart has the means to fulfill it!


The new and most intriguing discoveries of science are showing more and more their roots are in Yoga's concepts. All mankind's main religions are integrating more and more into Yoga's concepts as well. The steps in this direction are hard to be noticed for now, but IT will take a very dramatic acceleration in the years to come -- the Union will prevail. The sudden Eastern Europe communist countries events are just the beginning of this acceleration. The Internet is the second, and are more to come shortly. China is the last!



My Credo


~ I believe in the UNKNOWN as a TRUTH to be forever discovered for the sake of the Quest and Adventure;


~   I believe in the ETERNAL ATTACHMENT to LOVE/BLISS, the only DIVINE POWER OF BEING next to the UNKNOWN;


~ I believe in the EVERLASTING CONTACT and OMNIPRESENT SIMILARITY of all EXISTENCE as BEING HAPPY, the one and only possible meaning of LIFE;


~    I believe in LIFE and all EXISTENCE as a Dualistic T/S pulsatory process of the UNIVERSAL LIGHT;


~    I believe in YOU, ME, and EVERYTHING ELSE as the most important living (be-coming) souls in Existence as a Union of ITSelfBliss (Trinogen);


~  I believe in the GRACE and MERCY of the SPIRIT of FORGIVENESS Transgressing all Karmic Laws and all Temptations;


~    I believe in Yoga and all Esoteric Traditions as the only LOGOS and Art of Life to guide us beyond the boundaries of Cybela Maya.



Our Life is one among an infinite chain of lives in a process called Existence.

Our World is one among an infinite chain of worlds as a uni-version to be.

All possible worlds meet into a SPIRITUAL POINT which sustains them both from beyond!

The Spiritual Point is in Continue Contact with all existence and all beings inside it, being also Similar in both -- Samsara and Nirvana are both part of the same living game.

The Subject/Object separation is then a misrepresentation of the living due to the mindful treachery of T/S.

The CONTIGUOUS - SIMILAR - EVERLASTING POINT in all living is the Trinitarian Law of all Existence!

The Contact with the Point is Universal, Everlasting, and because of this the entire Existence is Similar and Eternal -- a mindful illusory motion of an Attributeless Center. All Life is then a Dualistic event going in eternal circles of T/S.



My Religion


The continuous discovering of Myself as a living process among others until the Source of the Creative Power will meet me at the Enlightening Point of IT. A never ending journey of the expansive traveling of Bliss through Abyss. This is the life I live and my religion, and so is everybody's! Our life is our religion, and the way we live our life is the way we practice IT. Whatever we do in life is our Ritual, and the way we feel and react to our living is our daily prayers.


Everybody is then a religious man, with or without accepting IT! And until the god in ourselves awakes to become no more (through TY's path of RetroGenesis), we will all struggle in Existence (Samsara). The best religious leader is obviously yourself, and the best ritual is your everyday living experience. As a word of wisdom says: "why should you put someone else's head above yours?". The meaning being: the ultimate experience has to be yours, as the only valid criteria to live your life to the fullest and transcend into a better other.



My God


As my Ever-Becoming-Life is my Religion, so is my dearest Becoming-God. My Life and my God are One! As I am so is my God! The Brahman and Atman are One in many! I might be taken a human body for a while, but I am from the same. The Being Power in you and anything else is universal, nothing and nobody can give IT to you or taken away from you, not even your mother.


Don't delude yourself thinking that your god is different or better than mine or his because you have a better house, a wealthier position or a bigger brain. When you make a god out of a social convenience you will end up being exactly that god, a god of static and mortal condition, a god of your weaknesses aiming for stability in a world of continuous change and suffering.


Attached on strings of desires we are creating our own gods, making "holy" wars just to impose our desires over others. I call my god with many names, and they are all me in becoming until my total transcend into God's Ark of Samadhi as Trinogen turning IT.



Be free!








A/R - Attractions/Repulsions
B/NB - Being/NotBeing
B/T/S/M - Being/Time/Space/Matter

CC - Creative Consciousness
K/S - Kundalini Shakti
L/D - Light/Darkness, Life/Death
M/D - Multi Dimensional

P/D - Primordial Duality
P/F - Past/Future
S/O - Subject/Object
t/g - taken/given
T/S - Time/Space
T/S/M - Time/Space/Mind
TY - Tachy Yoga
VP - Void Portal

V/P - Void of all Plenitude





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"Cosmos/Chaos" in Chapter: REALITY, Cosmos/Chaos - living choices
"Alien Realities" in Chapter: FORM, Nothing fills everything
"Self's Bond" in Chapter: PATH, TY's Be-coming stages
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"TY's Seven Stages" in Chapter: PATH, TY's Be-coming stages
"Clepsydras"  in Chapter: BLISS, ETERNALLY HAPPY
"Trinogen" on Cover and Conclusion  








Buddha and the mad elephant story



The Buddhism has this story in its ancestral archives to tell:


   One day, when Buddha was in meditation under a tree, one of his relatives, who was envy on his fame and who had some powers on his own, put a spell on an elephant who have got mad and was coming in full strength toward Buddha's meditation place.


   Everybody witnessing the scene was convinced Buddha will be killed by the furry of the mad elephant, and were curious in the same time how Buddha will react. To their surprise Buddha was staying calm in his meditation without any sign that he knows what is going on.


   When the elephant got near by Buddha, and everybody was expecting to smash him in pieces, to their surprise the elephant calm down suddenly and sit down near by Buddha like a pet. Buddha did not stop a second from his meditation!


   From that day on that elephant was one the kindest animal in the jungle.


   As I was saying in the book: when you stay near by a Buddha you harmonize yourself to the fullest, you become a Buddha. Any imbalance vanishes!



Emerald Tablet
Hermes Trismegistus



   This is the Established Truth, without veil, certain and authentic.


   Whatever is bellow is the same with whatever is above, and whatever is above is the same with whatever is bellow, for the fulfillment of the same purpose.


   And in the same way everything sprang from the same One Mind, everything else sprang from IT as a similitude of IT.


   His father is the Sun, his mother is the Moon, the Wind carry it across the waters, and the Earth is his nanny. Here dwells the Father of the entire Universal Will. His Power is without limits on Earth!


   He separates the Earth from the Fire, the ethereal from the elemental, slowly, with great  wisdom.


   He climbs from Earth to the Heavens, and comes back to Earth, gathering the strength of everything from the upper to the lower.


   He who knows how to do this has the entire Glory, and any obscuration will go away from him.


   His Power is without limits penetrating everything -  elevated or solid - because through this Power everything was created.


   This is the Source of everything IT is! That is why I am Hermes Trismegistus (Three Times Great), the holder of the three fold law of Existence.


   Everything I said about the Power of the Sun is now complete.







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