Samadhi Whispers



Measuring Compassion



I was looking down at all those people on the beach from my place up on the hill, and I sensed the love I have for them all, for that Adamic Element which stays with us all the time as the Universe of man. Then something from inside came to me saying: "let's measure the love and compassion those people have for one another!". I took my beach gear, and down the road I was ten minutes later heading for the beach.

The beach was very crowded in that morning of late July, and the sun was shining in all his splendor. I've set the sun umbrella in the sand, and sitting I was in my yoga posture on the beach. I put a small hat on the side of me, and covering my head with a paper bag (having just one single opening by the nose), there I was for a long staying. On the top of the bag I've wrote "a yogi", and on the front and back I wrote "donate"...........and a long staying IT was indeed. I've got in Samadhi in a short while, losing the awareness of all the living events around except for that Self present everywhere.


Then, much later, a hand was touching my shoulder reminding me of the world at large. Not moving at all, some voices came to my attention saying something in Portuguese. I was still not moving, when another hand removed the paper bag from my head saying something loud at me.

I've opened the eyes all of a sudden to see two policemen saying something to me again. Not answering did upset them, and taking me by the arm pit they put me in their police car. I didn't move from my posture even then, staying motionless in the police car.

They took me at the station hoping to get something out of me. To avoid farther complications I just said..........."I am american"! Learning of this they asked for a translator, and some few minutes later some one recommending himself as Otavio Calveiros came to me saying: "What's your name Sir"?

"My name is Trinogen"............I've answered!

"Don't you now is not allowed to beg on the beach Sir?"

"I didn't beg"............I've calmly replied!

"What did you do there on the beach then Sir, having your hat with some money in it and the writing on your paper bag?".........he asked me again!

"I was conducting an experiment"...........I calmly answered again.

"What kind of experiment Sir"..........he continued in his polite manner.

"I was measuring the degree of compassion on the beach today"..........was my answer.


And he continued asking me more of the same, to end up by asking me............."where do you live Sir?".

"On the top of that hill".........I said...........asking him to give the one Euro and a little to some charity organization.

"The compassion was very little today"............and with a twist of mind I took the T/S in reverse, when I was sitting back on the beach, just enough time ahead of them coming to pick me up. I took my beach gear, leaving the collected money there on the sand, and gone I was.


Five minutes later I was looking through my binoculars at the place. A kid just came in to find the probably buy an ice cream later on. The cops came a minute later to find nothing suspicious there and return back to the station.

My experiment was harm done, just a small mark on the sand from that kid reaching for the money. Portugal, the same like all other civilized countries, has a very low degree of compassion...........but I still love those people on the beach sharing the same Adamic Element with me. For the time being you can't expect much from man, but the T/S will change all that! Then that kid will find no money on the sand..........and nobody will know what money is!




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