Samadhi Whispers






I am free now! Free of going to work, free of struggling to save money to buy a house, free of getting nasty when someone is not going my way, free of getting upset when the car doesn't start, free of being sick and tired when I've turned short, I am free of all living misery. And to my pleasant surprise...........I am still alive. Oh well, not in the human form anymore, but still alive.

When I was alive as a human I have never realized all the happenings of my life are like little pearls on a string, all ready to get lost at a single touch of destiny. Now I know all that, and I know also that all the happenings of any living creature are hold together by forces beyond any will of beholder, for reasons I just now understand. Sufficient to say is that without these bonding forces life will fall short of existence. No human can see me now, because I am not a human anymore. Just imagine of me like a little speck of light talking to you straight through your heart.


Wait a minute! I am way ahead of myself, and the story should start as always from the very beginning like all stories do............

In the beginning I was just a human baby boy brought to life by two parents who at the time thought they are in love, and to prove it they had me. Few years later they have got divorced, and the little me got left with just a working mother and very little hopes for a bright future.

I was born in a small and poor country of this parceled planet called Earth, which now it might as well be out of exitence. My name was, well, just a label to define me apart from others. When I was half way with my life I came to the land of the braves called America, to be free and make a bright future out of myself. The future wasn't as bright as I was hoping for, but it was bright enough to convince me to live into my sixties.

This future of mine - now just a past memory - is the content, the living happenings of my physical life! To be is not important in itself, only those happenings are due to the happiness they are able to create! Being is just a motionless witness, life adds action to IT by the mean of a mortal body able to perform an illusory show biz for the witness to enjoy. Those happenings, those actions of ours, are defining our life, filling it with joy and happiness, or sadness and sorrow accordingly. Without those happenings life would BE just a witness in contemplation of ITSelf. A being is not alive unless reacts with all others!


All these happenings, as I know now, are very well taking care of. When I was a human I did not realize this, and many times I felt miserable because one of my living happening did not come out as I have wished for. Oh, and how wrong I was! But in order to show you what I am talking about I have to open my life to you as a book has to be opened for the happenings to come out to life as transient living events.

I was just four when my parents divorced, and I was always blaming this happening for my poor and sick childhood. But I did not have the entire picture back then. Before getting sick of pleurisy at the age of three, I was to be a very strong and healthy boy, to possibly develop later in a macho guy ready to fight with anyone due to my unstable temper. But Mother Nature knew better, turning me sick and weak at the core. Why did She do this for, you may ask? Well, just to avoid future aggravations and turn me into a yogi!

My early age sickness put a lid to any nasty happenings, giving me the possibility of studying instead of fighting. I could have been dead or in jail for life at the early age if this would not have happened. So the sickness was actually a life savior, improving also my future life. By studying I have also enlightened myself to the a degree I would never be able to otherwise. I have studied Yoga and all other cultures - beside Science and everything related to it - and I was able to have a more balanced attitude toward all religions, all fanatic cults, and many such weird human activities.


Later on in life I was subdue to all kind of humiliations due to a missing father to protect and guide me in life. But as I know now, all this was happening for my own future good. All these aggravations were "written" in my "living book" for good reasons. But at the time I did not like them at all. I did not have the big picture! When you are a small human being, down on that little planet called Earth, you cannot do better than your ego does. And man's ego thinks always small, because is attached to a small human entity. You have to be out there, like I am now, to start thinking big!

There are people on Earth having the "big picture", but they are not human anymore, they are called avatars, yogis, saints, clairvoyants, etc. They are not regular people like the rest, being known by us all as Seers to be remembered. And then they are some like me - a Tachy Yogi - who doesn't want to be remembered at all, just to roam free without any itinerary or destination. Such a one knows it is the memory who has encased us here in human misery by the means of T/S velocity -- giving us density and a preset destiny.


The real and good thing to keep in mind is that we are all ending up being like one or sympathy. I know is very hard for you to believe this, but I am here to prove IT. There is no need to go to a church, to work yourself to death, or to be guided by a guru to get here,  we all end up here by the will of a power which is beyond not just the human universe, but everything else in existence. It doesn't even matter if you believe this or not, because it is a preset scenario! It feels good to know everyone can end up here, where the suffering is not present.

All those living happenings are just short lived adventures of an action which is far more glorious, and far more overwhelming to be disturbed by pitiful encounters. When I recall all the happenings from my former life, and I look at them from here, they seem so tiny, so insignificant, I can barely recognize them as being part of me. I look at them now, and I laugh at me then! I've lost my job, the car doesn't start, I am angry at my neighbor, I am in pain, etc. What are all these have to do with me now? Not a thing! They are all like dull writings on sand. The Big Ocean wiped them all out!


But let's go back to my living happenings. I was an unsettled boy, born as a Leo, and capable of no lion actions. The conflict of my life started from the very beginning. My mind was always ahead of my physical abilities, and the results were very painful. Ready to fight with anyone and not able to win a fight is definitely a recipe for disaster! That was the story of my entire life. No wonder all my living happenings were subject to humiliation, frustration, and failure.

This wasn't true in all aspects of my life though. I was good in school, and I have had some rewards there. But not for long. Coming to America I was forced to work long hours for a living, and all the schooling diplomas I've had went down to drain. Nobody even considered them. To start from the very beginning in the middle of your living span is a hard cookie for anyone.


But even this was in "the book" of my living happenings, as I know now. All for the sake of my future be-coming!

And what I have become, you may ask?

Well, NO MORE!



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