Samadhi Whispers



The Good and Evil



During my trip through the Union I've seen all mankind as one magnificent body of many in Union, One happy soul. But then I thought of the "good and evil" and a question popped again: "why is man so much into the habit of seeing the good and bad all the time, why can't we be happy all the time?" Trinogen was there answering the unuttered question: "Look down deeper Peter"..........he said..........."look at all men and tell me what you see". And that's what I did!

What I saw was very different from what I was used to, but still, I didn't see any good or evil, just harmony deploying softly all around as a flow of wonderful living events. But then I realized, this is because of the higher perspective I have, knowing of no Time/Space. And I've asked again: "IT is this for real or just a dream I have?". "For you IT is real, because you are in Union", Trinogen answered me again!


Then I've tried to do my best and get deeper into the Union. But again, I didn't see any good or evil there, just a continuous and beautiful flow of living. Still unconvinced, I've tried to get into those houses surrounded by a murky light to see what is there. I saw a man there who lost his job, and a mother with two small kids unable to work in her position. A family with not enough money to afford having a merry Christmas. All in that family were sad, and the light of their souls was coming murky through the roof of that house.

I went then to another house having a silvery glow around it, and I saw there a family of happy and smiling faces singing songs and sharing presents. "Oh! I said to myself, there is good and evil after all!". But then something peculiar came into my attention. The people in the house with the murky light were sad indeed, but healthy and strong enough to overcome the gloom. I knew they will be just fine and joyful again in the next year to come. People in the house with the silvery glow were really happy, but one of the parents in that house had cancer and will die soon, living a fortune behind and a mourning family with very bad genes. One of the children will die soon after.


And I went into many other such different glowing houses, to see just very close scenarios of the same. I gave up then and uttered the question again: "where is the Union in all this?". With a smile on his face Trinogen answers my question again: "You see Peter, life is a wonderful play of Bliss and Abyss with many gives in and many gives out! What fulfills here is emptied in some place else for the Union to prevail. When in Union - having the all picture -  you see just harmony everywhere, as all life really is. But when you lose the overall view, the picture gets smaller, and you start seeing just small human angles thinking of good and evil. Try to be in Union and the living picture will shine through the roof of your house not silvery and not murky either, just forever bright. But then nobody can approach you anymore, and you have to show up like an old man with dense eyebrows covering his eyes and spreading the word about the Union".  


Everything was clear to me all of a sudden, seeing the Union as IT really is: a harmonious play of taking and giving with no other rule but happiness and joy. But I knew also, as man I will never be able to see the Union again. And I asked out loud Trinogen the question: "would I ever be able to see the real Union again?". "Not as man Peter, not as man!"..............was the answer coming to me from Trinogen!

"Would I see you again".............I just softly uttered! "You surely would Peter, just keep enlarging your view of the Union!" he answered. I knew I'll just do!




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