Samadhi Whispers



In Union



I am 47 now, and I still have that vivid memory of my childhood, and of that strange event which has changed my life forever. IT was a real event or just a dream? The answer to this question lingers even today. 


I was around 12 years old back then, coming home from school, and as always, I was strolling through the park on my way home. Me and some other kids on the block were having a good time back then playing on swings, sliders, and wrestling on sand. But that day was different………like no other before. In that day I didn’t have any desire to play around or to fight in the sand. It looked like something put a lid to all that. And that something – as I will soon find out – was an old man sitting on the bench couple of yards from me.

I was about to go with the others ready to have some fun, when all of a sudden something stopped me saying: “go and sit on the bench by that old man!”. And that’s what I did, in spite of knowing from my parents and school is not wise to speak and get involved with strangers. But I couldn’t fight the call, IT was too powerful.  

I was just walking toward that old man sitting on the bench and sit down beside him.

“Hello Peter!” he said without looking at me………..he knew my name! I was about to ask him how he knows my name, when he turned toward me and with the most wonderful voice I’ve ever heard he answered my mental question before I was even uttering it: "I am Trinogen, knowing of the past and future!”.


Then I saw his face and my heart started bouncing into my throat. I knew him, I knew this man but I couldn’t remember from where. He was very old, and his eyes were well covered by his dense eyebrows protecting them from the outside light. Then a glimpse of light from the sun got through his dense eyebrows, and a reflection of his eyes got back into the open. It was something familiar into those eyes, something I knew from before.


“I am here to teach you the Union”………he said to me in his wonderful voice. “You are lucky Peter”………he said to me again, and I wasn’t sure if he was talking to me in words, or straight into my brain. Knowing of my concern he said: “I am talking straight to your heart Peter………you are lucky indeed having a wonderful family to take care of you and your future to come. But you must give something in return, helping others to be as lucky as you are”. 

After a short pause he said to me again: "you see Peter, we are all in Union, in a wonderful living web who is taking care of ITs own wellbeing from an eternity. Some of us though, forgetful of the Union, are not as lucky as you are, and you must help them to remember. But first you must have a clear picture of the Union yourself”.


He just finished saying this and I felt my entire body expanding like a balloon having no limits of how far can enlarge.  “Look down Peter” he said, and I saw the entire Earth as one beautiful entity smiling at me saying: “welcome to my view Peter”……….. and I saw like a colorful web vibrating in all directions, makings pools of lights with the sun and all other celestial bodies. Then the sun welcomed me to his view saying: “welcome aboard Peter”, and I saw magnificent rays of rainbowing colors all around covering me with their friendly and warm vibrating play.  

I knew then of the Union as part of me and anything else in existence…….….and in love with this Union I was. But then a thought has crossed my mind saying to my heart: “with so much love present all around us, why do we have so much sad things happening in our life? Why do we have crimes, famine, terrorism, why is so much suffering and misery present still on Earth?”

Knowing of my heart asking those questions Trinogen spoke to me again saying: “yes Peter, there is suffering in the world of man when he forgets the Union, when he starts playing god among men and with Mother's Nature sanctuary”. Just finishing saying this I was suddenly transported back to Earth to look at what man forgot about the Union. What I saw was sad indeed, but a deep feeling of love kept me going when I just remembered my own family. 

I saw myself in my house with my parents and my small brother Jessie decorating the tree for Christmas. And I saw the joy and the lovely feelings expanding from each of us, giving to the entire house a special glow of silverfish warm light. And I saw some other houses with such glowing light coming out. But in many others the glow wasn’t present, just a murky gray color as a result of the sad feelings present inside them. The ones living there forgot about the Union. And to my surprise those sad feelings were present in big houses of the rich an famous, beside the small houses of the poor and the destitute.  


But I still didn’t understand what is that man forgot about the Union?

Knowing of this Trinogen spoke to me again: “try to go deeper Peter, get into the essence of all that you see!”. All of a sudden I was able to see the Union of men. I saw my house again, and all other houses as well. They were getting closer and closer until I saw the very essence of them all and the web beyond the surface of things and people.  

I saw how the houses were built, and how everything in those houses was built and by whom. I saw the very fabric of the houses, where the materials they are built of came from, who manufactured them, and all the faces of the men who contribute to that house to be erected. I saw also where in Mother’s Nature sanctuary those materials come from..........the forest and the trees the wooden frame of the house came from, the trees used for the furniture, the place the Christmas tree and all other wooden objects came from. I saw also the past of this trees, when they were young and small. I saw also how they felt when they were cut down by man, I felt their smell of fresh cut wood and how much love was there for us.


Then I saw the construction of the house taking place and the faces of each and everyone contributing in his own way and by his own skill to bring the house to completion. All in a wonderful Union to accomplish a goal, to get a salary, to be be in Union!

I saw also all other objects existent in that house………..the telephone, the TV set, the kitchen appliances, the computer, etc., etc., from the time of they conception all the way to the time of their completion. All as a web in Union within ITSelf! I saw how the microscopic bacteria turned huge trees into oil, next into plastic, into a TV box; then I saw all the content of the TV and all other objects present in our house………all as a Union of life working harmoniously together to achieve a common goal.

I saw then the history of the glass existent in the house……….the sea shells the sand came from……….when they were in the sea alive and well, how they end up on the sea shore, the time when the sand was collected and processed into glass. Then I saw the human faces collecting the sand, turning the sand in glass, cutting the glass to size, transporting the glass to the warehouse and from there to the place where the glass was turned into a window glass, and from there into the store and finally into the place the house was built. All this as a wonderful flow of love in motion.


And then I saw the inside of me with all the wonderful components working together to accomplish the union of me from top to toe. The air coming in, stored in and distributed out to be assimilated later by each tinny cell in my body, then the muscles, the organs, the bones, etc, all as parts of the same Union of me. How much all those are loving us is hard to imagine! 

Knowing of all this as parts of the same Union I was still asking myself: "how can all this be forgotten?". With a friendly voice Trinogen just said: “Wake up and remember!”. And I just woke up and remember what I am just saying here. On the sandy ground by the bench a word was engraved: "in Union"! But no trace of Trinogen there, just my memory of him.


The Union was then gone also, just a memory of IT was lingering as an echo of the past. Then I have really understood why is so easy for man to forget about the Union. In spite of being part of the Union man has just a small view of IT, the Time/Space stays in his way obstructing the “big picture”. And I also really understood why I should help others to discover the Union! Because I am lucky – as Trinogen said – I must help others to be lucky too! 

I am 47 years old now, working at the United Nation and trying to help others remember the Union. Looking at my own kids now I just remember myself as a kid meeting that old man with his dense eyebrows and that twinkling light in his eyes. He looked so familiar to me! Now I finally know why he was so familiar to me: he was me, coming out from within to remind me about the Union. No wonder Trinogen looked so familiar to me!




We are all in Union, and if Trinogen will ever come to you, remember………IT’s you.

Looking back into my past, and farther on into the future of mankind, I certainly see the Union there……..…because we all look so familiar. And if a tree, a sea shell, the water, a rock, a piece of glass, etc. look different from you, remember that you have them all as your house, in your house, all around you………..and even way farther out and deep in.

If you remember this, the Union remembers you as well! When that happens, the silvery glow of your soul will shine through the roof of your house. Then Trinogen will come your way asking you to help others! Remembering him as a familiar face, you will start helping others to be lucky too!