The Silent War

Dec. 27, 2005 - No portion of this book can be used without author's permission.





I was prepared for anything possible, all contingencies, like I was at that time, in that mission, in that dark night...........but as in the case of that night, nothing was preparing me for what I was about to encounter back home. The world of man wasn't ready to apply Tachy Yoga's new vision in the regular living..........the routine was way too high, too much rooted in the old. So the old had to go, to be dismantled for the new to prevail!


But the old didn't like the idea, having plenty to lose in front of the new............coming. And the thing was, the new couldn't come as long as the old was holding the power money bring in. The oldies have all the money, because they print them for them in order to overpower the new coming. I realized then the new has to fight to overthrow the old, there is no other way.


But because Tachy Yoga was not about fighting, the removal of the old routine had to be actually done without a real fight............just as a resistance to the old by the means of non-violent doings. And to my pleasant surprise the solution came as a relief coming from the inside the social system ITSelf............let’s use the Web, the Internet. And that's how the fight without the fight started, using the WWWeb as a tool to overcome and remove the old from power.


I realized then also Tachy Yoga is for all youngsters in the world getting united to start the invisible changes the world of man is about to see. And I found a name for the routinated olds --  "Balds" --  because the routine is as much bare of truth as a bald old man is of hair.


For the outside world I was still Raymond Newton, working as a PI for a respectable insurance company, but for all others working from the inside I was Trinogen, the one initiating the silent resistance on internet against the old and routinated Balds holding on power. Nobody knew my face for real, changing identities and be in many duration-locations instantaneously being my major skill to avoid a close encounter with the Balds. I was able to accomplish this as a direct result of my T/Y practice and the friendly help of Beyonders. This help was paramount!


All the Balds in power at the time were going ashtray, trying to figure what is going on. They started slowly to panic, not having a clue of the silent revolt of the young against their oppressive and degenerative domination. They were in power for too long, having no mercy for those youngsters trying to make a decent and honest living. The long working hours, the indecent paying, the humiliation, the lack of recognition, the dismantling of the social security and medical system, the outsourcing leading to a world wide poverty, the BS spread all around in the media to justify their doings, the censuring, the police corruption..........were all imposed upon the young by the Balds.


From behind the heavy armed curtain covering the entire world the Balds are forcing the young to work for them for cheap so they can extend their old and corrupt living, making laws and rules to protect their greedy doings. Fed up with all this, the young decided to fight back using a quiet war on Internet. For a long period of time now it was just a silent war between the young and the corrupted old.


It started when I was sending a viromail to all young hackers in the world saying "let’s unite to remove the old!" That was the necessary spark to start the “Silent war”. It was a virocode inserted there, so that if opened by a "Bald" would sound like "send to mom flowers for her birthday", which will instantly send his virtual ID to all young around the world without leaving a cybertrace behind. The talent of the young was endless and undefeated!


That's how it started, by a small weak link of the WWW system put in place by the young to show their unlimited talent. The young started to build their infrastructure underneath the one already existent and officially known by the Balds. Nobody knew of this new infrastructure until it was too late to matter. It was called "the DarkNet", and it was staying in the dark until the final victory.


No color of skin, nationality or profession mattered because the young was eager to finish the war against the old. Starting with the youngsters working for the government, all the way to pilots, computer engineers, programmers, former hackers working for respectable companies, security analysts, financial advisers, soldiers, FBI agents, police name it, were all one in this WWW war against the Balds. They were all very much determined to show their own talents to the Balds empowered by them. No money and no other incentive could make the young to unveil their doings, their faith being incorruptible. They all knew it is the money which brought them into the situation they are now, so for them money wasn't a temptation anymore!


To be able to catch the young and their doings was impossible, and we all knew this. With the mobility of the cells and the speed of deploying and folding new nets the young knew his unlimited power. Beside all this, the Balds were not aware of IT until it was too late, all the young ones being by then in control. And the funny thing young was actually "working" for the Balds anymore, just young for the young. I remember vividly the panic that day in New York city..........


"What's happening here?" I was asking a policeman from the police squad holding people at bay from entering the Metrobank.

"We don't know yet!" he answered, but I knew the DarkNet was working all night there on some important accounts.


I was Charles Donovan here, working for Metrobank as a financial adviser in charge with collateral investments. Working on my advice the DarkNet was giving a hard time to the Balds to figure out what happened. Another me was still working as a PI for an insurance company miles away from Metrobank.


All the bank's executives accounts at the Metrobank were very much inflated, suggesting a fraudulous work from their part. But only I knew what really happened and where the money come from. This was just the beginning of a long string of actions meant to destabilize the system and make the Balds feel insecure.


The main rule established among us was to make the Balds think they are going against each other, so that they won't suspect the young of any wrong doing. The young had to look "angelically" honest and clean.


When I've got finally in the bank the manager told me in a hasty voice "OK Charlie, you can go to your desk now and try to be sure all your accounts are properly routed". I said "Yes Sir!".......and that was the only thing I've heard from him all day.


In the meantime "I sent many bouquets of flowers to many mothers" in the world.

"I think I should open a flower shop by now", the mind talked back to me jokefully. And the day went by rather quick to realize is time to go home.


"I need to see Joy" I told myself, and with this in mind I drove away to my shared apartment.

"Hey Johnny" I said to my roommate entering the door.

"What's new bud?" he answers giving me a glance.

"Not much, just some heavy dudes at the bank today got spanked".

"I see", he answers giving me the evil eye.

"I have to go pick up Joy! Can you pass that pizza slice please?" I said.

"Lock the door for me please", and I left in a hurry.

Joy was taking some Net classes in the evening, and today was her short day at that.


Joy is my girlfriend from three years now, and we share many great moments together.

"Hey you nasty, I am waiting for five minutes now" she said giving me a hug and a long kiss.

"Sorry, couple of stop lights were in my way" I answered, and we both move on toward the car.

"How was today at the bank? I hope you are still honest and clean".

"Sure I am, it was like a charm. What about you, are you ready to strike the IRS?"

"Not yet, I have couple of small kinks to iron out".

And here the discussion ended to make room to something more romantic.

Twenty minutes later we are in each other's arms at Joy's place.


I woke up next day smelling the coffee in the air. Joy was preparing the breakfast in the kitchen.

"Wake up you sleepy head", she said giving me a kiss and the morning news paper.

"Hm!" I said "it looks the scam is working well considering what the paper says here!"

"They said some Balds were investigated for funds embezzlement."

"That sounds good indeed", Joy answers from the kitchen. With a smile on our faces we start eating our breakfast.




With a twist of mind my other body separates to travel miles away in what is now again Raymond Newton, the PI. I was in my flat in Seattle, all by myself meditating in my usual place by the window. The light came from inside to tell me the mantra for the next stage: "Trinogen in Union".............and in Union I was with the entire Universe. I was getting then in the Void to dismantle me again and send another me back where I should belong in that T/S. Many of me were all around the world helping the young to remove the Balds from power.


Then, one day, the ball has started rolling down the hill for the Balds. In a public announcement on the TV some major political figures were indicted for fraud and embezzlement. That was our first victory to be celebrated all around the world by a virocoded email saying "the mother was very happy to receive flower for her birthday". This was just a beginning of a long chain of events changing the balance of power in our favor. The best thing in all this was the fact the Balds didn't suspect anything, starting slowly to be suspicious on one another. For us this was a victory indeed, showing the Silent War is really working. Our machiavelic strategy of "dismantle and conquer" started to bare fruits!


I was in Bay Area at the time as Chris Pearson, working as a network engineer for a major software company having several contracts with the government. Some good news came from those of us in Germany, Spain, France and Italy, all telling the same story: the dismantle and conquer strategy was working wonders, turning the Balds really paranoid.


The Balds started to lose the ground, showing more and more their weakness and lack of imagination. In USA the government was showing signs of erratic behavior, one politician being more corrupted than the other and leading the country in total bankruptcy. In Germany many high ranking political figures were involved in illegal money manipulations showing their links to the Nazi movement. In Spain some high rank judges were linked to the drug cartel in Columbia, and in France and Italy the presidents and their cronies were spending tax payers' money to entertain hoards of female hookers. The Papal Empire was showing signs of corruption and sexual misconduct as well, using money and their religious influence for this very purpose. Even India was having some story to tell about great amounts of money being used to buy governmental positions. The next in line to fall was China, the most corrupt country among all!


To be continued…………..



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