The Silent War

Dec. 27, 2005 - No portion of this book can be used without author's permission.





My name is Raymond Newton, I am retired now, but I am still vividly remember that night back in 2015 when I and other four guys were storming that little log house in the mountains looking for a potential terrorist movement place. I was in special FBI anti-terrorist forces back then, going after a lead given to us by NSA's most sophisticated words searching engine computer going by the name "Harris". Couple of dubious words were given to our boss by "Harris", all coming from an Internet site at that remote location. Words like "conspiracy", "doomsday", "revolution"............and many others, all giving to the Agency a legitimate reason to check more deeply into the matter. Our task was to find out what is "brewing".


We went straight to the location but the folks there were decent retired citizen telling us they don't have any website. But they told us just bought the house a short while ago from someone else who might have had a website. That made the Agency more nervous, giving us the location we are about to storm now...........ten days later.    

It was very dark, a very good night for a stick up, and we were very much prepared for any contingencies. I was the team leader, but all of us were professionals with many years of "dirty work" for the Agency. But what did happen that night was totally out of range............normal range that is, making us all go out of our wits.

We were all equipped with nigh vision goggles advancing slowly toward what we saw as being a small residential building at the end of a dirty road surrounded by pines and secular oaks. There was no moon, and when we come closer to the house we've realized it was just a small log house and we were standing close to the only door of the house. Signalizing to all others to be ready, I and one of my teamsters stormed the door, two others stormed the windows and the third was staying outside to cover our back.


"FBI, put your hands up" I've screamed at what I thought to be a human being sitting on the chair. All our flashlights were aimed as one single beam of light toward that man, but then, as we've discovered...........that man was dead...........was he?

That's what all of us thought when we saw that mummified human standing there with his legs crossed in a yoga position on top of a small platform we took as a chair. He was dead for quite a while alright, but it was no fetid smell in the room, the body being totally dry and empty of fetid content. We've approached the mummified yogi cautiously and, out of curiosity, I've pocked the dry skin at the chest level just to be convinced he is dead indeed.

All of a sudden a light came out from where his heart suppose to be, traveled to his forehead, to settle short after right in the middle of his forehead between his empty eyes. We were all stunned by the event, looking at each other in total confusion. This is a trick, I was thinking, holding my hands tight on my semiautomatic, when the light from his forehead spread toward us engulfing us all in its glow. We were totally paralyzed by that light!


Seeing all this from the outside, our back up, Jeff, got in the house trying to help us, but he was instantly paralyzed as well. Then a voice came out from that light saying........"This is a sacred place, nobody is allowed here but you aware!". The light started swirling then around the mummified yogi, and from there all around us and making us all floating in the air in a star formation with the mummy in the middle. It was like a dancing of light playing with us all at will.

The strange thing was that I was seeing all this from above, from the ceiling, and the scenery was amazingly beautiful and scary in the same time. The light in the middle was very shinny, but not like the light coming from the sun, being rather silvery in aspect and just warm enough to feel good.

I was feeling very comfortable knowing of that light, like I always knew of IT as a dear friend. From the middle the light was spreading like a star through all five of us keeping us floating around IT. This light was coming from inside that mummified yogi as a continuous flow, making us to float around IT. I've never felt so blissfully good in my entire life.


Then the voice started again........."Now you will listen to my story Raymond, the story of a tachy yogi"..........and as the last word was uttered, I was suddenly transported to a place which I've never seen before. It was a country I've never been before, with a strange language I've never heard, and there were some kids playing with small stones a game I never knew about. But deep in the mind I knew all this is where the dead yogi grew up as a kid.

Knowing of all this everything started to make sense...........all the events unfolding in front of me were part and subject of the story. He was a strange kid, one who we call here a party pooper, one who doesn't enjoy life, knowing how illusory happiness is. His name is hard to pronounce for me now, but at the time I knew how. It was like Nicholas here! He had also a brother to whom he wasn't so fond of. I've seen his childhood, his teenager's years, all the way to the time he came to make a living here in the US.


He did start studying and practicing yoga since he was young, but due to the totalitarian country he was in he had to cover his actions in order not to be imprisoned. One day though a voice inside him woke him up to the truth..........."covering up is not what a yogi normally does", and he tried to leave the country hiding himself inside of a train car. He was so happy finding this way to get out of the country that he uttered a grateful prayer in that night, just before going with the plan. He said: "Thank you God for showing me the way to freedom"...........thinking of the freedom outside of his oppressive country. But he got caught next day and put in jail in his country. Two months later an amnesty of the government was in place and he got out from jail without a scratch! Since then he had the Shield and Stretcher of the higher beings all yogis have.


Continuing his life under the gulag regime, he was steadily making progress with his yoga practice until another "call" came along telling him again to get out. He had a family this time, and a kid to take care of. Then the decision was taken by all three in the family...........we will all refuse to take food until we get a passport to get out of the country............the hungry strike was declared! Just before that he wrote several letters to different free countries' governments, including the USA. Jimmy Carter was the President back then!

He was put in jail again for no reason other than trying to be in hungry strike. Five months after he was out again............this time with 3 passports in his hand, and on November of 1979 he and his family were for the first time on American soil. Free from the oppression at last!

I was able to experience his inside joy telling me all this as a memory of his! But then something sad followed.............he didn't find the freedom he was looking he was telling me from his alaya memory! Going to a harsh living to sustain his family - now of five - the freedom he was looking for turned into a battle for survival, and the yogi - now american - did barely have time for yoga practice. As he was telling me through the light, it was the dark age of his life.


  But the kids grew, he turned old, and his family turned up into a family of grown ups. I was able to feel the pain he was having going through this period of his life. I saw him as an old man trying to cope with pains, sickness and all other ailments his body was experiencing due to too much hard work and old age.

Then a change in the color of the light was telling me of a change in his life. A rainbow of colors were present when he was finally reunited with yoga practicing. I saw him staying long hours in a lotus position and staying late at night writing about the experiences he was having there. Then I saw his book about a new Yoga called Tachy Yoga.............a yoga of nowadays, a sublimate of all Spiritual Traditions and Science. Validated by his own practice and his own experiences coming out from IT, the book was like a beam of light trying to sail into the gloomy waters of man's degenerative living. He was one of a kind that's for sure...........his kind. But what kind that was I wasn't sure at the time because I knew then only of one...........mankind. He realized that too, releasing me and all others from the grip of that silvery light!


The light just vanished without a trace inside that cross-legged yogi, and we all fell down on the floor trying to make some sense out of all this. But in spite of our senses coming back to us, none of us was able to make any sense out of what happened there. What we took as a mummified body turned to be just a jacket thrown on a high rest chair, and I was wandering if all others have experienced the vision of that yogi and the light present there.  

There were no signs of any terrorist activity there, just an empty house and an old computer with his book saved on the hard drive letting the world know about IT on the Web. Only much latter I was able to see the meaning behind that light holding us floating in the air. And much latter also I've realized it was just me knowing of what it really happened there, all others being totally unaware of the astonishing event of that dark night.


I sent the old PC to the lab for farther analysis, but as far as I know nothing came up to prove any malicious activity there. By some strange occurrence Iíve kept also a hard copy of that yoga book with me, which Iíve copied at the FBIís headquarters from the hard drive of that old PC.

A year later I just quit the Agency, looking myself into yoga and into that strange Tachy Yoga book of Nicholas. Something inside my heart was pushing me in that direction! I didn't know what to make out of IT, but the vivid event happened that night was still lingering, telling me it is worth trying IT! As I've found out later also, all my team members at the time quit the Agency shortly after me. It looks they too have been deeply touched by what happened that night!




Then one night, as dark as the one for me to remember, a living event will change my life forever. IT was a dark summer night of 2017! I was about to go in the bed after coming back from work and take a frugal vegetarian dinner. I was tired after ten hours work day as a PI agent for Metropolitan, an insurance company doing business all over the country. I was bushed and ready to hit the sac.

Sitting in the bed, I just realized all of a sudden: "I turned vegetarian since I had that experience in that log house. How is that possible? That was weird indeed!" And with this last thought roaming in my mind, I fell in sleep.


"Who is that man laying down in that bed?" a voice wondered from inside my fleshless body up in the air.

"Wow!...........this is happening again", I said to myself trying to get out of trance. But I wasn't able to get back into that body laying down in the bed like a corpse this time.

"I did IT again" I was thinking, and having a mood for adventure that night I was giving a try to see what happens. This was happening many times before, but I was never able to overcome my fear and go farther in prospecting this floating body of mine. I was always more concerned about the one left behind in the bed. This time I was prone for a change, just to see what happens! And what happened that night was something to stay with me forever as a new me!


The body floating in the air as a new me had no weight, no flesh, bones or anything heavy, just a flowing witness seeing from above and from the center...........and I was that center. I was trying then to move that witnessing center of me in different locations just to see what happens.

I've got deep into my physical body laying down.........and deep I was in it indeed. I was going into the fleshy tissues, cells, all the way to the very fabric of that log dead body. I've seen the heart, the liver, the brain, etc...........and I knew them all as making the man I was! 

I was trying then to go farther out to see what is there. I've seen the house, the city, the skies..........but then I saw something very strange. I saw a a silvery cord between me as a witnessing center and that body laying down in the bed. I knew then that body wasn't dead, and fearful I've returned in that instance inside the skin boundaries of the fleshy man again. I woke up that instance with a deep breath. It was seven o'clock and a very beautiful Saturday morning.




The experience I was having then was the convincing prove for me that is something there more than I can handle, and that using science or any other pertinent observation is not going to give me any real answers to all this. That was the point when I was about to embark on the new and intriguing territory of what Nicholas envisioned as Tachy Yoga! His website wasnít active anymore, but a copy of this book was still in my room waiting to be explored.  

With the vision of his mummified body vividly present in my memory, I was starting to make some sense out of my odd experiences, having his book as a valid testimony to relate my recent experiences to. Then I realized how wide open the Universe of Being really is, and how little we really know of it as men -- in spite of thinking we do plenty.

And for the first time in my life I was trying to meditate in a static position with my legs crossed as Nicholas was. I was there for more than one hour, when, in total shock, I saw Nicholas staying in front of me as an old man covered in a silvery light saying............"Don't be afraid, I am Trinogen, the one dwelling in the Void of All Plenitude! I was choosing you to be a new Tachy Yogi, a Purusha to come! Be One!...........go to the peak of sacred Thiruvannamalai and look for mahasiddha Trikaya!"...........and the light of him disappeared as quick as IT came in. I've got out of trance deeply touched by what I've just saw and heard.


That was the turning point of my remaining life, the point where I've decided to become a Tachy Yogi. I didn't know what that exactly means, but I knew with no doubt I was meant to be one. Next day I took a leave for absence and I left the US in search of the hidden caves of India. I arrived in Tamil Nadu two days later in a spring day of April, looking for the mahasiddha Trikaya, the one staying motionless in a cave for 20 years now. But nobody there was able to lead me to him, and I've got soon lost in temples, traffic of cows, trains, beggars, and strange looking naked people.

After one full day of searching I gave up, ending up the day sleeping in a small and cheap hotel near by the railroad station. I was about to give up my search, when finally, next day I was getting in touch with someone knowing of him who gave me some hints how to get there. He spoke with some locals who short after agreed to lead the way to Trikaya for a decent amount of rupees. The day was spotless...........a picture perfect for the trip.


The road to the cave was waving toward a pick of a mountain from where we saw the beautiful and sacred temple of Thiruvannamalai, Shiva's temple, as the locals told me. After more than 3 hours of constant climbing, one of the locals pointed me to what seemed to be a small cave near the top of the mountain. Coming closer I was able to see the man staying there in a motionless and meditative posture. He was skinny and and his eyes where gazing in one single direction like he was in trance. 

He appeared to be in his late 30th, wearing nothing on him but some rugs around his waist and around his neck. He was having a long beard and his long black hair was hanging on his chest on both sides. His right hand was raised with his hand facing outward in what I thought to be a blessing gesture. A small bracelet was hanging lower down on his raised forearm. His left hand was resting hand down on his left knee. As someone told me later, he was in padmasana -- one leg crossing the other posture.

Down on the rock was a small rug he was sitting on to protect him from blisters caused by his long sitting. He looked dirty, but to my surprise it was no bad smell coming out from him, in the contrary, he was smelling like spring flowers. A little later a local came to him to paint his forehead, face, chest, and arms with ash, which, as I've found out later, was human ash collected from cremated people. Then I understood he wasn't actually dirty at all, just spread with human ash in order to redeem all mankind from worldly ignorance.


What impressed me the most was the look in his eyes. His eyes were open, but the look in his eyes was pinpointed in one single direction like he was actually seeing the unseen. As I've found out later on, this was the mahamudhra, the gaze of the one seeing through gods' eyes.

A god himself, he made a deep impression on me, and I decided to stay there beside him until I'll find the answer of what I'll do with the rest of my human life. I was prepared to stay all night there by him to see if what Trinogen was saying in that Tachy Yoga book: "staying by a Buddha you become a Buddha" for real. With this decision taken, I let the locals go, hoping to find my way back in town by myself next day. 

The view -- divine in itself -- was about to disappear behind the tall walls of the temple bellow, telling me to get ready for the night beside Trikaya. Looking at him one more time I knew he is not a man anymore, just a corpse having a thin silvery cord attached to his skinny and motionless body staying there as a secular tree in that cave. And I remember myself when I was lingering on the ceiling that night when I was prospecting the other side of me.


Well established in asana I was ready for the night already there. Some small lights flickering in the far distance were reminding me of all the people out there sleeping by now in their cozy beds. A short while later there were no lights and no moon either, just a dark night and some scary sounds in the distance. I closed my eyes to see the inner me, when a soft light was slowly coming from inside forming again as Trinogen. But this time he was having Trikaya's face, speaking to me straight through my heart: "You are a Purusha now like all of us............we are so many, and still will join us now as a Singularity of One-Many", thatís what he told me with the friendliest voice I've ever heard in my life.

Short after I was able to separate from by human body and travel among the stars, living a trail of light behind as a highway to heavens. I've seen many lights there, all coming and going from the same one and only light present everywhere. Lights of different intensities pouring out and recollecting into a magnificent display of colors and shapes. But all their majestic play was coming out and recollecting back in the same place, having a diaphanous flow of colors as a result. Then I understood what the Great Breath really is: the Creative Voice of Light, of that Cosmic Consciousness (CC) present across the entire Universe.

This time was different though: there was no silvery cord attached to the body left behind...........I was totally free to be or not to be. Then Trikaya's voice came along again to tell me this: "You have to take a decision now about what is going to be of you in T/S or beyond! Are you ready to face the beyond?".........and his voice withdrawn as quick as IT came in.


It was a tough decision for me, but I already knew I'll be a Tachy of them. Just finishing this thought, a question popped up in my mind for Trikaya............"what are you exactly save the people from? what is their sin?"  Trikayaís answer came to me straight like an arrow: "I save them from falling lower, trying to convince them to always go higher! Their sin is the obscuration to the inner light dwelling inside them". When he just finished the unworldly sentence I've seen thousands of people dwelling in a murky light, and how he was turning that dim light in a brilliant shining one as a continuous flow from his own.

After a short pause he said: "You have to put the Tachy Yoga to work in your life and others! Yoga and Science should reconcile in one single Union of living, turning Tachy Yoga into a living reality. Trinogen will be your name from now on instead of Raymond".


I suddenly understood right then what I should do with the remaining span of my terrestrial life! Filled with divine respect for Trikaya, I bow in front of him, flying back home next day with a clear picture of what IT will become of me.