Nothing fills everything
Turning into something
Let IT be Pure Light!


" I shape Myself upon my wish

from Emptiness and Bliss!"

               Cybela Maya  

Nothing fills everything



In order to be able to grasp a certain reality you must have a certain set of tools sensitive enough to register that reality. Please take a moment of mental concentration and realize that the above truth goes in reverse also. Who is creating who is a very old dilemma: the organ is creating the reality (the function), or the reality (the function) is creating the organ?

  ~  If you say that a preexistent and solid reality is creating the tools in order to be perceived as such, you are a physicist (materialist, scientist), one who believes in obvious things (matter), separating the perceiving Subject from the Object perceived and inducing objectivity.

  ~  If you say that an omnipotent power to be is putting out a T/S living game of dualistic nature as a quantic reality having the human being as part of IT, you are a mystic, an animist.

  ~  If you say that a Potential Seer of mindful nature dreams out an illusory being show as a Script to be inside ITs own Infinite Luminosity, you are a spiritualist, a yogi.
In all three cases you deal with the same unknown factor which stays always as such regardless of the name you attach to IT: matter, soul, or spirit!


But the Form is there as a reality in front of our eyes, and this truth is too obvious to be contested. The only disputed factor is whether the form perceived is in the eye of beholder or in an outside world separated from the witness/subject as solid matter/object. In short, is the form (reality) perceived by the same being clusters -- in our case the humanity -- similar in all respects, or is different from one individual to another according with his own sensorial living skills (senso-package)?

There are people pretending of being able to perceive alien realities which have never being seen by others. Are those people liars, or are they able to perceive those "alien" forms/realities indeed? This is not an easy question to be answered, considering that myriads of other creatures are perceiving their own universe totally alien to us due to their private senso-package!

For a scientist and anybody outside Yoga understanding the reality is what can be perceive with our five senses, and eventually cloned sooner or later.

For TYoga the reality is a mindscape, something that comes from a Cosmic Mind called Chit (Alaya Memory) to give us our own -- both immersed in a Wholesome Singularity of unknown nature.

We have here two very different approaches regarding reality which cannot be reconciled for reasons already explained in the book. And as you know by now, the present book validates the second approach! For TY the entire universe is a state of mind, a mindscape! Please be aware of this!


We play today with radio waves, electric currents, magnetic fields (EMFs), microwaves, xRays, etc., when we listen to the radio, watch TV, light up your house at night, and so on. All those invisible energetic vibrations are now part of our everyday life, everyday reality. But all those forms of reality were not with us a while ago, being nonexistent to us! Regardless of this, some animals like bats, dolphins, birds, etc. are aware of those realities, as the scientists know today!

These forms of energy were there from an eternity ready to be discovered, and some people did amazing thing with them like building the pyramids or other wonders of the world. The mahasiddhas are using them as well, and so are the avatars, the sakyamuni/sadhus, the people of Atlantis, Lemuria, etc. We make even movies about this, but we still don't believe it! What a shame! We would be wiser if we would! Remember: it is nothing new in the world, just a  déjà vu waiting to be dis-covered (dispel the cover)!

But I have to agree, there are very few people who can penetrate the truth as IT is, most people being too much anchored into just our two main gates of knowledge mostly: vision and hearing -- the two main gates of mass brain-hacking. Let's go to the world of living and see what is a form of any being?

  ~  Bliss is the first dimension in existence as a feeling of expansion and the background of all others. You cannot just BE, you have to be happy! Without this dimension nothing can live! And Bliss is nothing else but the Desire to be -- the "virus" spread in all living we know and all others we don't. In Bliss we are all, and back in it we return! The Bliss is then Omnipresent!

  ~  Abyss is the second dimension, where the Bliss deploys. Here is where the being deploys its processing living, the thermo-dynamic-scandal (as the scientists describe our universe). This dimension is curved due to traveling of Bliss through it, bubbling with spheres of living clusters (multitudes). Lasting for an eternity, this living process is sequential, missing the present entirely! The resistance to Bliss by Abyss is what brings the T/S in fruition as a reminder of where life comes from!

  ~   Light-Darkness(L/D) is the third dimension (our dimension), giving us the darklite play we call living. This 3d dimension is under the curse of T/S leading to eternal suffering.

The first is the Spiritual Enlightener;  the second is the place where the life patterns are kept until ready for fruition; and the third is the dualistic living coming out as a mind movement of their action. And as we already know, all the above are coming from Sunyata (the Void of all Plenitude), The Unknown Dreamer (IT).

Turning ITSelf, the motionless and unknown IT made a mirroring witness, pouring Bliss all around and back to IT. From ITs perspective everything is a Void, having no real substance. From ITSelf perspective -- witnessing IT -- everything is a Plenitude. So the Plenitude is "in" IT and the Void is "outside" (detached) of/from IT for the sake of a Self witnessing IT!

Please get IT!

As a detachment from IT life is then just a dream, a Void, a mindscape, a symbol without substance! And so are we and any other form in existence! This is an Axiomatic Truth!

If you don't believe this you just waste you time reading this book! What we really are is what the Light in us was able to harmonize as a T/S living process of A/R, as I've explained already. The human form we possess is a symbolic expression of something which we forgot about and Yoga is trying to help us remember. In order to be totally free of any form of existence you should get rid of your living history inserted in your script to be (your genome). This sets your Self free of human density and rejoin the Potential  Plenitude of IT. Until then you will sublimate yourself in many multitudes (forms), from human to a god, all the way to the god himself, all just empty symbols of  IT. Einstein said IT "scientifically", and so did Dirac with his "sea of potentiality"! TY says IT here to Surrender and not Be! 


Each body has a living status of its own, as we know by now, which can never be separated from his immediate environment (considered by science mistakenly as separated from you). Only together with his environment a body can exist! The separation is made in a very artificial manner by a selfish mind unable to see the uniqueness of life due to the sequential trick of T/S. The scientists know this today, but they cannot do much to correct their faulty vision -- out of laziness mostly because they have to scrap all the faulty concepts they've built from so long and admit they were wrong! 

The duality of all living is made out of this deceiving separation by which the difference in shapes occurs. The micro and macro-cosmos of man is such an illusory separation, in the same way the micro and macro-cosmos of an ant, an elephant, a whale and everything else in T/S is. In fact, we are all just distinctions of a wholesome existence which was reduced by the greeks to a Cosmos, and by the romans to an Universe. Yoga's vision on this is based on the seven Lokas and seven Talas. TY doesn't share any of those views, seeing all existence as a random play of endless densities of different T/S velocities -- a vision science is very much aware of today as well!

Whatever is surpassing our universe/cosmos condition is beyond our T/S living frame, being an alien and unperceivable reality. Please take a look at the drawing bellow and realize how the "creative" Being (B) makes T/S realities all around as dualistic(+/-) universes from the Everlasting Point of IT.  


Alien Realities


Please realize also how relative the reality is: what IS a certain cosmos for us, turns into a Chaos for alien others! From here the Being-NotBeing paradox and science's universe-antiuniverse vision. The colors shown are expressing how all the worlds are mixing with each other. Throwing out myriad living bubbles and sucking in myriad of others is the infinite "job" of ITs permanence. Please look also at the "Cosmic Vortex" drawing shown in "Energy" chapter as well! From the center, invisibly, the Point sustains all the living!

Any sucking action has to have an expansive reaction in other cosmic dimension (considered as an anti) of IT, and vice versa. What is light in one dimension is darkness into another, but both are containing the duality for the Glory of the same Singular Center. For man this is a total Paradox!

As we have seen previously, the Being/NotBeing are switching places in this eternal play of T/S living. What is something now, is something else in the next instance, trading always the present for quantic pieces of P/F -- the "now you see IT now you don't" illusory game of Cybela Maya.

Going into other dimensions has to be a rapt due to the T/S velocity mismatch. This explains why any ESP experience has to go through "nobody's land" first (the transcendental realm of Lete), and can never be accurately translated into the coming back dimension. From here the disbelief of those who never had IT, and the total belief of the ones who did! When you have IT, you never forget IT!

The number of living harmonies (realities, forms) is infinite, as you can easily see. You can arrange and rearrange the living process of yours in an infinite way, what you need is just a focused will, a strong desire of doing IT. The old Seers were practicing their own mutation at will!

When man will really understand what living is all about -- an eternal process of Being in bubbles of T/S -- he will start living indeed. Only then man will be skillful enough to change his precarious life for a better other! Until then he will wait for science to give him short lived crumbs of knowledge in total disagreement with each other and the universe at large.

The lifetronic seeds of all living are here to stay! Compressed into a pinpointed Abyss -- the Central Point of IT and the core of any living -- they are ready to blossom again in T/S when the Logos is uttered: "LET IT BE!"


This is not poetry or prophecy -- THIS IS IT!!!







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