Most precious treasure of all
Is Life a private matter ?
Cosmic living and dying




" A Seed...
    A tree...
       A fruit...
                      A Seed again..."

Most precious treasure of all



Why is life precious? Because IT was given to you without knowing of any other! If man will know of other existential displays -- as all real yogis do -- he won't be so afraid of quitting his living, of dying. But we know of man and man only, and this is deadly, giving us the same living in eternal karmic circles of T/S. That's why we come back in the same suit of man again and again, with the same sensorial package, having the same planet as our habitat and the same cruel rulers making wars with each other at all time. We live in a low end senso-bubble of eternal suffering indeed!

Yoga calls this eternal cycle of reincarnation, Samsara, trying to escape it for the realm of gods (all human in nature) through the strenuous practice of the tapas and silent meditation. Such yoga (the religious type) makes man the apogee of all existence, making even the gods and the god almighty look human! TYoga doesn't share this man-centric view (a view shared by all religions as well), seeing man as a very small speck of life and trying to escape manhood and any other livelihood pertaining to the being universe (a sinful universe prone to suffering all across)! For TYoga Life is Living Organism of infinite nature with endless bubbles in it, having the being as a tiny one among many others -- a lucrative enterprise of boxes inside boxes (as a cool Daka was telling me once).


The truth is, nobody knows what Life really is, defining it being just a personal opinion without any ground of reality. As a product of Life, man can't never define Life, because a product cannot be aware of its purpose as part of a process (Life), and any definition is nothing else but a description of a purpose. We have here a loop of a loop that goes nowhere! The only way anybody can figure out Life is just by living IT, that's all! Man does this through the five elements shaping him in a sensorial apparatus and a peeping tom assessing their play as the sixth (element). Whatever surpasses man's sensorial capacity is unreadable for man! This is an Axiomatic Truth!

The Life we live is just one among an infinite chain of lives as a process called Existence, and our world is one among the infinite chain of worlds as a process called Universe/Cosmos. The first has the beings, the other is the Being! And each being in existence has his own sensorial capacity to read its living reality via its density to be at a certain T/S velocity -- what we call destiny! This is an Axiomatic Truth!


All Lives and all Worlds meet in a Spiritual Point in continue contact with ITSelf and similar in both ITs aspects: Existence-Universe. That's why in order to be you must have a destiny, a bio-script. This is the Trinity of All-That-IT-Is, or ITSelfBliss (Trinogen), TY's core concept:


The Contact with the Point is Universal, and because of this the entire Existence is Similar! IT is the Everlasting Point of Being in all Existence! This is TY's Trinity of Trinogen, having three main aspects: 

~  the Everlasting Point of IT!

~  the Contact of all Being with the Point!

~  the Similarity of All Existence as a result of the above!


Life is then a Contiguous Everlasting Point of Similarity!



The only possible example I can give to illustrate the above truth is the fractal experience from the world of computers. You can start anywhere, having the same similar point in all directions because of the common field of contact (ITs Interstice). It will take a while for science to realize this and live by IT, but the signs are already here............making movies out of IT..........that Point in Infinite. The Avatar movie was such a one!


As we have seen already, a cluster of certain desires attached to a witnessing core known as Self is all IT takes to make a life and all living. This is why Yoga is talking about sheaths of living patterns wrapping around the Self in the same way a crystal is formed. And as always, the Being adventure takes T/S, the only way for life to stay afloat through the means of desire. Without T/S no desire can't be fulfilled, therefore the happiness will be missing, and living without happiness is not possible.

As I know from my own Samadhi experiences, the witnessing Self has the capability of splitting into Self-Observer, and Self-Observed by a tricky T/S alternating switch. The Self is behind any living action and in IT still! This is the paradox of Being/NotBeing! Beyond the Self the T/S dies, and so is the living! This is an Axiomatic Truth!

The Supreme Self  is witnessing the entire T/S living as ITs mindful creations of ITs dualistic show call Life. That is why Yoga calls Life a Maya (an illusion). Strange as IT sounds, we all enjoy the "show biz" with its silly game of pretending, but we don't believe Life might be the same -- a mindful illusion -- when it actually is! The most enjoyable thoughts get attached to the witness for a while, to become a body of enjoyment for the Self. When that happens, the Self gets hypnotized by His own projections and be-comes an actor of His own. That's how the living starts with selves like you, me, and everything else........all just joyful illusions to be and live in duality.

But in order to enjoy the pleasuring living the Self needs first a sensuous body of action to be bonded with and a surrounding milieu to act upon. Both are coming into Life from the same Witness. The first movement brings the "body" (the subject), and the second movement brings the "milieu" (the object, the "other"). They both come from the same and for the enjoyment of the same as an illusory Subject/Object (S/O) separation. All this comes out from a Mind who wants to be known through all others and keep ITs unknown status in the process. Don't you ever try to find a "substance" here because you will waste your living span in vain. The religious "substance of Life" and the scientific "matter" (which are actually the same) are just manmade fabrications!

Life has them both -- the bodies and the milieu -- and, as you can see, they are both of the same kind, but we mistakenly split them in "subject" and "object" for the sake of Religion and Science. Nobody else does! In this respect the most savage man of Africa understands better the living than any egghead scientist! He doesn't make the separation! For him they are One! For the civilized man is a matter of opinion! For the savage is a matter of intuition!


The Witnessing Self is permanently inputting His information inside the living being you are, registering all your living reactions in order to improve you from within and outside in. Our beloved Internet works the same way today! The Self works mostly through two main information channels, sending and receiving data accordingly: 

triggering directly:

     --   our exo-sensorial gates (senses) we possess like sight, hearing, etc.

     --  our inner-sensorial gates of necessities like eating, drinking, resting, acting, metabolizing, etc.  

~  triggering indirectly:

     -- our aeonic and most subtle states of being like the expanding feeling of love: toward yourself, toward others, the entire creation and ending in Bliss; the intellectual act of thinking; the blissful act of meditation and Samadhi.
          --  our primordial and the deepest seeded living sheaths, which go all the way to the gods and the God of being ITSelf (Purusha).


  ~  The first ones are the physical gates of our living!

  ~  The second ones are the metaphysical gates of our living!


The first ones are directly related to our actual life and are mostly the ones recognized by the vast majority of people today as their senso-mind.

The second ones can be considered as the "Forgotten Being Condition", staying at the very core of Creation and having elevated bodies of action like astral, mental, spiritual, etc. Those bodies are revealed only in Samadhi through Yoga practice! They are the deepest layers of our being. They are very real, and can be rediscovered through RetroGenesis (TY major practice). As men we barely can explain these "alien" states of our being, but they are there waiting for some few to be discovered. We are living all these state simultaneously, but we don't realize IT!

They are all spread in entire Existence as densities of being -- all sheer illusions coming from a Mind who wants to be known through all others. The Being is meant to be known, a déjà vu faking as new! The being has been already declared ahead of T/S. This is an Axiomatic Truth!


What is beyond the Everlasting Point of Contact is not for you or me to know because if you know you don't ask, and if you ask you don't know! Our life is then a quest from what we are now into what we be-come, and farther on until the Final Liberation in Total Union where nothing is detached anymore. This seems a little pathetic, but is nothing more real and more essentially alive than this! But as I already said: you must have IT on your own in order to believe IT!

Our impotency of seeing them with the naked eye, through the microscope or telescope does not invalidate them, but us. IT rather shows how limited the physical plane is, and how unlimited the cosmic existence can be. It all depends solely upon the immortal Self in you then to be a certain being having a certain becoming, or not to be at all and rejoin the Whole. The choice is your!

Please remember also that in order to be something in particular you must first not to be something else because, as an animal, a human being or a higher cosmic being you already have a certain status of being condition you have "subscribed" to. The "adamic element" is man's being/living status, a being of five dimensions. This is why the actual man is the 5th generation of our being based on dirt, air, fire, water and light (the 5 elements), and a peeping tom assessing their illusory play (the 6th element). The next being to come will be the sixth, but IT won't be man and won't be on Earth, as old Seers knew! This is an Axiomatic Truth!


The being process has two well defined opposites: Life and Death! When the cycle of one ends, the cycle of the other starts. Please try to think a little harder on this: "When your Life ends and your Death starts", can you say for sure the second is a total annihilation (nullification)? In short, is Death out of the living process for real, or it is still in IT? Put IT "religiously": do you believe in living after dying?

Oh well, I do! And what I believe I put in this book! Science does the same when saying the negentropy is always surpassing the entropy............for the sake of living. What an old discovery that is indeed! The live after death is more real than the one you just left behind, the "sharpness" or the "dullness" of this new living status depending on you belief!

The Egyptians and the Tibetans are talking about the land of "Bardo", the Western Tradition talks about the "Styx" and "Lete", all considered as "limbo" states of being, a state similar to a foggy dream, but very real at times. After you linger in this state for a while, you forget everything about the human condition (losing your human memory) and you go through all kind of scary worlds until you finally end up into the world of light, the source of all T/S living. You linger here for a while, to go back short after to the human condition again as a terrestrial new. The procreative imprints in your Alaya/Eternal Consciousness (AC) have a lot to do with all this, waiting for you at the Event Horizon for the next life to come

Some of the worlds depicted in those books are really scary, and, as I always said, very privately so, which means that someone in the past put a piece of his own imagination in all those books, obviously! Those are with no doubt private symbolic thoughts of some priests. Please try to understand: what everybody preaches is just his own living experience and nothing else. To fall for these stories is a big mistake, making you a slave of another and obscuring you to know indeed how the living process works! Why? Because only you can validate your be-coming!


Why should you sacrifice you living destiny for an alien other?

Because a book or a priest said so? No way! Let's be serious here!

No book can tell what is in there, or in anywhere! Not even this book! What this book can tell you is just what I know and is valid for me, period! What is valid for you is for you to find out using your own talent to be! This is what TY is trying to inspire to man!

The life after death deals with a different reality, and because of this cannot translate accurately into our prior (human) experience, and, as such, scares us. If you practice Yoga and get into Turiya/Samadhi state often, the life after death won't scare you anymore because Turiya is exactly that life. The more you practice Yoga, and the more transcendental experiences you have, the less scare of dying you will be. There is no miracle here! Please understand IT! But please remember what I said several times before: in order to be something else you should first not to be what you already are. So in order to get into Turiya (Samadhi) state you must let go of the living as you know so far, to lose your human marbles/memory. You have to detach from your physical body and start living the life of your new body. Turiya deals with your astral body -- nailing down your physical body -- and you must realize this and relax accordingly. But most people get scared, holding on their old human cocoon and thinking of dying. Those will remain men forever!

The astral body doesn't have any weight or bodymass, and you will be surprised how "uncomfortable" it is to look for flesh, bones and such when you don't have any. It sound hilarious until you have been through this, after which the laugh stops and the new living starts. And what a living that is no need to tell! Dwelling in it you will realize how cheap the physical living really is, and how magnificent the life can be without physicality!


One thing I would like to mention in this respect is the fact that going from one body to another is experienced as a transcendental "rapt". This is a kind of sudden shift, an atemporal state, "a nobody's land" how some call it. IT absorbs the "trauma" of going from one dimension to another. The "trauma" is actually nothing else but your fear of losing your prior desirable human being status. Whatever is outside your human being status scares you because IT is unknown. You don't know what IT will be next, and you panic! This fearful panic is producing the "limbo state" I am talking about here! This unknown state can be avoided by Yoga meditation!

After this limbo state your mind starts spinning, your human thinking is gone, and the adventure begins! This does occur in both ways: from the lower to the upper, and from the upper to the lower -- the first is blissfully in nature, or as of the second is regrettably sorrowful (you feel sorrow when get back into the human cocoon). The more you live there, the less you want to come back as man!

For me the rapt is one of most sublime experiences I have ever had. IT is fast, blissful, and does feel like your real home indeed! When you get in those higher realms remember also that the universe has more than just five dimensions, so don't get limited into just those. When Penetration, Transmutation, Identification, and so on, come to you, don't be afraid, just let them BE! As a human being you have to struggle, to practice hard in order to reach these higher cosmic status conditions, but other beings are already there, enjoying them in full. So you better try to be nice and friendly! Remember: you are not a human anymore!


Why is man and everything else in the world dying?

Before answering this question allow me to ask you another question!

What is the meaning of dying? and..........Who is really dying?

We have learned in school living is a process -- a continuous T/S exchange -- and when this exchange reaches a high entropic point the body suffer a transformation of sort which shuts off its major functions, causing death. All this get noticed  by the people who are nearby the dead, not by the one who departs. But what is the one dead saying? Well, the ones having a NDE experience are telling us -- when they come back from the dead -- it wasn't a bad experience at all but rather a very pleasurable one, an experience they very much enjoyed. This tells to the ones living encased in density that dying is in fact a better living than the one they have. The bad experience in relation with the dying event is present only among the ones that cling to their human desires -- a truth very much known by the Old Seers!


As a NDEr is telling us, the Self is still there when man dies, but the living present there is incompatible with the old living left behind, therefore you can't have a direct (human) communication between the one and the other. The living process is present then everywhere -- and science accepts this as a matter of fact, teaching all this in school -- but the T/S velocity is not the same! We accept then the concept that the living process is regenerating from within and that in fact nothing is ever wasted in this process. We accept this as a matter of fact for everything else except for our human body. Why is this? Because of the lack of proper education! We are so busy to conserve our living that we forget what the living actually is! We are getting older, we are getting weaker, but we still want to live and suffer regardless! This is what the religio-scientific propaganda did to man, giving him the "survival of the fittest for the luxury of the richest"..........if you know what I mean!

Nobody ever educates the young or the older about the reality of living and dying. Nobody ever told me or to my children in school the Yoga teachings about the living and dying. We know a lot about how to survive in the living, but never how to die and what is after. This is because you don't have such teachers. If a Yoga teacher is coming to a school to teach about this, the parents will get hysterical, the teacher will be declared a "sissy" and thrown in jail for offending the public. That's how brain-hacked we are today!

You see now why you have the death in your blood: is there because the belief is there, and the belief is there because of what you have learned in schools and everyday social living. In short, your mind is brain-hacked to believe in dying, and nobody can change this but yourself! Yoga can help you as I do here, but nothing can't really change you but you! Go some place in the mountains, don't speak with anybody for ten years, and see what it will happen. Your belief will change! You will see how animals die, how trees die, etc., and you will learn from them how to live right and how to die right!  This is the way the living is built at this dense T/S plane (the physical): everybody should have his own experience in order to believe IT!

Most of us go with their living without ever considering that everyday they die a little and everyday they will be more and more scared of dying. You go to doctors and such to conserve your living, but you never consider to change your belief. You die when doctors can't save you anymore, and when the time comes you get back into the physical living (as a new born), forgetting again about the prior living, and so on -- a never ending loop of living for endless suffering!

But where is the dying in all this? I don't see any! You live, you live after (astrally) again, you come back to physical living as a new again, and so on! Where is the dying in all this? Nowhere to be found! IT is nothing but a change of decor inside the living process, that's all! You may have different living experiences, but the living is always there! And this is exactly what Yoga and this book is teaching you: not to be afraid of dying because living is everywhere you turn, renewing you from within and outside in! Science knows about this, but the religious grip is too strong to let the truth go out.


Living as man forever in the same cocoon will be extremely boring, just think of this! Through the so called death you actually revitalize your living for new adventures to come. You mold your potential living seed by choosing what to keep and what to throw. Then you start to organize your future karmic "appearance" to your best abilities for the new "living show" to come -- an endless show of sensorial nature! No wonder the showbiz is in so much swing today, giving to man fake make believes for loads of money in return!

But as you can see, there is no dying in all this! So please try to always remember what TYoga is saying about the living seed: "in the seed is All that IT is as an infinite potential of being; in man is only what you did choose to take for the time being!" In short, the living you have depends entirely upon your view..........of be-coming. The way you do the seeding is the way you do the harvesting (next living)!

If you want to come back here and to be a man again is fine; if you prefer to be an angel or a god among many is fine too; if your goal is not to be at all, you won't! But be sure first deep in your heart if you are happy with what you are now in order to know what you really want to be next, because............



Don't you live at the surface, go deep inside in search for more and more layers to be discovered. Live adventurously, not like a mummy in his tiny coffin trying to conserve a meaningless life: a job, a family, a house, some savings, and a death waiting for you ahead. Such a life is not worth a penny!

Everybody's life is in the end a gift from beyond which goes back into beyond. The purpose of each living soul is happiness, and that is the end of IT also! You have happiness at both ends, as you can see, therefore nothing to be afraid of. Whoever is trying to scare you with dying, suffering or such, tell him to go away. Trusting your heart is the best you can do in the being universe, but your heart has to be purged first of its sinful conflicts (A/R). Why? Because duality has to be harmonized in order for you to well be!

Considering all this I want to make you understand that TYoga is for everybody, from all walks of life. You can go with IT at any stage of you life, you can stop at any stage you want, and you will be still able to accomplish something out of IT. This is because everything, All that IT is, is in IT and nothing outside of IT. But in order to accomplish the Total Freedom you must stop "peopling" around, you have to retreat (withdraw) from life. You have to understand this also! But if man is what you eternally want to be, stay man forever in karmic cycles of T/S. The choice is always yours to pick!

As a tachy yogi in formation you must start with a little freedom first, like the freedom from all mundane worries, and little by little you must renounce more and more up to the point when you have to renounce to your own life (to die in mundane terms). And when I say this what I mean is to stop the entire T/S living process up to the point of Being/NotBeing state, where the "Life of life" and the "Death of death" is revealed. And this is something that cannot be explained! TY is mostly for this latter category! 


IT is a belonging place for everyone, one which is the most suitable for your soul, for your cosmic evolution. Everything else is an astray, a looping hole around this place. In order to find this special place you must look deep into yourself and let the tiny voice of intuition to speak up loud and honestly to your consciousness. That little cricket's voice!

If I look deep into myself, trying to find a belonging place on this planet for me, I can't. My deep feeling is that I don't belong here. I had this feeling since I was little, and the only goal I have since is to discover the bond that brought me here and to find a transcendental way out.  This is how I've got into Yoga since I was young, and this is why I am writing this book. Writing this book helps me clear my mind and discover that special place, unfolding my be-coming in that direction. As I said, I am the book, and what I preach I do also, to the best of my karmic abilities.

Yoga is teaching man he changes a body with another in Samadhi or in MahaSamadhi (death), the living remains, and you come back for the same right after eternally. Nobody dies until he withdraws from the Being in Mahapralaya. And even then, the seed remains, like a "Never Ending Story"! Being afraid of dying is then nothing else but being sick of living a dull life, and this is indeed a cosmic disharmony, an obstacle in the way of the eternal flow of Bliss. When this happens you have to surrender your life and start as a new! But we refuse to surrender, we start struggling, and the misery starts flowing from inside out and outside in. We go see doctors, take medicines and such, turning our life into an endless misery. Your actual life is as good as can be at your cosmic level, asking too much from it is a nonsense. Live to the best extend and surrender yourself to the next harmony to be. It will be better and definitely more enjoyable than the one you just left behind. Everybody wants a new car, a new house, or such, why is so hard for anybody then to want a new body, a new life, a new and better happiness? This lack of faith beats me!


TY is telling you the change produced by dying is actually a necessity of life due to the need of "fresh" and "reinvigorated" happiness without which life cannot be sustained. Without this "rejuvenating supply" the entire universe will be a screaming Hell. The Bliss is the very stuff the universe is made of, and the only meaning of IT! So let's keep the faith and use IT wisely in our daily living, invoking help through Samadhi. The help is already there in abundance, but IT has not been noticed yet! Life is a continuous flow, and nobody can ever stop IT!







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