Why the Dichotomy?
All that "buzzing"
Mirroring IT blissfully


" To Be or Not to Be!
In between ITs Harmony.
What a nice Dichotomy!"


Why the Dichotomy?



the good and evil


What is good and what is evil in the world? A question which should have never been asked by a clear minded person. But we are using these two tiny words so often that it must be some kind of "magical energy" in them by now. What is the "reality" behind the two above opposites, and how can we cope with this? Couple of examples at hand might help us to discriminate the meanings...........

> Let's say you hit your finger really "bad" trying to knock down a nail with a hammer into a piece of wood. What would be "evil": the hammer, the nail, the wood, your lack of skill, the pain or........the cat? None of all these is neither "good" or "evil". The hammer and the nails are the best possible tools for the job (unless they are made in China); the wood is a soft material just right for the job; your hands have very strong muscles able to perform the job, and the pain is the most appropriate way of telling you that something is damaging a part of your beloved body. As for the cat, we all know she is innocent.

With two more examples you will have even a better idea of how unwise is to segregate things in "good" and "evil".

> One is from Voltaire's book "Candide", in which a little story tells us how wise and free minded the author really was. The story says that an angel came down to earth to show to a man what "good" and "evil" really is. But the way the angel did that was so "cruel" the poor man was all mixed up. He saw a young boy drowning in a stream of water because the angel instead of helping him to get out was pushing him all the way under. He saw also a man trying to put off a fire on his house and the angel instead of helping him, in the contrary, was helping the fire to burn his house to the ground.

Finally, when the angel realized the poor man is all puzzled up, he told him why he did all the "abominable" things: if the young boy would have been left to live he would have killed his mother and would have been hung in the front of everybody in that town. As for the fire, the angel was just helping the man, whose house was the last obstacle in his path to yogahood. Suddenly the man was able to see the light behind the illusory darkness. I let you judge the above story by yourself!

> The second example is from an English author, Paul Brunton, who is trying to illustrate the illusion of "good" and "evil" in one of his Yoga books. Let's imagine a hot day of summer in the hot and wet India. The mosquitoes are all over, biting and sucking your blood. You can do nothing about this and you are afraid of contracting the terrible disease malaria. But from under the rocks is coming out the lizard, the little angel who is feeding on mosquitoes. From your perspective the mosquito is "evil" and the lizard is "good". From mosquito's perspective the same lizard is "evil" and you are "good".


Don't you get mixed up with all this? Sure you do, and to be on the "right" (another duality) side of tracks you will say: "let's take care of myself and this will be good enough for me". Unfortunately, this is not good enough, and it is very easy to see why: if everybody in the world would do what the human being does from centuries it would be nothing left on Earth. Fortunately for us the animals and all other creatures on Earth are way wiser than man, they know when to stop and to give themselves up lovingly for the sake of life and all living to prosper.

A true personal experience which I recall as a treasure of my soul is also to be told. It was a hungry dog which was staying in my way trying evidently to get some food from me. I went to the store, bought couple of salami slices and I've returned shortly, wondering if the dog will be still there by the entrance. He was! I put the slices down in front of him. He ate just two of them, leaving the rest untouched. He was obviously unfed for days, but he was just staring at me careless for food, telling me through his eyes how grateful he is and how much he loves me. When I came back in the spot, half an hour later, the dog was gone, but the food was still there untouched, waiting for any other hungry animal to feed on it. I could not find any other equivalent example of such harmonic balance of taken/giving (t/g) in man's world since, where millionaires need to do "philanthropic work" in order to feed people made poor by their selfish greed. 


Why are we so heavily anchored in this concept of "good" and "evil", labeling people, creatures, things, phenomena, actions, etc. as such? A good/bad guy, a good/bad luck, a good/bad dream, a good/bad health, etc. Many old Seers have discovered this dualistic seed in man millennia ago as a bio-coded script of our adamic status. Yoga has discovered this also as the play of insidious Desire, the selfish attachment to pleasure and happiness leading to objects dependency. TY sees it as the very condition to be, which is based on S/O separation. To be needs duality to function. This is an Axiomatic Truth!

Desiring is the very tool of duality, and the very condition to be. But Duality -- and the Desire duality is based on -- has boundaries, expressed as a T/S relationship, therefore is deadly. A being, any being, can stretch only from here-there, to die when he is trespassing that boundary. That's what god told to man not to do, knowing of desire's curse based on T/S! Only what resides beyond being can stretch here-everywhere as a continuous Now -- not knowing of duality, desire, T/S............or man! The difference between the two is the secret of the Union split!


The way duality/desire works is very simple and very efficient! Since infancy we have a natural tendency of looking for something to satisfy our senses, and when we finally find something which makes us happy, we want IT again and again. The first impulse, stimulated by our senses and felt as pleasure (happiness) by our impure heart (manas), gains "energetic ground", to settle after couple of pleasurable repetitions as T/S imprints (vasanas) into our memory bank (brain or Chitta). The same thing is valid for the unpleasant living events, seeded as such in the same memory bank and kept away as much as possible. The first are called Attractions, and the second are called Repulsions. This is the dualistic play of A/R dwelling in our impure heart -- both based on S/O separation and T/S, of course. From the harmonic or disharmonic game of those two we make our living a Heaven or a Hell accordingly. To harmonize duality and turn divine is a refine art, an art known only by yogis and gods!

We are all together in this game, and we can do nothing about it unless the third eye of Union (Yoga) opens in Samadhi. This is  the way the entire world lives and the very cause of our happiness or misery! Harmonizing the seeding is everybody's particular way of harvesting the living! Fortunately for us, this applies to the physical world mostly, having little impact on the higher realms of existence, where the T/S is more flexible and less discontinue, a divine living. But at our terrestrial level life is a struggle, due to our dense layers of sin, our generation (the 5th) being very dense in nature, therefore hard to be maintained from beyond!


Any human baby -- as well as any other baby -- is not coming into the world "tabula rasa", empty handed, he carries with him the aeonic seeds of A/R collected as drops of happiness/sorrow throughout myriad of lives as old living experiences. Those are the first to work in any new born baby, to be enhanced later on in his unfolding life. Harmonizing dualities is very old in man's world then! This is indeed our everyday living job: to harmonize/balance dualities!

Our universe is made of our ancestral Desires, Attachments, and Subliminal Necessities collected and restructured throughout everyday living and all past lives. Please look at the mandalic summary bellow which shows how the Self has entered the Game of Lila (Life), how He has got bonded to the physical body through His Desirous Attachments, and what He (You) can do to get free of those bonds. It will be more about this on the chapter called "Path", which explains in details TYoga's technique of getting the Self free of the bond. For now just realize how our lives are shaped by Desire from aeonic times and how many and powerful man's desires have become.




















Bond to LIFE
 (Living & Dying)







Working (Job)














All Desires (our living bread) are coming in the T/S living (our Life) from the same Aeonic Bliss as droplets of quantic happiness (see Being Happy as the first condition of living). They are mostly harmless when they come and go. But when you (your Self) "fall in love" with a desire -- like most of us do -- your bio-energetic flow starts focusing on it and you get stuck with what we call an Attachment, a heavy energized desire which addicts your Ego-Self to it for a while. Try to imagine the inertia of a long raw of runners building up a very compressed "dog pile" above the one falling ahead.

An Attachment can be still just a temporary addicting desire, the Self usually changing His focus from one to another most of the time. But when an Attachment is staying  with us for a while longer, it turns into a Belief (and later on into Faith), which is a Selfish Focus on some A/R. We have decided to keep our "dearest Desire(s)" at any price, against anyone and anything opposing them regardless of the consequences. In this case the harmless Attachment becomes a "fanatic will", having the power of a Hurricane. All the bloody religious and otherwise wars in mankind's history are the result of this desirous will getting out of control! The only remedy against this is in remembering the Union (Yoga)!
     When a Belief gets deep into our aeonic memory -- staying there as a mnemonic imprint (vasana, impression) -- it becomes a Necessity, something you can't live without like breathing, drinking, eating, sleeping, multiplying, etc. Those are the "bricks" our body is made of, as well as the "bricks" of our surroundings. They are "grounded" so deep in us that they become a "seed", a bio-coded mark to be carried over to future lives to come. Science calls this the "genetic code" (living bookmarks), and says this is what insures our specie conservation. Yoga knew this from millennia, but did not make deadly experiments on life with it. 

You can surely say that you put the seed of your life in the same way a tree is seeding his. And you can say the same about a star, a galaxy, and the entire universe. The "seed" is always of mental kind, and in this respect we can say that every man is a yogi when he concentrates on certain desire. I want a car, a house, money, success, etc., all those imply a mental concentration of some kind in order to take the action next and make the mental wish a reality in the end. The only difference is in the Cosmic Way a yogi looks upon a desire: without any over-imposing, on nobody's expense, and in harmony with the entire universe. The focus is very different!


 We are all taking our seeds from an infinite pool of energetic flow called Cosmic Memory (Chit). From this continuous flow we are choosing our drops of A/R, of happiness and sorrow as "moods" of our ego-self continuously changing in T/S. This continuous flow is changing our life at any given moment, in all aspects of it: thoughts, feelings, actions, etc. Without this eternal flow (sustained from beyond as we have seen), life won't be possible because IT will be no "inertia" to be applied to any "fall". IT is the only living game there is, and nobody ever can change or add a "iota" to IT, because IT was there "first", the T/S came "next" as ITs illusory dream to be.

The only living play you can accommodate is to focus upon a harmony or another and to be-come that harmony as a cluster of A/R: a man, a sun, a god, etc. And the very core of any cluster would be always the very core of the entire universe: the tension of Duality (the engine of Being)! You have to really comprehend the fact our living is based on duality, therefore it can thrive only through a permanent action of harmonizing duality. When this action is not present, then duality discharges itself and the living is there no more. Duality can never play in one extreme because the rule of being is simple: we are two, let's mingle! Only by harmonizing duality then life can "survive"! To harmonize duality is then the very condition of survival, not a commodity or a luxury! This is an Axiomatic truth!

Clustering in a living harmony from All that IT is endlessly flowing, and treasure IT as Ego-Self, is then the only living game possible, a paradox of emptiness becoming somethingness. Duality, Being, and Living are then one and the same. Looping around for eternities, Duality has very restrictive boundaries, like boxes inside boxes, creating always a certain tension as a result. This tensional action is what we normally call energy -- the only power to be. I don't elaborate on this here, but the Energy chapter has it. Even so, the secret of the dualistic universe we live in has to be self-discovered! All I can say is: we live in a faulty universe based on a sinful separation with the tendency to get back in Union! Yoga's name (Union) is not then chosen at random, expressing this esoteric truth!

We try very hard today to harmonize duality, but we do this from a wrong foot, the religio-scientific foot based on pretend and assumptions. such approach has no chance to prevail, in the contrary, it will send us in oblivion. Only the heart has the means to harmonize duality and lead us back in the Union. Unfortunately, mankind suffers of a chronic eclipse of heart, therefore has no chance to survive. Only a miracle can save us today, so let's have IT! 


As you can easily see, any entrapped energy into density is as good or bad as can be, with no big deal of conflict as long as the taken/given (t/g) are not at an extreme point. But when an extreme prevails over the other, the life we know is at a turning point, and the broken balance has to be reestablished by a higher cosmic action. Whoever is abusing or is abused has to be reharmonized, rebalanced. This is what the Old Tradition means when speaks about doomsday: an event meant to rebalance the living events to come by destroying what has become degenerated in extreme! Today we are at this last stage of our living span! We are about to go in oblivion!

The disappearance of hundreds of species of animals, of lakes, forests, etc., are just few examples of a broken Eco-Harmony by too much taken. The careless residual throw we are giving back to our planet is another example of many in which a wrong giving becomes nothing else but ecological trash. They are both working against man, as we feel more and more today. Man has to remember that duality without harmony spells misery! This lack of wisdom in harmonizing duality will make us all extinct! We are are close to Doomsday!

When science comes today to tell us this will destroy Life on our planet, you better analyze this statement carefully because is no valid truth in it. Life is not man oriented as science thinks it is. Life's potential is infinite, and IT will remain as such without the man in IT and without the species we are used to. Please rest assure...............Life is not a man oriented event!

IT will be a different life without the being called man in IT, that's true, but IT will still remain Life nevertheless. Nobody can ever kill Life, nobody, because............killing is part of Life!



We are too much, and for too long, inclined to look at Life as a man centric event, which is not a valid truth. This is what some religious freaks are telling us and what some unwise low end corrupted scientists crazy about money, labeling, and cloning things  and happenings (including ourselves and the living events) are trying to convince us to believe into. Yoga has a very different approach about Life, with a total respect for all creatures on this planet. This is why, as I said, Real Yoga is at light years from science and any religion. Unfortunately, Yoga today is just a pretend, the same all religions are..........a selfish business!

The more man is abusing the taking, the more and more his giving is nothing else but an unaccepted trash, because the natural harmony is there no more. Life will be back in harmony with ITSelf after a short while, with a new "make up" and new beings in it. Nowadays pollution, moral degradation, shameful illnesses, wars, drugs, violence, terrorism, etc., are all due to the great disharmony (imbalance) man produces in nature and society. And if Mother Nature can get easily back in balance, man can't! We can go back in the prehistoric era, or out of existence all together, in a nick of time, as it did happen before! Man has civilized himself many times over!

This will be our Armageddon, the final fight of man before the man will cease to exist! It will be the end of the old and disrupted harmony and the beginning of a New Harmony about to come in fruition! The transition period will be always a limbo state of confusion. This T/S living cycle is as old as the Life ITSelf! This is an Axiomatic Truth!

The living up to the end will be a living of the weak, of fancy talk, cold hearted actions and pretend. People will be soft, fragile and sick because they have been takers for so long. All the givers will be dead already, killed by the greediness of the takers. IT won't be good nor bad, just another life change, a new readjustment of the living process for the Seers, but it won't be the same for the entropic takers used for so long to attach to perishable things and desires. For them IT will be a Hell indeed, a Hell made out of their greed and abusive power. Please remember: there is nothing to learn from duality except sharing evenly its polarity and live in harmony! Duality without harmony is just suffering and misery! 


Whatever level of goodness you have, a contra-balanced level of evilness will be there also as an obstacle of it. The growth is in both directions, and the temptation is always there. Both are mental and physical actions of the same deceiving desire, going equally strong against Final Liberation. An idiot and a genius, an evil man and a saint, a brute and a great master, are all part of the same dualistic game of T/S. They may look very much apart, but the fact is, they are not too much so.

For the brute, as well as for the great master, the temptation is the same, the only difference being the way they handle it -- the former with selfish respect for himself only, the later with love an respect for the entire life. The brute can turn very easily into a criminal if the cosmic will must have a victim. The great one is also an extension of the cosmic will, but instead of being just a "blind tool" of IT, he is an "associate". They are both in great need for the being universe to function, and none of them is either good or bad, just opposite. Those in power of mankind know this, using people on both sides for their own selfish benefit.

If the world is out of balance by having too many criminals/brutes or too many saints/masters -- which rarely happens -- a very quick and appropriate action would be taken at the cosmic level for the sake of the living game, because Life without duality is not life anymore, is not even death: JUST ISN'T!That is why a genius, a saint, or a great master is a "rara avis", and so is an evil criminal, a dictator, a sick minded sect leader, etc. IT has to be that way for the sake of the living game! But today we've managed to change all this for worse, giving us all a chance to turn extinct! We didn't learn much from duality except how to live in misery!

Whoever understands this is at the very sharp edge of the living game: half in and half out! Those are the ones trying to get out of the T/S misery through Yoga practice. Whoever lives up to this is completely out of the living game in the witnessing condition of God! Those are the Great Ones, the ones already out of dualistic T/S living misery!

If you want to be a master, a saint, or a genius, keep fresh in mind what a tremendous task you have ahead of you. The higher you go on the living scale, the more and greater temptations you will have because duality is increasingly "taller". The Power and the Obstacle confronting the living are equally tall, both working together to keep the life going in circles of T/S. Without these two actors, known to man as good and evil, Life would not be possible at all!




There are couple of symbols/words which I would like to share with you as an illustration of the dualistic modality of Life:










If you just take your time and meditate upon them you will realize that NONE OF THE TWO CAN BE WITHOUT THE OTHER!!!


Being and not-Being are opposite for the sake of both, giving us the living diversity. What is me can't be you, and is not for sure an ant or a sun.

The Bliss and Abyss is the paradox of that Great Cosmic Kiss. The Golden Dust (the Infinite Expansion) must have an Infinite Rock/Obstacle (the  Infinite Contraction) in order to differentiate from ITSelf as a colorful Cosmos.

The Light has to travel throughout Darkness in order to put the T/S to work for a living.

A Disharmony is as such from our human perspective, but it could be a wonderful Harmony from a non-human perspective.

The T/S vibrates very differently according with all the above precepts and turn easily in each other as the scientists have just discovered.

The Spirit becomes Matter as you and me, and the Matter goes back as Spirit feeding other realms of existence -- the lovely play of living densities. The scientists have just discovered this as the wave/particle paradox, and the time will come when the matter concept will drop dead.

The Subject takes the shape of an Object very often, as well as vice versa, when man starts studying himself, his surroundings, or when he is dreaming or gets to higher realms.

In the end all this dualistic game is a mindful play having life as its result. What I can say is: All living is a dualistic process! Making a harmony out of it depends on your mind's velocity to be!





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