Cosmos and Chaos as Living choices
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Forever Unknown Reality


" The Ocean is in any tiny drop!
The Sun in any tiny light!
The Happiness in any tiny soul!
The REALITY isn't!"


Cosmos and Chaos as Living choices



The word "Cosmos" means "harmony / embellishment / ornament" in Greek, expressing the particular way man is looking upon life through his sensoriality. For any human being life is then a self-expression of his desirous will applied upon himself and his surroundings -- being mostly mirrored in man's senses (manas) and analytic mind (buddhi). Whatever is convenient and makes man happy is his Cosmos, and whatever is inconvenient and makes him unhappy is his Chaos. And is fair to assume the same thing applies to any other beings in existence. Any cosmos is then strictly related to a private sensoriality to be!

Chaos means "empty space" (abyss, confusion) in Greek, being the opposite of man's concept of harmony. But this is just a human assumption and not necessarily a fact of life, a Reality. Please take a look at the picture bellow and realize the treachery of the same overall Cosmos/Harmony looking different from different perspectives of sensorial living.



The middle contact point is always there to "read" ITs reflections at once, but the reflections miss IT though they all have IT. Viewed from the center all living is a Cosmos, a Harmony in different hypostasis of Being Happy, but from the limited human perspective it is split in Cosmos and Chaos (the upside down Cosmos). If you turn the picture upside down you will notice that what was man's Cosmos becomes now an upside down Cosmos (a Chaos) and vice versa. The Cosmos is actually everywhere from ITs perspective, but from man's perspective IT is dualistically split. If man manages to get back in the Union of All that IT is, the harmony will be paramount!

This is the paradox of ITs Center, which spreads beings around from ITs center and stays undisturbed the same for the sake of the game. What for a human being is then a Cosmos, a desirable Reality, can be a total Chaos for some other beings incompatible with man's T/S living velocity. If you are able to transcend into their own living perspective you will surely discover a Cosmos (Harmony) as good or better than yours there. That is why you should never judge anything in living or in dying because you never know all the truth there is. You should rather observe Yoga's code of silence!

The world of dreams is a good prove of the Cosmic vs. Chaotic realities and of the mechanism your mind has to extrapolate into Subject/Object (S/O) according with the private/selfish bio-script you have. In your dream you can be either a subject, an adversary, an obstacle, a landscape, or anything you wish for, in a T/S which can be stretched infinitely. Your dreaming actions are tremendously multiplied by the very reason of having the freedom to make your own living "scenarios" using an infinite memory bank of effects -- all products of your sensorial "package". It will be still humanoid in nature due to your private sensoriality, but nevertheless different from the living you know when awake. The fact is, all life is a dream, a senso-game of mindful nature. That's why you should be never Ashamed, you should never Blame, and you should never Complain.........just play the game or withdraw from it.


Living in the subtle side of living during dreaming, the mind is free here of the physical body and its daily chores, being able to act according with the creative power of your heart. For your previous awake and "rational" living perspective IT looks Chaotic, but from the dreaming and "irrational" living perspective everything is "crisply clear". Switching roles between Subject and Object, in a T/S frame which is practically unlimited, you surely have the total freedom of being opposite to yourself for instance without the possibility to harm yourself. Your imagination can build here anything it wants, with a speed and variation impossible otherwise. You are still subdued to T/S, of course, but at a scale which definitely surpasses the awaken state. Nothing is chaotic here except the new T/S velocity you are in, and you realize this only by comparison when you are awake and the dreaming reality has to "die" out in order for the awaken state to take over.

The mastering of all living is to know the fact all opposites are from the same source -- your lower mind (manas) stirred by desire -- and to reunite them all by a T/S fusion technique described later in this book. The Tibetan Book of the Dead, and the Egyptian contra part, have their own techniques about the realm of Bardo. This astral living will be the next realm after the physical body dies, and very few people know of it or believe in it. This is what makes most men die in agony, the cling to their past living memory!

The mind goes wild here because of his tremendous freedom of creativity, which is not "rationally" stopped by any external and "solid" obstacles or by any internal limited necessity. Here everything goes wild! That is why the Old Tradition is stressing so much upon the importance of the terrestrial life and its use for the harness of desire. Mastering desires during terrestrial life will be the guarantee of mastering the far more powerful desires on the astral plane after death. The Old Wisdom knew the geometric magnitude of desires on the astral plane. This is actually the very purpose of Yoga and all other Esoteric Traditions: to teach you about this when alive in order to have a smooth sailing when you get there as a dead. In short, a rehearsal of dying!


Harnessing such a living power is a Prometeic task for any human who never tried to mix with gods. The human pattern will be still in place, as well as the human behavior, the only difference being the mindful T/S velocity of this realm, which would appear chaotic at first. A TYogi has to know of dreaming as the phony heavens, the ones preached by all religions in the world today. In the Real Heavens the human race is unknown! This is an Axiomatic Truth!

The astral world is the place of disincarnated Souls, the realm of endless energy eager to be. Such energy has to purify to the extend of turning into a blissful flow knowing of ITSelf as wholesome in nature. Once achieved, the Trinity of ITSelfBliss becomes One Union! Those are the Real Heavens, the ones going beyond the Adamic Element (the universe of man)!

Here is the place where our living seeds germinate and reshape our P/F living. For people who get stuck in the human pattern condition it will be another humanoid living, for few others IT will be another more elevated living, and for a handful few it will be a withdrawal from being all together. Those seeds are mostly feelings (mindful desires to be fulfilled), that's why this realm is called by some esoteric traditions "the realm of desire".

When man dies, the previous rigid human cosmos is fading away as a forgotten chaos, being replaced by a new living cosmos with a new and fresh you in it and far more expanded surroundings. This is what a real evolution is about. For the one who knows and masters the light of their mind the next living halt will be the mental world, where the eternal flow of knowledge instates and all the senses sublimate in Eternal Bliss. The bliss will be your home and the duality will fade away. The Self, the scenery, and the Bliss are One here as.........SatChitAnanda. TYoga calls such realm, Trinogen, the Trinitarian Union of the Wholesome Singularity dwelling in Infinite Luminosity! 


The dearest desires of man -- collected as mental imprints (sensations, emotions, feelings), intellectual visions (clusters of thought, images, etc.), and deeds (actions) -- are the seeds (vasanas) of his past lives and the ones to come. Their strength is coming from the willing heart, the place where the Supreme Witness is enjoying them all, giving us the necessary energy to want them again and again for eternities to come.

By our repetitive actions, our desires become "our reality", "our only truth", and the only meaning of life for us. And because we cannot have them all simultaneously -- as a result of our scattered T/S living condition as men -- we try to enjoy them sequentially, one sip at the time, like a medicine for happiness. This is our eternal living loop, our karmic wheel of desires.

Feeding on drops of happiness (our daily bread) and sharing them with all others is the very status condition of our earthly life. The inconsistency of our mind/genome -- which cannot focus on all directions simultaneously, jumping from a "bit" of data to the next instead -- is responsible for our limited human condition at our physical plane. That's why TY sees man as a bio-computer having the On/Off switch of duality as his engine to be! Science will discover decently soon the veracity of this!

The same goes for the astral plane and all others, until the T/S is subdued and the Witness instates as ITSelf. In short, every living entity up to the Supreme Witness has his own "window" to look at life from and to create his own reality -- all having the T/S as a mindful tool of building illusions. And we all know who builds the T/S: Kundalini, of course!


T/S varies according with the living pattern you are in:

~  in the physical plane the T/S is rigid and unidirectional, from Past toward the Future (P/F)!

~  in the astral plane the T/S is flexible and bi-directional (P-F). Back and forth in Past and Future!

~  in mental plane life flows in all directions like an infinite river. A Continuous Flow of Being traveling through Linear Conduits (the same way computers do)!


Your reality could be then an impairment compare with some others, and some others could be the same for some others, and so on. Some animals are seeing just in black and white like dogs, lions; some insects, like bees and butterflies, are seeing the world through several thousands "windows", in an evantail of colors far beyond that of man; some animals like bats and moles can't see at all, etc., etc. This is what the living game really is, a play of boxes inside boxes, each having its own window of playing his "private" dualistic living. Amazing how close to the way computers work this really is!

Whoever is able to perceive everything at a glance, in a continuous present penetrating all living levels, has a status condition that you may surely call "God". All others are just gods or devils depending on your own living status compare with them. Over man's limits of perception dwell the miraculous worlds of other beings considered gods from our human perspective -- and man loves very much to witness their miraculous stunts. The thing is, we "speak" just human, and the Being universe is not a human oriented event! Please do believe this because humanizing the universe is really silly!

We are deceiving ourselves if we think that we are able to perceive an objective and continuous reality: first because we are ourselves part of this reality; and second because the reality itself is a discontinuous, ever changing process of T/S called be-coming -- the being comes to us from beyond through our sensorial gates. Our reality is just a sensorial process inserted in our script to be (our genome)! The True Reality remain forever Unknown for man!


The Being Universe is then an eternal process, and so is man and All that IT is! Nothing is stable in the being universe but the change ITSelf, and as such, Life has no meaning except happiness! A two fold truth is emerging from here:

we are creating our own reality continuously using a dual lifetronic process of Attractions/Repulsions (A/R) according with a preestablished script (our real mind) allowing us to do this by the means of our T/S velocity to be.

~  no reality can be (exist) by ITSelf, as a self-created, self-efficient system, not even God (which is nothing else but the vision of our farther evolution.

 This esoteric concept will have a tremendous impact on our life and living. The theory of relativity and the quantum physics are just two of them, and there are a lot more yet to come. What Yoga keeps reminding us from millennia is the fact we are part of an Universal Living Process, therefore we cannot process what is processing us from a higher harmonic order. In order to be able to understand your position in the living process you have to transcend yourself into a higher harmony and look at the "Past-You" from a "You-New" position. There is no other way of knowing yourself but this -- the Knowinger way (Knowing and Be-coming as one single action)! Only by achieving the Union you can turn One with All that IT is and not be!


You cannot separate your reality from your living, that's why there are as many realities as many creatures are. Everybody has his own living reality, and nobody will be ever able to change that but the owner himself. We have a tendency of extending our own reality to other realities around us, giving our own "private version" to them all. This is very obvious in what we are doing in the name of science to our planet, to our surroundings, to animals, to our own kind and all others, etc. -- humanizing everything around us. Man is indeed a very selfish creature prone to destructive actions!

Looking around you realize how different everybody is living his own life: headphones to keep your favorite band rolling in your ears, dressing unusual just to be a "selfish weirdo" above the crowd, pertaining to a certain social group as distinctive from others, women playing "tough" just to get noticed and be above man, etc. Like father like son doesn't apply anymore, just like ME everybody!

Looking around one more time you realize that the sun is still there, the earth continues to rotate around the sun, and the moon is still "silvering" us at night. But there are some rumors of sun erratic eruptions, of Earth shifting poles, of comets approaching earth, etc. We be-come more and more aware that nothing is forever but the change ITSelf. And we make a daily mantra out of the living change, going with an accelerating pace on the slippery road of "individual emancipation", forgetting that sharing and togetherness is what we should cherish and not the selfish separatism of self-infatuation.

There is an explanation for all this separatist selfishness, the actual man is the fifth generation of man, "a being individualized by self consciousness". This generation of man is close to end its living span and to make room for the new one to come: the sixth generation of… won't be man! 


Concluding the above tachyionic vision about reality I can say that the living reality some yogis are envisioning is not an alien one, just a yet to come existence waiting in the wings to be discovered. Which reality to pick depends entirely upon what your desirous heart likes the most. Those will be then the seeds of your new reality to come (bringing in fruition your new be-coming).

The present is something that nobody can tell because T/S is not made for IT! There are just two realities of living in the being universe: 

~  playing IT (as a dualistic T/S living game of different densities to be), and

~  witnessing IT (as ITSelf, a mirrored image of IT) 

The first is called Life! The second is called God!

Science is for the very many called "sons of man", a stage before be-coming man again. The ever changing P/F is Science's dearest and only reality! Science lives in the looping eternities of T/S (Aeons)!

Low end yoga is for the few ones called "Sons of God" (Avatars), the last human status before identifying with ITSelf (God). The forever flowing Bliss of Samadhi is low end Yoga's Final Reality, the realms of desirous gods (devas)!

The High End Yoga has Nirvana as ITs Last Reality, which is beyond being and be-coming as Sunyata, an all pervading Emptiness!

The Attributeless state of IT is Tachy Yoga's only Reality -- the Interstice of IT.........That Infinite Point where everything sprang from and returns into!






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