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How Being does IT



Before even starting a discussion about Energy is better to have a short history of the word itself. Chronologically the word "Being" was the first used, changing later in the  word "Power", which has changed later in the closer to us words "Force" and "Energy". All of them, as well as the ones who descend from them like "Spirit", "Psyche", "Soul", "Breath", "Action”, Etc., are having the same "To BE" in origin, which suggests that the only "substance" IT is and makes everything turning is a "Witnessing Self" (ITSelf) coming out as an Expansive feeling from an Unknown core of everything. The expansive Bliss is then at the very base of All that IT is, all Being and all existence!

Each one of the words used along mankind's history is a perfect match of man's involution. The "Being" belongs to the "patriarchs' era" when God was talking directly with man through his heart. The "Power" belongs to the "kings' era" when just a few men were able to contact God and guide people in His precepts. The "Force" belongs to the "dark era" when the leaders have lost all contact with God and started fighting and killing each other, dividing all mankind in rich and poor. The "Energy" belongs to the "technological era" when the real leaders don't exist anymore and the machines are leading all mankind to an increasing weaker condition. But at the base of all this is still the Bliss, the Battery of all living! At the present time we are at the very end of our total degradation/involution (KaliYuga)!


Whoever is thinking of using the word Energy has to be aware then that what he is in fact saying is nothing else except: "the Universe IS! Everything IS! He IS!", which is very similar with Yoga's "Creative Consciousness" (CC), "OM", "Prana", "Kundalini", with Greek's “Hieros Logos”, and finally, with Descartes'  "I think, therefore I am!". All just empty words trying to depict a totally unknown Entity manifesting ITSelf as an expansive feeling of Bliss traveling through Abyss -- the Great Breath -- otherwise known by man as Life, Existence! The nature of this Omnipresent Breath is unknown!

The advantage the old word (Being) is giving us even today is that IT sees Life even where the movement is missing, whereas the new words (Power, Force, Energy) do not, being associated with visible movement, action, process, thermo-dynamic-scandal, etc. The meaning this book is inviting you to have in mind throughout its reading is Yoga's Creative Consciousness (CC), Bliss, Being, Self, I am (corresponding to Brahman and Atman). It is imperative to keep this in mind in order to understand the real meaning of this chapter and all others throughout the reading: for TY All Life is a heartfelt mindscape, a blissful state of mind! All that IT is, all being, comes out as a product of an Infinite Mind! This Mind is Infinitely Spread and Contained as an Interstice of all existence!

Being = The only Power in the Universe!

Any energy in existence comes from this Power and only!

Not-Being cannot be, therefore, IT! The Unknown!



"Brahman alone is and nothing else", says the Upanishads. Expanding infinitely in all directions from a Center never to be found, IT creates a multitude of universes as mindful Embellishments (Cosmos in greek) of ITSelf...........the only Power there is, with no second -- our very existence being like a christmas tree full of ornaments! No wonder the greeks called our universe a "cosmos", an illusory embellishment of our senses!

Whoever is trying to separate the Energy from the Power to be is creating a separation in the place where the Union reigns. To assume a man looking God as the Holder and the Energy as a molding material in His hands is one of the biggest and most regrettable mistakes of man, and the deceiving ground of all religions. The truth is, any possible energy comes out from the Power to be and returns back to IT! For religion and their leaders is a matter of survival, of making up the show of "My God is better than yours" in order to make themselves better than others and take advantage of the ignorant many. Please realize this and don't fall for cheap religious tricks!

As I just said, the entire universe is a result of one and only Power of Being, because nobody can "BE" without "Being". This Power "IS", the Being, and that is all you can acknowledge of IT. Any name we attach to IT is nothing else but a label, a symbol and not a valid reality. The Light, as beautiful as IT is, has the same Power behind as one of ITs endless manifestations. The same Power is behind the thunder, the atomic bomb, a galactic explosion, an earthquake, or Life and Death. We have IT also in our body, softly spreading around through numerous organic formations like tissues, molecules, DNA, and so on. IT is also all around us like solid ground, water, air, fire, trees, animals and so on. When I say "behind" I do not mean "apart" of all ITs manifestations but rather in the deepest core of them all. You cannot separate the Potential Power to be from the Manifested/Dynamic Energy, like some people mistakenly think when they consider the old Yoga mirroring reflection example. The only permissible concession would be to consider the Potential Power as the only valid straight line in all possible directions, and the Dynamic Energy as the coiled line curved by the action of T/S. The first travels through Linear Conduits (like the computers do), the second goes slowly in a circular motion of T/S!

The Potential Power to be is straight and pointed to ITSelf, the Dynamic Energy is circled, spiraling/oscillating around the straight line, but is pointed to the same One and only Origin. The Straight Line is Susumna, the Curved Line is Kundalini Shakti (T/S). The mirror and ITs reflection are one then, in spite of the deceiving appearances. Samsara and Nirvana are Padma Sambhava knew! You must be aware of this Axiomatic Truth and assimilate IT because of ITs understanding depends your freedom of being your own Creator or a created slave. Whoever "knows" and "sees" this has the Creating Power, whoever doesn't is powerless, "nude" of power. IT is just One Living Energy whatsoever, any other energies move/live from IT! Science very much knows of this when saying the initial energy is there forever to stay............forever strong and undiminished.  


The Energy, as I just said, is a Pulsation -- the direct and only result of the infinite back and forth movement of Bliss and Abyss -- materialized in a dichotomy known by us as Expansion-Contraction (the Great Breath). This Pulsatory Energy is felt throughout all Existence, being the first Cosmic Feeling and the very condition of all living, which is...........Happiness! Nobody can just "BE"..........IT has to "BE-Happy!" Please realize the double meaning here! The ones in power of mankind are totally blind to this valid truth, making us all suffer and cry. This is a shame indeed!

The scientists found a funny name for these two manifestations: "Entropy"  vs. "Negentropy", which means nothing else but "turning toward yourself" (Entropy), and the opposite respectively (Negentropy). As you can easily see, it is the same Contraction vs. Expansion "scientifically cloned". Einstein was aware of this too when saying the mass of any physical object which is trying to reach the speed of Light is growing up to the point when is becoming infinite; reaching that speed the mass is released entirely, turning into a point which can be simultaneously in any possible T/S dimension. That infinitesimal point is the energy present in All that IT is, the One in everyone!

Yoga knew about this from millennia, but mankind was not ready to comprehend the concept at the time -- and as it looks to me, it is not ready even today! From the Infinite Void (Sunya) filled with all Plenitude (Sat) came out the Expansion of Being-Happy, the first Cosmic Baby Bliss. Swinging between Being and NotBeing, the Baby Bliss grew to become a T/S oscillation, a Cosmos (an embellishment)..........our daily Energy and living!


For a Tachy Yogi the Energetic Process is very simple, and can be laid down as follows:

~   An Ever-Lasting Being Energy pouring out of IT.

~  A Universal T/S Living Process called Lila (Life), which is a dualistic manifestation of the above Energy as the being universe.

~  A multitude of individual Self-Conscious Entities playing the game of Lila.

~  A Big Resorption (Mahapralaya) which reunites All that IT is back in Origin to take ITs deserved rest.

A looping process with no other rule but the loop itself! In order to get out of this Karmic loop you have to cosmically harmonize the T/S and resorb back in Origin by the means of TYoga practice of RetroGenesis: going back in Genesis and surrender your dualistic and illusory ego-life to the permanent and undetached Condition of IT!

The "complication" starts when you try to process the process which is processing you from a position of dense physicality thinking as follows: 

~  I am not the Power who creates everything -- including me -- but rather a manipulated human being fighting a chaotic power.

~ The Universe is not a Self-Conscious Living Organism but rather a concrete/material, rock solid matter. There is no room in this for happiness, for grace and mercy, fighting and imposing my own rule and saving my own life is the only way to survive.........."the survival of the fittest".

~  After physical death I will be gone forever, or, at the best extent, I should fight again for a farther survival when pushed back to earthly life after a short living in Heaven or Hell.


When you start living with such a gloomy perspective -- which is very much inspired by religio-scientific propaganda -- no wonder you will see no other reason for living but for food, money, power, sex, drugs, etc., all materialistic commodities the vast majority of people are treasuring today. You soon forget that Life is something to be cherished and share with all others, and the energy starts gradually dying entropically from inside. Then you live for food, sex, money, and rock' n roll (showbiz, "panem et circenses")!

 This will be then your world, your dearest reality, in which all the Cosmic Bliss will be reduced to pitiful pleasures like overeating (living for eating), perverting the cosmic act of creation from a celebration of life to a mechanical act of sexual sodomy, using money for corruption and humiliation, and fighting with everything and everybody around to keep your pleasurable being status of corruption. A selfish survival of the fittest in the realm of shit happens!

And when you finally find a comfortable way of living, you try to make it "stable", forgetting the physical living is made out of a collective T/S dust in a continuous change. You die shortly after, carrying over with you all the ignorance you have worshiped on Earth as a seed of your next Be-coming. IT is still the same Energy, but at a very low rate of efficiency, of happiness. We all know it today as “civilization” and the short lived play of senses called "fun"! 


"I am breathing with the Universe for an eternity!”

Whoever is able to realize this Cosmic condition is delivered from his deceiving selfish living. This universal pool of energy is everywhere: in your breath, in your blood, your cells, inside the atom, and beyond. You have to visualize IT as an Omni-Present Interstice which sustains All that IT is here-everywhere-at once. IT is in you and all around you!

This pulsatory energy is called "Prana" by Yoga, which has a special practice called "Pranayama" in order to harmonize ITs flow. If we are living is because of this "Prana" which accumulates in our Chakras as centers of concentrated Cosmic Energy spreading inside our body through numerous distribution channels (nadis) -- known by science as the endocrine system!

This Energy lasts forever, and nothing can put an end to ITs flow but Mahapralaya (the Big Resorption). Nowadays science has just discovered this when saying the first Energy which started the Universe cannot be disturbed, wasted or stopped in anyway. IT is to be forever to sustain and create the Living Universe we live in and many others we don't.

Our body, a micro-universe in itself, posses the same energy as the Macro-Universe does, and so is the infinitesimal quanta of anything IT is. A stone, a grain of sand or a man, all have the same energy inside in order to BE! IT is the same Energy in all! This Primordial Quanta of Life energy is not just the only available energy in the universe..........IT is the universe! And when I say this I mean the T/S-Living-Energy because they are One. The T/S-Life-Energy is the Being!

 Nothing can be left aside of the living process, the main characteristic of IT being ITs Uniqueness. Yes!, Life is Unique, and as such is infinitely spread in all directions. Splitting Life in organic (living) and inorganic (nonliving) entities is a very unwise way of looking at the life process because separates what IT was never meant to be separated. The very quality of Life is then ITs common ground -- known by Yoga as the Union!


You can repudiate lifetronic entities according with your own will, but this unilateral action would not change, and it will surely not annihilate, the living right they are invested with from Origin. All scientists will realize this in a not too faraway future!

The Lifetrons can concentrate and compress according with their own will in endless manner, which starts from the most sublime forms of elevated light, all the way to the most compressed neutronic star and the infinite Abysmal Darkness. Nowadays scientists are saying the same thing when they are speaking about the wave-particle dilemma, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, the Void, Singularity, etc. In short, they have just discovered the universe is mostly empty, in spite of some very heavy objects like the Black Holes, the Neutronic stars and so on.

According with the density/compression level deployed, Yoga observes three possible pranic (lifetronic, energetic) states as "gunas": Satvas, Rajas, and Tamas. From the combination of these three gunas the differentiation of all the living process sprang. Everything is made that way, from Alpha to Omega! From Light to Darkness IT is the same Being/Energy playing the illusory game of Cybela Maya -- the one we call living and we are so in love with.

The Satvic state is harmoniously expanding everywhere as Light does;

the Tamasic state is compressed up to the abysmal darkness of the Infinite Rock (Dark Energy/Matter for scientists); and

the Rajasic state is sitting in between as a spiritual living fire.


The puzzling paradox of the Living/Being/Energy is the fact  that IT is, though IT isn't. Just think of a soap bubble which is for a second or two, and pops off into several drops later, vanishing away. The same thing applies to all living process: popping bubbles of T/S birthing in and dying out. Bubbles of T/S living on the surface of Oceanic IT! The beauty of all this living show is that nothing is ever wasted, the initial energy staying always undiminishingly the same! Life is an endless process indeed!

 As I said before, this is possible only because the Being is sustained by a Beyond Power who is forever here-everywhere-aware. Yoga has discovered this paradox long time ago, and so is the science of late. The illusory mass comes and go, but the overall energy to be remains always the same.

What can man do to preserve the Being bubble he is encapsulated in? Turning into an Avatar (the Son of God) is the way to immortality! Giving away "willingly" your Being suit and encapsulate "willingly" again is the way of the Immortals. That's the difference between the son of man and the Son of God (an Avatar): a man dies and be-comes again, an Avatar retreats and be-comes at will. The first is living blindly, knowing nothing about himself and his destiny. The second is the master of his living and his actions. Being totally unaware of his living and dying cycles is the life of a mortal! Being soberly aware of his own living and dying is the life of an Avatar! Krishna, Buddha, and many others are all Avatars, Sons of God coming on Earth to tell us our destiny is in our hands, in spite of the heavy burden we carry in our living as men. It will be more on this subject in the book. For now just a little remark about man's living status: if man would not work so hard against himself he would be able to transcend his manhood condition and become an immortal as well! This is an Axiomatic Truth! 


Accumulating a bigger or a smaller amount of energy is a matter of mutual attachment, of love/attraction, losing your freedom as a result. The Golden Dust of Old Tradition -- the neutrino of nowadays science -- is completely free to travel in all possible T/S velocity because IT has no attachments or reactions of any kind. A witnessing Bliss pervading all being (Life)!

The Infinite Rock of Old Tradition (the Abysmal Darkness) -- Science's Black Hole -- is completely bonded to a maximum compressed T/S, where all attachments and all reactions are frozen into a total death of action, a Compressed Nothingness turning into Abyss! The Bliss and Abyss are the two living extremes of living! This is an Axiomatic Truth!

They are both containing the Witness, which means they are detached from IT still! You have to reach beyond them both to transcend into the Sunyatic IT! In between the two is you, me, the sun, and everything else: quantic beings with precarious destinies! A sun has/is a tremendous amount of energy, generously spread around our solar system. Our body has/is also a tremendous amount of energy, mutual shared among its components: organs, tissues, molecules, cells, DNAs, atoms, etc. Neither the sun, nor our body, are free, being both trapped in their energetic bodies, enchained in their own desirous attachments. The Real Freedom resides in turning IT and not be!






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