Railroad Automation
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Apr 10 2018 10:36 PM UTC

Railroad Automation

Railroad Automation (which will be referred to as RRA throughout this guide) is a command and control software package, for DCC model railroads, specifically designed to work with the Loconet network bus. Aside from Digitrax, who created the protocol, the Loconet spec enjoys wide support from many third party hardware vendors as well. RRA will work with all of these hardware products. Further, through a Loconet command station, as an intermediary, RRA has the ability to interface with DCC decoders/accessories of any brand.

Feature summary

These are some of the main RRA features that will be explained in this guide:

  • Support for virtual object such as: Tracks, Turnouts, Blocks, Routes, Sensors, Signals, Accessories, Labels, Buttons
  • Multi-viewport, vector based, switchboard for status display and/or control
  • Event binding and scripting for simultaneous custom actions
  • Synchronized software/hardware control of simultaneous throttles
  • Remote throttle control over HTTP for all modern mobile devices
  • Optional control through speech recognition
  • Simulation mode for disconnected sessions
  • A slew of Loconet specific tools such as:
    • Real time command station slot inspector with purging
    • Loconet packet traffic inspector
    • LocoIO programmer
    • Basic DCC decoder programmer
    • Raw Loconet sequence recording

Perecli Systems
Some of the content in this guide is official while other has been generouly contributed by the RRAuto comunity. If you wish be a contributor please request an editor account.