What is Railroad Automation?
Railroad Automation (RRA) is a command and control software package, for DCC (Digital Command Control) model railroads, specifically designed to work with the Loconet network bus. Runs on Microsoft's .NET framework stack supported by Windows 7 and above.
Where other command software will pin you down to a specific way of operating your layout, RRA frees your creativity by allowing any automation behavior to be built through its unique scripting system. Primitive layout objects and operational switchboards will still be easily built through a modern and user friendly interface.
RRA's architecture was also designed with third party developers in mind. This was accomplished by componentizing the application into distinct layers so consumers can choose the level of usability vs. flexibility.
  • Supports objects such as: Tracks, Turnouts, Blocks, Routes, Sensors, Signals, Accessories, Labels, Buttons
  • Multi-viewport vector based switchboard display
  • Event binding and scripting
  • Synchronized software/hardware control of simultaneous throttles
  • Remote throttle control over HTTP for all modern mobile devices
  • Speech recognition control
  • Simulation mode for disconnected sessions
  • Raw Loconet sequence recording
  • Real time slot inspector with purging
  • Loconet packet traffic inspector
  • Full featured LocoIO programmer
  • DCC decoder programmer
Submit questions and comments to Perecli@live.com.
This software is provided for free, but if you like it, and wish to support its development, donations of any size are welcome.
Application/Server - v4.1.1 - 06/24/23
  • Simple on-line installer. After install, the app will work off-line. Must be on-line for auto updates to occur.
  • Off-line installers of current and past versions.
  • Sample layout files.
  • Version change log.
Documentation & Support
  • Application user guide. This is a good resource to get started.
  • Community discussion forum.
  • Older YouTube video tutorials. There are no plans to add more tutorials beyond what's currently available. The user guide above will be the focus for ongoing documentation.
  • Loconet-Checker - Application developed by Stefan Trachsler, powered by the Railroad Automation's API, for management, configuration, and monitoring your Digitrax devices. He no longer supports nor hosts this on his site but since I've been asked about it, I am making it available here.