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Patanjali said in his first Sutra that Yoga (Union) is accomplished when the mind movements stop (CittaVrittiNirodhah). He said this because he knew all Life is a Mindscape -- the only power behind our body, our surroundings, and the Universe at large. He knew that by stopping the Mind movements you will turn one with this power, which for him was a Singularity (Kaivalya) abiding in ITs own Luminosity without end or beginning. This is how TY interprets Patanjali's vision, but in his times the vision could have been different, few people back then being able to comprehend its real meaning, which is not rightfully understood among yogis even today.

Science today associates the mind with perceptions, thoughts, knowledge, reasoning, etc. But for TY the T/S, for instance, is also a mind movement, and so is the wind, the sun, a distant star or a galaxy. In short, the mind is present all across the being universe as a scattered trinity of feelings-visions-actions moving in T/S. This is what Yoga calls vrittis (vibrations, waves), which are in fact mind movements emanating eternally from this Mindful Singularity. For TY, as well as Tesla, this is an Axiomatic Truth!



Studying the mind movements (vrittis) is not easy because they dissimulate as body movements, that's why we have so many sciences in the world today. They are all trying to study the mind movements through the body movements, without even realizing it. They say are studying matter, which is in fact a dense manifestation of the Mind. Studying the mind movements at the dense (physical, visible) level, science is unaware of the subtle, the refined planes of mind's creative power (the ones creating those movement) -- which is changing lately somehow since the computers came around to show us the illusory nature of all living.

Yoga, on the other hand, is trying to get into the refined mind movements mostly, having little interest for the dense planes of living, which are considered as hindrances. This is actually Patanjali's main vision of Yoga practice: to eliminate those hindrances and discover the diamond in the rough, that Pure Awareness staying behind its own dense/impure manifestations.

TY is trying to accommodate the above two views -- Yoga's and Science's -- combining them both in the practice of Self-witnessing and RetroGenesis, both helping you to see all existence as a process in endless motion going by the rule of an Eternal Script to be, the AC. The reason behind TY's approach is based on the fact the creative power of the mind is infinite, therefore a constant and discriminatory awareness has to be present until the LCA instates as the Awareness to be ITSelf. This pure awareness steadily enlarges as you go along with your TY practice. This has to be done in the Living, as well as in Dying because.........there is no dying. A TYogi keeps a keen awareness of his mind movements in any T/S velocity he encounters, having the perspective of LCA to look at them from  until ITs Wholesome Luminosity instates. Please realize: the Awareness to be and the Mind movements are not the same. The first is the Seer/Iness of being engraved in your genome (the one making you believe you are a human being), whereas the second is the private memory developing slowly in the brain from your genome as you go along with your living actions associated with it! When man dies, his memory gets engraved in AC, making your new bio-script to be for the next life to come larger. This process is eternal!


A TYogi is trying to stay in the state of LCA in all three worlds (awake, dreaming, and slumber) and any other realms that unfold there after. As you can imagine, this is not easy. Even in Samadhi a TYogi has to be aware of the Cave of Demons. Even the miraculous powers (siddhis) have to be pushed away as obstacles in front of his Liberation. Before having such a Wholesome Awareness you must start with small steps like observing your daily habits, attitudes, annoying actions, and all other "pains in the mind". You do this by using the Self-witnessing practice on daily basis. You will be amazed how many tinny little "mind constructs" are out there defining you as man, a rebellious army ready to go ashtray anytime your awareness gets lazy. All this is happening because man is a living composite, and the inner-multitude morphing him into a human is in constant desirous motion due to the conflict of the 5 elements under the spell of the dualistic motion of T/S. This is actually what we call living, a recipe for suffering and misery via entropy.

Sure you must believe this first in order to get into the state of LCA, and most people don't. If you don't believe this, you will then accomplish only what your awareness encased in skin believes in. I am speaking here only to the ones having the right belief and view. The Right Belief/View has been described by TY as "the Nails", which have to be constantly kept in focus. What I am trying to convey here is just some little subtleties you may encounter in your quest to infinite freedom.

~ The Mind is not thoughts only but everything defining the Being, because the Being is a mindscape. That's the right belief/view!

~ The Mind is not inside or outside you, but rather here-everywhere and nowhere to be found. That's the right belief/view!

~ You don't "look" for things and don't "control" anything, you just let all things pass by to pay their respect to your Constant Awareness to be (LCA). That's the right belief/view to avoid clinging and be totally detached!

~ Due to the fact the Mind is everything and everywhere, the Mind is not yours, but everybody's as One in everything and everyone. That's the right belief/view and the only way to attain the mindful state of LCA!

~ The Mind/Being...........IS!..........turning IT...........ISN't! That's the Final Belief/View!

Then you decide what is right for you: the View of IT..........or IT! That's the difference between the named tao and the real Tao!





genomic engraves


The vrittis are mnemonic movements, living waves on the surface of the Oceanic Mind of Being, as I've already said. They are not just thoughts but rather the living flow of Being. All those vrittis are clustering in T/S into what we call paternal habits, the ones staying behind the big illusion of S/O separation (objectivity) and Duration-Location (T/S). That's how we envision life on this peculiar planet, in this far corner of a flat Galaxy, inside this transient Universe. A mind exceeding our peculiar T/S velocity will express differently! Exiting the being universe all together the mind will regain ITs Infinite Luminosity! 

Clustering in living habits, the vrittis are stored in "memory packets" in the brain as algorithms of being, and together with many other such "packets" are farther on stored into the Cosmic Memory (AC) where they become Vasanas. Those Vasanas are not yours anymore, becoming cosmically available in the "Cosmic Memory Bank" of T/S living as the Script of Being (Cosmic Bookmarks in AC). We have this represented today as the Internet and the Cloud computing, both having a tendency to turn into One entity!

In order to better be or get free from Being all together, those vasanas -- which are stored in your genome and at cosmic level continuously -- must be replaced with some better ones, or to be erased all together and allow you to go in eternal retreat. The state of LCA (the serene face of IT) has the power of reshuffling them all at will! TY's Self-Witnessing technique is preparing you to achieve this. But even LCA cannot remove vasanas. The state of LCA is giving you the capacity to play with them all at will and change a living suit for another, turning you into an Avatar. All vasanas are of mindful nature, of course, and they stay eternally there for our future lives to come. Your dreams give you a hint how all this works! You will realize then the Being universe is just a déjà vu playing by a Mindful Script reshuffling it to look new by the means of T/S! This is an Axiomatic Truth!


The only place where all vasanas are absent is the Void/Sunya, which is empty and dark! That's why TY is saying: "in the Void the human being can be dismantled and a living mutation can take place". Here an Infinite Triangulation is potentially present, the T/S having no grip on you. To get into the state of the Void is a major realization for a Tachy Yogi because is the last halt before turning IT. The Void is the most amazing entity in existence because is empty of Being's attributes as an uncertain state of dark emptiness.

Only a pure awareness remains, switching from here to everywhere alternatively inside an empty and omnipresent darkness. In the Void you feel infinitely heavy and light and here-everywhere alternatively, without any bodymass and totally empty of living (any living). Due to the lack of bodymass and living attributes, you are free here, not trapped like you were in the being as man. The Void is the Portal to Real Freedom, having the Infinite Rock as a narrow hidden gate in the middle of it. When the purity of your heart turns infinite, you transcend on the other side of the Infinite Rock, the dwelling place of all Purushas (Universes). In spite of vasanas missing in the Void, the creative power is still present there, waiting for you to spell the Being (Cosmic Will). If you manage to wait in the Void for an Eternity, you gracefully IT! What you wait for is ITs Grace! Once graced in, you turn IT..........a Point in Infinite! A point infinitely small spreading as a Wholesome Singularity!


As you can see, to remove vasanas you must transcend manhood and the being universe all together. Yoga's approach of considering vasanas as yours and yours only is not accurate at all. Even if you can remember all your past lives, the vasanas will be still there unaltered by this mnemonic act. Ironically, science knows of this when talking about the impossibility of erasing the cosmic information (its event horizon). As a tiny part of this vasanic information, man is still a multitude, a universe of many. Unless you are able to discover this wonderful and majestic view of many as one (the Union), the vasanas will be there mindscaping you through the Cosmic Script without your awareness...........which makes you a forgetful puppet!

In order to understand this amazing reality just look at nowadays computer world. The computer memory bank stores data the same way the Cosmic Memory does, and at the hard drive level the vrittis are stored as everyday living activities of man. At this low end level the data is shuffled on daily basis, but at the higher level (vasanas) the data stays untouched until a drastic happening occurs. That's Mahapralaya, sending a living eternity (an Aeon) back to dust (to IT). But regardless of the above occurrence, the beyond power setting the computer back on will be always there aware of All that IT is! Our mind and all many others easily forget, but the Mind residing behind those minds doesn't! The computers today can do all this, except for the last part: to switch themselves on! Only man's finger can do this..........for now!


The Blueprint of Being/Living will always stay then as a reminder of the play between the 5 elements and their mindful product of T/S. And for this to work, a mindful interstice has to be there to sustain them both! As you can see, the Present is always there as an Infinite Interstice of Now allowing the flow of Being/Living to deploy in Past/Future (P/F). This Continuous Present is the most important, and IT will stay always unaltered, infinitely knowing of all this vasanic game of mindful illusions. IT is like an Omnipotent Awareness from beyond telling to Being how to deploy its illusory stunt. This deployment is always a blueprint first, as engraved vasanas, to become later on a T/S movement of Being, as vrittis. Preceding the vrittis, the vasanas are always of higher velocity. That's why for a TYogi the Mindful View is of most importance, because he knows: "the metaphysics always precede the physics". Please try to remember this if you want to improve your being and living! This is what man doesn't realize today due to his cling to illusory matter and the illusory objects he builds up from that matter. It is this cling to matter which will destroy us all!


The Void is the keeper of this Present circumscribing and sustaining the Being/Living. From inside this amazing Void all living patterns sprang as a script first (vasanas), and as a being (vrittis) right after. Considering all this, a Tachy Yogi has to realize there is nothing new in the being universe, just a déjà vu playing new with each T/S eternity to be (Aeon)! Man discovers plenty during his living, and even after, but he will never, ever, make the new or invent IT. When mankind will realize all this...........it won't be mankind anymore!

A seed of this Continuous Present is in all beings -- including man -- and this seed is always the view of you in relation with all others. This vasanic seed multiplies to become a living entity -- in our case man -- deploying living actions (vrittis) as it lives in T/S, to go back into incubation as seeds (vasanas) again, and again.........eternally. Those are karmic/illusory Eternities/Aeons rolling in mindful cycles of T/S between Mahapralaya (Big Resorption).

Known by esoteric circles as the Web of Cybela Maya (Samsara), an eternity/aeon is in fact a T/S cycle of the being universe. They have been many eternities before, and they will be many after as a continuous flow of be-coming. And regardless how it looks, those vasanic seeds and their development in T/S (vrittis) are mindful products of a conscious interstice sustaining the being and its illusory happenings from beyond. When the sustaining mindful flow stops, the being folds in, as Patanjali knew when talking of CVN. The CVN leads you to the Void Portal, where the vasanas are frozen into a Infinite Awareness free of T/S movement. If you can keep this Infinite Awareness for an eternity, you turn IT, That Point in Infinite, the source of all existence -- known also as the Flame of Life, which has Infinite Luminosity and cannot be except through endless others! This is an Axiomatic Truth!


Conclusion: the vrittis and vasanas are responsible of keeping us hostage in the realm of suffering! Yoga's goal is to get rid of both and escape the sinful realm of being, of shit happens!