I am what I am!...........what I really am?

The answer lingers carried out by the winds of T/S



the One in endless many


Trinogen (ITSelfBliss),

Trimurti (BrahmaVishnuShiva), and

SatChitAnanda (BeingConsciouslyBlissful), are one and the same, the Samyama of three, the Monadic Trinity, Trikaya, the Union of Life and all Existence, The Being..........and All that IT is has IT!

But there are two trinities: a private and scattered trinity of a Seer, a Seen, and a Seeing; and Trinogen as a Samyama (Union) of the three sustaining the prior private trinity.

The first is "the strinity" giving to each being in existence its density, its sensoriality, and its script to be (its destiny) by the means of T/S velocity. It is known by Yoga as Samsara, a residual realm of endless densities vibrating at various T/S velocities -- all mindful in nature -- according with a preestablished bio-script to be giving them a private destiny. This realm is based entirely upon desirous sensoriality of an impure heart. It is this strinity (scattered trinity) that gives us density and endless chores for survival in order to play manhood!

The second is Trinogen, a Monadic Trinity animating the realm of residual density in a paternal manner. We borrow IT in order to live. As a Monadic Union, Trinogen dwells beyond the Void Portal and Being duality (the T/S living we know and cherish). Trinogen is the Awareness of IT, the Lucid Dreamer having ITs Monadic Eye always open! In our limited nick of the woods Trinogen shows like the light coming to us through the "leak" of our father sun. IT can be called also the Plenitude, and each being in existence has IT in its very intimacy/heart in order to be! This is an Axiomatic Truth!

Trinogen doesn't have anything to do with our vision though, residing beyond sensoriality as the Source of All that IT is. The one that hears, what is heard, and the hearing in union, is also Trinogen. And the same applies to all our senses and everything else making us men. The T/S was mindfully declared by Trinogen as well, being in fact the expansive flow of Bliss traveling through Abyss. Trinogen is a United Trinity at power infinite. The power of Trinogen resides in IT's 3 qualities acting together (Samyama). The Singularity Formula has IT expressed in a human manner. Such Formula cannot be revealed, staying infinitely sealed as the Union of IT.



Being is a state of Bliss, which spreads here-everywhere for an eternity inside the Abyss. And Bliss is the 1st emanation of Trinogen as an Infinite Feeling (Hridaya). ITs Awareness/Image/Self, and the Baby Bliss in a Union of One makes the Monadic Trinity of ITSelfBliss or Trinogen. Trinogen stays at the very Core of All that IT is, all Being, all Existence, all living there is. There is no Being/Living without Trinogen present, which multiplies infinitely in All that IT is -- as All that IT is -- on the Multitude side of the Void Portal (the side we call being or living). This is an Axiomatic Truth!

Staying at the Core of All that IT is, Trinogen is also Hridaya, the Heart of everything in existence having the Bliss as a mean to avoid being discovered. Trinogen is then the Shield against Life dissolution as an Eye always open! Trinogen is never to be known because dwells beyond T/S, just to identify with IT in the state of LCA -- a Serene Awareness of endless nature knowing and going as One!

This Universal Eye of all existence is depicted in a deceiving manner on the dollar bill by those few despicable satanists pertaining to the Cabal, the ones leading mankind by the means of money, corruption, and killing! They will be all nakedly exposed and forced to give in! This is an Axiomatic Truth!



 Trinogen is an eternal emanation coming from a Singular Point that is always in retreat. For the vast majority Trinogen is unknown, only for the ones able to exit manhood via Yoga practice Trinogen can be discovered. Remember: Trinogen is Eternally Finite, whereas the Singularity is In-Finite, having endless powers in IT. This Singularity is known by TY as the House of Purushas. Trinogen is one of ITs powers as an Eternal Awareness giving to each being in existence the power to be from ITs In-Finite powers! Without this Eternal Awareness (the 7th element) nothing can Be! In man this power is carried out through his eternal reincarnations in cycles of T/S (Samsara)!

Pouring out Bliss through the endlessly stretching Abyss, Trinogen gives us and to all existence the Great Breath (the Living in T/S, the Being). Some call this the Day of Brahma, an Eternity, an Aeon. According with the resistance the Abyss puts up in front of Bliss, the T/S Living deploys as a back and forth flow of Being. This is the play of Bliss and Abyss, the illusory living show of Cybela Maya -- an eternal Procreative process, the dual switch of all existence. The computers today are based on the same dualistic switch -- minus the orgasm -- giving us the digital universe we are so in love with, the Internet, our killer in slow motion. This is an Axiomatic Truth!



We are living in a procreative universe where everything goes out from a center, to get back in the same center (as it is shown above)! The Yoni-Lingam tandem has it! This dual process of living -- the Great Breath -- has nothing to do with God and the religio-scientific vision of good and evil, which are silly manmade fabrications. This process is the play of Bliss and Abyss, the illusory play of Maya. There is no other living play except this: the Great Breath of Bliss and Abyss, the Assessing Witness disbursed in all existence as a Self/Iness, and the Mighty Plenitude sustaining the show from beyond in a paternal/vibratory manner!

Relating this to the world of computers: the Bliss and Abyss are the ones and zeros, the Witness is the CPU, and Trinogen provides the necessary energy to make the show rolling. The CPU has a large circuitry able to read the ones and zeros, but has no memory. The memory of the Being Show is inside the heart of each living entity as dualistic desirous imprints to be -- likes and dislikes, attractions/repulsions (A/R). The brain recollects all those heartfelt imprints, giving to man the necessary experience as memory to preserve his precarious living in T/S. And all the hearts in existence input their "private" desirous marks in Hridaya/Trinogen, the Heart of all Living. This is how the Being works as a Living Entity! We imitate this today with "the Cloud computing"! Remember: whatever the being universe does, so do we!


In spite of being an illusion (a dream), with the Right View of All that IT is (LCA), IT reveals ITSelf as One motionless and undisturbed Dreamer, our life and all existence being in fact an illusory mindscape. But as long as the Obscuration prevails, you take the illusory dream as reality, mistakenly thinking of you as real and resisting the Bliss with your obscurative state of Abyss (your dense body). The LCA "Sees" only, having no resistance to Bliss, just ITSelf/Trinogen witnessing IT. But even the LCA is not Bliss either, just witnessing IT! LCA is free of human ego-selfing bond as a Kiss of Bliss and Abyss -- that Spiritual Awareness staying in the middle of both and inspiring them to mingle and be-come! The limitation of Trinogen is that must provide for an eternity for being to be. Only Mahapralaya (the Big Resorption) can make Trinogen go in retreat and not be (turning IT). When this happens the being is gone.........and so is Trinogen!


Conclusion: Only Trinogen knows of man and all Being indeed! From man to Trinogen you steadily go toward real freedom. When the identification with Trinogen is complete you are a Knowinger, the Dreamer of all existence based on being (on sensorial selfing). Trinogen is still just an emanation of IT, That Point in Absolute retreat duplicating ITs power in endless manner. IT only calls the shots!

Nobody knows of IT, that's why no one was ever able to describe IT, except for giving various names to IT according with their own capacity to sense IT. Lao-Tzu calls IT, the Tao! Science knows of IT as well, but covers IT in religious mud due to its love for money!

Undetached and untainted by any resistance/obscuration to Bliss, the Union instates, the Serene and Singular Perfection of The House of Purushas, where Infinite Emanations of IT reside as One-Many!  

Nothing can disturb IT!


* The esoteric part of Trinogen cannot be revealed to the public at large!