The Trinity


To Being universe goes by three........The Trinity, the one responsible for our daily misery. Called also Trimurti, Trikaya, etc., any being in existence has it as a  breathing curse to be. It manifests as a monadic entity of Destiny-Energy-Density -- otherwise known as Spirit-Soul-Body -- and the entire being universe has it in various degrees of T/S velocity! The 1st gives you a bio-script to be, the 2d animates your density, and the 3d shows off as man. This is an Axiomatic Truth!

 The trinity to be is sinful all across, because is prone to endless suffering due to entropy. That's why Buddha came out with Nirvana (cessation of suffering), a Wholesome Singularity able to not be. I call Buddha's Nirvana, "Trinogen", knowing that in fact IT has no name, in spite of so many names given to IT. The being universe is a play of minds indeed, a process where everything can change in anything else by a small alteration of the mindful T/S velocity of your script to be. We are men today because our mindful T/S velocity gives us this private density, the energy, and the bio-script (awareness) associated with it. But we can mutate our trinity to be in something better than man if we just know how to change our mindful  script to be (our genome, our real mind) and give us a better energy of a higher T/S velocity and a new density to match it. Any mind in existence can do this, if just wishes it in a passionate manner. Many of us did it! This is an Axiomatic Truth!

Having endless trinities to be inside, Trinogen plays with them all from a center never to be found. It is dark in that center, and to everyone who tries to approach IT looks like an Infinite Rock absorbing everything inside ITs Abysmal Darkness. So please, don't you fool around with the trinity to be like the scientists do with the living genome, unless you purify it first to the degree to match the purity of Trinogen. Try to be where you belong! Those are not semantics, rest assure, but rather cautionary warnings for the ones who dare. When you reach the purity of Trinogen you are one with the Plenitude of All that IT is, leaving your scattered/sinful trinity behind. Use the " Losing man for Trinogen " mantra with the view exposed here to make it active. This is the most hidden secret of the being universe: the Monadic Singularity of One in everyone. Due to our high impurity, Trinogen shows to us like a Dark and Abysmal Emptiness (Sunya)!


I can't conclude on the Trinity to be! What I can say is that Trinogen is the end of our eternal and sinful trinity to be -- as the name shows it: Tri-No-Gen! No Trinity and No Genesis (T/S), just a Wholesome Union in Infinite Equilibrium! Yoga has it in its very name. No wonder the main practice of Tachy Yoga is RetroGenesis -- leading to no script to be, no scattered/residual energy, and no density (no farther be-coming)!