The Plenitude



The Plenitude is what fills the Dark Emptiness with Life through the Void Portal. IT is Infinitely Luminous in nature as a Serene Singularity "living" through all others. The Plenitude is how Trinogen manifests throughout being and all the living we know. Going all the way to us, the ILU lost ITs purity, turning into residual energy under the curse of T/S velocity known as entropy. This is an Axiomatic Truth!

What we call "physics" or "matter" today is this residual energy turning into density, an entropic energy under the curse of low T/S velocity. And we cling to this matter to such extend, we turn selfish and cruel in extreme. In doing this we separate farther and farther from the Plenitude of All that IT is, living for endless suffering and dying in cycles of T/S. Man lost the touch with his True Nature, being in love with dirt and what comes from it!


Living in density as we are, the divine energy in us lost its purity as a result, making us cling to dense objects of our own making using the dense materials from Mother Earth's belly. We then take pride of being objective, making those objects the measuring stick of the universe and the only reality we believe in. Just few of us, the Noble Ones -- most of them totally unknown -- are able to see the Plenitude residing beyond the residual density. Our dreams, our high end feelings of love and compassion, our wisdom, are giving us hints about the Plenitude as being our True Nature, but we still go in cruise control with our materialistic cling to money and the transient objects the money can buy. We just turned into dense residuals!

The only way to regain our True Nature enabling us to remember our real home is to let go of manhood and allow the energy trapped inside the human shell to get free and rejoin the Infinite Luminosity of the Mighty Plenitude/Trinogen. And the only practice for this is Tachy Yoga, the yoga dogma circulating in the world today being just religious trash. Don't you fall for those gurus and "hollies" roaming in India and other such places, unless they sit in silent meditation without asking you for anything in return. All those talkative gurus and such are just con artists!


Do we have valid proves such Plenitude residing behind all existence exists? We do, but only through a strenuous practice asking us to separate from the living at large. Why? Because it is this living in density (which is nothing else but energy that fell in the disgrace of T/S) that holds you hostage in the realm of shit happens and makes you believe in matter as reality. Nobody can describe IT to you, the same way Buddha never described his Nirvana except for the name: "the Cessation of suffering". Knowing very well The Plenitude cannot be described due to ITs Wholesome nature, his answer to those asking to describe IT was always the same: "Doesn't apply!". Yoga has IT in its very name: "The Union". Avyakta, Hridaya, Kaivalya, Tao, Trinogen, are names of IT as well. And still, The Plenitude has actually no name, dwelling beyond the Attributive side (the Multitude side) of the Void Portal. IT pours endlessly through the Portal and nobody has the capacity to see IT due to ITs blinding nature! Our father sun is a small "leak" of IT! In spite of this, Trinogen sees through our eyes and all the eyes in existence, filling us from within and outside in! This is an Axiomatic Truth!


Only by turning one with Trinogen you are able to have IT! And that's the Union, the Final Goal of Real Yoga!


Conclusion: The Plenitude feels like Real Home indeed!