The Mind*


The bio-coded awareness to be


The entire being universe is a play of minds as a Trinity of sensing, acting, and memorizing. But the Mind ITSelf is empty in nature, filling its empty screen from inside out and outside in with the 5 elements imposed upon it by a script. Changing your life and your living can be achieved only by reshuffling those elements and making them look new out of a déjà vu -- which is equivalent with replacing your mind with another. Our private mind (awareness to be) gives us the capacity to assess manhood, and is engraved in our bio-script/genome. Any mind in existence is in fact a private awareness to be assessing a certain sensorial reality. To turn into something better than man and his reality you need to replace your private bio-script/awareness to be (your real mind) with a better other. This is an Axiomatic Truth!

But who is the entity aware of having a mind (a bio-script to be), who is the senso-reader decoding your mind? We learn from our sensors, and what we accumulate in T/S through sensorial learning is called memory, a conglomerate of experiences which develops later into knowledge and intelligence leading to a steady enhancement of our being and the discovery of the wisdom hiding behind all living. You get burned with fire to learn about heat and pain, etc., etc. Our memory is based entirely upon our inborn sensoriality! There is no other reality for man except what his sensors register, man being in fact a sensorial receiver! Even if we have tools to enhance our sensorial capacity today, in the end the weaker link (our inborn sensors) is the one that prevails. That's why science says: "the observer is in any object observed", and TY has IT as "in the being universe everybody is right"!


Beside his sensors man has a storage device called brain, and what the brain registers in T/S from our sensorial activity is called memory. The tandem of those two -- senses and memory -- is what we call today knowledge, which, as you can see, is based entirely upon our deceiving sensoriality. And because the memory is based on senses, you can call it, the senso-memory. The question arising from all this is again: who is the senso-reader? Who is the entity responsible of reading all the stuff our senses register and our brain engraves as memory to remind us constantly we are humans and not giraffes? Who/What is our search engine giving us the awareness of being men?

Well, science will say the brain is that engine, due to its wide spread presence throughout the body as the nervous system. If you share this vision there is no need to continue reading farther. For the ones of mystic nature I say: the senso-reader is the heart, with its capacity to decode our genome disbursed all across our body and meaningfully compile what our senses register and our brain stores in a human wise manner as sensorial feelings and pictorial thoughts -- using the medium of water as a mnemonic living messenger. Let's not forget our body is mostly water. The heart is indeed our senso-reader, being in contact with the entire universe via our chakras (glandular system) and making us believe we are humans. The heart is the one giving you the will to be or to cease to exist. That's why our feelings are so important, being in fact living algorithms of divine nature. We hurt each other's feelings to so much extend today that we turned our hearts stony, losing our human status as a result of this. Mankind today suffers of a total eclipse of heart, which is a living anomaly with tragic consequences for humanity. Killing each other and depleting MNature's Sanctuary for our selfish comfort, we've turned today into heartless monsters. As of today we are the tumor of the planet we live on and all terrestrial living! This is an Axiomatic Truth!


Living naturally is sharing everything in a heartfelt manner based on feelings of heart, and everything else outside this understanding is an anomaly leading to suffering and misery. There is no way for man to continue with his way of living as he does today! Our universe is a Living Organism, and any anomaly inside it has to be removed. We are the dumbest creatures on Earth, being totally ignorant of how the living inside our universe works. As a Tibetan monk once said: "Our mind can be our best friend or our worst enemy", making us love or hate accordingly (this is my adding). But man needs first to discover his real mind -- what makes him say: "I am man!" -- after which he has to live and act as man! The real mind of man and of each creature in existence is his bio-script/genome engraved in his heart and disbursed all across his body, which receives constantly cosmic signals from the Universal Mind via his spine (Susumna, our highway to heaven or hell) and his chakras! Our mind gives us our private self-consciousness (Iness) from the Wholesome-Consciousness (AC) of All that IT is! This is an Axiomatic Truth!

But man thinks of his mind as being his memory today, which is filled with nothing else but money, sex, food, and drugs, showing how low a being can go to preserve his selfish status on expense of all others. No animal on Earth went so low with his existence as man did today. Man has no respect for Mother Nature's Sanctuary, living for selfish comfort and destroying everything staying in his way. Our mind/genome is morphing this selfish vision by altering our structure and turning us into unrecognizable beasts. Today man is making "computer models" of how Mother Nature should behave, proving his megalomaniac stupidity. What man calls mind today is a mnemonic madhouse manifesting on the outside in paranoid actions of destruction! If this selfish and faulty vision persists, man is heading for self-destruct! This is an Axiomatic truth!


Conclusion: man's real mind is his genome, his bio-code to be giving him his private itinerary with destination man (his destiny), which comes from our eternal memory (AC) reinforced by endless reincarnations in T/S. Such genome is encrypted (due to our amnesia), and can be decrypted only by some few real Avatars remembering it and mutating their destiny at will. What science does today with the human genome and many others is without a doubt a crime against humanity and all the living on this planet! Being corrupted at its very core, science today is as guilty as the ones it serves, going for unending cruelty and killing!


* Warning: Being dualistic in nature, our mind has the power of making you live in hell or heaven accordingly. Yoga practice deals with mastering the Real Mind (our Genome)! Such a practice has to be wisely performed, otherwise you turn derailed. The human mind can be mastered only from the perspective of a Higher Mind! To get in touch with such Mind is asking for a total Surrender of manhood! This is an Axiomatic Truth!