The Memory


Man's mind and man's memory are two different entities, as we have seen, the 1st being the host of the other. The Mind has inner-Luminosity, traveling through Linear Conduits as divine energy giving us our destiny; the memory goes in slow circular motion, developing in T/S in our brain as we go along with our living history. Man's real mind is his genetic code (his genome), whereas man's memory is a selfish composite of mnemonic nature stored in the brain as private sensorial bookmarks! Without our Real Mind our memory is dead on arrival! This is an Axiomatic Truth!

One of Yoga's main statement is that our universe is a mindscape, therefore all existence comes from inside the mind. Yoga never mentioned our universe coming from memory. A new born baby comes with his mind/genome in place, which stays unchanged until he dies later on as an old man. His memory is totally blank, developing slowly in T/S as he goes with his living. As you can see, man's memory is totally different from man's mind, being stored inside the mind as a dynamic tool for survival. The mind has the capacity to make sense of man's sensoriality by decoding its private script to be from the overall Script of being and help him live as man. The memory is just an imprint of our sensoriality in the brain as we go along with our living -- our thinking and our intelligence being nothing else but random links between those imprints inside our memory. Our mind/bio-script reads only, whereas our memory is just a random imprint changing constantly as we go along with our living history. Our memory collects living data via our sensorial apparatus, whereas our mind makes sense of the collected data via its private database to be (our genome). Being in contact with the entire universe, our mind has total control over our memory (which is private and local) -- the same way the ROM and RAM are in digital world. The first is our eternal memory to be, a memory consolidated throughout our aeonic reincarnations, whereas the second is our private memory for the time being. In the end they are both illusory in nature, as Buddha knew.

The mind is disseminated all across our inner-multitude making us men, whereas our memory is developing slowly in our brain as a selfish tool of survival. The mind makes you say: "I am man!", the memory makes you say: "this is me!" you individuality. The mind makes a union of us all as human beings, the memory makes us selfish individual beings. They are both transient, vanishing when man dies -- not before leaving a luminous mark in the Alaya/Eternal Consciousness (AC) for the next life to come (at the event horizon science would say). Man's mind is the same for all mankind as a whole, and each living group/species in existence has its bio-coded mind to go by in order to preserve the species. The memory is different because is based on dynamic marks to serve one individual being and only. That's why the mind of man is pretty much similar, but his memory has the imprint of the owner in it. An Avatar absorbs them both into the Mind of All Being (the Being Script), playing with all living at will. They are the gods of mankind indeed! This is an Axiomatic Truth!


This is something man doesn't seem to understand: the true relationship between his mind and his memory. Man's mind is a small script/database of the Mind of All that IT is receiving constant lifetronic signals via his chakras (endocrine system) in order to make sense of his sensorial living, stay alive, and play manhood. As such, man's mind is in permanent contact with the Cosmic Mind. If man's mind loses its cosmic link, man turns derailed, losing his human status through genetic mutations. Many of us today have lost this cosmic link, losing their human status and turning into sub-humans. The social mess we live in today is the very result of this loss, which will increase exponentially as the time goes by. The ones ruling mankind today are in this category, turning derailed and pushing the entire mankind into being selfish, corrupt, and cruel in extreme like they are. Mankind today lives by "homo homini lupus" dictum!

Based on our sensors, the memory is what each living entity stores in the brain as it goes along with its terrestrial living, and is constantly changing. As such, the memory is of our own making as a private tool for survival at any cost. Any sensor in out body leaves a mnemonic mark in the brain, which accumulates in T/S to become a conglomerate called experience that goes always by the good and evil duality. It is the memory telling to man how to survive in a living situation or another -- usually to "fly" or to "fight" -- according with his own private prior senso-marks collected over time as living experiences. The selfish slogan "survival of the fittest" is based on this dualistic vision, and the Moral Code is the way to harmonize the "good and evil" duality present in our memory and well be. It is our memory then that stays at the base of our living experiences and our knowledge. Our intelligence has the same root. To have a high IQ is to have a good memory then and nothing else. We appreciate people with high IQ today because we've lost our cosmic link with the Mind of our universe, living by our brainy memory and only, not by the heartfelt wisdom of our real mind/genome. Our mind goes always by a heartfelt relationships, whereas our memory goes always by selfishness, privacy, lying, secrecy, pretend, and killing. Today, unfortunately, man suffers of a total eclipse of heart!


Not having the distinction between those two ways of assessing reality makes us lose our ingrained wisdom and live a life of lies and cruelty. When the cosmic link is in place you go by the dharmic rule of the universe ITSelf -- the Cosmic Genome -- but when you lose the link you go by the precarious rule of man, tarnishing your life in the process. This applies to the entire humanity, making us all lose our living integrity, rich and poor alike. Today most people are totally crazy, doing abominable things everywhere you turn, the ones in power of mankind being the worst of them all. There is no Moral Code in place anymore, just the rule of money and corruption leading to wide spread killings and the survival of the villain. This is what mankind disseminates today, killing MNature's Sanctuary in the process and taking pride in doing this through movies and other propagandistic avenues. Pretty soon mankind will turn into a madhouse of derailed beings facing tragic happenings!

Forces from beyond are trying to make us see what's coming, but we refuse to admit our mistakes, going in cruise control with our destructive actions. There is no nation in the world today not to be corrupted, their crooked rulers spending most of their GDP on weaponry, police personnel and jails to protect their filthy wealth. They just steal and kill! This is what memory did to us, turning against each other and against the universe at large. The memory is always sinful, because it goes for preservation of one on expense of all others. Today we feel the pain of such faulty vision, which makes us suffer in extreme from inside out and outside in! By losing its genomic link, mankind lost its humanity today, asking for a drastic corrective action from beyond! Today we are a hair thin close to Doomsday!


Conclusion: when the memory loses its link with the mind, it goes by the selfish rule of one against all others, fighting the mind and turning into a tool of destruction. When this happens, man loses the cosmic link of his real mind/genome with the Cosmic Mind, turning derailed. Our memory today is killing our real mind. The Internet and its close peripherals will destroy our real mind for good. As of today mankind lost its link with the Cosmic Mind of Being (the CC*), digitizing its very existence and going in high speed for self-destruction! Man today is a digital junkie-monkey!


* CC - Cosmic Consciousness!