Stop the Mind Movements*


Patanjali has it as ChitaVrittiNirodha (CVN), which is the Final Goal of his Yoga. Reading his Sutras you will realize that his CVN is more than stopping mind movements, being rather stopping your sensoriality making you believe you are man as well (his Pratyahara). He certainly knew it is our senso-memory that moves inside the mind, our real mind being in fact motionless in nature as our bio-script to be (our genome, our database). If you look at his limbs you will notice this uncontested truth. From one limb to the next you see nothing else but a steady separation from manhood all the way to his Kaivalya/Singularity! He did turn into a Kaivalyan, I am sure of IT, because he knew of the mindscape nature of all existence! A real tachy yogi is a Kaivalyan as well!

To stop mind movements means then to stop being what you are -- man, divine or otherwise -- leading in the end to exiting the being universe as well. As a transient movement inside the Cosmic Mind, our mind/genome doesn't have self-sustaining power, being just a script that forces us to be and suffer. The Real Mind never moves, except through our senso-memory. The CPU in a computer device does the same thing, "moving" through the vast circuitry of the MB and all peripherals! This is what Patanjali really meant by his CVN: stopping the illusory movement of your senso-memory and turn Singular! And he knew that for this to happen the five elements staying at the base of this movement and the senso-memory they  engrave in the brain have to vanish as well (to be absorbed in the Monadic Singularity, his Kaivalya).

Buddha knew of this before Patanjali did, and some few others knew this before Buddha as well. To stop mind movements and exit man's suffering status is our oldest and most strenuous struggle. Man did realize from long time indeed the suffering nature of our universe, trying to exit it for something better. And man did realize also the fact it is the human senso-memory and the bio-script producing it that is responsible for this! The high consumption of drugs today, and back in our history all the way, is the valid prove of this old truth!

But before starting to empty your mind of man and manhood you must be convinced the entire existence is an illusory state of mind. Without this vision deep seeded in your heart you won't be able "to see the elephant having you riding on his back", as Padma wisely said it. You must be convinced that any density is nothing else but mindful energy that fell in the disgrace of T/S velocity. In short, to realize that what makes you believe in density/matter is nothing else but a sensorial motion put up by the 5 elements -- all mindful (energetic) in nature -- and a senso-reader (the 6th element) able to decode their stunts in a meaningful manner (T/S manner). All that IT is, mindfully is as an illusion to be and suffer!


As I was saying earlier: this concept did sound hilarious, until the computers were invented and the physicists came up with the "strings theory" and many other visions to prove how right Yoga's vision really is. In spite of this, science today is very much afraid to admit Yoga's discoveries, but there is a trend among the honest scientists to admit it! There is no way not to, because science is based on leftovers the ones in power were stealing from millennia in different corners of the world from Yoga and all other Esoteric Traditions. This is happening because man as a living creature was steadily degenerating from his inception. As of today man lives in the last and most degenerated stage called by Yoga, KaliYuga, the Age of total obscuration, total ignorance, and total cowardice! We are living today in a world of cowards, villains, and killers!


The very result of this degeneration is a general paranoia leading to an overall brain-hack of the entire mankind by evil forces beyond our sensorial capacity. This is done today through a very well orchestrated propaganda put up by the heartless ones in power of mankind using the Internet, TV, movies, and many other such deceiving tools of fabricating reality -- all under the spell of malefic forces from beyond acting upon them to act upon us. You are able to see this by just looking at the satanist rituals those few in power are performing. And still, many among men are obscured to this indoctrination process, going in cruise control with their pitiful life. The believe in T/S and solid matter as valid realities today is paramount, and the prove of this is the strong cling man has to objects, money, and his selfish body -- a living that can be rightfully called "Selfishism". And if someone like me or any other tells you all living is just a state of mind, you will probably tell me to "take a hike" or "see a doctor". That's how brain-hacked people are today by the deceiving religio-scientific propaganda!


This allows to those in power of mankind to do what they are doing best: killing mankind in slow motion! We see this happening in China, NKorea, Russia, Africa, America, EU, and all over the world. As of today the entire mankind is brain-hacked by the means of Internet, Political bullshit, Movies, TV propaganda, Facebook, Google, cell phones, you name it. All this wide spread indoctrination works in slow motion, but as of today the social apparatus is corrupted to such extend that this motion picked up speed, going with an accelerated pace for the wide spread kill. Mankind today is the cannon fodder at the disposal of some despicable few oligarchs and their killing spooks ready to start the WW3 holocaust. Mankind is about to be slaughtered!

The only way for man today to escape the holocaust is to change his mind with another of a better kind and exit manhood. Nothing and nobody can save mankind today except this! Don't you fall for anyone telling you he is a savior or the savior will come, those are all con artists. Don't you believe in aliens coming from above either, because this is what those in power are using as a cover up to kill you from far above. They always did this, blaming others for their dirty deeds. That's how all religions (and lately all sciences as well) were invented as a mindful fabrication to make the killers look clean. Millions upon millions were killed this way, as it is still happening today. Just look around and see with your own eyes how true this really is!


Conclusion: changing your mind movements with a new ones turns you new, giving you a new script to be/genome with a new and better destiny, a new sensoriality, a new scenery, and a new memory to come. But as long as you dwell in the being universe, the scattered movement of your mind will make you oscillate and suffer. Stopping your mind movements gives you the chance to exit manhood for a better livelihood. To vanish from being and not be is another chance you have, allowing you to turn into a Singularity dwelling in ITs Infinite Luminosity -- the One-many without being any! This is the real meaning of Patanjali's CVN: avoiding any mindful bio-script to be and dwell in the Union of the Wholesome Singularity! His Kaivalya/Singularity says it!


* This subject cannot be exposed in extenso here, just in a small circle of pure hearts familiar with Tachy Yoga's advanced spiritual practice!