Your private window of being!


Reality is what your senso-mind allows you to register and be! This is an Axiomatic Truth!

"What is real ?"..........was Morpheus asking in the Matrix movie, answering the question to Neo right after by saying life is just a play of senses transmitting electric signals in your brain. And how right Morpheus was indeed, considering the fact science is telling us the same thing today. Life is indeed a play of our senses, a sensorial play having our brain as a memory holder giving us a "reality" similar to the one a DVD is giving out from the engraves existing there! The Avatar movie is a prove of how far man can go in copying Mother Nature's senso-tricks. That movie was just pixels in motion for most part of it. Just go to Dream Works and ask them how they did it!


That's why to recognize reality today is a very tricky proposition, knowing how much make believe realities computers can put out. We live today in a fabricated reality most of the time, considering how much time people are spending in front of all kind of mass media devices, starting with the TV, Internet, the cell, etc. Mankind today has turned into a bunch of "digital monkeys". The only reality man cannot fabricate is the one that makes all his senses react simultaneously. We are cursed to live sequentially due to our low T/S velocity. There are some associations, like the sound and the sight for instance, the two main gates used by those in showbiz and mass media propaganda today to brain-hack the masses and make all of us suffer of a chronic eclipse of heart!

The reality is then something very circumstantial, something similar to a process in continuous motion. And this is exactly what old Seers knew life to be: an illusory oscillation. As part of this living oscillation man is an oscillator himself, changing his reality to be as he goes along with his sensorial destiny (senso-script). This is actually the only way for life to stay afloat and not die out of boringness. Living and being the same forever is then a terrible thing to wish for, be very convinced of this! That's why the living reality trapped into a certain sensorial package (man in our case) has to die after a while, to come back again as a forgetful new out of a déjà vu. This is the karmic law of the being universe -- a universe based on duality and T/S -- in order to keep itself new out of a déjà vu! We are living in a universe reshuffling ITSelf from within! This is an Axiomatic Truth!


Yoga's old saying that all living is an illusion and not a reality has then a valid ground, and the high end scientists are validating this truth more and more today. Are we by any chance fabricating our own reality out of our mind, out of nothing? There are numerous proves pointing into this direction. No wonder all Seers were stressing so much on the mindscape of all living. They all knew that's the only reality there is, with no other. But if you believe in man and only, living under the spell of religio-scientific propaganda, then you make manhood the apex of all existence and turn man into a god -- which we already did!

Then we treat everything else in the universe as being dummy, thinking of man as the measuring yardstick of it. This is a grievous mistake, and today we are ripening the consequences of such faulty belief. The reality man can envision is about to end, that's why man has to mutate into a better entity with a new and better capacity of creating mindful reality. Many men have already envisioned such new reality, leaving manhood for good, but the vast majority is just sticking with the old and obsolete. Those will suffer plenty in the times to come!

A pertinent question arises: is there a realm to be considered as the ultimate reality, a realm where the dream to be comes from? I've answered this question in my TYoga book! Yes! there is a Dreamer, an entity who just wants to be through all others. IT's not a god, but rather a Wholesome Singularity staying beyond any illusory density to be. Yoga calls IT, Avyakta, Buddha calls IT, Nirvana, Patanjali calls IT, Kaivalya, and I call IT, Trinogen, but in truth IT has no name, just IT, That point in infinite -- a point infinitely small escaping any detection. And if you look how the scientists are envision out universe lately (see above drawing), you will see how IT expands from an Invisible and Luminous Center. No wonder the scientists are crazy today about those subparticles, trying to find That Center! They never will, like no one ever did! Why? Because you are that Dreamer! You have just to remember!


Conclusion: reality is a product of sensoriality, and sensoriality is a product of the 5 elements making us move and be through the means of our inborn mindful velocity. And still, the one making you say "I am" is still missing the picture! This is an Axiomatic Truth!