Mind Movements*


Looking at  the animated drawing bellow is giving you an idea how the world at large is moving inside your mind (the ellipse) and outside of it (the rectangle). In Sanskrit, those senso-movements are called "vrittis" (waves, vibrations), and Yoga, as well as Tesla, are saying the entire world is made of nothing else except those. The idea of T/S sprang from this mindful senso-movement as well. In spite of this, our real mind (our genome) never moves, what moves inside our mind is our senso-memory -- a peculiar combination of our sensoriality and the imprints they leave in our brain as memory (what Yoga knows as vrittis and vasanas). This is an Axiomatic Truth!

This concept did sound hilarious to many, until the computers were invented and the physicists came about with the "strings theory", copying Yoga's vision entirely and proving its veracity. But even today, the concept is still hard to envision because.......well because is hard to imagine the entire existence comes out from an Infinite Mind and our mind is just a small antenna receiving signals from IT -- in spite of having the Internet, the Cloud computing, the cells today to prove it. This makes us all remotely operated toys!

The god and his creation idea came out as a desperate try to fill our illusory status with something human in aspect and keep our sanity. In doing this we didn't achieve much, because more and more people today are aware this god idea is just a silly movement inside their mind and nothing else. This explains why we have so many manmade gods today, going by the mantra "my god is better than yours" and starting wars of domination and exploitation among us. The exponential cruelty and killing present in the world today is the very result of this faulty vision!


I call nowadays people, "digital monkeys", people playing with their mind movements in extreme "from inside out and outside in". I've underlined the last statement because it is of major importance in understanding how the vrittis work. Yoga knew this from millennia, and people millennia before Yoga knew of it as well. But today we totally forgot our true nature, so we need to remember using some computer help for this.

 When man plays with computers, cells, watches TV, etc., it is a constant feedback going on at the computer level, and his mind level as well. A feedback is nothing else but "an inside out and outside in game".........vrittis game. The life at large is of the same mindful nature, but we see our human encasement and we "think" of having a real bodymass, and it is this mind movement of sensorial thinking that makes us identify with man. To understand this tricky extrapolating game you must have Buddha's vision upon the mind as one of our senses (a skandha) responsible of making us believe we are men. It is known today as the genetic code (our genome, our bio-script to be) -- our real mind -- and no man leaves his home without it!

I can't extend Buddha's view on this here, what I can say is that by seeing the vrittis as "an inside out and outside in" illusory game you are cured of manhood, having your mind (your genome) purged of its aeonic mnemonic engraves (vasanas). This is what Buddha did, that's why he called his final achievement, Nirvana, the Cessation of suffering and misery associated with taking your mind movements making you believe in density/physicality as reality. Our universe is a hoax making us believe is real by the tricky play of our mind movements coming from within and outside in. We are inside a mindful universe which makes itself known through all others through their own mind movements. In short, living is an illusory process of minds similar to what we know as Internet today, which is using a vast array of computers as data processing tools! Once you get rid of your senso-memory (vrittis and vasanas), the real mind reveals its true motionless nature, turning you alien to human race and its precarious face! This is an Axiomatic Truth!


To split life in intelligent beings (organic) and dummy others (inorganic) at their disposal is man's major blooper, a mistake which cannot be corrected in any other way except by exiting manhood for a better livelihood -- replacing our senso-mind movements with some better ones. This explain our paranoid behavior of late, our mind movements just reached their limits, so our inside out and outside in illusory game needs to be replaced by another in order not to die out of boringness. The Internet did this to us, due to its capacity of filling our brain to the rim with endless mnemonic movements related to our illusory living exposed to suffering and decay. We've reached the point of total collapse!

That's why whatever man does today cannot save mankind, only the vision of a better script to be -- with new vrittis and vasanas -- can propel us into something illusory new. The old has to perish for a new mindful bio-script to take hold and give you a better living beyond the T/S velocity of your actual living destiny. In case you didn't notice, the events of late have an accelerated speed, a speed which surpasses man's mind bio-capacity. Lately nobody can figure anything out, rich and poor alike are scared and helpless. This will lead all mankind into a state of general madness where people will turn into zombies walking around without having any idea what they are doing. We are woefully close to extinction!

All nations lately are weaponizing in extreme, spending huge amounts of money and resources from their GDP for this purpose and impoverishing their people to great extend. We are all scared of each other, pretending still that we are civilized. There is no way today for man to escape the situation he is in except through a WW3 holocaust. If you don't see this you must be really blind. I have myself a hard  time to keep my marbles, seeing what is happening and how asleep most of us are to what is coming. The only way out of this is to transcend your mind movements and leave your manhood behind..........with no other!


Conclusion: the universe we live in is a mindscape, a mind movement faking as dense reality. The T/S is the scammer! Our duty is to escape manhood and acquire a new senso-mind with a better sensoriality, an improved engraving capacity, and a better surrounding scenery. We do this  most of the time today without even realizing it when we play computer games, alter our features via Photoshop, make commercials and all sorts of sci-fi movies, take drugs, etc., but we live inside the human cocoon (our real living space), creating a steady conflict in our mind. Yoga practice has a more majestic goal: to replace manhood and its terrestrial scenery with a better livelihood of a better quality and a better mindful reality! Knowing the being universe is exposed to endless suffering all across, Tachy Yoga goes for being no more (CVN)!


* This subject cannot be exposed in extenso here, just in a small circle of pure hearts familiar with Tachy Yoga's advanced spiritual practice!