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ITs Whispers




It was a dream I've had, one of those vivid dreams coming from divine realms to tell me what my next undoing should be. IT was a Krishna kid, that wonderful little boy  full of blissful power and having the obstacle in his reach as well. He just let me know about what I should undo next, saying: "Krishnacharya!............Stay totally detached between Bliss and Abyss to be Eternally Serene and Free like me! My Infinite Love will fill then your heart to the rim from inside out and outside in! You'll be breathed in back in Origin!"


The meaning of this esoteric channeling is expressed in Krishna's picture above, and is revealed only to a real TYogi knowing of IT! The purity of you has to match His in order to undo you for Him. Don't you dare otherwise! When totally pure, the Being will dance in front of your Infinite Mahamudhra as an eternal flow of rainbowing lights going for Union with that unknown Spiritual Presence -- known by all impure others as Darkness! Your heart knows of this Infinite Consciousness!


Look also at that Trident depicted in Krishna's Ajna Chakra and take notice of the jewel present right in the middle of it. The Trident reveals man's impure trinity -- the body container, the living energy, and the procreative desire to be -- transcended by the one with a pure heart through the practice of the tapas. The Jewel in the middle is the Jewel of Pinpointed Mahamudhra, the Eye of Shiva -- the Trident holder in Command of them all! Krishna, LCA and Trinogen are one and the same -- the last face of IT, known also as the Divine Trinity/Trimurti!


Another esoteric revelation coming from this amazing picture, which was without a doubt inspired to the Indian artist from beyond, is revealed next! Please look at the Karmic Wheels depicted bellow:



One is static, and the other is in motion. Believe it or not, they are coming from Krishna's picture with a little help from a small painting program I have. As you can see, the beauty of Krishna is present even in those. What this reveals is the fact the Wheel of Karma is amazingly beautiful, no wonder is so hard to pull out of it. You notice also the fact this wheel is infinitely procreating within ITSelf, like circles inside circles, with no end in sight -- all starting from a Center never to be found! Amazing!!!


If you look at the one in motion, you notice how the beauty dissipates little by little, to be regained again when the Wheel  stops, to be lost again when the motion starts again. This is the Web of Cybela Maya, the play of Bliss and Abyss -- "The Beauty and the Beast" in one Karmic package. The engine of this dualistic play is Krishna's ardent desire to be bringing us all to life from ITs Infinite Darkness. Amazing!!!  


Now you really understand why the real yogis are so admired by all others for what they do. They've managed to defeat the Beauty and the Beast by their tapas. And when they do, they turn Serene, which is beyond Samsara and Nirvana (the Hell of man and the Divine Heavens), defeating duality and dwelling in That Point in Infinite motionlessly hidden as the Center of All that IT is. Amazing indeed!!!


Krishna is great indeed, and still, He is just an emanation of

That One and only Center!