Your private way of assessing the being


The Iness is a selfish separation from the Wholesome Union by a private curiosity eager to be. All existence is then a selfish sin afraid of losing its status of being, a sin all entities in existence are evenly sharing! This is an Axiomatic Truth!

In order to be you must have an Assessor able to stand out from many others as a private Witness of sort. Such Witness is like a senso-reader able to make sense of what makes you man and John Doe. It is what make each living entity that belongs to the being universe say: "I am this or that" (in our case "this private man")! As such, any Iness in existence has a unique way of assessing reality, living privately in his sensorial reality and only. Losing your Iness to be makes you lose your identity for another, changing your reality and your bio-script to be accordingly! This is an Axiomatic Truth!

Known also as the Self or Seer, this Iness is present as a trademark all across the being universe, and is by no means related to our seeing capacity only but rather to our entire sensorial capacity. In short, the Iness is assessing the way the 5 elements manifest inside you and all around you. The thing is, this Iness is just a receiver at the disposal of an overall Assessor giving to each being in existence its sensorial capacity as destiny via its bio-script to be (genome). This is the AC, the Book of Life (CC*). We believe we are the ones assessing the reality we live in via our sensors, which is true, but our private reality is imposed upon us by forces beyond our comprehension faking as our within. To make those forces your friends and well be you must practice the tapas and silent meditation. What we do today with our selfish and excessive consumerism is making those forces our dreadful enemy! This is an Axiomatic Truth!


This sober conclusion came to me after 50 years of strenuous efforts and endless hours of meditation, trying now to make it known to some few eager to listen. The being universe is a show of puppets going by a preestablished script declared ahead of T/S, as T/S. The Time flows as Bliss through the "leak" of our Father Sun, creating the Space as it mindfully expands through Abyss. This expansion endlessly "creates" various bubbles of T/S as densities to be and suffer, each having its own Iness to be as a living script to assess its own illusory reality. This script is not stable by any means, being in endless flux and changing as it goes along in eternal cycles of T/S. And so are we and everything else in the being universe! In short, the being universe is a mindful and transient process in eternal motion of T/S! This is an Axiomatic Truth!


Our planet has its own Iness to be, and so is our sun, all the way to the being universe itself. There is no entity in the being universe not having a private Iness (private assessor) going by a script of another and moving by the power of another. As such, this Iness is not in fact as private as it looks, you just identify with it and make it private due to your imposed bio-script to be. The only way to freedom is then to not be, and only what the greeks called by mistake Chaos  -- which is in fact The Great Perfection -- has this majestic capacity! This is an Axiomatic Truth!

This explains why none of the Old Seers gave a name to what stays beyond the being universe, talking only metaphorically about IT like Nirvana (Cessation of Suffering), Kaivalya (Singularity), LCA (Lucid Clear Awareness), etc. I call IT, TriNOgen, just to show ITs non-being nature: NO trinity (no Bliss, no Abyss, No Iness) and NO genesis (no farther be-coming in eternal cycles of T/S). The Old Seers knew the being universe is prone to endless suffering due to its dualistic nature, and their message to mankind was always the same: get out of being by the means of the tapas and silent meditation. Very few yogis today go by such practice, going rather for money and pretend! Man today is very much in love with his Iness (bio-script) and the precarious realm of shit happens (of entropic degeneration and suffering)!


The greeks were very poorly minded when they called our universe a Cosmos (as opposed to Chaos), because they've made man's sensoriality the measuring stick of all existence, without having any idea how much suffering our sensoriality gives us in return via our Iness. Some of the greeks went to India and other places to learn about Yoga and Maya, but they definitely didn't get it right, coming out with the term "metaphysics" and turning man into a god. The Romans picked then the erroneous vision of the greeks and call it, "universe", making again our senses a "universion" of all existence. Just today we are able to see how preposterous those visions really are, but we still go with them nevertheless. For now we go in cruise control with cheap cell talk and selfies, but the time of reckoning is awfully close. Our selfish Iness has reached its lowest point today, the point from where our living of pretend will show its ugly face, a face of desperation and endless suffering! Not knowing how to let go of your selfish Iness to be, the portal to The Great Perfection -- what we mistakenly call Chaos -- will stay closed!


Conclusion: the Iness is what keeps you trapped in endless suffering. Staying at the base of the being universe, the Iness is the only obstacle in our way to infinite freedom. Don't you believe the Iness is yours, try to see how it is imposed upon you via your bio-script and make you suffer. Only a strenuous Yoga practice can help you surrender your Iness and not be! Here it is the mantra to use: "Losing my Iness to be in Infinite Luminosity!"........with the vision exposed here to make it active!


* "I am" and "Iness" are not the same! The 1st is Wholesome as the trademark of being, whereas the 2d is selfish and privately own by each entity in existence! The 2d takes its roots from the 1st! In the end they are both entropic/sinful, degenerating as they go along with their luring T/S stunt! This is an Axiomatic Truth! CC - Cosmic Consciousness!