The Supreme Void of All Plenitude


"The One having the power to be and not be at will!"




If you study all Traditions of mankind's history like I and many others did, you will notice there is no difference between their Godhead concepts: 

~   Brahman - The Supreme Self/Witness,

~   Hermes Trismegistus - Thrice great messenger,

~   Zeus - God of the sky,

~   Ra - Sun god, Etc........... 

In truth, all those are just labels attached to an unknown entity responsible for all existence. We are dealing here with a vicious circle due to what I was saying before: you cannot describe the Unmanifested sustainer, the One able to switch ITs awareness ON and OFF at will! In case you didn't notice, there is always a God, just for the sake of make IT known!

One thing which is very obvious to all of us -- atheists and mystics alike --  is the fact there is something out there beyond our comprehension turning everything around as Life. Nobody can argue about this! You can label IT as God, Almighty, Matter, Etc., without any chance to make IT known! The only "argument" is around the issue of whether or not we have the same power, and, if we have IT, to which extent. Are we all gods in disguise or we are just simple strings attached puppets of a beyond unknown Entity who wants us to be and suffer? Through our link with IT we are all gods, but as men we are not! And this book, which is a quintessence of all Esoteric Traditions, is taking the task of showing you how to go back into the Forgotten Origination of IT!


Why are we ignorant about this truth in the first place?

Because of our human suit! IT is like asking: "why do I have the human eyes to see for?" The only possible answer is: "to see for!" You can't see IT but this way, and this is all you can say about the "fall"! Having the eyes to see the illusion is covering IT! Our limits are then built in, as I've mentioned before! But they are built in by our "sensorial belief" (heartfelt belief) and nothing else! Change your sensorial capacity with another and the limits will change as well! For this to happen you must change your real mind (your genome) with another! This is an Axiomatic Truth! 

In short, we are all potential gods, but not as humans in T/S living. We have to get out of our human cocoon! Being is universal, whereas Not-Being can't Be! We still have the being power (the only power there is), and we can be-come gods or God, but we can never BE-NOT (Not to Be-come again and again in karmic cycles of T/S)! This is the real dilemma and not that of being a god or the God!

All the gods and the God Almighty are still trapped in the Being, like you and me here! In order NOT TO BE you have then to accomplish something which is beyond any comprehension and far beyond the gods and God concept! And this is Tachy Yoga's last Goal: reaching this Supreme and Unknown State of IT, the only Entity able to be and not be at will!

Because of the curse of T/S, we have to accomplish this in stages, the same way we did with our rooted belief we are humans. A belief can move a mountain or can turn you into a worm, it all depends on your attachments (A/R) -- the more attachments, the weaker your power will be. When all attachments are gone, there is no belief left.........just IT! But I have to tell you this: "if you have even one single human attachment left in your mind/heart, it will drag you down and make you weak because such attachment is scattering the overall Power staying beyond all existence in small pieces of dualistic nature -- creating the S/O separation and pushing you farther away from the Union"! A Tachy Yogi should be aware of this Axiomatic Truth!

This is the reason why all the great Ones of mankind performed their practice in the mountains, in wilderness or in the desert -- to purge their heart of their last attachments. Buddha did IT, Padma did it, and many others before and after them. Try to be like them, don't be ashamed! You should always go by the 3 Don'ts of TY: don't be Ashamed, don't Blame, don't Complain!

As you know by now: there is nothing new in the being universe, just a déjà vu faking as new. The Being universe has been already declared ahead of T/S, as T/S, therefore it has a "blue print"! This is an Axiomatic Truth! 


The teachings inserted here are not to be found anywhere, in any Yoga book or otherwise. The esoteric truth used to be revealed only by Yoga gurus in secluded ashrams or monasteries, but I don't think is any real guru or such genuine places in the world today, where self-declared gurus are spreading their dogmatic blab everywhere, turning Yoga into a show biz like all religions are. Today phony yogis are more preoccupied how to raise money for their material comfort. As of today Yoga is not a Real Union anymore, just a silly pretend! A Tachy Yogi has to realize this and keep his lucid clear awareness (LCA) constantly present. 

Why am I doing this, you may ask?

First, for myself! When I am writing this book and practicing Tachy Yoga in the same time I have the feeling that I have to do IT! I don't even know why!

Second, for the ones who are lost in so many low end yoga dogmas based on manmade gods and other material interests like all religion do.

And thirdly, for the reasons related to the future events. It is something in our future that I can't say is too bright. It is coming slowly, but as the title of this book reveals, has a "tachyionic" acceleration into IT.

For the future events I can say just this:

Who thinks is King is not!

Who is King is not!

Who is not is King!

As the Art of Living and Dying, Tachy Yoga is offering you three potential accomplishments:

Knowledge.........through ITs Tachy View,

Mastery..............through ITs Tachy Practice, and

Freedom.............through your Sublimation toward IT!

Those are the 3 Majors of TYoga! All these three accomplishments are just potentially possible, as I just said, all depending upon your belief. You have to know also that in the end any belief is coming from your senso-mind stirred by the desire to be! When all those beliefs vanish, you finally withdraw from being, turning IT.............That One and Wholesome Supreme everything comes from and retreats into! Such ONE motionlessly abides!


Living is eternal, but an eternity is always an evolution in T/S, which does not repeat but surpasses ITSelf into another, and another...........endlessly so! That is why your life has to be upgraded everyday! This is the Cosmic Destiny of all living for the Glory of the Spiritual Presence in us and All that IT is!

The Big Resorption (Mahapralaya) is the ending point of any Eternity!

The total possible Expansion (Evolution) of man is Trinogen (ITSelfBliss), the Wholesome One who cannot be exceeded.

The total possible Contraction (Involution) of man is the total compression of the Abysmal Obstacle (the Infinite Rock)!

Those two extremes (Bliss~Abyss) are emanations of IT, that One never to be known! They are not free, being hooked to each other as a dichotomy to be. What resides between the two is a motionless assessor witnessing their illusory show. Together they make the Monadic Trinity to be or Trinogen. The illusory products of this Trinity to be are you, me, and everything else in existence -- none free either!

You are a man today, a god among others tomorrow, and the God of the future for an eternity, but you will never Be Free..........NOT TO BE! The place of no return ISN'T..........JUST IT. The God (as Trinogen/ITSelfBliss) still is as the being "face" of IT among endless others! When Trinogen goes in retreat (in Mahapralaya) He identifies with IT, turning infinITe, and another mindful Eternity/Aeon to be goes to dust! There are endless such Eternal bubbles to be (Aeons), but only One InfinITe Supreme which always prevails! This is an Axiomatic Truth!

The ONE running the being show remains endlessly unknown and undefined as a Virtual Seed where All that IT is comes from and retreats back in after an illusory eternity to be! We are living in a mindful universe faking as real by the trick of T/S (the one responsible for our senso-mind movements)! Only Tachy Yoga can put an end to this mindful trick and its associated suffering! This is an Axiomatic Truth!