The concept of god is common among low end creatures believing in their own kind as the apex of all creation. Man is such a poor minded creature! This is an Axiomatic Truth!

For advanced living creatures living in total harmony with the entire universe the concept of god is non existent. Such creatures know very well the Entity responsible of our universe is a collective, a Union of all there is. Yoga has this vision expressed in its very name (the Union). What Yoga thought me is that our universe is a Wholesome Entity disbursed inside each of us and all around us. Such Entity cannot be by any means of human nature but rather beyond nature itself. That's why the God of all Existence cannot be patronized, IT doesn't belong to anyone in particular. To believe into a "private" god and fight all others having their "private" god is a sign of total lack of wisdom. The mess we are living in today is the result of this preposterous vision!


All tribal people know how to find God, and so are the shamans and all real yogis. Knowing of God as acting from inside out and outside in, such wonderful people can make miracles of heart. By accessing the Power of God they can penetrate your body and heal it from inside out, they can make elephants fly or a forest disappear in front of your very eyes, etc. They know the entire existence is a state of mind, so they act upon it accordingly. But we treat such people as savages, going with our corrupt agenda of endless destruction! We just lost our marbles!

It never occurs to us that man is not in the center of the universe but rather at the very far corner of it as a tinny speck of living dust. We just submit to religio-scientific propaganda sold to money and endless corruption without realizing this is just a tool in the hands of some despicable few (the 1%) using and abusing all mankind in extreme. The real god mankind worships today is money and the endless vices such phony god brings in. There is no religion or any other social institution today not having money as their god. We live by this god today, and we die with it in our heart! We've turned into gullible idiots sold to cheap comfort and low instincts -- digitizing our life in the process and killing our true nature!


It is very painful for me to see this preposterous vision spreading all across mankind and making us all lose our human soul. Man today doesn't look like a human anymore but rather like a cruel beast. Just look at the world leaders today and notice the ugly grimace on their faces, they don't look human at all. Their smile is a sinister grimace, their talk is full of lies, and their deeds are cruel in extreme. They are really crazy people blabbing and blabbing without having any real empathy for the ones they preside upon. And as of late, they just steal and kill!

We've turned today into a tumor of this planet, and sooner or later our universe will remove us all. We just lost the vital link with our universe, turning derailed and going for self-destruct. As of today man has two choices: 1) to go in cruise control with its fearful worshiping of money and corruption and die in agony, or 2) to realize his sinful mistake and take a brave action against the destructive trend. There is nothing else in between!


Conclusion: the Entity making us be resides wholesomely, therefore IT cannot be. Such wholesome Singularity can be only by disbursing ITSelf in many and forget ITs Wholesome nature through the means of mindful velocity. The Void is the Portal through which the living process (the being) pours out as a scattered existentiality full of transient beings with private scripts to be leading to individuality. As a transient puppet of another, the only thing you can do is to find your master. Man has to embrace this valid truth and go in reverse of the being universe and its entropic curse in order to regain the Wholesome status of That Singularity (Kaivalya) making us be! Thank you Patanjali!


* Human language cannot explain God's nature, therefore I let silence erase my bio-trace to be and get absorbed into ITs Infinite Luminosity!