Exiting Manhood


To exit manhood you must have precognitions of a better livelihood other than man and his precarious universe. Then you must replace the genome of man (your real mind) with a new and better bio-script to be of a higher T/S velocity giving you a new triangulation to be (new mind movements). Once achieved, the triangulation of man vanishes, allowing you to exit the human cocoon! Changing your bio-script to be is then changing your trinity to be, which gives you a new density (body), a new scenery (universe to live in), and a new assessing capacity (mind, genome)! This is an Axiomatic Truth!

Any being in existence has his own triangulation to be (his private individuality), which was accumulated throughout its aeonic living history as a set of imprints/vasanas in AC. Man's triangulation is full of misery, because it has a very low T/S velocity exposed to constant conflicts and suffering. We can survive only through constant chores to be, suffering and dying in the end to come back again as new from a déjà vu (our AC) in eternal cycles of T/S. To cling to such precarious existence is to cling to suffering, as Buddha knew when saying: "the cling to life is the cause of suffering" (his 2d Noble Truth)!

But Buddha, Patanjali, Padma Sambhava, and many others before them, gave us a practice how to exit manhood and put an end to suffering. To achieve such majestic task you must apply the CVN to man through Yoga practice of the tapas, paramitas (virtues) and silent meditation. The practice of CVN is exposed in Patanjali's Sutras and my own Tachy Yoga, being nothing else but stopping your mind movements -- equivalent with replacing your script to be/genome (your real mind) with another. Patanjali didn't elaborate on this esoteric truth, saying only that when the CVN is achieved you turn into a Singularity knowing of ITSelf and only (his Kaivalya) -- what science is saying today as well. To be a Kaivalyan is to be free indeed!


The Tibetans are totally obscured to the Infinite Luminosity of this Singularity, making  the Emptiness of the Void Portal their final goal. They misinterpreted Buddha's Nirvana the same way science does, taking the Void Portal (Sunya) as the source of all existence and the final achievement. They certainly didn't experience Nirvana, That Plenitude dwelling beyond the VPortal in ITs own Wholesome Luminosity (the One I call Trinogen)!


I can't develop this farther here, the only thing I can say is that the Void Portal can be opened or closed according with your heart's purity. The road to Nirvana can be described as: Stop - Spin - Reverse - Surrender - Vanish. The Stop and Spin are of your senso-memory, the Reverse is of your bio-script via the practice of RetroGenesis, the Surrender is of your AC (Iness/genome/mind) to the Void at the event horizon, and the Vanishing is from Samsara/Being in Nirvana! The road is hidden in your heart free of desire to privately be. You have to transcend divinity as well, knowing the realm of divinity/heavens is not exempt of suffering, just of the curse of low T/S velocity due to its lack of density/bodymass! Don't you wish for divinity then, knowing that divinity is not free of duality, being exposed to suffering as well! Those are Axiomatic Truths!


Conclusion: exiting manhood is not for everyone!