This website is closed to the public at large, except for the "Path", "The Mind", "Trinogen", "Reality", "GOD", "Being", "The Prophecy",  "The Silent War", and the Email. Click on them here if you want to access them. IT was open for 10 years now without interruption, but mankind today is due for self-destruction, and there is no practice for this except dying! As of today each one of us is on its own!


The WW3 already started, but this war will be different because it will be a long one and the last. It will display like a TV show to many, until it will get in their own backyard to show its ugly and deadly face. Mankind is playing a dangerous game today, a blabbing game where nobody tells the truth anymore. The despicable 1% filthy rich few are behind this, killing the real values of humanity and replacing them with their corrupted and deceitful propaganda. The war of words with NKorea is in truth a war aimed at China, you must be really blind not to see this. Russia will have its part to play in it as well! Secretly planned in advance by the oligarchs, this last war is designed to kill people in big numbers through deadly weapons of mass destruction -- to end abruptly in Doomsday and put mankind out of existence!


Neglecting the white race entirely, America, as well as the EU, are playing the chinese game today, falling in their trap without having a clue of what's coming. Instead of fighting the arab and the chinese expansion, the former white race countries will sacrifice their own people for money in return, spreading a hell never heard of before in the history of human race. An elite of corrupted and cruel oligarchs having money as their god will rule the entire mankind by terror, using well trained terrorist killers as their bloody brain-hacked servants for endless killing!


Mankind will have a new face as a consequence, an ugly face where cruelty, corruption, and killing will prevail. The Moral Code will be long gone, and the crooked rulers will die themselves in agony in the end. They will hide under ground like the rats do, to die there like rats. Try not to be among them! Only the ones with an open heart will escape the suffering of those shameful times! Don't you worry about your dense body, try rather to keep your soul pure and don't fall for the deceiving propaganda of those heartless and corrupted few in power. Forces from beyond will watch over those pure souls, helping them to die in Ecstasy before the hell beyond human reach will unleash! Blessed are the ones with pure hearts!


I give bellow a mantra to listen to on headphones. It comes from the soul of a Great Seer. Put it into a loop and let your soul expand to IT: Sarva Mangalam! If you are in distress or in need of bravery to overcome those evil times, just listen to the mantra and let your soul get immersed in it.

Mankind today sold its soul to money, sinful pretend, sodomy, and endless cruelty, so it has to perish! Just by looking at what is happening in the world today is a valid prove of our total degeneration. As of today mankind is the tumor of this planet, and as any tumor, it has to be removed. No "Messiah" will come to save us, because a tumor is not meant to be saved! Only your pure heart can save you to transcend manhood! We are facing the last and most shameful living span before the extinction of human race!