Alaya/Eternal Consciousness*


The never ending show!


the déjà vu of Being


The mindful dream of Being has many, very many living shows in it, all stored inside an eternal/alaya preestablished Script to be! Our living show is so much tunneled that we can barely squeeze that drop of happiness in order to stay alive. To cling to such precarious universe is ignorance (of others) indeed. No wonder man suffers so much! But man has discovered Yoga/Union as a way of exiting manhood  for a better livelihood. What all real yogis do is using the "N-factor" (Neti-Neti), the tapas, and meditation as tools for liberation! Some few did achieve IT!

 The déjà vu of Being makes the universe we live in totally exposed, totally naked by the means of Alaya Consciousness (AC). But this is not something man wants to witness, because man has managed to turn the Majestic play of Bliss and Abyss into a religio-scientific play of good and evil. The AC flows like a blissful river of delight, the latter stops this flow in short lived stunts of T/S nature -- due to man's ignorance in regards with AC. The ignorance is then what makes man live and die in T/S. Man is indeed totally ignorant of his True Nature! This is man's ancestral Sin, deployed as man, mankind, and his precarious universe!

 The AC is freely flowing, as I said, a heartfelt flow full to the rim with beings and happenings. But our AC flows inside the boundaries of our skin, therefore is of mankind nature! We've managed to circumscribe the Majestic flow of Being this way due to our lack of wisdom, in truth the AC endlessly flows in infinite directions, way beyond man and his precarious universe. Remember: the being universe is not by any means a man oriented event, therefore man is not in the center of it but rather at the very far corner of it as a tiny speck of living dust. The mess we all live in today and back in our living history all the way is the very consequence of this grievous mistake. With this poor vision in mind we start then to look for men all across the Being universe, making man the center (the god) of this universe. That's how we've managed to make a phony center out of us and turn religious about man and his habitat -- worshiping manmade gods and playing make believes in well built establishments for money in return!


Our mistake resides in the way we understand the difference between our Consciousness and our Mind. The Consciousness is like a universal mirror which reflect evenly what passes by in front of it as a script to be. As such, the consciousness is totally free to assess living events, letting them go by in a dispassionate manner without considering any as its own. You can rightfully consider the AC as a Universal Mirror of all existence. The Mind is totally different, going desirously for a private cling or another by sympathy and making a belonging mold out of that cling. It is like dressing into a suit that holds you hostage in it by a desirous bio-script! As such, the Mind is always of private nature, building in T/S a self/memory out of its living clings. We are man because we've chosen this private mold by sympathy and desirously cling to it. Remember: liking is always sticky, making molds to be! Detachment is the remedy!

As a dream to be, the AC is endlessly reshuffled from inside the House of Purushas in order to come out with something new out of a déjà vu. Knowing of this, a Tachy Yogi mindfully travels inside the AC without an itinerary or a destination, avoiding to cluster in a mold or another this way. He knows very well how important IT is not to have a destiny, a circumscribed be-coming by the means of desire. That's why he travels by heart and heart only, nakedly exposing his heart to all other hearts present there and breathing them all in. Only this way he can avoid falling in sensorial trap of likes and dislikes (A/R)! All others will cover themselves in layers of obscuration (Koshas), dressing into a living mold or another according with their desirous cling and having a destiny as a result. That's how the religious story of falling from heavens was disbursed in mankind by some religious freaks to overpower the weak for their own benefit -- all con artists dressed in lies and deceit!


The 3FVs gives to a TYogi the Majestic View of the flow of Being, having the AC as his background. He knows this flow deploys inside the Adamic Element at first, stumbling at times in different heartfelt souls -- more of less pure -- traveling inside it as dreams to be. Keeping his heart pure and free of any possible prejudice, a TYogi  encounters myriads of such souls in his silent meditation, some having nothing in common with human race. Some of those are pleasant in nature, giving him pleasant feelings and luring his heart to stick with them for a while! Some other encounters are not pleasant in nature, coming from the dark side of AC, the side man calls evil. But there is no evil or hell there, just another face of the same flow of being giving you different feelings of being, that's all -- the play of living densities in various T/S velocities.

The main thing in all those mindful encounters is to keep your heart pure, free of feelings and prejudice. If you do, all the hearts present there will tell you their living story in a heartfelt manner, without being afraid of you. To be infinitely open you must apply the N-factor, saying NO to any livelihood luring you to dress in it. The Adamic Element is One for everyone, therefore all men are equally represented here as a common soul full of wonders. Colorful or not, spooky or not, fearful or not, they are all part of the same illusory show of being and suffering! Don't you ever be scared of any or lured by any, just let them flow as they come along, to see them vanish the same way!

 If you manage to keep your heart pure, the serene LCA will stay with you all the way, giving you a smooth sailing through this Ocean of Souls present there as mindful dreams inside the AC. Most of such souls reside between the upper atmosphere of Mother Earth and the moon. The way those souls are coming your way is strictly related to the sympathetic view they have with your soul and nothing else. Some "lost souls" may interfere with you by accident at times to tell you their story to be in a way or another. Some of those souls are still in the living, and some are in the land of the dead. If you are willing to listen, just listen, and if you don't, just don't, but never consider any as evil, trying to fight them, this will be very detrimental for your own soul. And by the same token, don't you fall for their desirous calls, you will be sorry if you do! Try rather to keep your heart pure and keep your LCA always present, looking at them all in a dispassionate manner. You will be able then to see them all as the best helpers you can have for the time being. Remember: they all come your way by a sympathetic attraction with your soul!


Then, when the LCA turns permanent, you will exit the AC of the Adamic Element all together for something totally alien to mankind and its precarious universe. You will be ready then to live in more expanded circles of hearts (souls), all going for the same Monadic One in everything and everyone (Hridaya)! You will realize then the AC is not limited to man and his precarious universe but rather infinitely spread as a never ending show coming from nowhere, moving somewhere, to just go back to nowhere (vanishing without a trace) -- all this for the solely enjoyment of some-One witnessing the many. Then you will remember what Yoga is saying about Rising-Assessing-Subsiding (Popping-Moving-Receding) as the way the being universe deploys its stunts. Trying to find your place in all this illusory display of shadows you won't find any, and you will then suddenly remember your true nature as a Motionless Mirror of all those illusory wonders endlessly deploying their living dance in front of your LCA. 

A question will arise then: who is the Producer of this illusory play of shadows? You will remember then the way a movie is made as a set of frames (engraves nowadays) put together in a sequential manner as imprints on a sensitive material capable to store them and play them back after through a projector or a senso-reader. Then you will remember what TY says about the sensorial play, and you will realize how right TY is to consider man as a bio-entity able to create multi-dimensional illusions the same way the computers do. You will then finally realize the puppet status of man and All that IT is -- a play of mirrors having a sensitive heart in the middle and a senso-mind (as part of AC) full of mindful illusions able to shiver it with their desirous calls! By extension you will find this illusory play present all across the Being universe as a dream of One to be many, discovering the One-Many!

Trying to find the Real Dreamer of all this show of shadows you will realize is not possible because you must lose your LCA in the process, and without this universal awareness it will be no Assessor (Senso-Reader) to witness the show. You will wonder then: is this Assessor an illusion as well? Then you will remember what TY is saying about LCA as the last face of IT (That Point in Infinite), and infinitely in love you will be with that Point, surrendering your LCA for the Faceless Dreamer. Totally unknown, never born, never moving or diminishing, IT answers your question.........gracing you in.  And I cry, and cry knowing of this............waiting for ITs Kiss! IT will come only when IT will be............No AC to make me be! This is the hardest part...........the N-factor! All others, clinging to their AC, will fall in the eternal trap of their desirous/impure heart, endlessly moving in Samsara without any other purpose except suffering!


Conclusion: The AC is our Real mind, the one we forgot about! In spite of this, the AC is still an illusion, making you cling to being and be-coming! Only IT has IT. Buddha knew of IT as Nirvana, and TYoga has IT as Trinogen! 


*  Initially I wanted to expose more about the AC.........until I got the warning not to!