Reuniting the S/O illusory separation

into One Recovered Bliss.......ITSELF!








" I am focusing my mind on something which

I solely contemplate!" That's Concentration!


" I am penetrating the very being essence

of what I focus upon!" That's Meditation!


" I am not having a self anymore, identifying

with the Whole of them all! " That's Samadhi!





Tachy Yoga as the last days Yoga


There are as many Yoga paths as many people are on Earth, and none of them is either better or less, they are all there because people were there to live them all. Yoga is in the world since aeonic times, and nobody ever invented IT because the T/S wasn't there yet, but the Logos was. Yoga (Union) is you, me, and everything else in be-coming! There is one Yoga then for an eternity -- a Union of All that IT is -- but there are numerous paths leading to IT according with everybody's evolutionary T/S velocity and the living density associated with it. You should pick your path wisely by sympathy!

Tachy Yoga (TY) is not an exception to this, being just a new path having as a distinctive mark a "tachy-acceleration", which can be considered as a higher rate of speed going above the speed of the light we know (sunlight speed). Science knows of this speed as "tachyionic speed", but doesn't have guts to admit Einstein's theory is a fraud. And because nothing in this world escapes duality, Tachy Yoga has IT in its very title, which accommodates the highest possible velocity with the total motionless of Yoga practice -- achieving infinite velocity through total immobility. This association wasn't chosen at random, but rather to reveal the fact that T/S is just a state of mind having no intrinsic reality, therefore your mind can play with it at will!

Traveling with a speed higher than the speed of sunlight, the tachyon is an unexplained paradox issued from fundamental studies of nowadays physicists -- a paradox very well known to the Seers millennia ago as the "golden dust" coming out from Ananda (Bliss). The Egyptian priests dwelling inside the Pyramids knew of this as well. Our universe -- the being universe -- has one speed and only, that of the mind, therefore, in the being universe are endless T/S velocities creating endless living densities! To make sunlight speed the ultimate speed of existence as Einstein did is total ignorance. Only a total immobility of the mind can achieve infinite T/S velocity and set you free of any living density and any private bio-script to be -- setting you free of any preestablished itinerary and destination (destiny to be). This is an Axiomatic Truth!

TY is a high velocity path of Yoga promising to transmute instead of traveling along the T/S eternal loop of man's universe velocity. As you realize, transmuting is always transcendental (a rapt), with no contingency to our human living experience. Going on TY's path means then going beyond man's T/S velocity and his precarious destiny without being either afraid or excited. Quietness and serenity is the very condition of any progress in any Yoga path, because the noise is of entropic nature, stirring up the dualistic "buzz", as we've priory seen. This silencing condition is essential for TY!

TY comes into the world of man after a long trip in all mankind traditions -- which are all Yoga -- as a new Yoga practice to transcend manhood and the heartless living cycle of Kali (KaliYuga) mankind lives in. There are other Yoga paths you can go with, of course, but to me they are all just a road to nowhere due to their attachment to manhood. If you are not in love with manhood, seeing the shortcomings of this livelihood, then TY is certainly for you! But if your love affair with manhood is strong, then you are not fit for TY or any Real Yoga for that matter. In this later case you better stay man and live under the curse of T/S for money, sex, and rock n' roll. The call for Yoga comes only to the ones trying to transcend manhood for something better! Knowing of Buddha's 1st Noble Truth: "all life is suffering", for TY anything pertaining to the being universe is sinful in nature, because it has the suffering as its eternal trademark. With Buddha's view at its core, TY goes for being no more, without waiting for Mahapralaya to remove the dualistic show of Maya!




All old traditions are dealing with a key concept of their wisdom considered as God, like Brahman, Ishvara, Osiris, and  many others. The key concept of TY is "Trinogen", a united Trinity which goes deeper than SatChittAnanda of classical Yoga by ITs mean and special techniques to be applied for the final liberation. Trinogen is the Trinity of "ITSelfBliss", a concept which cannot be grasped except through TY's practice of RetroGenesis (RG), which folds the being back in Origin. Going in reverse of the living flow, such practice is unrecognizable for man, any man, like a song played in reverse. In spite of this, the RG practice flows in all directions from inside out and outside in! Why? Because what pours in, pours back out from Origin through all others in an endless manner! And by the way, our sexual orgasm goes the same way! All beings live under the Cloud of this Dharmic Flame (Dharmamegha)! But you must have IT to believe IT!

Trinogen was revealed to me at a certain point of my sadhana, coming as a mantric Logos. The term cannot be explained, the only way of finding ITs meaning is through your own experience. The only uttered thing I can say is that IT is not a God but rather a sublimate of all Existence as a play of Bliss and Abyss with a Seer in the middle -- IT-Self-Bliss............a Monadic Trinity! The only possible explanation I have is this:


~  the Abyss (IT) isn't!

~  mirroring IT becomes ITSelf!

~  as a result of mirroring the Bliss starts pouring out and back in IT!

~  the Golden Dust (tachyons) vibrates between Bliss and Abyss!

~  the Abyss animates as a T/S living being (existence)!


If you can make any sense out of this you are a fabulous human being! But even so remember, those are just meaningless words because most of the Samadhi experiences don't come usually in words at all. And neither did this one to me! Samadhi "visions" -- particularly those having to do with knowledge -- are usually coming in chunks of multi-sensorial impressions having nothing to do with words or reasoning. Only instincts are coming this way -- like a voice telling you not to take that plane, to find out later next day the plane crashed somewhere short after during its flight.

Even instincts are mostly feelings, all given to you by the play of the 5 elements to be considered by your Assessor (the 6th element)! A Samadhi experience is far more complex than instincts and feelings, which are at their turn far better than brainy reasoning! You have to understand very well also where all those ESPs come from in order to make a "human" sense out of an "extra human" experience. As you already know, for TY the entire existence is a mindscape, so everything coming into your life has the same source: the Mindful Script to be (Chit) -- something similar to a Cosmic Database. All esoteric traditions are talking about this One and Singular Mind, just the way they express IT differs!

It is similar with a Super Computer where everything goes out and comes back in continuously as mindful densities in different T/S velocities. Whatever T/S velocity your being is attuned to, that is your density and destiny to be (your being and living). All other T/S velocities will be just either "scrambled", "unreadable" messages, or "alien" realities. We have IT expressed today as the Internet with its in and out processing giving us all a chance to turn extinct!

The attunement is obtained in TY -- as well as in any Real Yoga -- by the purification of your being first, and by your personal be-coming experiences through TY practice after that. You are able this way to get out of your human cocoon and get in contact with higher beings of different densities living in higher T/S velocities -- envisioned by the obscured ones as gods. Without this prior purification (ascetic tapas) you will take any of your hangover dreams like a valid experience and turn into a fake prophet or a misfit guru pretending to be what you are not, as many indian "gurus" are doing today, playing god with the ignorant for money in return! Most Indian yogis today are phony, except for some few Sadhus living in the caves and dying young in total neglect!


You must be able to find the ariadnic thread present in all the old traditions scattered around the world in order to realize the difference between an everyday dream or a vivid imagination and a real experience from beyond human range. The work ahead of you is of titanic proportions. Very few dare to take such a work. I consider myself as one of the few, but an apprentice still in this regard! I took this task not by my choice but by destiny's! That is why I am giving this book to the world as a gift of life going back to life! Remember: whoever asks you money to show you the Union (Yoga) or God, is a crook! This applies also to all those asking for donations and living a lazy life in well built establishments as clericals -- including the pope and his corrupted legion of priests, nuns, banksters, and paid Swiss killers dressed as clowns!

 You should know that nobody in the world is God but everything! And when everything is God, we are all God in sequence of T/S! When the T/S withdraws all gods withdraw and the Endless Flow of the Union prevails! What a Sublime realization that is you can't even imagine! Telling this axiomatic truth to any clerical leader – making his living out of people’s ignorance – will be considered as a blasphemy because IT goes against his own manmade god dogma! But who cares about them? You should care about the truth, your truth, not theirs or mine! TY is just helping you to find your own truth, because in the end...........IT is just ONE!




This chapter suppose to be the most extensive of the entire book, and it is easy to realize why. After all here is the place where you will find the real light for the road waiting for you ahead. So why don't you go ahead and come along with TY to find your own path and discover your own truth, because nothing fits you better than your own dis-covered (dispel the cover) truth! I did the same thing for quite a while until I have discovered my own as I describe IT in this book. It took me more than fifty years to have IT, but IT was worth doing IT. A real yogi should always remember that life is made out of trials, and nobody can make any real progress until he exhausts all possibilities. You should never put an end to the trials until you feel the end is there forever as an Infinite Self-sustained Bliss. This is what Buddha was advising his followers. This is because to any given life, infinite choices are there in the open ready to be considered and ride your existence upon. Remember: to any living challenge you may have, an infinite number of solutions are just waiting there for you to be discovered! The only thing for you to do is to pick the right one for the time being! Picking the right one is a real challenge! In order to exit the living, any living, you should stay endlessly serene without picking any -- the only way to avoid the entropic curse of T/S!

The challenge is always tall, and it may look like an Infinite Rock at times, but the reward is so astonishing glorious that surpasses all sacrifices, making them all melt away in Bliss. The Bliss reflects ITSelf even in the most complete darkness (evil), because darkness is nothing else but another aspect of IT: ITs Illusory Obstacle!..........therefore..........Samsara and Nirvana are in fact One! Please try to keep this in mind when the tough gets tougher, IT will help you balance the Power and the Obstacle into one harmonious living -- seeing them both as One Harmony in motion!

The divine and the satanic worlds (the good and evil) exist just as a game of your dualistic senso-mind, without any solid ground beyond T/S duality because -- as TY has discovered -- the living as we know is just an illusory dream coming from inside your heart (your real mind) stirred by desire! When God retreats in His Sanctity (Potentiality) in Mahapralaya, the Bliss erases everything up into Him. And we are all in this interstice of Bliss, but we don't realize IT yet due to the dense obscuration of our illusory food based body (AnnaMayaKosha)! The practice of RG helps you to remove the obscuration! But for this you have to realize the fact that TY, as well as any Yoga, is like a compass, like a beacon to guide you in darkness. The real power is not in the book but rather in your own commitment, in what you want and aspire for as a human being. When I was young, living in a small European country reading books about Yoga and other Old Mystical Traditions in the Public Library, I was so absorbed in the reading that the lady librarian always had to pat me on the shoulder to let me know is closing time. And so was the practicing! I was staying for hours in my asana without knowing what time or day it was. IT was a very strong commitment indeed!

All renowned scientists are also famous for the commitment to their work! An anecdote said that when the house of a famous scientist caught fire, and one of his neighbors rush to tell him about it, he very calmly replied: "This is my wife's department!", continuing to do his scientific work in his lab. What a strong commitment to his work indeed! Remember also that all those are commitments of your heartfelt mind (senso-mind) as beliefs! A belief, any belief, has always a strong sensorial setup behind!

When you were a child you probably remember how badly you wanted a bike, and how happy you were when you finally got it. As a teenager you probably remember as well how badly you wanted your first car, and how happy you were when you got it. And you probably remember the same thing about the first kiss, the first and only wife, the first child, the first house, etc. All those are strong commitments of your mind toward something your heart desires, and nothing is stronger in the entire world than this. Man knows this from long time when he came up with the saying "it is nothing that you can't accomplish if you put your mind into it!" The meaning being your heart, because the heart tells to the brain what to do. The same commitment has to be present in practicing TY! Without this commitment present nothing can be accomplished!

You have to be sick and tired of all the treachery of the T/S living in order to commit to such a task. Without your heart into IT everything fails. You better not even consider this book if you don't have your heart open to IT! But your heart surely has some sympathy with this book if you are still reading these lines. And this is the commitment I am talking about, that something deep inside your heart that says to you all the time "just do IT!", take action. And the action has to be, of course, the TY practice of RetroGenesis!

Today there are many yoga practices able to fit everyone, in all walks of life. This book is not such a one! This book is not addressing to people with social or any other type of responsibilities. You have Yoga fitness centers and other dogmatic establishments for this, which are as good as your mind stirred by desire wants them to be! This book is addressing to people with no social obligations, plenty of time for themselves, and in full control of their life. People not enslaved by social rules and routines! 




I believe is time to put an end to this introductory part and start explaining what  TY practice is all about and how you can develop your own path with TY. But please try to keep all what I said above as a deep core vision in your heart! Knowing of the T/S living as a product of the mind, TY practice starts with the Mind.


TY's first practice is to mindfully witness (be aware of)

 all your living movements as you go along with them!


You must witness whatever you do twenty four hours a day, to watch and log in your mind all your living thoughts, feelings, and actions as they come along. You have to watch (mentally) your body speaking, thinking, reading, eating, walking, etc. Even at night, when you are sitting in the bed ready to fall in sleep, you must be mentally the witness of your body until you actually fall in sleep. You have to practice this twenty four hours a day, every day, for as long as you live, and farther on after because............there is no dying in the being universe (our universe)! Please be convinced of this!

You must also carry with you a note book (in the beginning) and write down any action, thought, feeling, etc. that impressed you (likes or dislikes) that day (if any). At the end of the same day you start analyzing that action(s), thought(s), etc., and determine honestly what is it exactly that you did like or dislike about it. You must find the answer!

Next day you try to be aware of that action, thought, feeling that impressed you (like or dislike), and you follow up on it every day trying to control it or change its course. It is very important to be honest in doing this, otherwise you will end up by cheating yourself. It might be that some findings won't be so pleasant for your selfish ego (your pride), but you must take control of them regardless. Through this practice you calm down your actions, feelings, and thoughts -- your sinful/scattered trinity to be (the strinity)!


Allow me now to give you a summary of what IT is exactly you are witnessing and who is in fact the witness watching the action. Looking at IT will give you an idea of how the Self has entered the Game of Lila (Life), how He has got bonded to the physical body, how to look at the physical body from the perspective of the Immortal Self, and how to get the Self free again by the means of TY. This is a Visual Mandala to Meditate and apply the Samyama upon later on! 























Bond to LIFE
 (Living & Dying)
 Physical Body








Working (Job)














Self's Bond to T/S Living


Your Self is like a senso-reader permanently sensing all the inside and outside activities your physical body is putting on as Life every day. When I say "you must become a Witness of your self", what I mean is then to "be aware of your body's activities all the time" like the real Witnessing Self does. The words don't help much here because the self is actually witnessing you (the body), turning into a Ego-Self this way. You have to deeply understand that any living practice, regardless how uplifting might be, has a Point of Origin giving you a certain awareness to be, and changing this Point is changing you as well. TY's Point of Origin is Trinogen, therefore, you must steadily change the origination of man with that of Trinogen, which is free of any dualistic luring calls.

The Self is "stuck" in Life by the trick of Dualistic Oscillation (likes and dislikes), and He accomplishes this through the Physical Body, using Desires, to whom He gets Attached (by repetitions) in order to enjoy a sequential living (T/S living). The Desires/Attachments are then the culprit of the Bond, and the only content of our Individual and Social Body. What you see listed under the Individual and Social Body above are some of these Necessities and Attachments your Self is witnessing and is bonded to. This is what makes you man, luring you to believe in this origin and only! What you need to do is to change the belief, which it will turn you alien to manhood and its circumscribed universe -- acquiring a new origin to be, a new body (kosha) and a new habitat to live in. They will still pertain to the being universe, but it will turn you divine in nature. This View has to be constantly kept in place, regardless of your existential status (dead or alive)! Remember: your Iness never dies, until you exit the being universe by surrender it to the Wholesome IT!

You should remember also the fact that due to the dualistic display of the T/S living, all your desires are of dualistic nature as well, having the Attractions/Repulsions (A/R) tandem at their root. We see this dualistic aspect mostly in our feelings and sensations, like happy/sad, hot/cold, etc. because IT is more evident there, but all our T/S living actions are of the same kind: Dualistic Mutual Exchanges! The Being universe is dualistic in nature all across -- a continuous struggle based on tension and release -- therefore to escape Duality you must go beyond this universe! Please be aware of this and keep this view as a bookmark in your heart!

Duality, as you know by now, creates the illusion of S/O separation, producing the taking/giving (t/g) tension. TY's goal is to eliminate the tension by knowing IT -- using the self-witnessing practice for this! You will be amazed how well this "knowing technique" works! IT does work from millennia and still wonders everybody “How” and “Why”! At the end of this stage you must be clean of all deceiving feelings, thoughts, and actions -- turning pure like a new born baby! Being free of any impure deeds, feelings, and thoughts will improve your living tremendously, unraveling steadily your True Nature!


It is not such a hard task as it looks, it has just to be consistently practiced! In time you will do this automatically, without even notice it! Little by little you will be able to realize the fact that your body is exactly that, "your body", a body of a Witnessing Seer (the Real You) who is the guest of it, not the other way around as you used to believe. When this happens, you find your origination, what makes you man!

In time this heartfelt witnessing will grow stronger by day, and you will finally have the answer to the famous question mentioned earlier in the book: Who am I?  This is the most important realization of your life and a must condition for anyone practicing TY. With this vision well established, you won't be afraid of anything..........and starting from this point on you are ready for Tachy Yoga indeed! What you did up to this point was just a purification of your Selfish Manas (Heart), purging your heart of residual/desirous/abysmal knots (A/R)! Now you are ready to start the real practice of TY called "Samyama", the Trinity of Patanjali's Yoga: Concentration - Meditation - Samadhi!  




Please don't even consider this part unless you have already accomplished the previous purification. Without the prior purification this part could become a danger to yourself and others. Please take this warning seriously!

Samyama translates as "going together", and is the Trinitarian practicing tool of Patanjali's Yoga -- and of TY as well -- the final work before realizing the beyond reality of IT. It contains the Trinity of  Concentration (Dharana), Meditation (Dhyana), and Ecstasy (Samadhi), which are actually one single body of work (Samyama), but for scholastic purposes it is explained separately. Reading Patanjali's Sutras is a must condition for understanding what I am about to talk next. They are partially exposed farther on as you go along with your reading and TY practice.


In Concentration you give to your fast moving thoughts (vrittis) a very defined, precise, pin pointed direction toward one single object (thought). At the end of this practice that particular thought (object) you are focusing upon is the only one remaining in your mind, all other thoughts disappear. The object (thought) of your concentration stops in a very physical sense of the word, like a "banner" in front of your third eye (Ajna chakra). Please take this literally because it is just as I said! Dharana is the purification of the mental body, when all erratic thoughts (CittaVrittis) withdraw, being replaced by a pin pointed focused mind! When achieved, you have the gazing of pinpointed mahamudhra on your face -- the one some few real sadhus (holly men) have (see bellow).



In Meditation your stopped thought starts to reveal itself in his entirety. The object is still perceived as outside of your body, but as a naked essence of it in your mind. Dhyana is the purification of your ancestral memory (Citta) revealed as the satvic reflection of Purusha.


In Samadhi/Ecstasy you start to identify with the object (thought) you are meditating upon, and through this with the entire essence of it. Samadhi is the purification of your witnessing self, and the sublime discovery of Purusha of Being ITSelf. Here you turn one with the object you meditate upon, turning into a " Know-ing-er " who knows by identification!


Well, those are just words! Let's go straight to practice! Now for the first time you have to start with a static position (Asana), from which you will be able to stay motionless for at least one hour or more. The reason for this is simple: you cannot stop your erratic thoughts, actions, senses, etc., by running, walking, or in an uncomfortable standing. You must have a very stable and comfortable position to be able to do this. But please don't you get into those contortionist postures some new age gurus are displaying just to impress the audience for money in return! They are just showbiz fakers!

You must choose also the most convenient spot in your house and to keep it as a dedicated one for this purpose at all times. Keep it clean and don't allow anybody to get in there. This is your sacred place of practicing TY, and you have to preserve it as such. The most comfortable position in Yoga is the lotus position (padmasana): sitting on the floor with your legs crossed and your hands along your tights, as shown in the picture bellow.

The crossing of the legs is very important because it stops the lower energetic flow from your coccyx down to your toes, forcing the prana flow to go upward instead of downward. If the flow goes lower than Muladhara chakra you are stepping down into animal world! Now you know why all real yogis are crossing their legs!  





You can have a soft material under your legs like the carpet in your house or anything else that makes you comfortable. Your spine has to be straight, and is better to have a wall or such to hold your back against and a small pillow under your sitting bones. The main thing here is to feel comfortable. And this is also the main obstacle because you may as well fall in sleep (in the beginning). Another thing to consider also is not to eat anything at least two hours or more before you start getting into Asana (posture). This is a must if you want to feel good and stay healthy. Any Tachy-Yogi is also a vegetarian by excellence, eating at bare necessities. A meat eater can never be a real yogi!

I mentioned the duration of at least one hour because for the first 10 minutes or more you need to regulate your pulse and your breathing -- real yogis are staying in this position for hours, days, even months, and they eventually die in this position known as MahaSamadhi. The best of them all are called Jivanmukta (dead alive), who are very rare, as all high end yogis are.

In the beginning you may feel painful to maintain the posture, but this will go away after several practices. You must go on your own pace and never play tough with your body. This is not a winning contest by any means! You must stay in this Lotus posture everyday for as long as you can bear! In a long run you will know of no T/S, the duration-location turning meaningless!


But why should you do this?

The real yogis are doing IT for the Final Liberation!

Some people are doing IT for different reasons! But mostly for everything!

Let’s say you have a medical, pecuniary, social, etc., problem! You take the position, you do the Samyama on the problem, the solution to your problem pops up during your meditation, and the problem is fixed. Don't forget the T/S -- no overnight results -- but the fix will be there for sure!

It is too good to be true, isn't it? Oh well, IT is good and true for me! If IT is good for you must find out on your own! Always remember: life is a mindscape, therefore IT knows of you! The only thing is for you not to create an obstacle in front of you, as most of us do! Just lose your sinful memory to be and let your self get absorbed in ITs Luminosity!


How you do IT?

First be sure that your stomach is empty, take the position (asana) in one of the most quiet and comfortable spot (the dedicated spot) in your house, and start to calm down your pulse and your breathing, as I said. The pulse calms down by itself in short time, but the breathing has to be worked on in order to calm down. You calm down the breathing by practicing Pranayama (respiratory practice). You take the air in, you hold it in for several seconds, and blow  it out. You do this by counting in your head an equal amount of seconds for each stage like four seconds air in, four seconds hold in, and four seconds air out........or as many seconds you can handle. In time you won't even feel yourself breathing. The breathing just disappears!

This shouldn't turn into a tantric kind of practice, being just a short -- 5 minutes or so -- respiratory exercise. For TY what you do up to the point of getting in Samadhi is quite irrelevant, the right view is what really matters. If wouldn't be that way the universe will be just solid matter, and a Tachy Yogi knows of all living as a mindful event. Remember also: a TYogi doesn't control anything, he just go by "let IT be instead of me" or Surrender!


The most important thing here is stability (through Asana), relaxation (through Pranayama), and inner-motionless (through Pratyahara) -- stable body posture, peaceful breathing, and sublimation of the senses. This is not a control of the body but rather a Union of the body -- a Union of the multitude present inside you and all around you. Those three are called also the Self-Imposed Austerities, which can be achieved through the practice of the tapas (physical asceticism)!

Sublimating the senses (Pratyahara) is the withdraw from the ever changing desires present in your heart (A/R), and is accomplished by the reorientation of the energy of your inner organs/gates of desires (senses) toward a unique object of concentration (devotion). Pratyahara purifies your astral body, which is usually under the "spell" of the A/R existing in your desirous heart, and is achieved through the self-witnessing purification technique described in the beginning of this chapter. Please don't start TY practice without having the self-witnessing practice mastered first -- the only way to release the tension created by duality (A/R) and be struggle free!

 When you are well settled with this practice your ears are usually "plugged" with the "chin-chini" sound, and all other senses just vanish without a trace. You can't hear even a truck passing by! The only reasonable advise here is: don't race with yourself in any way! When you feel that your breathing is evenly calm, your heart is free of any desire, and your mind is pinpointed on your object (thought) of concentration, you are ready for Samyama, the Trinitarian practice of Patanjali's Yoga.

Now, tell me what your object of devotion (concentration) would be? You can pick an image, a word (which is a lettered image), a complex mandala, etc., and you must keep that image in your mind for as long as you can. Keep your eyes closed and have the image in front of your eyes (in your mind between the eyes) for as long as you can. Just keep it there by mental visualization and fixation. According with your lifetronic energy you can have it stopped in more or less than fifteen minutes. If you need more time you take more time, there is no race as I said! When the image stops, the fixation is achieved (Concentration/Dharana) and the thought (object) stops in front of your third eye (between the eyes). Your eyes are closed but the image is there, stopped in a frozen position. The T/S is still there, but all other thoughts in your mind are gone!

If you keep the image long enough you get into the next stage, which is Dhyana (Meditation). At this stage the "chin-chini" sound plugging your ears disappears, your heart starts expanding into Bliss, and your human status starts slowly to fade away. There is no human thinking here! I can't tell you too much about this stage except that the object you meditate upon reveals itself in his entirety. In short, you know everything about that object. According with the object you meditate upon, you have the entire knowledge about that object, and you are just a step away of be-coming a Know-ing-er -- one who knows by identification.

When you get at this point you are ready for the third stage of Samyama, which is Samadhi. Here you are getting into the very core of existence and please, please be very sure you have nothing but pure intentions when you get in this Temple of Bliss. This is the most sacred place in existence and nobody can be in IT unless his heart is light and pure (free of desirous residuals).

Any prior living experiences disappear in Samadhi, to be replaced by something that cannot be described/languaged. Just before you transcend into this new dimension you hear a cracking sound, your mind starts spinning, and you find yourself in another world, a world of wonders which is different for everybody in existence. You must have this experience on your own to believe it! That is why I would never speak of Samadhi but in terms of Yoga teachings, just to give you a hint how to “navigate” through IT. IT is no other way! 




Allow me to reveal bellow TY's Stages of Self-Realization as they are shaping up in the book. I want first to pinpoint the fact that TY practice is a steady attempt to go back in the Origin of duality in order to transcend beyond duality. That's why TY's main practice is called RetroGenesis, which goes in reverses of the sinful wheel of karma. For TY duality is a sin, and our entire universe is the very manifestation of this sin as suffering. Buddha was expressing this in his 1st Noble Truth: "all life is suffering". With this in mind, allow me to expose bellow TYoga's vision and practice!


TY has Two Trinitarian Stages -- each expressed as one Samyama (a View, a Practice, and a Becoming), and One Achievement (beyond being and becoming). A concentrated View (Dharana), kept steady by Practice (Meditation), leading to your Final Liberation (Samadhi), is TY's Samyama -- present in all stages of TY as a Unified Trinity of Trinogen!  

The first three stages of TY are as follows:


N     Realizing deep inside your heart the fact the Being universe is a Dualistic play of A/R in continuous change coming from a Cosmic Mind (Chit) as a T/S living process permanently sustained from beyond. There is no way to be without duality! All entities residing in such universe are not real, just empty mental symbols (a mindscape) of a Wholesome Mind!  This is the first Inner-Vision of a Tachy Yogi!

Harmonizing all Dualities (A/R) existing in your heart is the First Stage of Tachy Yoga and the first Expansion of RetroGenesis! When accomplished, you stop the sinful oscillation present in your living as man and the harmony prevails in your life.


N    Realizing deep inside your heart the falsity of the individual self (ego-self) and realizing the fact life is a mutual interrelation in which everything depends on everything else, therefore the Subject/Object (S/O) separation is not a valid reality but rather a product of your selfish sensoriality playing with your memory. We, and All that IT is, are a multitude of sharing entities in continuous flux/change, a process! This is the second Inner-Vision of a Tachy Yogi!

Reuniting the S/O separation is the Second Stage of Tachy Yoga  and the second Expansion of RetroGenesis! When accomplished, you stop clinging on objects and craving for them in your living as man, living by heart and only and sharing evenly your life with all others in a heartfelt manner.


N     Realizing deep inside your heart the T/S living is just a state of mind, an illusory reflection of a Seer/ITSelf present in all living. Assessing Blissfully the Being movements is what life is all about -- a Mindful Seer eager to be known through all others by the means of various T/S velocities leading to endless densities, each having a mind of its own! This is the third Inner-Vision of a Tachy Yogi!

Witnessing Serene the living flow is the Third Stage of Tachy Yoga and the third Expansion of RetroGenesis! When accomplished, you start seeing the same Entity present in the entire living, turning into a Mirror of Compassion and living in a continuous state of Lucid Clear Awareness (LCA) -- discovering the True and Mindful nature of our universe.


Harmonizing, Reuniting, and Assessing are the Three Expansions of TY, the first Trinity of RetroGenesis! Harmony, Unity, and Serenity is the very result of this! Achieving them is giving you the View, helping you to get back to the origin of the Adamic Element (the universe of man). From a state of Lucid Clear Awareness you will discover the illusory status of man and everything else dwelling inside the being universe. The practice of those three stages is helping you to realize the mindful nature of all existence, giving you the majestic view of the Union and turning you into the master of the inner-multitude making you man. Once achieved, your suffering diminishes. Without the View of this Union present you can't go farther!

For these three realizations you need ascetic purification (tapas), intuitive knowledge, a self-discrimination of everyday living, and the practicing of Samyama. The present book is giving you all those and more, the rest being accomplished by your everyday practice. Remember!: without your everyday practice you can't accomplish anything! Yoga doesn't make you a Yogi, you do through your strenuous practice!


The next three stages of Tachy Yoga cannot be achieved through any knowledge, being the very result of the prior trinitarian practice. They are the Three Ecstasies of TY, being in fact the very fruition of the previous three Expansions! Achieving them helps you go beyond the dense/physical T/S living of man and the suffering existing there.

For this achievement a TYogi uses the 3 Existential Emulations: the Living Emulation, the Divine Emulation, and the Singularity Emulation, attaining the Trinitarian Union of Trinogen (revealed through oral initiation only). Nothing can harm such a one........the one knowing the metaphysics always precede the physics! Remember: only the Serene Principle is for real, not what comes out of IT as illusory shapes to be with private T/S velocities giving them density and living scripts to be (destinies).

The next three stages of TY are as follows:


N     Experiencing in your immortal center that Living and Dying (L/D) is the last duality before the transcendental withdrawal from manhood. Identifying with this truth turns you into an Avatar (an immortal)! Attaining the status of an Avatar is allowing you for the first time to change the living of others, providing them comfort and helping them to discover the Union of All that IT is of the Adamic Element.


N    Transcendentally identifying with the truth that what resides beyond Being (T/S living) no mouth can tell. The Void Portal (VP) is revealed at this stage, the Portal to real freedom allowing you to discover the reality of One-Many and Be and notBe at Will.


N     Identifying with the truth that Trinogen is a human name for the Nameless. Attaining the stage of Trinogen allows you to reach the doorstep of the "House of Purushas", from where the dualistic universe of Being and many unknown others came in fruition. Trinogen is absorbing the sinful/scattered trinity to be in ITs Infinite Luminosity without any dichotomy! Trinogen dismantles any possible self there is!


This is the Second Trinity of RetroGenesis, which removes your Iness and reveals the Real Origin of Being! Once achieved, you will be able to turn one with the Mindful Dreamer of All that IT is -- you turn into the Purusha/God of the Being universe knowing of ITs Mindful Script. But knowing of the script of being is not IT, so you must go beyond the Being Script and identify with IT!


N    Identifying with the Nameless Singularity (IT)! IT HAS IT, a Unmanifested and Motionless  Point in Infinite -- the Final Achievement of Tachy Yoga!


As you probably realize, all those stages are to be accomplished in quite a bit of time, and your actual life might not be enough. But even so, what you will accomplish will be yours to keep and to nourish you through the end of your living span and beyond -- something everybody should be really, really happy about! I AM, for one!

None of TY stages can be realized but in the state of Samadhi leading to LCA, and IT is asking you to go back and forth with the book most of the time to check yourself up. As I said, talking about Samadhi is not an easy task because it is something which lives in a Continuous Present, and talking is always living in T/S (P/F). This is why I am talking about "stages" of Tachy Yoga, when in fact it is only one and only STAGE which unfolds from ITs own in all directions continuously. In Samadhi everything is suspended as One Infinite State of ITSelfBliss with no end or beginning, and nobody can describe IT when coming back to the dense T/S living man lives in.





Allow me now to reveal bellow TY's interpretation of Samadhi stages described by Patanjali, the father of Real Yoga, in his Sutras, the ones TYoga is based upon. This will help you comprehend TY's main stages. A TYogi has to be familiar with Patanjali's Sutras. According with Patanjali there are two distinctive levels of Samadhi/Ecstasy: Samprajnata, and Asamprajnata, each having several particular stages gradually unfolding as you go along with your practice and your transformation. 


N   SAMPRAJNATA (with support, seeded Samadhi) is the first kind of Samadhi, and has several stages to consider:


N Savitarka (argumentative, with questioning or reasoning) in which you mentally ask questions about the object like the image (form), the meaning (the relation of the object in rapport with you and others), and the name (the word associated with the object). You meditate on all those three aspects of the object again and again until you isolate the object in your mind and start the assimilation of it. This stage reveals the object in Past/Future (P/F).


N Nirvitarka (non-argumentative, without questioning or reasoning) in which the verbal association ceases and the object is empty of name and meaning. You meditate upon the elements of the object as they really are. The thought identifies with the object of meditation, adopting the form of the object itself. The object is no longer known by questioning and logical associations but rather grasped directly, in its own essence of being. The object nakedly exposes itself to you by allowing you to penetrate its intimacy.


These two states are obtained through some knowledge, as I said before, and here also you will experience for the first time what I have already said about knowing-becoming as the main characteristic of Yoga. So the main aspect of those two stages is “assimilation through concentration” by meditating on the formal unity of the object.


N Savicara (reflective, with discrimination) in which the thought no longer stops on the exterior aspect (the shape) of the object but rather penetrates directly the tanmatras (infinitesimal lifetronic energy), the subtle (virtual) aspect of any living. Here you penetrate the Ahamkara (unperceptive monadic mass) and Prakriti (primordial matrix). The T/S is still present, but just as a concept (you know is there) not as a precise duration-location in P/F.


N Nirvicara (non-reflective, without discrimination) in which you be-come one with those fine elements (energetic tanmatras) -- which are the "bricks" of the entire universe -- penetrating the very essence of the physical world. Here you will be able to validate the truth that "the metaphysics always precede the physics". The T/S concept is not present in this stage of meditation.

Attaining this stage is giving you the true knowledge, you become a true know-ing-er, one who doesn't separate the being from knowing, the Subject from the Object perceived. When you realize this, the dualistic and painful state of existence disappears and you enter the two Ecstasies: 


4  Sananda (blissful Samadhi): in which you experience the eternal light of Purusha, the totally stilled Consciousness of ITSelf (known by Buddhists as the Infinite Consciousness, by Yoga as Mahat, and by TY as the Cosmic Script).

4  Sasmita (the bodiless Samadhi): in which all ideas of material world are eliminated and the Mind is the only object of meditation. You finally discover your True Nature that defines you, and the feeling of "enough" (with all knowing-becoming) leads you to the total surrender and the final revelation of ITSelf (the Awareness to be, the Seer/Purusha of Being). Those remaining in this state are merging in nature (Brahmaloka), living among disincarnated gods and missing the Final Liberation.  

Once this last stage of Samprajnata Samadhi is achieved you acquire the "siddhis" (miraculous powers), which are helping you for the next stage of Samadhi. Some yogis get stuck with these powers and miss the Final Liberation. Known as "Sakyamuni" or "Siddhas", they are to be seen very rarely -- in India mostly -- doing some amazing things. They are very secluded beings, living alone in forests, caves, and other isolated places! They are not gurus by any means! You better not make them angry!


N   ASAMPRAJNATA (without support, seedless Samadhi) is the second and last stage of Samadhi, in which you go beyond the illusory living into the total freedom of IT. Meditating on the Mind until even the virtual imprints disappear creates a vacuum (a Void). When this state is attained the Samadhi becomes seedless. Here even the most hidden imprints of Being, called Vasanas, vanish. You have just discovered the Void Portal as an Impartial Seer aware of ITs wholesome nature! There are two subtle forms at this stage: 

4  when Chitta vrittis (mind movements) are totally annihilated and Chitta is like a stilled lake you reach ChittaVrittiNirodhah. You turn Trinogen, the Primordial Seer of Being -- known also as "the Cloud of Dharma".

4  when the last and the most latent tendency inside the mind is annihilated and the Total Freedom (Kaivalya) is achieved. Trinogen, the Purusha of Being, loses ITSelf in IT! Free at last in the House of Purushas, the House of the Union! You will meet there many other Purushas, other than the one of being! The House of Purushas is the furnace of infinite existences!


Accomplishing this Final Stage you turn into a "jivanmukta", a "dead alive", "dead" for life and "living" for permanence. At this plane the "known" is absorbed by the "knower", the object of knowledge and the knower are one (TY's "Know-ing-er"), after which the Primordial Duality of ITSelf disappears and IT Infinite Point open in all possible directions. Patanjali calls IT, Kaivalya, a Wholesome Singularity residing in ITs own Sanctity. All journeys, all destinations (destinies), and all living misery based on aeonic mindful memory vanish without a trace in IT! Science calls IT.........The Singularity, borrowing Patanjali's term obviously but missing his vision on IT!

The Buddhists call these Samadhi states "absorptions" (jhanas), because indeed this is the way the density of man absorbs when he practices the Union (Yoga) and when he dies as an enlightened one (arhat) reaching Nirvana. They can be better described as a steady undressing from man's heavy layers of obscuration or koshas, because man has indeed many such dense obscurative layers molding the 5 elements into mindful shapes to be and suffer. The practice of RetroGenesis is done for this very purpose: a gradual return in the Origin of being ending in vanishing through the Void Portal!




You know now about TY's and Patanjali's Samadhi stages!

What can you do now with what you know?

As I said before, TY is a sublimate of many traditions, not just Yoga, having a simpler and more of nowadays touch and thinking approach, being more suitable for westerners. But you can still use the information in the book about Samadhi stages described above if you consider them as more useful to your farther development -- or you can compare them with TY's in order to measure your progress and the "accuracy" of your states. As you will notice soon enough, there is no difference between the two!

 We will go with TY's stages -- which are actually very similar with the ones of Patanjali's and Buddha's -- because this is what this book is all about. TYoga is based entirely upon the Golden Trinity of Patanjali, Buddha, and Padma Sambhava -- all three sublimated through my own TPractice -- with a drop or two from high end Science. Let's continue now describing in farther details TY's Stages as they deploy toward the Final Liberation.


N   The First Stage of TY, and the first Expansion of RETROGENESIS is:


~ Harmonizing all dualities (A/R) ~


Realizing deep inside your heart the fact that Being is a dualistic process of A/R in continuous change, all coming from a Cosmic Mind (Chit) as a T/S living which is permanently sustained from beyond. Those dualities are not real, just mindful symbols! Always remember: Duality without Harmony is a living misery! Harmonizing duality is then a necessity, not a luxury! The Final realization of this stage is that..........there is no duality, just a mindful dream endlessly flowing as being and happening!


In order to achieve this first stage of TYoga you have to Harmonize all dualistic movements existing in your brain as a result of the numerous A/R existing in your heart stirred by desire – all creating the faulty vision of duality and turning you into an Oscillator! You accomplish this by melting away all your A/R present in your desirous heart (manas) in Bliss by the means of Self-witnessing practice. This tachy-view will purge your heart of worldly desires and remove the dualistic conflicts present in your heart! When accomplished, you will start living by a pure heart free of desires -- not by brain and its fearful actions of survival -- harmonizing all dualities at your existential level and living in wellbeing with all others!

You already know how to witness yourself, how to pick an object to concentrate and meditate upon, the only thing you don't know yet is how to harmonize dualities. But you have the means for doing this in the book. You have them right here in the first paragraph of the first stage of TY: realizing deep.....the fact that Being is a dualistic.....etc. You have them developed "in extenso" in the appropriate chapters.

What you do now is brainstorming your mind with all this knowledge and come up with an object (vision) to apply the Samyama upon -- Concentrate, Meditate, and Samadhi upon. I would pick the word Harmony, which defines the first stage of RetroGenesis!

Take the position (asana) in your special spot, close your eyes, calm down your pulse and your breathing, and start concentrating upon the word Harmony.  Your mind will start brain-storming by giving you all kind of thoughts related to the word "Harmony". Your will start making all kind of connections from what you have learn in this book and from your own living experiences. Let them do their storming and just try to force the word to stick in your mind for as long as you can. You do this by visualizing the lettered word in your mind (the third eye) by a constant inner-incantation. When the image of the word stops in a frozen position between your eyes, you are in Dharana state. The word is stopped there like a banner in front of your mindful eye!


  Holding the image there takes you into the next stage, Dhyana (meditation), in which the word stopped in your mind is completely isolated from the rest of your thoughts and little by little reveals to you in his entirety. You start knowing the thought by assimilation. You will soon become one with the thought you meditate upon, entering Samadhi. As you can see, Samyama (which means going together) is actually one continuous action, but for the sake of explaining IT in the book I have to split it into many because of the way any language works. Patanjali was a wise Seer indeed!

When you enter Samadhi you better have your own experience because I would not go farther from here. The Samadhi experience is a private one for each being in existence! What I would say is just that at the end of this first stage of RetroGenesis (TY) you will realize how the Duality works. You will understand how the Desire makes your heart oscillate between A/R and turns you selfish and religious, giving you the vision of good and evil in your brain. When you realize this you automatically Harmonize them all. Just remember: this cannot be done in words, like explaining or rationalizing. This has to be-lived upon! Amazing how this word helps me here because indeed only your belief can help your mind to harmonize duality! Believing IT is Living IT indeed -- you must have IT on our own as a new state of heart to believe IT! Remember: a TYogi lives by heart and heart only!

The way a TYogi lives by heart has nothing to do with what man understands to live by heart, which is nothing else but playing god among men, a total pretend! He doesn't do charity work, he is not compassionate for one man or a religious group over other, etc., he practices compassion for all in all his living actions. Only this way he can stay detached from the living at large and escape the paranoid behavior present all across mankind today. It will be more on this later!

At the end of this stage you be-come a "Cosmic Being", a Mystic living in Harmony with the universe of man. All erratic living movements -- which are in fact a product of duality (A/R) leading to oscillation -- are reconciled at this stage, and you have the freedom of not clinging to good and evil anymore, seeing duality as a necessity for diversity, a blessing in disguise.


N   The second stage of TY, and the second Expansion  of  RETROGENESIS is:


~ Reuniting the S/O separation ~


Realizing deep inside your heart the falsity of the individual self and the fact life is actually a mutual exchange in which everything depends on everything else, so the S/O separation is just a faulty state of mind not a valid reality. We are all a multitude of sharing entities! Here again, the heart is the place where the view has to be deep core assimilated! Always remember: the S/O separation leads to disharmony, making you cling to objectivity and live in antagony -- a dualistic fight leading to the vision of good and evil!


In order to reunite the S/O separation and turn universal you must practice Equanimity and Compassion at all times until the faulty vision of the good and evil is removed from your memory! The mental representation to do the Samyama upon is "One with everyone". The rest is the same as in the first stage of TY described above. When accomplished, any Duality at your human level softens and your life will be in sync with that of all others -- but there will be still some beyond dualities to deal with and to reconcile.

At the end of this second stage of RetroGenesis (TY) you will realize your individual self (the subject) is just a symbolic part of a multitude (a pool) of mindful nature emerging from a Cosmic Script called Chit, the S/O separation being in fact just a sensorial trick of your impure heart, not a valid reality. Your Ego-Self is just a conglomerate of senso-memory bits sequentially deployed in T/S as a living routine for survival, none of them being actually yours, just assumed as being yours by your faulty ego-vision given to you by your dense body components and the living at large -- the religio-scientific propaganda having a big role in it. When this ego-vision dissipates, you turn one with everyone and live in wellbeing!


You have to remember again that "this has to be-lived upon" not just mentalized. In short, IT has to be a heartfelt belief. At the end of this stage you attain "Absolute Wisdom", knowing how the entire existence works and sharing your heart with all others as a guru! You are free also of clinging and craving for objects and their desirous calls, letting the invisible helpers to provide. Remember then: any guru asking you for money is a faker!

All deep rooted Possessive feelings dwelling in your impure heart as A/R -- the very product of S/O relationship -- vanish at this stage, relieving you from the illusion of objectiveness and sequential seeing (T/S seeing). Always remember: life is a Circle of Hearts in mutual exchange!


N   The Third stage of TY, and the third Expansion of RETROGENESIS is:


~ Serene witnessing of the living flow ~


Realizing deep inside your heart that Mirroring the living is going beyond the living into the permanent state of serene witnessing (ITSelf) – the True Nature of All that IT is. In order to turn one with this Awareness to be you have to Mirror the living dispassionately without any participation in the living! This is the stage when you discover the power staying behind the living, realizing for the first time the real meaning of the mindscape of all living! All that IT is from the mind is as a bio-script to be giving you the awareness you deserve! When this truth is assimilated, all living turns into a serene and dispassionate flow! Always remember: life is an illusory dream of rising-assessing-subsiding nature, but the Seer ITSelf serenely abides.


What I can say here is that at the end of this third stage of RetroGenesis (TY) you will realize the Awareness to be is the first reflection ever (ITSelf), and the only living IT is. Energizing all life from beyond, ITSelf looks at all living with infinite compassion. He is not participating in the living, but knows of it through ITs bio-script. You must remember again that "this has to be-lived upon". At the end of this stage you become a "Mirror of Compassion", a Saint loving evenly all living beings! At this stage also the state of "Seeing only" instates -- Padma Sambhava’s LCA -- helping you to live in permanent serenity! You experience all living as a Wholesome Dream endlessly flowing in front of your LCA (Lucid Clear Awareness)!


Harmony, Unity, and Dispassion are the three Expansions of TY -- the First Trinity of RetroGenesis -- all three as a Samyama state of Endless Serenity removing the vision of "Me"! By realizing them you go back to the Origin of Being, which was, and still is.........a state of mind! To accomplish these three Expansions you need selective knowledge, patience, and practice. What it be-comes of you is the Valid prove of a right View and Practice!


The next three stages/realizations (Ecstasies) of RetroGenesis (TY) cannot be given to you by any knowledge, they have to be achieved through TY's techniques as you practice them along.


N   The fourth stage of TY, and the first Ecstasy of RETROGENESIS is:


~ Experiencing the illusion of living and dying ~


 This stage is not possible to be explained! You must be brave enough to accept the truth there is no such thing as dying in the being universe, just a reshuffling of the same in eternal cycles of Samsara. This is the stage where the "life and death" duality is removed. Here you are reborn not for eternity but for permanency! At the end of this stage you become an Avatar, a divine immortal  among many, one who surrenders his human status and becomes universal! Such a one has defeated death, being able to get in and out of being at will -- dressing and undressing in any living form he pleases! But even an Avatar is not out of the illusion of Being and happening yet!


N   The fifth stage of TY, and the second Ecstasy of RETROGENESIS is:


~ Discovering the Void Portal ~


The paradox of the Void or Sunya reigns here, the Portal between two existential dimensions: 1) the scattered Multitude of being, and 2) the Plenitude of the Union! Perform Samyama on Clepsydras! Here, for the first time, you realize the emptiness of all Being, waiting for the Portal to open and surrender your being -- your awareness/Iness to be -- to what resides beyond being as a sustaining Plenitude! The Void is the Portal between the Final Liberation and the fall in density and suffering of being!


N   The sixth stage of TY, and the third Ecstasy of RETROGENESIS is:


~ Identifying with Trinogen ~


ITSelfBliss, the Monadic Trinity of Trinogen is the Purusha of Being, an Wholesome Plenitude spreading ITs Script to be as Infinite Luminosity. Such Entity "lives" virtually through all others until Mahapralaya kicks in. As a Kaivalyan, a Tachy Yogi identifies with this Monadic Trinity/Trinogen in order to not be and turn IT in the end. Nothing can help you here except the grace of the Plenitude/Trinogen/Shiva welcoming you in!


N   The Final Achievement of TY goes beyond Being and becoming, therefore IT:


~ Identifying with the Nameless (IT) ~


IT HAS IT! Trinogen, the reflection of IT, retreats back in IT, in the House of Purushas!


Those are the Two Trinitarian Stages of TY (RetroGenesis): Three Expansions and Three Ecstasies, having the withdrawal from Being and retreating back in the Attributeless Origin (IT) as the seventh and Final Achievement! From an illusory dream, you turn into the Dreamer!

Allow me now to give you bellow a summarized overall revue of TY's Stages as they unfold so far in the book. This is a Visual Mandala to Meditate and Samadhi upon!






Harmonizing  Dualities

Cosmic Being (Mystic)


Unify  S/O  Separation

Absolute Wisdom (Guru)


Mirror  T/S  Living

Mirror of Compassion (Saint)


L/D  Reconciliation

Immortal (Avatar)


B/NB  Paradox

Sunyata (VP)




~ IT ~


I would like you to understand another very important aspect related to TY stages! The first Three Stages (Expansions), which are the content of the First Trinity of RetroGenesis, are giving you the state of LCA, as you already know. Even so, you can still return to your ordinary human life at any time during the practice of these three stages (when you get out of LCA). But each time you return you will be a better being, an improved you having a longer state of LCA each time round.


~  When you realize (become) the first stage you will return as a Mystic!

~  When you realize (become) the second stage you will return as a Guru!

~  When you realize (become) the third stage you will return as a Saint!


Please take these as facts of life!


The next Three Stages (Ecstasies), which are the content of the Second Trinity of RetroGenesis, are steadily extending the state of LCA until becomes universally spread as a virtual presence beyond physical form -- turning you into a Knowinger, one who knows indeed not in need. Here, not like in prior stages, is the point of no return. Starting with the status of an Immortal Avatar you don't ever return to the T/S living of man and suffering! You can get back to it or any other, of course, but you just "dress in it"! You should get the right meaning here! This is something you must realize on your own! Remember: the less substantial you are, the purer and more real you become! Turning IT, the Purity of you turns Wholesomely Infinite!


Let's see IT one more time from the beginning:


You start by using the Self-Witnessing practice to purify your being status (equivalent with Patanjali's Yama and Niyama). The book explains in details why and how you do it, giving you also a mandalic summary to guide you. You do this around the clock until becomes the second nature for you. You pay attention to correct and eliminate all the "impure" feelings, thoughts, and deeds by writing them down first, discovering their cause next, and detaching from them in the end. Without this purification you cannot start practicing TY or any other Real Yoga. Here you purge yourself of all your selfish desires! Please look at the mandalic "Self's Bond" far above!


Then you start practicing the Self-Imposed Ascetism, which includes Asana (Stable Position), Pranayama (Calm Breathing), and Pratyahara (Sublimated Senses). Remember: a Tachy Yogi is a vegetarian by excellence, living at bare necessities (tapas)!

The best position is the Lotus posture (Padmasana) as shown in the illustration far above. You have to practice TY in a quiet and comfortable spot in your house and to keep the same spot as your sanctuary. The first fifteen minutes or so you calm down your breathing by the method prior described. When the breathing is calm, you start to let your fluctuating thoughts and desires fly away by fixing your attention on the object (thought) you start concentrating upon.

You have to practice in the lotus position for at least one hour every day. This can be done at your convenient time, which has to be kept the same as much as possible. The main rule which applies here is "don't race with yourself". You stop at any discomfort and such, to start again when you feel better. Never get discouraged because in time all discomfort will vanish and your energy will go stronger. Remember: a real Yoga practice is always, always serene in nature!


You go next to Samyama, the Trinitarian Practice of Patanjali's Yoga and of TY as well. According with your personal strength you can use Samyama to solve your every day immediate needs, or you can use IT for the realization of the six stages of TY leading to the Final Freedom (the seventh). The choice here, as throughout the book, is always yours! The best way to practice TY is to use a combination of both! When you have a personal need you practice to solve that need, and when the need is solved you go back to practicing the stages. This is what I do for myself! Samyama — as I have mentioned before — is actually one single body of practice, separated in three just for the sake of explaining IT.

The Concentration (Dharana) is the fixation of your mind on a single object (thought) until that thought becomes isolated in your mind and stops in the front of your shut eyes (between the eyes). This is called "direct vision", being the end accomplishment of Concentration. Dharana is the purification of the mental body, when all erratic thoughts (CittaVrittis) withdraw, being replaced by a pin pointed focused mind (mahamudhra)!


In Meditation (Dhyana) your stopped thought (object) starts to reveal itself in his entirety. The object is still perceived as outside of your body, but as a naked essence of it in your mind. Dhyana is the purification of your memory (Citta), revealed as the satvic reflection of Purusha.


In Samadhi you start to identify with the object (thought) you are meditating upon, and through this with the entire being essence of it. Samadhi is the purification of your witnessing self and the final discovery of Purusha. By be-coming one with the object you meditate upon you finally realize the illusion of S/O separation. The "scientific objectivity" is entirely gone in this state.


 So if you have a personal need, you define it first -- if it is a pain for example, then "pain" it is -- focus on it, and start practicing Samyama on it (witnessing actually the pain). When the pain is gone you can start practicing Samyama on TY's stages. And you keep on going with this back and forth practice until you realize what you really want to do with your life: stay in it as a private being, or withdraw from it and be no more! Such decision has to be privately yours with no strings attached!

Talking about TY's stages I just want you to realize the difference between the three Expansions (first trinity) and the three Ecstasies (second trinity). The first three stages (Expansions) of  RetroGenesis are journeys back in Creation up to the moment when T/S living started. The meaning of the word RetroGenesis is just this: going backwards in your own Creation! So those three stages have the T/S -- Time (Duration), and Space (Location) -- always present in your mind!


The first Expansion (stage) is to Harmonize Dualities by realizing that you are a Cosmic Being and not a ego-being. The word to meditate upon here is "Harmony" or "Harmonizing"! You Harmonize all dualities up to the farthest Cosmic level possible! You do this by using your life for this very purpose. You act, you talk, you feel, you think, etc. keeping this goal in your heart at all times until your life becomes a flowing harmony in itself spreading in all others like flowers in the spring. During all this practice your heart will steadily expand and you will live in a constant state of wellbeing! This cannot be explained, you must have it to believe it!


The second Expansion (stage) is to Reunite the S/O separation by realizing the fact this separation comes from your desirous heart full of A/R, not a valid reality. Nothing living is! Here you remove the cause of Duality at man's level. The word to meditate upon here is "Reunite"! There is no way to succeed here without attaining the first stage of TY and apply the Equanimity and Compassion in all your living actions. This will bring in the Magnificent View of the flow of all Existence, discovering the Living Organism of Being. With this View settled in the heart, the A/R (good and evil) present there are unified into one Impartial Seeing having no memory to purposely be as an ego-me with a private destiny (script to be). During all this practice you try to keep the view of One with everyone constantly present and live in Union with All/Whole!


The third Expansion (stage) is to Reflect the T/S living in a dispassionate manner, giving you the Serene Awareness of All that IT is. You turn one with the Seer of All Living. Total Detachment is the very result of this stage. The word to meditate upon here is "Mirroring", "Reflecting"! At this stage you discover how the Being works. Attaining this stage you dwell serene in the state of LCA most of the time!  


In order to realize those three Expansions you need selective knowledge, going back and forth with the TY book in order to check your progress or the lack of it. As a hint I would suggest to look into the Trinitarian Law of TY: the Contiguous Everlasting Point of Similarity in all Existence. This will help you tremendously to understand the above realities. Translated in plain language the law says that All that IT is (all Existence, all Living) is a mindful dream of IT, therefore in permanent contact with IT and similar with IT. The common ground of all Existence is this Everlasting Point of IT disbursed as an Interstice/Matrix of all living. You will find here the answer to all Three Expansions and to all TY stages.

But why am I still here, suffering in the T/S Living?

Because you and I have to understand very well the fact realizing these three Expansions means "they have to be-lived upon!", not just "mentalized" in a brainy manner. In other words, your heart has to be purified in order to "upgrade" your bio-script to these states of being beyond manhood! Oh! and how hard that is indeed! At the end of those Expansions everybody will say about you: "you have changed!" And you did indeed, for better! This is a positive sign of your progress!

Achieving steadily those three Expansions are transcending you gradually in the next three stages of RetroGenesis, which are in fact nothing else but a natural unfoldment going hand in hand with them. Those two Trinitarian practices are in fact a Samyama (going together). Once achieved, the misery of T/S Dualistic Living disappears, and so is your P/F (karmic) be-coming! You start as a god, to end up forever Free of any duality!


The first Ecstasy, and the fourth stage of TY, is solving the mystery of Living and Dying. At the end of this stage you become Immortal -- not as a human being, but as any being! You are not a human anymore but an immortal god (Avatar) among others roaming in the Being to bring comfort to those living in obscuration. Such a one lives by the Cosmic Will, harmonizing the living all across! They are known by Yoga as Bodhisattvas.


The second Ecstasy, and the fifth stage of TY, is transcendentally identifying with the truth that what's beyond Being no mouth can tell. Here Sunyata reigns, a Dark Voidness turning you empty of being! From the Void you can exit the universe of man (Adamic Element) for another. In the Void you are free of T/S oscillation, therefore ready for farther existential sublimations!


The third Ecstasy, and the sixth stage of TY, is identifying with the truth Trinogen is just a human name for the Wholesome Union of IT as ITSelf (ITs reflection) -- the two Centers! Trinogen (ITSelfBliss) has to resorbs back in the House of Purushas (known also as Nirvana)!


The final result of those six stages is the Final Liberation from Being and its suffering (Samsara). Identifying with the Nameless Origin (IT) you turn into a Kaivalyan/Singularity. IT HAS IT! Trinogen retreats ITSelf in IT, reflecting IT no more! Selflessly IT, the Attributeless abides -- the One and only Reality! But this is just the end of the Being universe story because............there are other many untold universes in the House of Purushas (IT) -- where the new comes out from a reshuffled déjà vu!


You must realize the fact all those six stages of RetroGenesis (RG) are actually stages of Samadhi going from the scattered trinity (strinity) back into the Wholesome Union of One in everyone. From man's perspective this looks like a Paradox, that's why man has no means to prove IT or disapprove IT. Only by identifying with IT you can prove IT and leave the suffering behind. Please realize this Axiomatic Truth!

This is all you can do practicing TY. IT may take a zillion years, but who cares when the T/S disappears and you are no more! Always remember: the T/S is just a state of mind, your mind! Don't you take it as real! You can stretch your narrow T/S living (which is circumscribed by your skin) to any imaginable other, creating new durations-locations at will or making them both vanish at will! But for this your mind has to be able to master the Bliss and Abyss, the two poles of duality! Only a real yogi can do this, making miracles at will! The day will come when everyone will be able to do this, because life is a mindscape, and the power of mind is unlimited! But for this you must first discover the Real Mind, which doesn't resides in your brain by any means but in your heart! Your brain is just a storage device for the purpose of selfish survival! Analyzing your dreams can give you a hint how it works, but only a strenuous Yoga practice can make you have IT! 




Allow me now to give you some examples of my own experiences with the Samadhi states and what you may, or may not, experience on your own. I told you already about the rising of my astral weightless body who was looking from above at my physical body, which was like a corpse, in no position of realizing the experience. Some scientists have their own opinion about this kind of experiences, saying that the brain is the one who is playing tricks on you due to some hormonal discharge. And they are right, because their brain plays tricks on them also by making them believe their mind resides there. Oh well, let them live with their beliefs! For me, I know what I've be-come, and I believe in what I know on my own!

Another experience is the one I had when I was meditating on my heart. I've started by having in my mind the image of my astral body looking from above down to my physical body sitting in asana. Later on I fixate my attention to my heart, penetrating deep inside it. By the way……..“penetration” is a new sensorial skill the astral body is invested with when you are dead, giving to those living in ignorance the chance to penetrate their own corpse in a desperate try to revive it. That's how they find the hell!

In a very short while a total Bliss came over me, and the nectar and ambrosia was flowing inside my mouth. The only comparison I have is of a genie outside of his bottle. I was like a infinitely expanded genie and still pin-pointedly "bottled" in an here-everywhere-aware state which I always knew IT was me. That is all I can say! After I have come back to my physical body the Bliss was still with me, and a universal love for everything was staying with me many hours later. After such an experience you can't hate anyone, even your worst enemy becomes your dearest friend. This Love has nothing to do with human love -- which is always ego-centric (attached to desirous objects) -- being rather related to the entire universe as a whole (the Union)! Such Love is Wholesome in nature, therefore has no ego-privacy in IT!

Another experience was one when I was meditating on the esoteric meaning of a Yoga book I have just red. When the word I was meditating upon stopped and the Samadhi state was instated, a continuous flow of colorful patterns started flowing in front of my third eye (ajna chakra), revealing the pure essence of the meaning. Soon enough I was able to really comprehend the arcane meaning of that book and inserted into my mind sublimates.

I have had some tantric experiences meditating on several chakras, but those are too powerful to be told in this book, and I don't recommend to anybody to try them. Tantric Yoga deals with the wild and very unstable vital energy (prana), and you must be well prepared to suffer consequences if your heart is not pure enough. Here the duality reigns tall and the gods of revenge and anger are at work in full swing. Remember: playing  with dakas and dakinis is a dangerous Padma Sambhava knew!

When you start opening a chakra an go to the next upper one, the part of the body down from that chakra becomes cold like ice and numb, a very uncomfortable feeling to say at least. You better not try them unless you have an experienced tantric expert beside you! Remember: the metaphysics always precede the physics, molding them accordingly. But playing god is a refined art, caution needs to be applied! This advice goes also for those using Ayahuasca or any other drug induced states!


And there are many more such examples to tell, but you better try on your own! Some Yoga books are giving you the very specific experiences you will have according with the word, thought or object you meditate upon. If you meditate on your own body for a long period of time, those books say, you become invisible to others. I remember trying long time ago to do this, and to tell you the truth I was uncomfortable. How would you feel to see a double of you looking at you…….for real? This is exactly what happened when I have tried this and accessed my astral body (which is invisible to the physical body).

And the examples are going on and on in these books. You may try to see if you can really accomplish this. Oh well, the only thing I can say is this: just do it and you will see! Is is nothing to be embarrassed or afraid of, in the contrary, it is something to enjoy and be happy of doing it! I can say this without a doubt because I wasn’t told about it………..I was there! But for all this to happen you must to let go of your human label because………..when in Union you are here-everywhere, having no destiny to encase your view in! But as man you encase this view into a mold which is just here-there.............separating from the Union and having a dense body and a destiny as a result! Remember: when in Union you are Unlimited, without a need to be; when you "leak" out of IT you fall in the dualistic senso-shit exposed to endless suffering (Samsara)! Going back in the Union is what the practice of RG is for!


A Tachy Yogi goes by ITs wisdom.............

When the tough gets tougher the Siddhis come to help!

When the Siddhis are put aside, the Compassion shields you!

When the Compassion is universally spread, the Union instates!

Whoever is afraid of dying doesn't have the Siddhis, and

Whoever holds on them is trapped in transient living! 




Another thing I would like to share with you on this chapter is the Chinese wisdom of the Tao (Chinese Buddhist Yoga). Allow me to give you a list of the main obstacles the Chinese Taoism are teaching to their young followers for the sake of their progress on the path to enlightenment. I believe they apply very well  to anyone practicing TY, and any kind of Yoga actually.

You better not take them literally because first you can't, and second you may still have a life to live and enjoy. Those teachings were to be taught to yogis living in old times when Taoism was a secret and temple sealed mystical activity. Today the world has changed, Mr. Destiny making all these traditions either dead or well known into the open. But they can be still used in moderation even today! It is up to you then to pick by sympathy what you consider fitting you!


Nine Unsettled Breathes


Anger - Lifts Breathing

Fear - Suspend Breathing

Joy - Slow Down Breathing

Grief - Disperse Breathing

Terror - Upraise Breathing

Thinking - Ties up Breathing

Hard work - Waste Breathing

Cold - Collects Breathing

Heat - Scatters Breathing

Seven Passions - Affect


A/R -  the Heart

Anger -  the Liver

Grief -  the Lungs

Fear -  the Gall Bladder

Love -  the Spirit

Hate -  the Mood

Desire -  the Stomach

Ten Excesses -  Affect


Walking -  the Bones

Standing -  the Nerves

Sitting -  the Blood

Sleeping -  the Pulse

Joy -  the Generative Force

Looking -  the Spirit

Thinking -  the Stomach

Eating -  the Heart

Sex - the Life Force

Speaking - the Breath


7 Ways of lifetronic waste


Breathing / Resting / Seeing / Speaking / Sex / Thinking / Working


You are wondering after you read all the above living wisdom: what should I live for then if I have to renounce to all those enjoyable goodies life is made of? I have just explained that those are just a guidance for anyone practicing Tachy Yoga -- the first part of TY related to the purification of the heart in particular. Allow me to give you an example to illustrate my point in case. 

Let's say one day when you are practicing TY technique of purification you cannot explain why your breathing is so hyper-ventilated and why you feel a sudden pain by the place where the liver is. You just remember going to pick up your car from the car shop and having a hard time persuading the mechanic there to finish the job on your car. You even had some arguments with the manager over there, leaving the car shop in anger.

Starting to analyze your feelings you discover as being anger, and you suddenly remember what you read in the book about Chinese wisdom of Tao. Of course, the anger is lifting the breathing, and is affecting the liver. Now you know how all this came about and take corrective action to solve the conflict. You purify yourself accordingly and save some money on medical bills in the same time. This is the best use of the Chinese wisdom of Tao in nowadays stressful environment. And this is exactly what TY is suggesting you to use the Chinese Tao wisdom for. I think you have a clear picture now of how to wisely use the Chinese wisdom!

I want to take one more example from the ten Excesses which applies perfectly to nowadays living times. The Tao says eating in excess  is affecting the "heart"! This is no brainer because everybody knows today about the number one killer in US -- heart attacks – due mostly to stress, obesity, and the cholesterol level from too much eating.

The Seven ways of Lifetronic waste are a little harder to swallow, but please be convinced, man does waste his living energy through these seven avenues indeed! The only thing is: do you want to turn into a mummy? Those are certainly not for the small class yogis, but they are a must for the Great Ones (Jivanmuktas), the ones dead for the living at large (the dead-alive ones, the ones trying to transcend man and his precarious universe).  




You can say and think many words and thoughts about what you have read so far, but none of them will do any good if you don't start practicing. As you realize by now, TY, as well as Real Yoga, is very flexible. You can start at any point of IT, you can stop at any point of  IT, and you can adjust IT for any thinkable needs. But regardless of what you do, don’t you turn religious about any practice. This is the worse you can make out of TY. Nothing in the Being universe is worth to make a god out of IT..........just let IT be and IT will come! In the end you will discover as being you all along!

As I said in the beginning, you can start this book at any point and you will still have the overall picture of IT. The only thing to remember and to keep fresh in your mind all the time is what I am trying to tell you from the very beginning of this book: practicing TY means be-coming what you practice, in the very straight sense of the word! You don't play metaphoric with TY, you rather go straight like an arrow with IT and see what happens!

That's why there is no room for gimmicks or tricks here. You have to be honest and straight like an arrow, like Saraha (Padma Sambhava) was (Saraha means arrow)! This is not a yoga dogma show biz for money in return! Period! This is for real, more real than the life ITSelf! Please be aware of this! This is not playing manmade gods like the clericals do in their well built establishments for money in return and domination over others!


There are many -- perhaps too many -- Yoga practices in this world.

If you want one for exercise you have HathaYoga fitness centers;

if you want to acquire knowledge you have Jnana Yoga;

if you are a religious type you have Bhakti Yoga;

if you are a man of action you have Karma Yoga.

if you are a dreamer you have Nidra Yoga..........and so on, and on.


They are good for most people, but for TY they are all just half way roads to nowhere. When you start the quest for Union you must to go all the way to the end! This is what TY is trying to accomplish! As I said, TY is not for the weak ones, the ones in business with Yoga and God. You must be one who was looking for answers everywhere and couldn't find any! Or you must be totally open to the new and try IT for the sake of adventure! Those are the people TY is trying to reach!

For those people who went that far in reading this book I just want to say this: regardless what you have accomplished in your life so far, by practicing the TY described here you can accomplish hundred times more. If you have the will, the patience, and the energy to practice TY, you will realize one day that life is just a small picture of something far greater than life and Perfect in nature. Some few achievers knew of IT as The Great Perfection, but in truth............IT has no name! IT shown to me as Infinite Luminosity without any need to be! That's why I fell in love with IT! 


Note: The esoteric part of Retro-Genesis cannot be revealed to the public at large, just in small circle of pure hearts eager to go beyond human nature. Going back in Genesis is not for everyone, caution must be applied when you take the road of no return! TriNOgen says IT all: there is NO trinity to be and NO genesis to farther become when turning one with Trinogen!





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