Clonic art of man's selfish pride
Bottomless pit of relativity



" Science is a dangerous religiosity!"


Clonic art of man's selfish pride



When the noise of Religion became a thunder, the Science showed up to tell to man how relative and small he really is! I would define Science as a physical method of obtaining knowledge about the world, as well as about man, which is using geometric/earthly symbols (lines, curves, letters, numbers or a combination of those), formulas (mantras) and hypothetical models (mandalas), as an overall work called experiment (a demiurgic ritual), from which man is expecting to discover something that can be useful, as well as useless or even dangerous for himself and all others. As of today Science plays with empty semantic assumptions sold to us as realities and pushing us all to extinction! Science today is mostly in showbiz pretend, fabricating reality to please the corrupted few in control of money!

What I already said about religion applies entirely here! The Old Tradition weak ones -- the ones who broke their oath of silence -- became Science's great ones. This started long time ago! If it sounds odd to make such a statement today --  when most scientists have no ties of any kind with the Old Tradition and are materialistic in nature -- is because people easy forget their history. This book doesn't have any intention of substantiating the above truth, but if you really want to know for sure you better be prepared for a long and exhausting search (like I and few others did).

One thing for sure is that science, as it is today, has become as "esoteric" as the Old Tradition was at the time. The access to science today is very restrictive, being in the hands of some few sold to money and corruption. The main difference is that science today has the potential to harm more than you can imagine, due to the fact the ones controlling it have no moral obligation, no oath to keep and no empathy for human race. The Old Tradition was never as such, the Seers knew their moral commitment. Science today is at the disposal of few heartless people (the reptilian oligarchs) using the ones performing it (the corrupt scientists) for their own benefit. That's why the main subject of study for science today is weaponry and killing!


The ones behind science today have no scruples, having just one goal in mind: Money! Selling some products to the higher bidder, or keeping under lock some other ones for future profits, science today has become just a decadent "bazaar" of Hi-Tech gadgets, a battlefield of quick development and quick profits. Science today is a tool to get rich fast, on everybody's expense, and at any risk. And, the same as all religions, science today has one purpose and only: world domination through exploitation and killing. No wonder the main business in the world today is selling weapons, which is certainly a crime against humanity! Science today is the final degradation of human race! This is an Axiomatic Truth!

Feeding on leftovers from Old Tradition's table, science is looping around into a vasanic circle of T/S living, proving farther how small and relative man can be. From all the science books I have read, I didn't find even one single concept not to be known by the Old Tradition from millennia. All major discoveries science is so proud about today have been known by man from long time, and there are many such discoveries science doesn't know about yet. No wonder all high end scientists have been fascinated by the Old Traditions, and even more so today, borrowing and stealing plenty from IT!


As I have mentioned before, Science knows only one way to look for pieces of truth: cloning. A very bizarre method which is based on the false presumption that man is in the center of the entire universe, therefore everything else has to be mirrored in his image -- brought in laboratory and turned into a man-wise product. What a poor judgment this is indeed will be seen in a not to faraway future. What we see now (1999) is just the top of the iceberg. In time science will turn into a crime against humanity!

Due to the selfish approach toward Mother Nature and everything Hers, man has inflicted tremendous damages to his surroundings and to himself. Pollution and Mass Extinction of life are just the most visible ones, but there are many others less noticeable with the naked eye and never to be known by man. Due to this unwise approach, mankind today lives on expense of everything residing on this planet, which is a cosmic anomaly with deadly implications. Science obviously doesn't know what is doing!

Getting into the computer era, Science is now progressively touching numerous aspects of the T/S living, starting with bio-chemistry, bio-engineering, DNA, genetic code, nanoparticles, with no end in sight. Wherever science goes you can see the trail of destructions it is leaving behind! Oceans, mountains, rivers, forests, lakes, animals, etc., all are profoundly affected in the name of science, progress, and civilization (which are actually one and the same). Science is getting out of control, and nobody seems to care to stop its craziness! By the time we do, it will be too late to undo!


What Science doesn't realize is the fact everything it discovers is already there as states of mind. Those states of mind are not of human nature, just thought as being so, therefore they can be really, really dangerous for man and mankind. The human mind  is a conglomerate of numerous minds, all dwelling in very different T/S velocities as a random process in continuous change. And a process, any process, is a very unstable phenomenon, which, if not controlled from a perspective beyond human mind, can be very detrimental for man, mankind, and the habitat man lives in. Man has to realize that at his physical/dense food-body level he is a puppet put in a show without his acknowledgement, and as such, man can never surpass his status of a puppet. We already see how unwise science is when using its mindful discoveries on expense on everything else, including mankind itself. Man is obviously out of his league!

You may think I am a little paranoid! But shouldn't I be? If we don't take action now, when then? When the destructive process can't be reversed and all the talk and doing in the world won't help? When governments and big corporations start talking about global economy, global currency, and such, you start wondering if the heartless few have not already decided to squeeze the entire world with one single stroke. This is very scary indeed! Don't you think the global conspiracy is at work already? It could be!


Concluding this chapter is good to remember that Life is not a man oriented event, and man can be out of Mother Nature's Sanctuary in a nick of time. Life is a killer at all levels, and man should understand this very well! Only the Union (Yoga) can save mankind today!




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