Many for many
Babel Tower of Barren Mountain


"When the mirror of Tradition broke
in pieces, the entropic noise of religion

was born as a show biz of manmade gods!"



Many for many


The word "religion" means binding together through consciousness, unifying, which is how Yoga actually translates as well. Whoever has a conscience able to bind symbols together as his reality is a religious being. And we strongly believe we are the only ones, thinking of ourselves as gods of this kingdom! This is what the religious dogma was disseminating among men for its own benefit, giving to man the vision of a manlike looking god molding man in his own image. This vision is really dummy, proving how ignorant man can be of his True Nature. Knowing indeed is just for some few indeed! 


If you start studying the history of any religion you will be amazed to find how relative and heterogeneous all religions are. It is a very good reason for this! Each man has his own conscience based on his own inner-multitude as a private reality to bind symbols together, therefore all religions must be different. Everybody with a need to express himself has the "power" to be religious and to belong to a certain symbolic group. In the end any religion is a product of fear, of man toward other men, of nations confronting nations, and of mankind as a whole toward Mother Nature and the universe at large. That's why the real slogan of all religions in the world is the same: "my god is better than yours!". The result of this silly vision is the domination over others and the creation of the rich and poor anomaly -- present throughout mankind history. All religions in the world today are just a pretext for domination and exploitation! This is an Axiomatic Truth!


The main aspect of any religion has to be then a concrete and visible action expressed by a group of people as symbolic gestures (mudras), words (mantras), and elaborated rituals (mandalas) in order to describe their symbolic and believed reality. This was known way back in mankind's history as magic rituals or shamanic rituals. Those terms were replaced with "religion" term we are using today just recently -- not before going through some transitional terms in between. The truth is, any religion is just a degraded magic ritual having no power in it, just pretend and deceit. Any tribal magician or shaman has more power in his finger tip than the pope or any other religious freak.

All religions must have also a leader able to "inspire" the flock and to bring into the physical world symbolic glimpses from the "beyond" reality they believe into. Those symbolic glimpses are to be considered as a true reality, and are the very condition of validating the progress of the followers. This is the main trick of all religious leaders (including the ones of low end yoga), and the mess we have in the world today is the very result of all those "religious states" of human mind. Mankind today turned into a heartless entity!

In this respect all religions are very similar to science (which is in fact a dangerous religiosity), having the same physical (visible) method of looking upon the invisible. One is asking for a church, the other for a laboratory, but both need a particular show in order to accomplish their goal. A religious leader is very similar to any other leader we know of -- military leader, political leader, scientific leader, etc. They all put a show biz in place to impress others with their symbolic abilities like special clothing, gestures, rituals, etc. They are actually all fakers because they have no special abilities above others except their own belief imposed on gullible others as a cheap showbiz (for money in return, of course).


But if this is the case, why are all religions so powerful in influencing people?

The answer to this question is a little more laborious! All main religions have their origin in the Old Tradition. As I said in the prior chapter, some of the Old Tradition Seers have broken their oath of silence and came into the open to tell what they knew, giving to the crowd the Hieros Logos. The impression they left on the crowd was so great that it was to be told throughout generations. This is how the main religions were born as a humble submission to some few miraculous ones -- the ones who broke the vow of silence and started to make miracles among men. In the end mankind turned them into gods!

Just take the Buddhism as an example. It is more than two thousand years old and it has still millions of followers today. Even as it broke in myriad of sects and such today, has still the same event in origin. And the same stays for Brahmanism, Yoga, Judaism, Islamism, Taoism, etc. The christianism is the only exception, because it is just a jew fabrication of a figure that never existed. Remember, in origin any religion was an Esoteric Tradition, but by the simple fact that was made public, the degeneration from sublime to ordinary fairy tale occurred. The divine meaning was lost, being replaced by a gross and distorted representation of what was esoteric back then! That's what all religions in the world really are just a fabricated dogma!


And now is the time to remember what I said about the several meanings any word has. When the Esoteric Tradition turned into a religious propaganda, the higher meanings were lost, just the fairy tale (first meaning) and a distorted symbolic meaning have remained to serve the goals of those few in power over mankind! Now you can really see the difference! That's why all religions in the world today are just a deceiving show biz, and in very many cases a criminal abuse upon the weak.

Some say these Seers who were making the Esoteric Tradition public were sent in purpose to do so as the sons of God, or Avatars, and I believe this is true! They all showed up at a certain moment of human history for a purpose which is beyond our comprehension. But they were not religious leaders! They have never intended to be, people after them turned them as such by their lack of wisdom! Let's not blame them for all the mockery nowadays religious leaders are making out of themselves and their followers. Just look at all those popes, imams, levis and such, they are all clerical clowns -- and in many cases child molesters or even evil criminals!

The entropic degeneration of religion today is too evident not to be noticed, and is not the only one. All human activities today are degenerated in extreme. We put ourselves in this condition for long time now, and all religions have a big role in this! I am harsh on religion because it is better for you to understand the deceiving role religion is playing today: a dead body of dogmas and silly rituals displayed as a showbiz of manmade gods! It was a time when the Religion was alive as an inside call of the heart! And it can be alive again as a new! Until then I will rely only on my own Samadhi!


A religious leader today (the son of man) has no miraculous power, being just a con artist able to convince people his symbols are the only valid ones and above anybody else's. By doing this he steers disharmony all around, starting conflicts among men, which often degenerate in wars and blood shad. Using the god dogma as a charged weapon, any religion is covering its dirty intentions of domination over many. Please be smart enough to understand that all leaders are the same regardless of their title and their misleading social label like clerical, political, cultural, military, etc. They are all imposing their living concepts over others using the same mantra of "embrace my vision or you are dead". The name they are assuming like pope, president, master, chief commander, etc., is just a mask to cover their impotency as ordinary human beings. Just remember: man is mankind, and we and all other kinds are in the same Union! This Magnificent Union can't be disturbed by pitiful visions of selfish nature based on greed and domination over others.


With no special power other than the one invested by you in them due to your ignorance due to lack of cultivation, all those self proclaimed leaders have to put up a show biz in place in order to make people believe in their "royal leadership" as the messengers of god.
A pope has a clerical army of puppets behind the scene to put the clerical show in place and collect more money than no one can even imagine.
A president has a huge army at his disposal ready to kill at command.
A scientist has a tremendous range of physical elements on hand able to destroy randomly about everything.
A sect leader has the ability of using his sick and evil mind to make the poor and ignorant people do whatever he wants.
A pope, a president, a scientist, a sect leader don't heal or bring peace on Earth, in the contrary, they are all very dictatorial and cruel in nature. They are all pretenders, ordinary human beings with no other power but a very well orchestrated propaganda to make you look weak and them look strong. Everybody wants to be a king over others, it is an easy job, and pays good!
But a wise one knows that nobody can own or lead anything in the world, not even God, because...........the World is everybody('s)! 


All religions today are just a silly propaganda tool of a group of leaders (clericals) enabling them to make a nice and very wealthy living. Take the Vatican for instance, which  has a wealth far greater than anybody alive today and many small countries' budgets put together. All major religious establishments in the world are very wealthy as well, having millions (some billions) in their "non profitable" coffins. And some phony yogis managed to do the same with their famous ashrams and such, like Auroville (in India) for example, that has an entire dome covered in gold and is in fact a corporation like any other. And the USA has many such religious enterprises as well. To say religion today is equivalent with saying Big business. And they still...........don't pay taxes! Amazingly greedy and deceiving!

All leaders, old or new ones, need a show biz (ceremonial) to be put in place in order to make people believe in their propaganda. Without the ceremonial the treachery will be too tedious and won't satisfy crowd's expectations. The game is carried out on both sides: a leader with an army of treacheries behind, and a crowd ready to enjoy those tricks deliberately. The Romans called this "panem et circenses" (bread and circus). Give them some food and some show biz to be happy! That's what all religions are today, a big joke! And people still fall for them! Amazingly sad!

When the mankind will be smart enough to understand the real waste behind all this leadership masquerade we will be just one happy family in one happy world, instead of unhappy fighting men living in their own worlds. With the energy spend for the religious show biz mankind can be equally happy and wealthy, with the first time perspective of discovering the Union of All that IT is and the splendor residing beyond the illusory and dense T/S living.


All the events happening today are just the prelude of an already started process in this direction. Little by little the mankind will realize its similarity, and the religious showbiz will end! We are great through our togetherness, not through our childish display of getting noticed. We are still different through our inborn skills built throughout our aeonic lives, but this has nothing to do with nowadays religious and otherwise masquerade of power. 

The old Seers knew the sameness of man and how great the mankind really is. Working with a pin pointed will of many they were able to do things in different corners of the world which wonders us even today. We have to understand the fact the Egyptian priests, for example, were not like nowadays clericals, which are using their deceiving blab of mouth to lure people in their religious brain-hacking propaganda. They did have the power to make miracles indeed, otherwise they would've been killed in no time. The people of those times were not like the ones living today, which are very easy to manipulate. In those old times people were looking for real power and nothing else. Some few of those priests are among us as I speak, living beyond T/S in the continuous Now!

Let's not forget also the mathematics as we know today are coming from them. Without those numbers in place Einstein and many others like him would had no chance to discover what they did with their work of crunching numbers. We associate the Arabs today with the terrorists and religious fanatics, forgetting the big deal of gratitude we owe to them. Sure they did degenerate today to great extend, but so is mankind as a whole. That's what all religions actually are: a degenerated form of something which was real in the past and lost its memory today!


Where the Religion goes from here?

The degeneration (entropy) of life is always the messenger of a new living jump, a new generation of a kind to come (a mutation). It was this way from aeonic times, and it won't be different this time round. And in this respect the Religion will turn into a new also!

Some say the people from the Orient will take over as a new dominant race on Earth, and there are signs to confirm this. Just look around! The white race supremacy is obviously overdue and has to go! This is not discrimination, racism or such, just an observation of what is happening in the world from very long time. Races on Earth are rotating their predominance in a cycling manner from aeonic times. Science knows this today by looking back into our history, in our DNAs, our genes, our behavior, etc. Mankind has become a mess as the T/S went by, and a major mutation is due by now!

It is a fairness on Earth, as it is in the entire universe. The good and the bad has to be alternated in order to balance, to harmonize the W/Hole that IT is. We can't see this because of our obscuration, but the fairness is there regardless! The multitude of people and races come and go, but the happiness has to be distributed in harmonious manner among them all. And after all, who knows which race you or I will be next time round?

But in order for this to happen it has to be something very visible wrong in order for the beyond  "to convince" the becoming of its new future to come in fruition. Nothing in the universe is changing without preliminary signs that it will come! You have to just carefully look around to see the signs! When the real change will come it will be swift, so the pain and suffering of the old won't be long. But until then the suffering will be plenty. If you look at nowadays living events you see this happening. For now are the Arabs and Russia, next it will be China, and finally the Jews. After this last event the Apocalypse will come -- which is nothing else but a reminder of who the real master of the universe is. The Apocalypse is not a judgment as the religious freaks make you believe, but rather a revelation uncovering the truth about how dispensable the physicality really is. It is time to wake up to this truth and embrace it! 

Nobody knows when the final event will come, due to the T/S random manner of displaying living events. Not even God can make the T/S to behave, because of T/S unpredictable nature. Einstein has discovered the relativity of T/S accidentally, but the Seers knew of this from long time. The uncertainty law of today was very certainly known by the Old Tradition!


I will conclude this inner-sublimate by saying that nowadays masquerade of religion has to end because doesn't serve any purpose anymore, being just a silly show biz dogma -- a dead body of dead manmade gods. The process of such occurrence already started, and it will accelerate with each passing day! All the crooks in the world will perish! IT wants to be that way!





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