One for few
Veiled Temple of Bliss



" The Real Tradition is One for everyone!"



One for few



When man has discovered the Harmony of our World and call IT Cosmos, the Tradition was born as the mirror reflection of IT. This tradition has a forgotten history going back to Lemuria, Atlantis, Sumeria, Egypt, all the way to us. Today this Monadic Tradition split in three main streams, which are the core of nowadays Metaphysics and the main inspirational material for this book. They are like three messengers of the forever unknown kingdom of IT. They are just a reflection of the Real Truth still, but at first hand. There are other messengers also like the so called Kabala, Pythagoras' school of Eleusis, the  Egyptian and Tibetan Book of the dead, etc., but they are very little known and heavily distorted by the ones compiling them, therefore unreliable.

Those three main streams have to be considered as the roots, the branches and the leaves of the same tree, which is growing constantly, spreading seeds all around for other trees to come to life and bear fruits for some chosen few.

  • The first is YOGA, with all ITs Sutras like Samkhya, Vedanta, Upanishads, Patanjali's Yoga, and so on.

  • The second is the BUDDHISM with ITs Buddhi transcending all the Sutras up to Sunyata leading to Nirvana. Science has the same vision today as a Singularity engulfing All that IT is in IT!

  • The third is Padma Sambhava's vision of Samsara and Nirvana as coming from the same, therefore the same. 

The first has the Samadhi, the second has the Enlightenment, and the third has the Inner-Luminosity (LCA) as tools of Liberation. All three have IT at their core as IT should be!

These three bodies of human sublime sacrifice are the sublimate of the entire mankind struggle for Self-explanation and Self-realization. None of them is surpassing the other, they are all trails leading man toward the gate of Bliss, where all living reflections pale and the Infinite Wholesomeness of IT instates -- the One and only Reality. The present book is trying to reunite the shinning truth of all three as a sublimate of Trinogen, a United Trinity of  ITSelfBliss dwelling beyond being and be-coming! Trinogen can't be explained, and neither can I.......therefore IT!

The three kings of the Old Tradition met at a party and agreed upon Trinogen to be their messenger, investing Him with Power and Glory. The Light was there also for SelfBlessing IT!  I was there too, but I couldn't notice me as being yet! Neither did the T/S! 


The esoteric (arcane, secret) aspect of the Old Tradition makes IT very hard to comprehend, and immensely hard to be put in practice. As Seers' oath stated, you can't put "margaritas ante porcos"! The truth discovered through esoteric tradition practices had to remain among practitioners! And they where very few who broke their oath! Ironically, all that we know today as "outsiders" is from those few! All the Seers we know are among those!

But even so, the core of the esoteric tradition remains silent still, covered in religious layers of ignorance! This is the reason why I keep on telling you to go according with what your own self is telling you to do. I did the same and I've never failed so far! Be your self in whatever you do because that self knows of you as part of IT!

Who cares what the Greeks did inside the Eleusis Gardens or what the Buddhists have discovered in their temples? They might get drunk there or take drugs to get high! Who knows? They have kept IT so secret that you can speculate on the subject forever. And do you really care? I don't! Why should you? Whatever is important for any soul is what he discovers by itself. Please keep this in your mind as a mantra and don't make gods out of your mind stirred by pride and desire!

Nowadays time is different! Whatever is secret, covered or hidden today is considered crooked, untruthful and "fishy". This is the way man is today! And the new "busters" generation will be even far more into the open. "Show me what you've got!" is nowadays slogan. And indeed, what can be kept secret today when the world governments have scandalous and embarrassing stories to tell about every week and the young and talented hackers bring in the open all the crooks, nakedly exposing their evil doings. The Internet makes all this possible! IT is a tendency today for everything to go into the open! IT wants IT that way...........that's all I can say!


Today we have so much "info" to swallow that nobody has time for secret teachings anymore! The burden of life is hard enough to add another on top of IT. But still, most of nowadays knowledge is "info-junk", a pollution of the mind! IT has to be a middle line where you should put your trust, otherwise you will get lost! This middle line is what this book is all about -- and an esoteric riddle is present here as a point in infinite!

IT took me more than forty years to find IT, and now I give IT out as a gift to anyone! And I am sure some few, somewhere on this planet, will succeed by using this book! We will be then by sympathy in the same Circle of Hearts, in some better place beyond the universe of man and T/S.


For the mystic people --  people who believe in the "meta" of life and for whom this book has been written -- the old tradition is easy to understand, and so will be this book. That's the reason why I don't get in too many details regarding my Old Tradition readings before writing this book. Sufficient to say is the fact that what a tradition is saying in a certain language has always a contra part in some other one in another language, so the core of Old Tradition is in the end the same. And this book brings you all this "sameness" under one single "umbrella" -- using the English language as a tool of expressing IT! That's why this book can't be translated! Please be aware of this!

You can read tomes of Old Tradition books or you can read none, it doesn't matter as long as you are a mystic person having the gift of intuitively knowing the "metaphysics" exist. If you really believe this, and put IT in everyday living, you will succeed. In the contrary, if you are a priest or a church person, but deep inside you believe just in physics (in that matter in god's hands) and live your life by this vision, you will never understand a "iota" from this book or any Old Tradition book. Mystics are rare, and so are the real mystic books! IT should be that way!


As I said in the beginning of this chapter, IT is only One Tradition, which readjusts ITSelf accordingly in time in order to be in pace with man's spiritual growth. The truth in IT is the same, just the way is uttered changes. IT uses new words for new times! This book is such a one, meant for nowadays T/S living! All the old tradition concepts are in this book, with a new accelerating twist, as I said, which is necessary for nowadays era (KaliYuga).

If you really live in these times -- some people are still living in the past -- you have to admit that everything is going a little faster today. IT looks like people know something about the end coming soon and are fearfully trying to catch up with the living. It is certainly some truth into this, and we are indeed forced to live our life a lot faster today than a short while ago.

Everything is going in high velocity nowadays, and the acceleration grows by day. That is why you need a "tachyonic" living technique to keep up with nowadays speedy conditions. TY gives you the solution: Be a dispassionate witness! This is TY's Self-Witnessing technique explained in details in the chapter called "PATH" and throughout this book. Without IT the paranoid behavior prevails, a behavior so much cherished today as multi-tasking!


I will conclude by saying that in spite of all the turmoil and all the scattered pieces of knowledge we have today, you can still find some light on your road to freedom. What you need is your intuitive trust, your aeonic belief! This book hopes to spark this trust in some few and to lit their path ahead! What you "pick" from the book is what you will be-come out of IT! You don't believe in the book "per se", just in what you accomplish through IT! The practice, as you already know, is your part to play! Remember: yoga doesn't turn you into a yogi............You do! That's the way IT works!




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