How physical turns meta
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" IT won't be Beyond without

IT witnessing IT! " 



How the physics turns meta



When you start wondering about things as a primitive cave man you are concern with "physics", which means "thing" in Greek. Later on, when the cave man became the Greek man -- an far later the man of multi-nationalities -- the Physics became Metaphysics, as a result of an "after" (the Greek meaning of "meta") principle which stays behind the physics.

Nowadays scientists are just discovering lately what all real yogis and the Greeks discovered millennia ago: Light as a Wave/Particle able to sustain and shape universes! The electro-magnetic wave is sustaining, in the same way the photon (particle) is shaping universes all around. As a human being you will be never able to know when (time) and where (space) one is switching with the other, unless the duality of both is reunited and the illusory game of being/living based on T/S vanishes.

That is why is so hard to understand this old and well documented truth today, when man lost his touch with metaphysics as he went with his living history. Today, as well as millennia ago, there are very few people who are living by heart rather than their deceiving senses. In short, the Masters are in short supply today as they were long ago. The scientists know of this, but they are ashamed of admitting IT, saying that what goes beyond light speed doesn't apply to us! They say all this just not to admit their fundamentals are all wrong. The fact is...........they are all wrong!

No wonder many Metaphysical terms are veiled in Mystic clouds today, making nowadays "mysteries". The metaphysical (spiritual living) has a permanent awareness of the material living, knowing of its adventurous status, which has to remain in the aura of mystery, of veiled truth in order to keep going and not die out of..........boringness. To enjoy its living adventure the physical/material living has to be ignorant of what stays beyond it. Only a real yogi knows: the metaphysics are seeding the physics!


The Old Tradition knew the life game very well! The old Seers knew how light transforms in things and vice versa according with the stepping down or up action of ITSelf. The Mystic power of the Old is today's wonder of science. IT was a mystery then, and IT is still a mystery today, because the ocean has to remain the same in order to allow ITs waves to surf on the dry shore of science. The Magic Wand of the Mystic Power is as potential today as IT was before T/S, and nobody can ever change this. Whoever understands this truth is on the right path of discovering the beyond reality of IT. Whoever doesn't is on the path of adventure, but is heading toward the same old and valid truth, because Samsara and Nirvana are from the same One in everyone, as Padma Sambhava knew!

But the way Metaphysics are looked upon today has a karmic loop in it, being linked to things rather than what stays beyond things. Making miracles of any kind is a living action which belongs to the T/S karmic wheel, therefore is seeding man's material life adventure eternally. It is nothing wrong or right with this (unless you want to be), except that is bonding you to the transient illusion of the adventurous and looping game of T/S living. Remember then: miracles are part of the dualistic illusion as well!


~  Whoever likes adventure and high gear action is automatically subscribing to material life -- a high compressed light which looks full of colors and turns short after back to darkness.

~  Whoever likes lightness and supreme bliss is subscribing to spiritual life, to high elevated Luminosity, which looks like golden dust (ananda) and penetrates everything, all darkness and all living.

Picking one living or another is a personal choice!  


All the symbolic rituals, asanas, mantras, and mandalas of any tradition (Yoga included) are nothing else but physical correlated activities between man and his living habitat. Man's cohabitants like the ocean, the sky, the trees, the sun, etc., are the main inspiring factors for postures, symbols, rituals, etc., just to make some  human sense out of what stays beyond and sustains the illusory game of puppets. Let's not forget this!

Man's life stays at the crossing point of two living alternatives: a visible, easy to grasp physical life; and a veiled and hard to attain metaphysical potential. The term "metaphysical" is in fact just a substitute of something that is beyond our physical/dense reality and, as such, cannot be physically defined. Science knows today this, using sensitive devices able to transcend our sensors and see the unseen. So in order to be able to bring the metaphysics into the open man has to change his sensorial package (senso-mind) with another -- as it happens today (in a very limited manner) by the means of manmade gadgets like telescope, microscope, sonar, oscilloscope, etc., etc.

Considering all those symbols, postures, rituals, etc., as good or bad, right or wrong is a nonsense, because they are all just an indirect expression of something which is beyond our grasp, therefore cannot have any physical quality or attributes. Overstressing on how to keep a posture, how to keep your hands or such are all to be considered a nonsense, particularly when you visualize the cosmic life as a process in motion. What is up/down, right/left, north/south, from a cosmic perspective? And the same stands valid for all equations, computer models, etc.

They might have some sense for us here on Earth, but when you transcend into a new T/S dimension they are just an embarrassment, an obstacle for your real evolution. Don't forget the fact they have never been a valid reality in the first place, just conventional symbols to help man make some sense out of his own transient existence/life. Please remember this when you start practicing TY and don't fall for science's or yoga's dogma follies. Many, very many scientific concepts are considered real for most men without any thinking they could be just bogus assumptions -- and many times just silly fabricated make believes. That's why we are in so much mess today!


The same thing applies to all the nonsense meanings your social body is engraving from centuries in your mind like name, social position, dressing habits, job activity, etc., all cultivated by a foolish need to be distinctive, labeled, different, noticed. Don't expect all this to apply in the higher worlds you will be visiting by practicing Real Yoga! Remember: the universe is not made the way science envisions, going with ITs agenda from an eternity! A wise one should knows this!

Here on Earth we are so hooked into thse nonsense labels that we are forgetting little by little the likeness of all mankind. And by extension we expect the same thing to happen in other cosmic dimensions. We even start making up names for them like astral, mental, causal, etc., or novas, galaxies, white dwarf, black holes, etc., even if none of these names apply there. Suddenly nobody cares about living anymore, everybody being busy explaining his own version upon life and all living -- a trivial and endless loop of nonsenses.



The Greeks are not the first ones who have wondered about what IT is behind the everyday physics. The Sumerians, the Egyptians, the Hindus, the Atlants, the Lemuriens before that, and who knows how many others, were all in search of the same unknown "meta". They were all playing with gods and God Himself! We go with the Greek word "metaphysics" today because we know very little, if any, about the others. But rest assure, they were all trying to express the same "meta" and to take active steps to improve their human living condition for a better living and be-coming (T/S velocity).

Their old pictorial language -- like Egyptian hieroglyphs for example -- is a lot more powerful that the one expressed in letters we are using today, which lost the touch with reality and their power as a consequence. Man today turned his natural living into a labeled living full of illusory spooks!

All the Great Ones were asking themselves the same questions: Why should man be destined to stay in his limited living condition? IT is any way out? Each one of these people accomplished a great deal in their times, and are considered today as the Great Seers, and the Old Tradition is coming from them. We should be grateful to them for bringing us what we have forgotten and are ignorant of. Without them mankind will be just a physical misery. Nowadays science knows of all this, but the humanoid pride is too strong to admit IT! To admit what exactly? That All that IT is comes out of a mind as an illusion to be! In short, the fact our universe and everything inside it is a mindful hoax.........a mindful play of another!

That's why very few people today do what the Great Ones did in the past: taking action to overcome the humiliating human condition and go farther into a better living. The prove of this is nowadays exponential grow of population and our heartless living. It is obvious today, as I already said, that the few are even fewer! The vast majority of people today are stuck in their human condition for an eternity, having no intention to escape manhood for a better livelihood!


The materialistic/physical shape of light is prevailing on Earth today, but the Spiritual Light in us knows the fact the physics are nothing else but another face of light full of colors! When an Enlightened One comes to you speaking about the splendor of beyond, let your heart open and try to see the good sense he is making. The "meta" can be everyday "physics" for the one who knows how to get into the core of IT!

When the Metaphysics becomes just Physics again, it is a sign that the T/S of a Great Event must come! Let's have IT for the celebration of what is beyond the physics and All that IT is. Try to be one of the few.........but only if your heart wants to! The Circles of Hearts has to be first Established!





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