Man's second karmic body
Open living clusters



" We are all embarked on the same
Ark. Let's make it to the shore! "

                                   a wise one


Man's second karmic body



Togetherness is an uncontested aspect of life, and it is definitely due to the need of sharing the same desires by using similar tools (our common senses) in similar mutual actions. This is very obvious not just in man's case but all around us, in all kingdoms, and farther beyond.

As human beings we suppose to share the same desires, that's why we are all shaped the same in order to be able to fulfill them all. But the fulfillment of those desires is always "scrambled" by the insidious action of T/S, and for that very reason is never the same, not even inside the same shaped beings society. And we have already seen the reason why!

The polymorphism of life is so evident, and so wide spread at all living levels, that the scientists stressed the impossibility of two identical beings in our universe. But even with so much variation, there are similar looking bodies of living like humans, animals, plants, insects, among thousands of others. Life is indeed a mosaic of endless shapes, colors, and dimensions!


We call our body "man", and the colony of men bodies is called "mankind", because we are all obviously of the same kind. Expanding outwardly we have other species, the habitat colony of Earth, of our Solar System, of Milky Way, of many Galaxies, and so on. Imploding inwardly we have the micro-colony of our tissues, our cells, molecules, our DNA, our genes, atoms, and so on. The clustered aspect of life applies then to all living formations of the macro and micro-cosmos, and for that reason Yoga looks at life as a a Living Organism divided in a multitude of harmonic T/S living colonies, each trying to preserve and to protect the bodies which are composing it. Sharing common values is the major activity "inside" and "outside" any such colony.

This works wonderfully outside human colony (society), which is called improperly "natural life" (like can be something artificial in the world), but has a very coercive/restrictive aspect inside man's social life -- selfishly separated from his "natural" habitat and fighting against it. By doing this man has become alien to himself and all his outer living (habitat).

Nowadays society (the colony of man) is organized in such a manner that the human values are not shared among its members anymore. Only some very few have access to them in order to control and dominate the rest of their kind. The rest of "human" and "non-human" living has been put aside as expendable tools at their disposal. This is an anomaly, and as of today it turned into a wide spread criminality! This is an Axiomatic Truth!


Overruling the crowd and the habitat is the main activity of mankind's rulers today. The weakness of some few has been mistakenly taken as their possessive "power", and is called here on Earth, "money". And when you say "money" what you say in fact is the "power" money bring in man's life like leadership, comfort, health, pleasure, assets, education. etc., all recognized as human values by men's colony (society). The quotes on power and money is just to reveal the fact that such a power is just a mockery of the real power the man and mankind has. How unwise and harmful this faulty vision is for human progress we all realize already.

In spite of the very known fact we are all living and dying -- regardless of our fortune, our social position, our muscular strength, our IQ, etc. -- we are considering ourselves artificially different, and we are so crazy about getting noticed as such: macho, bad dudes, stars, leaders, millionaires, etc.

We did not make too much progress in this regard from the prehistoric man, in the contrary, we went many steps back! Instead of getting stronger by the fusion of our divine spark, we are getting weaker by a separatist chain reaction leading to suffering, sickness, and survivalist fight. We have the Internet, we have a global economy, a global coverage of anything you can imagine, all this just for some very few to get richer on expense of all others. What a shame that is indeed!

Living as a body inside another larger body (society), the man starts thinking that he cannot share anything with anybody because he has nothing to share but his remaining life, a life of misery and despair. He is trying desperately to get some help from outside, and if the help doesn't come, he starts fighting for survival, turning himself in a public enemy (a social anathema): a terrorist, a criminal, a prostitute, a thief, etc., a life lower than animal life!

Sure there are a lot in between with a good living and money in the bank, but in time even those will be fewer and fewer because the ones to be exploited will be all dead. What a terrible site this will be scares me! The signs of this happening are already here!


The food, the water, and all other necessities we need in order to survive, as well as other commodities we cannot live without like a house, a job, a car, etc., are making us slaves of the T/S living, and very much dependent on our society. Grabbing all the Earth's goods and "possessing" them all is the main job of the crooked few to enslave the many through the trick of money.

The fact is, they don't sell you anything because they don't possess anything, and by knowing this, they are forced to use the dirty trick of money. The irony of this is that the only real value here on Earth is the dirt, the land (a decomposed material made out dead living entities), which comes free from Mother Nature's dead ones (including dead men). The land is indeed the place where the Man comes from, where he suppose to labor in order to survive, and where he goes back into when he dies. Old Seers knew very well what man really is: a low end food based puppet (AnnaMayaKosha)!

But is a lot easier to put someone else to do the labor for you! And you do this by first grabbing the land, and next enslaving the many to work for you on what now has become "private land". Do you see the trick? Pretty cleaver indeed! The power of the land is then in the power of the hand -- the most powerful hand having it. That's how the kings and other royals came around, grabbing the land by a powerful hand and making all others work forcibly for them on that land.

Then, later on, the Phoenicians came around with their new way of exchanging goods called money, and we all inherited the money exchange from them. That's when the power of the hand was replaced by the power of the money, which were able to buy the power of the hand..........and the land. Made out of metal first, and turning into paper today, they become a masquerade symbol of the "real" value on Earth, which is, and it will always be, the Land/Dirt! What money did to us is replacing the leadership based on power and strength by a leadership based on weakness and pretend -- the leadership we have in the world today. From land, to gold, to paper, and to digits lately, our weakness got bigger, and so was our degenerative corruption!


Today the circulation of money became a business so huge that scares even the Treasury Department. With money today you can buy a small country, you can buy an entire mountain, a city, and anything else imaginable. The irony of all this is that you buy something which doesn't even exist, you buy dust with dust. What a sad irony this is indeed! A planet given to the living for free by a higher power to take care of and survive upon, has become -- by the greed of some crooked few called leaders/kings -- a Babel Tower of Hell. Money have become today the evil god of man, a god spreading hell all around!

Confronted with this huge machinery of enslavery, the many become little by little helpless, wondering what they did wrong to deserve such a living. As part of many you forget about who you really are, turning into a nobody. Then you start to fight for your survival with very little hope or desire of living. You are like in a dark cave surrounded by two living bodies at the front entrance -- the individual body and the social body -- and by death in the back (of your mind), having no other way out but to fight with all the arsenal you can put your hands on: guns, fists, con tricks, sex, drugs, deceiving strategies, etc.....or money, which can buy all those. What a living hell that is you already now! And in spite of this -- as it looks today -- man will do anything to survive! All this because we don't have Ghandi's guts to transcend man by the means of the tapas. What a weak creature man has become indeed!


Life on this remote planet is a very treacherous game, a battle field of man fighting against man and all the living (Mother Nature) -- the two desperate wars of mankind today! Due to the coercive status of the physical and social body, you try to escape them both by fighting them both. Living and fighting are for man the same thing, with the last and most insidious adversary -- death -- waiting in the wings. No freedom and no mastery of any kind, just a desperate fight for a lost cause. No wonder drug dealing is in so much swing today!


What can man do in such a precarious situation?

That depends entirely upon each man's capacity of understanding the T/S living process of being:


~  some choose to fight openly, becoming terrorists, drug dealers, mercenaries, criminals, thieves, assassins for hire, etc. They are labeled by the few as anathemas, and heavily used by the few as the cannon fader for all sorts of false flag events.


~  some choose to fight insidiously, to become part of the few like politicians, (presidents, governors, mayors, etc.), corporation leaders, clerical leaders, etc. Those are usually the ones the few pick to be like them!


~  some choose a honest and dull survivalist living, selling themselves to the few for little drops of happiness. All those end up in frustration, ulcers, and heart attacks. Those are the vast majority...........the 99% many!


~  some choose to be missionaries, priests, gurus, etc., selling to the many a fake god of their cupidity. Most of those are con artists or crooks leading all religions today and serving the few very well.


~  some very few choose the path of Yoga, encapsulating themselves into a ball of pure light as Avatars and helping others like you and me to be like them. Those are called "sons of God". They've inspired me to write this book!


~  ONE every aeon or so, someone really special resorbs into IT without a trace! Those are no more, and what TY is trying to achieve!


As you can see, the choice is always there, but you are free in a world of constrains, of rules and laws, which makes the game of life so interesting for some, but really miserable for some others. And as always in the T/S living, the duality is the culprit of this. The "freedom" can't be without "coerciveness", one complementing the other! Otherwise nobody would ever figure it out for lack of comparison. You have to realize this if you really want to be free!

Freedom in the realm of duality/being doesn't exist!

You must go beyond being (T/S living) to be free indeed!

From the T/S living into Witnessing Bliss, this is the way to Freedom! IT is no other way! (mind for a coma here!)


Discovering yourself as Light in T/S action is the highest goal Life can have, and the last halt before turning infinitely free. With T/S out of the picture, the freedom is in your reach! You have the Will Power of Doing IT, believe me, because any living entity is a being, and as such is from the same Bliss traveling through Abyss to become de-Light-fully alive!

This is what we all are: droplets of light popping out from Darkness as dualistic Darklites! The way we came out is the way we get back in! TYs practice of RetroGenesis is to be used for this reversing process. Attaining IT you are FREE indeed!!!





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