Our selfish shield
Social Ranks and Anathemas

" I am a king in power over many! "
                                a  leader


" Everybody is born to be King once!"
                                a pauper


Our selfish shield



What would be the human being without the heavy dress of personality, without the private name, title, social rank, credit card, social security, checking account, residence, etc.? He wouldn't be a "distinctive persona". In short, the personality is what is making us distinctive from each other. All this is possible, as we have already seen, by a different focus on our A/R (desires), which is very distinctive for each and everyone of us.

A question arises from this: why are those distinct definements so important and so private for each of us? Because they represent our most hidden desires present in our heart as A/R! They are all differentiating us from the "dull" desires of all others. We wouldn't be us without our desires! Those desires are shaping us every instance of our T/S living. To define a personality we have then to keep in mind two main aspects:


~    the individual life Experience,

~    the collective life Experience mirrored as Knowledge in our memory.


Our Experience comes to us by direct contact, mainly through our sensitive gates like eyes, ears, etc., and are translated, as you know by now, in feelings, emotions, thoughts, etc. What we call later Knowledge is actually the desire/will of having a desire again and to stay away of any obstacle(s) staying in a way of it. Any experience comes as a validation of a previous knowledge, and any knowledge is the beginning of an action leading to a future experience. Do you see the loop here, the canny loop between the impure/desirous heart, the mind, and the body action?

So we can say that experience and knowledge feed on each other. That's why knowing/becoming is one single unfoldement of the one on the solitary path of Tachy Yoga. And if Science is telling you the same thing today is just to reiterate this millennia old truth. There is no experience not having the sensorial observer of it in IT! Please try to remember this!

What I said above is defining our personality as a particular A/R living cluster -- an individual -- which lives a private social life and has a "higher" or "lower" impact on the private life of others. A president, a governor or such are having a bigger impact on others than you and me. Those two "children" of desire -- A/R -- are the inseparable components of anyone's personality, and because they both constantly change in T/S, so is the owner. The only thing that never changes is the Witness of this process. He keeps track of everything! But in the end he won't be around either, vanishing when man dies -- not before leaving a mnemonic trace at the event would say.


The two aspects mentioned above (A/R) are based on the dualistic vision of the ego/self when he separates the living in S/O and uses desire to accomplish small drops of happiness. For Yoga the Subject and Object are inseparable, like two branches of the same tree. That's actually the very translation and meaning of Yoga: Union. The  separation is due, as we have already seen, to the T/S living duality (dichotomy), a faulty state of senso-mind nature bio-coded in what we are -- men.

A valid life experience is the one which is in total agreement with our surroundings based on a continuous S/O feedback engraved in our aeonic memory -- turning in the end in what we usually call knowledge. This is similar to a microprocessor of nowadays computers, except that ours is upgrading constantly by ITSelf eternally through our reincarnations.

Unfortunately for us today, we are taking more too often someone else's experience as our own, without realizing the tremendous mistake we are making in doing this. We are taking those "alien" experiences from TV, magazines, mass media info-junk (internet, books, etc.), movies, social and job related encounters, etc., etc., etc. In doing this we automatically borrow an alien personality, which might not fit us and our best becoming. That's how the mess we are living in today started, getting today to the point of taking us all out of the picture (the living picture that is)!

A very few of us, exposing themselves as better than anybody else, start making all kind of treacherous rules for all others, turning the rest of us into slaves of their selfish desires, wills, and needs. This is exactly what some of nowadays religious and social groups are: a disguised form of enslavery, a surrogate of living and a misery of dying. And the most exposed are the children, as always were! A brain-hacking propaganda is spreading among men today with an accelerating pace like a tumor of our future. The time is not far when this will be our only fabricated reality!


This process has the same mirroring "sin" in origin!

Being/Life is a mirrored event (a reflection). We are all mirrored, and so is everything else! All the experiences that can possibly be -- as well as all the possible knowledge -- are in fact a mirroring process looked upon by an unknown witness which is the source of both. This witness -- which is a Primordial reflection of IT as ITSelf --  has the right answer for all your desires and needs, without any misfits or shortcomings. Listening to IT is living your life to the fullest extent! But most of us got lazy, preferring to borrow alien personalities from others (we call those idols) as their own!

A TYogi has to remember that a personality is just a manmade surrogate which listen to a lower self against everybody else's. As we have seen already, over imposing desires in this manner is not only in disharmony with the cosmic living, but it is also the very source of all the misery man encounters in his actual life and beyond. This is the main reason man has so many changes of personality in his life span, and so many manmade religious gods are making wars among men.

Those personality "moods" are responsible of our dualistic living, oscillating back and forth between joy and sorrow for an eternity. It is like a game of "now you have IT now you don't" with no happy ending ever because of this dualistic and paranoid status. Being different is a slogan which takes a lot of pride in nowadays living, without a bit of knowing what a stigma man is carrying by doing this. Being the same with everything else as One Witness is the very nature of being..........and the death of personality! Being no more wonders everything as IT! 


As we have seen before, we are used to count five senses, and to locate the storage of our knowledge in the brain as memory, forgetting the fact every particle of our body is building us continuously based on their own experience and knowledge. This is the result of our limited senses, which are splitting Life in organic (alive) and inorganic (dead), making again a separation where is none. Wouldn't be then more accurate to admit that the experience and knowledge are both part of a unique being/living process, or even more accurate to admit they are both the living process ITSelf? Sri Aurobindo has discovered this truth by Yoga means of Samadhi, and nowadays science will discover slowly the same amazing thing: Life is uniquely spread everywhere you are able to look and even farther beyond!

The selfish shield of personality is just a silly shield, a mask and nothing else! A mask among others! You should never make the mistake of taking the mask as the living being behind the mask. The mask will be always just a facade of the real living/being! Until man will realize the truth behind the mask, let's trust TY's word saying that the similarity is there because the contiguity is there, therefore the only possible differentiation of life is an illusion of T/S nature. The Self in ITSelf is just a mirroring mask of IT!

Personality is then a social mask covering the Eternal Mask of Your Real Self! And the same way your Eternal Self changes throughout your eternal lives by the wheel of karma, the same way the personality changes throughout your actual living span until you die. Our human cluster is responsible of all the dualistic living we are so proudly processing today. If would not be so we won't be here as men, expanding in higher realms of being instead. But regardless of the splendor of these being conditions, the T/S dualistic treachery will be always there deceivingly at work! Don't you "fall" for any! This is TY's advise borrowed from the old masters!


The experience/knowledge loop is eternal (as all T/S living is), and as such is here to stay with us until we discover TY's transcendental way out through RetroGenesis. What would be beyond experience/knowledge, you may ask? Just IT answering the question! The selfish shield of personality remains behind, just a mask..........





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