Subject/Object treachery
Holographic pieces of T/S



" A trick is all IT takes to make the world going "



" Y ME? Y ME? Y should I be? "
" NETI! NETI! Let me free! "


Subject/Object treachery



As we have seen so far, the Self is the primordial status of IT, which turns ITSelf in order to be, and as such starts pouring Bliss all around. This is the First Distinction, the primordial emanation (separation), which goes out from IT and recollects back to IT -- the very engine of Being as Bliss and Abyss!

This Primordial/Supreme Witness (ITSelf) starts witnessing blissfully All That IT Is without considering nothing as His yet. With the first focus of ITSelf the T/S starts, and so does the living. Here is the point where the Duality begins as an Awareness of detachment from IT -- leading farther on to S/O separation and entropic degradation. This is how the Being-NotBeing(B/NB), Living-Dying(L/D) started.

When ITSelf has discovered His "empty", "nude" status, the expansive status of Bliss lost its "wings", constraining the expansion back in Origin. IT was a sad feeling, and still is for the entire universe! This is not a sin or such, just a breaking apart from the Monad for a while knowing the expansion can't last as such Infinitely, just for an Eternity to be.


Please remember what I just said: an Eternity! An Eternity is one at the time, but one of many. They have been many before this one, and they will be many after. An Eternity doesn't last forever, just one after another! The living is then Eternal, having a beginning and an end! The Infinite is ONE and forever ONE! IT is infinite, having no end or beginning! You cannot say then "an infinity", because IT is just ONE Infinite, but you can say an eternity because they are many of those! Our language is actually expressing this truth. Please take notice of this!

When ITSelf turned from his witnessing status into an active, participative one, he turned into a living soul, a self among others attached to a body of action. That's how the living started as a seeded self eternally spread inside the everlasting Interstice of IT. All selves are still immortals, but due to their attachment to a body of joy they forgot their Origin for a dualistic/illusory status condition of being, which is continuously sustained from beyond. Science knows of this very well when is talking about Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Void, etc. The Being universe is obviously not self-efficient!


Focusing more an more on his bodies of joy, the self started to identify with them all, enjoying more and more their quantic desires. Slowly the self forgets entirely about His prior condition, thinking as "one of many" and starting to fight in order to conserve its selfish desires against all others. That's how the duality of being turned into a struggle and the dreadful feeling of dying entered the world. Little by little the possessiveness becomes a condition of "good living" and the fight for accomplishing desires turned into a battle for survival. The transient body turned into a king, having the self as his servant. The non-participative and serene state of "ITSelf" turned into a struggle of many active "selves" fighting for survival!

 Any unfulfilled desire becomes a frustration, a postponed fight against the obstacle in front of desire, a karmic seed for future fights. And so was the man born as a being inheriting the fight and the struggle of this dualistic event and practicing it on daily basis! Each senso-mind is over-imposing its will against the will of all others, each man starting to fight against all others without realizing all selves are in fact from the same, therefore the same. That's how the killing started as the first "profession" of man! Only by realizing "We are all One and One is in all of us!"  we will be "cured" of this aeonic "disease" (sin).

The real understanding of the living condition we are in becomes possible only when man will realize -- as Yoga and all old Seers did millennia ago -- that all obstacles are illusory states of mind due to the above inherited mistake. This is our "insidious adversary", our senso-mind stirred by desire. This is why any Yoga practice starts as a will coming from the heart, to mature with the mastering of the deceiving imprints (vasanas) the desire is engraving in the Mind right after! That's why the one who masters his heart masters his mind as well. Only such a one is a real yogi, one living by heart and heart only! All christians suppose to do the same, but as it looks today, the christianity is just a pretend, turning into a heartless dogma based on a fictitious character that never existed (no wonder I missed the capital letter) -- Jesus, as well as Moses, never existed, being just jews' fabrications! 


IT is a great art to overcome a desire. To sublimate them all and regain the "lost" condition of ITSelf is a tandalic task. That's why Yoga has the Union as ITs main goal and practice. And the first thing you learn from Yoga is never to fight a desire, just let them come and go in your heart without any cling. Little by little any desire will just pass you by like a cloud in the sky, without any trace or clinging. This is the real mastery of desires, when no trace of them are in your heart, not even as a memory seed (vasana)! Then you are cured! At that point you will realize the treachery of S/O separation, turning divine. IT will be no duality, no T/S living, and no struggle, just ITSelf witnessing blissfully the splendor of IT.

But why should you be so trilled about witnessing?

Because you already go to the movies, having fun watching all that crazy action treacherously stirred by fake actors and fake living actions.

Why is all this so enjoyable?

Because unconsciously we all know how enjoyable the serene witnessing can be............when you are out of the picture!

And what do you think the Bliss is?

Nothing else but what some people see once in their life time that is totally out of ordinary -- we call this extraordinary -- and they just stay there with their mouth open saying nothing, or just "WOW!"

And if this never happened in your life, you have the "cure", you go to see a movie. You know is totally fake, you know is dumb, but you still go, just to witness something. IT has a hypnotizing effect on you, making you forget about your dull living by playing tricks with your mind stirred by a desirous heart! Your mind mirrors the action............and "falls" for IT. I say for IT because it is not actually the action the mind falls for but rather what is beyond the action.........that state of Infinite and Serene Witnessing. But you are not aware of this, falling for the trick of pretend. No wonder the movie industry is so rich today and the mass media industry is changing the world around as it pleases! They know the trick!

Now, how much "trilled" do you think you will be when witnessing something like our solar system, our galaxy, or our universe, for real, turning into a Serene Witness? Do you thing you will make any sound? I don't think so, your tongue will fall in your throat! Now imagine witnessing All That IT Is! Man cannot even imagine this, turning virtually one with everything and everyone! That's the Awareness to be, the Purusha/God of the being universe! 


In order for man to understand better the treachery of S/O separation the dreaming state is a very good example to start with. As I said before, here is not such thing as Subject/Object split. Here everything can be everything else. You can be you, you can be also me, a mountain, the sky, etc. You can put obstacles in front of you, you can scare yourself, you can fight with yourself as an adversary, etc. All this obviously coming from your mind stirred by endless desires! Did you notice this?

Where is the S/O separation here? I don't see any! Here everything just is! When you are awake all this is gone and the S/O separation instates again due to your body encasement. Who is more ignorant in you, the dreamer or the one awake? The answer to this comes only through Yoga practice! You don't just trust me, a guru, or anyone else -- you have to trust yourself, your own experience!

Everybody is a prisoner of his ignorance more or less, but to look at the greatness of the entire existence and to think that you are so small is the most ignorance of all! You start then separating more and more every day by the means of science, religion, social influences, etc., stretching the S/O separation endlessly. This will make the gap deeper and deeper, making you feel smaller and smaller. All this suffering, struggling and dying of the body only for the solely enjoyment of the self, which in the end knows about his immortality and the transience of the body he is encased into. Amazing!


But this ego-self is part of the Supreme Self, of ITSelf, and for the few who dare to believe this, IT will be an end to all this masquerade. Unfortunately, most people are so used with the fighting of everyday living that the serene peace of motionless witnessing seems to them like a gloomy graveyard. They will never accept the transcendental transformation because of their heavy ties with the T/S living turmoil. That’s why just some special few, of mystic nature, will be able to transcend beyond the noisy and gross/physical life. All others will consider the terrestrial living as the only living there is, staying on the premises of shit happens..........eternally!

For some few of mystical nature, I send a cheerful message: “ when the snapping sound of blissful rapture is transcending you beyond, is nothing left to be afraid of ”. You are finally free from the vasanic turmoil of all existence! The Real Life instates as the "Life of life". You will be then man no more, just IT -- an Infinite Interstice holding All that IT is in IT !

You better believe IT, as I do and many others before me did!


A TYogi has also to remind himself every moment during his TY practice that even his practice is subdued by the T/S living turmoil, therefore exposed to suffering (to karmic/samsaric change). He uses his TPractice as a helpful tool, trying to avoid making a god out of it or out of what he becomes. He is by no means a religious freak! In the end he surrenders all his practice and his godly status, turning IT! This is the right approach of a real Tachy Yogi!






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