Past living deeds
Future living seeds
Omnipresent change


" I am the Supreme Witness of All that IT is!

Not that I am already but I intend to be!"


Past living deeds



You go in bed at night and you suddenly disappear into a new T/S dimension of "dreaming" with new meanings and glamour. The action is there, the feelings and senses are there, the thoughts are there, but they are all in a different T/S velocity giving you a new dimension to be. In what kind of world are we when dreaming, and what is the magic link which turns us off from the daytime world and back on to it in the morning?

Yoga says everything in the living comes from a germinating pool of eternal potency called Chit, which is similar with a Cosmic Script  to be, a Cosmic Memory Bank (CC) giving you a private script to be as destiny -- the place where you keep your past and future seeds. Everything in existence is there for an eternity as P/F living imprints (vasanas)! From those imprints "Mr. You" picks his life to be accordingly! According with what exactly? According with what is there for you! What you have seeded is what you harvest! The picker is you, and what you pick is according with what you have in the bank, the Memory Bank that is! All your living expansions are there: your deeds, your feelings, your thoughts, emotions, etc., all as seeds of all your lives -- past and future ones. The only missing part is the Present, which motionlessly holds everything together from beyond. To reach That Endless Present is freedom indeed and what TY is after!

The world of computers is telling us today this is very much possible, because we are living in a universe of fractalic nature where the point is.............everything!


The harmonic colony/cluster you react to and dress into as a body of yours is your path of growth, your living expansion, which separates you from the rest as a particular living being individualized through self-consciousness -- your private movement toward more and more enjoyment (happiness). The more A/R you harmonize, the more you enjoy the living and the more you reunite the "scattered" Bliss called here on Earth, happiness. IT is no other evolution of the living except to expand into a new harmony to be and to reunite in the end with the Cosmic Bliss ITSelf. Beyond ITSelf IT has IT!

This is what TY's main practice of RetroGenesis is for, which expands you back in T/S, beyond T/S, all the way to the Supreme Self, to retreat back into the Wholesomeness of the Union in the end. The expansion is then the cosmic goal of all living as a tendency of each tiny grain of light to reunite with the Light of All that IT is. The above esoteric tendency is bio-coded in the entire living, going as an ariadnic thread throughout all living and having one final purpose: to regain the lost condition of IT..........the only Reality! 

Spirals of light vibrating as T/S bubbles are in fact all trying to go back in Origin, into IT. But the tricky game of T/S scramble them all for the sake of the living game! This is the desirous mind movement which shields the Origin of being to get into the open. And the same T/S withdraws when an Eternity goes bye bye. Only Mahapralaya knows when this suppose to happen! Until then just a handful of few will try to withdraw from being and turn IT, the Wholesome One with/in everyone! 


Concentrating on something in particular gives you a very clear picture of that something, which can go as far as the total identification with that something. By doing this you are losing little by little the focus on the one you have been focusing before. Individualizing as a self this way by identification, you start losing the witnessing freedom of ITSelf accordingly. This explains why someone can evolve in one direction and involve in some other according with the skill he applies on a certain T/S living with which he identifies. And as I said before, only TY can transcend your self back into the witnessing freedom of ITSelf, the last halt before turning IT.  

Children identify themselves with everything else, and they can, if properly trained, to become everything else. But by the time they turn adults, due to the lack of appropriate training, they lose this ability and get settled into one and only pattern of being they are trained to -- man. They "lose the touch" soon.............and their happiness with IT! That's how we kill our future!

On Earth we are all generally focusing on the same living patterns, and for that reason we are very similar beings. But there are still yogis, immortals, avatars, gods around to tell us they are focusing and identifying on/with other being scenarios than human, proving the fact this is really possible. Are they more evolved than man or just "nut cases"? The stand to take in this regard is a personal one and is not to be judged by anyone lacking the skill of identifying with those beings! The only "rule" I have personally noticed to apply at any living scale is the one which considers the joy (peace, bliss) as a sign of an evolving trend, and the sorrow (sadness, madness) as the opposite. Please take note of this!

But even with this rule in your mind, it is still room for mind twists, when the madness becomes bliss and the most terrible sorrow sublimates into the most enjoyable peace. Everything is possible in the realm of illusory living! The T/S tricks are so great in the living game that one can barely make any rule at all. But even so, the real evolution of man should always start from what he already is, all the way back to ITSelf, where the T/S isn't. This is what the practice of RetroGenesis is all about!


In order to realize the truthfulness of the endless change mentioned above you must take first several purifying steps which TY considers to be essentials for a real evolution: 

~  be first the best friend of your body and use it wisely in the living process.

~  look next  for the friendship and love of your fellow men.

~  try after to discover the other bodies of yours and make good friends in "other worlds" than physical.

~  make after that a compassionate agreement with the entire universe by loving evenly All That IT is in order to turn into a Cosmic Being!

~  end your quest in the witnessing state of showering Bliss.


From physically acting to flowing, and from here to serene witnessing, you acknowledge and become accordingly, removing slowly the T/S living dust covering the Monadic Trinity of IT (ITSelfBliss or Trinogen). But in order to accomplish all this you should allow nobody to encompass your living freedom, opposing any restrictive rules against IT. That is why a real yogi is separating from the world, choosing his place for meditation up in the high mountains, where the air is clear, the mind is free of any presumptions, and the "Epiphany" (the vision from above) is equally compassionate.

When the multidimensional being process becomes still, the Mind turns into the "Mirror of Equality", with no waves and no living in IT. The T/S withdraws at this juncture, and the reflection of IT instates as ITSelf (Purusha). Then, and only then, all that IT is reveals as ONE AND ONLY REALITY with nothing before and after. That's the Present you are missing from so long...........the Eternally Serene Now! But you must have IT to believe IT!

TY's RetroGenesis practice is the only possible way enabling man to obtain the Total Freedom of ITSelf. But until you will be ready for this, please remember never to judge and take sides because "as bellow so above", for the same ONE shines in both, as Hermes Trismegistus knew IT! Padma Sambhava knew of this as well when saying: "Samsara and Nirvana are One!"..........Sarva Mangalam!!!!!!!!!!!!!.






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