The Legacy


The legacy of Tachy Yoga resides in ITSelf, engraved in the heart as a Tachy Vision of the living on this remote planet, in this Dark Age (KaliYuga) of Being. There is no need of any other prove to validate Tachy Yoga except the heart existent in each and everyone of the multitude of man..........of One-Many. The Legacy will spread then by sympathy with ITs doings in you, and what IT will become of you. Nothing else will do!


For all those waiting for a godlike man and religious dogma to turn their life around Tachy Yoga is of no use, because only you can change you -- by sympathy with what IT becomes of you. Some just like to be in the narrow circle of human pride, thinking of themselves as special, compassionate ones, saviors, etc. But life doesn't need to be saved, and neither does man! Man, mankind, and the universe mankind lives in are transient living events, therefore exposed to randomness and decay! 


Being is not a man oriented event, and the next generation of man will resemble very little of man -- be very sure of it. Many Seers envisioned this, but the man of today can't envision his own dis-MAN-tlement. This is asking for guts and total trust in metaphysics, and mankind today has bravery only in pretend to be, in the movies. But life in ITSelf is a big movie, and the Dreamer of the living "movie" gives to man enough bravery to go with his life and disregard the suffering present there. The only thing for man to do is to identify with that Dreamer!


The living game is always fair, and for the ones knowing how to pierce the darkness of the beyond sustainer this fairness is visible at times. For all others is just an empty darkness, but the fairness is still there, waiting to get noticed. Don't you blame then others for your own becoming, try rather to withdraw from being and stop be-coming! A TYogi goes always by the 3 Don'ts Samyama: don't be Ashamed!, don't Blame!, don't Complain! He does this knowing we are all from the Same!


The future generation of man will be so unfit to live on this planet that man will wish to leave the premises just to escape the suffering. Some will live in heavens indeed -- remembering the bliss. A new Age will start again, to become old again as the one from before. Many generation will pass, all just transient illusions! Some few, knowing of TY, will try even then to be no more. Some few among them will succeed, some won't, but the trend of escaping manhood will be always present in man's heart!


Going with the dream of living will be always a transient illusion -- on earth, as well as in the beautiful heavens -- and for a TYogi something to be in no more. His Legacy is always his own becoming, until he withdraws from being all together, vanishing without a memory trace beyond T/S (time/space)!


Then those infinite in beauty dreaming heavens will dwell inside him. From being dreamed, he will turn the Dreamer, the One in everyone -- resumed and free at last!. Dwelling in the Center of All that IT is, he will be Infinitely Present as a here-everywhere-aware-Interstice! Prior to his withdrawal he will practice Silence and Serenity, as all the brave ones of mankind did!